SIMBAD: Script execution

Enter the name of an ASCII file containing a script:
          file output   compressed
Type your script in:
          file output   compressed Short reminder of the script commands. A more complete description can be found behind the help anchor
# comment a comment line must have a '#' as its first char
output outfile=action... output definition. 'outfile' can be 'console','error' or 'script'
'action' can be 'off' or 'merge[(line header)]' (merge into the data output)
result type define the kind of result [full|oid|ident|count]
votable [name] {fieldlist} define a votable output with a fieldlist
votable open [name] use the defined votable output for the next queries
votable close close the current votable
format {obj|ref} [name] "..." define the output formats for objects or references
format name set the named output format as current
format {obj|ref} default reset the output formats for obj or ref to the default
format display [name] display all format or the one defined by its name
set limit #rows limits the number of returned rows (0 removes any limitation)
set radius val{d|m|s} radius for coordinates and around queries (Ex: 1.5d, 10m, 3s)
set frame name input frame for coord. queries (ICRS,FK5,FK4,GAL,SGAL,ECL)
set equinox val Equinox value for coord. queries (Ex: 2006.5)
set epoch val Epoch value for coord. queries (Ex: B1950, J2000)
default for coord. queries: radius=10m, frame=ICRS, equi=2000.0, epoch=J2000
without a value, a set xxx command resets the default
echo [-n] text simple text to display on the console. option -n: no newline at the end
echodata [-n] text 'echodata' displays on the data output. option -n: no newline at the end
quit quit. Allows to quit before the end of a script
Script commands:
goto label skip to the label (which must be after the goto command in the script)
label: label (must start a line, and end with a ':')
List of query commands:
* means that the corresponding data can be automatically recognized, without typing the command keyword
*query id [wildcard] identifier
*query {around|~} identifier [radius=radvalue{d|m|s}]
*query coo ra dec radius=radvalue{d|m|s}] [frame=ICRS|FK4|FK5|GAL|SGAL|ECL] [equi=value] [epoch=value]
query sample conditions
*query cat catname [max=max# of objects]
query bibobj bibcode
*query bibcode bibcode (can use wildcards if 'query bibcode' is written)
*query doi DOI_code
query bibaut [plain|wildcard] authorname pos1 [pos2]
query bibword wordlist {*and|*or|*not} [*wildcard]
query bib jnl="..." aut="..." words="..." year=y1..y2
query author [phonetic] name