SIMBAD User's Guide

SIMBAD User's Guide Version 1.2 Oct 2006

This user's guide is currently incomplete. But most of the web pages are self-explanatory and contain a link to a dedicated help page.
  1. SIMBAD 4 realease
  2. What is SIMBAD ?


  3. How to query SIMBAD ?
  4. SIMBAD's URLs ?
  5. Query from identifiers
  6. Query from coordinates
  7. Query from bibcodes
  8. Query objects by criteria
  9. Query objects by script


  10. Display of an astronomical object
  11. Astronomical content of an object
  12. List of astronomical objects
  13. SIMBAD bibliography content


  14. Greek letters coding
  15. Constellation names
  16. Clusters and Cluster stars
  17. Spectral type coding
  18. Morphological type coding
  19. Object type coding
  20. Description of measurements
  21. Journals scanned for the bibliography


    If the Simbad database was helpful for your research work the following acknowledgment would be appreciated :

    "This research has made use of the SIMBAD database, operated at CDS, Strasbourg, France"

    2000,A&AS,143,9 "The SIMBAD astronomical database", Wenger et al.

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