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2020A&A...636A..77S viz 47           X         1 17 ~ The path to Z And-type outbursts: The case of V426 Sagittae (HBHA 1704-05). SKOPAL A., SHUGAROV S.Y., MUNARI U., et al.
2020A&A...638A.130G viz 47           X         1 12 ~ Very long baseline interferometry imaging of the advancing ejecta in the first gamma-ray nova V407 Cygni. GIROLETTI M., MUNARI U., KORDING E., et al.
2020A&A...643A.171H 47           X         1 15 ~ Models of ultraluminous X-ray transient sources. HAMEURY J.-M. and LASOTA J.-P.
2019A&A...623A..72K viz 18       D               1 117221 ~ Stellar and substellar companions of nearby stars from Gaia DR2. Binarity from proper motion anomaly. KERVELLA P., ARENOU F., MIGNARD F., et al.
2019A&A...624A.133I viz 45           X         1 16 ~ LMC S154: the first Magellanic symbiotic recurrent nova. ILKIEWICZ K., MIKOLAJEWSKA J., MISZALSKI B., et al.
2019ApJS..240...21A viz 18       D               1 434 ~ A census of symbiotic stars in the 2MASS, WISE, and Gaia surveys. AKRAS S., GUZMAN-RAMIREZ L., LEAL-FERREIRA M.L., et al.
2018A&A...616A..53L 44           X         1 18 2 X-ray, UV, and optical observations of the accretion disk and boundary layer in the symbiotic star RT Crucis. LUNA G.J.M., MUKAI K., SOKOLOSKI J.L., et al.
2018A&A...617A..79P 44           X         1 15 ~ Time-dependent spectral-feature variations of stars displaying the B[e] phenomenon. IV. V2028 Cygni: modelling of Hα bisector variability. POLSTER J., KORCAKOVA D. and MANSET N.
2018ApJ...858..120S 1506 T K A S   X C       32 14 ~ Repeated transient jets from a warped disk in the symbiotic prototype
Z And: a link to the long-lasting active phase.
2018ApJ...866..129C 1698 T K A D     X C       38 10 ~ Broad wings around Hα and Hβ in the two S-type symbiotic stars

Z Andromedae
and AG Draconis.
CHANG S.-J., LEE H.-W., LEE H.-G., et al.
2018MNRAS.474L..91V 87           X         2 11 6 Discovery of radio emission from the symbiotic X-ray binary system GX 1+4. VAN DEN EIJNDEN J., DEGENAAR N., RUSSELL T.D., et al.
2018MNRAS.478..568L 200     A     X         5 9 ~ Broad absorption line symbiotic stars: highly ionized species in the fast outflow from MWC 560. LUCY A.B., KNIGGE C. and SOKOLOSKI J.L.
2018MNRAS.481.5422B 2263 T K A D S   X C F     49 6 ~ Disc instabilities and nova eruptions in symbiotic systems: RS Ophiuchi and

Z Andromedae
2017A&A...604A..48S viz 255           X         6 13 3 New outburst of the symbiotic nova AG Pegasi after 165 yr. SKOPAL A., SHUGAROV S.Y., SEKERAS M., et al.
2017AJ....153...35F viz 43           X         1 21 ~ Infrared spectroscopy of symbiotic stars. XI. Orbits for southern S-type systems: Hen 3-461, SY Mus, Hen 3-828, and AR Pav. FEKEL F.C., HINKLE K.H., JOYCE R.R., et al.
2017AcA....67..225T 170           X         4 9 2 St 2-22 - Another Symbiotic Star with High-Velocity Bipolar Jets. TOMOV T., ZAMANOV R., GALAN C., et al.
2017ApJ...847...99M 43           X         1 13 7 The massive CO white dwarf in the symbiotic recurrent nova RS Ophiuchi. MIKOLAJEWSKA J. and SHARA M.M.
2017PASP..129f2001M 43           X         1 154 29 X-ray emissions from accreting white dwarfs: a review. MUKAI K.
2017PASP..129f7001S 170   K       X         4 3 1 Mass outflow from cool giants in symbiotic stars. SHAGATOVA N.
2016ARep...60..461T 42           X         1 59 ~ The evolution of close binary stars. TUTUKOV A.V. and CHEREPASHCHUK A.M.
2016ApJ...824...23N 42           X         1 18 8 Symbiotic stars in X-rays. III. Suzaku observations. NUNEZ N.E., NELSON T., MUKAI K., et al.
2016ApJ...833...75L 42           X         1 8 ~ A Monte Carlo study of flux ratios of Raman scattered O VI features at 6825 and 7082 Å in symbiotic stars. LEE Y.-M., LEE D.-S., CHANG S.-J., et al.
2016MNRAS.456.2558L 1154     A     X C       27 17 9 Spectroscopic view on the outburst activity of the symbiotic binary AG Draconis. LEEDJARV L., GALIS R., HRIC L., et al.
2016MNRAS.461.3599R 485     A     X         12 10 8 Swift observations of the 2015 outburst of AG Peg - from slow nova to classical symbiotic outburst. RAMSAY G., SOKOLOSKI J.L., LUNA G.J.M., et al.
2016MNRAS.462.2695I viz 334           X         8 11 6 Active phases and flickering of a symbiotic recurrent nova T CrB. ILKIEWICZ K., MIKOLAJEWSKA J., STOYANOV K., et al.
2016MNRAS.462.4435T 252           X         6 3 4 AG Pegasi - now a classical symbiotic star in outburst? TOMOV T.V., STOYANOV K.A. and ZAMANOV R.K.
2016MNRAS.463.1099T 42           X         1 33 6 The OmegaWhite Survey for short period variable stars - II. An overview of results from the first four years. TOMA R., RAMSAY G., MACFARLANE S., et al.
2015A&A...577A.122J 42           X         1 4 7 Colliding winds in low-mass binary star systems: wind interactions and implications for habitable planets. JOHNSTONE C.P., ZHILKIN A., PILAT-LOHINGER E., et al.
2015AJ....150...52L 16       D               1 8 3 Three fundamental periods in an 87 year light curve of the symbiotic star MWC 560. LEIBOWITZ E.M. and FORMIGGINI L.
2015AcA....65..139H 41           X         1 12 2 An X-shooter view of the symbiotic star [JD2002] 11. HAJDUK M., GROMADZKI M., MIKOLAJEWSKA J., et al.
2015BAVSR..64...43P         O           19 ~ Periodenkontrolle von BAV-Programmsternen per Datamining. PAGEL L.
2015MNRAS.450.3958Z 41           X         1 17 11 Optical flickering of the recurrent nova RS Ophiuchi: amplitude-flux relation. ZAMANOV R., LATEV G., BOEVA S., et al.
2015MNRAS.451.3909I 82           X         2 11 3 LMC S63: a historical reappraisal of the outburst behaviour of a deeply eclipsing Magellanic symbiotic star. ILKIEWICZ K., MIKOLAJEWSKA J., MISZALSKI B., et al.
2014A&A...569A.112S 165           X C       3 5 17 Early evolution of the extraordinary Nova Delphini 2013 (V339 Del). SKOPAL A., DRECHSEL H., TARASOVA T., et al.
2014ApJ...785...97H 81             C       1 55 24 The UBV color evolution of classical novae. I. Nova-giant sequence in the color-color diagram. HACHISU I. and KATO M.
2014MNRAS.438...35A 41           X         1 29 8 Symbiotic stars in OGLE data - I. Large Magellanic Cloud systems. ANGELONI R., FERREIRA LOPES C.E., MASETTI N., et al.
2014MNRAS.443.1103H 44           X         1 2 6 Outburst activity of the symbiotic system AG Dra. HRIC L., GALIS R., LEEDJARV L., et al.
2014MNRAS.444L..11M 122           X         3 17 6 OGLE-SMC-LPV-00861 (LIN 9): the first proven Z And outburst in a Magellanic symbiotic star. MISZALSKI B., MIKOLAJEWSKA J. and UDALSKI A.
2013A&A...551L..10S 65     A     X         2 5 8 Discovery of collimated ejection from the symbiotic binary BF Cygni. SKOPAL A., TOMOV N.A. and TOMOVA M.T.
2013A&A...553A..12N viz 56       D     X         2 775 16 The XMM-Newton SSC survey of the Galactic plane. NEBOT GOMEZ-MORAN A., MOTCH C., BARCONS X., et al.
2013A&A...554A..56S 120           X         3 9 2 Detection of X-rays from the jet-driving symbiotic star Hen 3-1341. STUTE M., LUNA G.J.M., PILLITTERI I.F., et al.
2013A&A...559A...6L 56       D   O X         2 80 40 Symbiotic stars in X-rays. LUNA G.J.M., SOKOLOSKI J.L., MUKAI K., et al.
2013AJ....146..117L 41           X         1 3 3 The peculiar light curve of the symbiotic star AX Per of the last 125 years. LEIBOWITZ E.M. and FORMIGGINI L.
2012A&A...547A..45S 1414 T K A S   X C       33 5 8 Measuring the orbital inclination of
z Andromedae from Rayleigh scattering.
2012A&A...548A..21C 159           X         4 15 7 Ionization structure of hot components in symbiotic binaries during active phases. CARIKOVA Z. and SKOPAL A.
2012AN....333..242S viz 540   K A     X C       13 41 23 Recent photometry of symbiotic stars. SKOPAL A., SHUGAROV S., VANKO M., et al.
2012ARep...56..218T 79 T                   1 3 5 Formation of the disk structure and jets in the symbiotic system
Z And during periods of activity in 2006-2010.
2012ApJ...751...99T 119           X         3 9 7 DASCH discovery of a possible nova-like outburst in a peculiar symbiotic binary. TANG S., GRINDLAY J.E., MOE M., et al.
2012ApJ...756...27L viz 56       D     X         2 4346 32 Classification of X-ray sources in the XMM-Newton serendipitous source catalog. LIN D., WEBB N.A. and BARRET D.
2012ApJ...756L..21A 79           X         2 6 6 Discovery of fast, large-amplitude optical variability of V648 Car (=SS73-17). ANGELONI R., DI MILLE F., FERREIRA LOPES C.E., et al.
2012BaltA..21...97S 500     A S   X C       11 5 0 Multiwavelength SED as a tool in understanding outbursts of symbiotic binaries. SKOPAL A.
2012BaltA..21..105C 119           X C       2 1 0 Formation of neutral disk-like zone around the active hot stars in symbiotic binaries. CARIKOVA Z. and SKOPAL A.
2012BaltA..21..112T 741 T K A     X         18 2 8 Mass ejection from the symbiotic prototype
Z And during its 2006 outburst.
2012BaltA..21..131L 40           X         1 2 3 News from AG Draconis. LEEDJAERV L. and BURMEISTER M.
2012BaltA..21..196S 143     A     X C       3 4 3 Contribution of the electron scattering process to the broad H-alpha wings. SEKERAS M. and SKOPAL A.
2012MNRAS.422.2648F 254       D     X C       6 6 4 The historical light curve of the symbiotic star AG Draconis: intense, magnetically induced cyclic activity. FORMIGGINI L. and LEIBOWITZ E.M.
2012MNRAS.427..979S 637     A D S   X C F     14 3 12 Electron optical depths and temperatures of symbiotic nebulae from Thomson scattering. SEKERAS M. and SKOPAL A.
2011A&A...527A.126P viz 16       D               2 16769 48 Cross-correlation of the 2XMMi catalogue with Data Release 7 of the Sloan Digital Sky Survey. PINEAU F.-X., MOTCH C., CARRERA F., et al.
2011A&A...536A..27S viz 40           X         1 4 10 Formation of a disk structure in the symbiotic binary AX Persei during its 2007-10 precursor-type activity. SKOPAL A., TARASOVA T.N., CARIKOVA Z., et al.
2011AJ....141..129H viz 16       D               1 339 38 TGCat: the Chandra Transmission Grating Data Catalog and Archive. HUENEMOERDER D.P., MITSCHANG A., DEWEY D., et al.
2011ARep...55...31S viz 16       D               1 253 34 Search for and study of hot circumstellar dust envelopes. SHENAVRIN V.I., TARANOVA O.G. and NADZHIP A.E.
2011ApJ...731...12S 79           X         2 10 8 Detection of x-rays from the symbiotic star V1329 Cyg. STUTE M., LUNA G.J.M. and SOKOLOSKI J.L.
2011BAVSM.218....1H 14 0 BAV-results of observations. HUEBSCHER J.
2011JAVSO..39...41T 39           X         1 3 0 CI Cygni 2010 outburst and eclipse: an amateur spectroscopic survey first results from low resolution spectra. TEYSSIER F.
2011MNRAS.411..435B viz 16       D               1 46921 76 Bayesian inference of stellar parameters and interstellar extinction using parallaxes and multiband photometry. BAILER-JONES C.A.L.
2011MNRAS.414.2406L 315           X         8 6 7 Period switching in the symbiotic star BX Mon. LEIBOWITZ E.M. and FORMIGGINI L.
2011NewA...16..199C 39           X         1 6 2 The symbiotic system AG Draconis: Soft X-ray bremsstrahlung from the nebulae. CONTINI M. and ANGELONI R.
2011NewA...16..439C 692 T K A     X C       16 4 0 The symbiotic system

Z Andromedae
: A spectral analysis of the anomalous 1984-1986 outburst.
2011PASP..123.1062M viz 236           X         6 11 6 High-dispersion spectroscopy of BF Cygni at the beginning of the 2006 Outburst. McKEEVER J., LUTZ J., WALLERSTEIN G., et al.
2010A&A...512A..80F 1310     A   O X C       33 8 1 UV emission line shifts of symbiotic binaries. FRIEDJUNG M., MIKOLAJEWSKA J., ZAJCZYK A., et al.
2010A&A...515A.108S 335     A     X C       8 30 7 The O I] 1641 Å line as a probe of symbiotic star winds. SHORE S.N. and WAHLGREN G.M.
2010AJ....140..235I 452 T   A     X         11 27 6 Orbital elements of the symbiotic star
Z Andromedae from optical linear polarization during the quiescent phase.
ISOGAI M., SEKI M., IKEDA Y., et al.
2010ARep...54..528T 1 1 2 The hydrogen and helium lines of the symbiotic binary Z And during its brightening at the end of 2002. TOMOV N.A., TOMOVA M.T. and BISIKALO D.V.
2010ARep...54..628T 5 1 10 A study of outburst activity of Z And in 2000?2010. TOMOV N.A., BISIKALO D.V., TOMOVA M.T., et al.
2010ApJ...719..126C 16       D               1 51 8 Simultaneous observations of SiO and H2 O masers toward symbiotic stars. CHO S.-H. and KIM J.
2010BAVSR..59...65L 17 0 Kataklysmische Sterne: Aktivitaeten zwischen August und Dezember 2009. LANGE T.
2010MNRAS.403L..21M 78           X         2 6 6 First spatial resolution of the stellar components of the interacting binary CH Cygni. MIKOLAJEWSKA J., BALEGA Y., HOFMANN K.-H., et al.
2010MNRAS.404..381Z 39           X         1 17 19 UBVRI observations of the flickering of RS Ophiuchi at quiescence. ZAMANOV R.K., BOEVA S., BACHEV R., et al.
2010NewA...15..637C 429     A D     X         12 7 3 Notices to investigation of symbiotic binaries V. Physical parameters derived from UBV magnitudes. CARIKOVA Z. and SKOPAL A.
2010PASP..122...35J viz 39     A D               2 31 11 Symbiotic stars on Asiago archive plates. JURDANA-SEPIC R. and MUNARI U.
2010RMxAC..38...23M 16       D               1 19 4 Interacting binary stars environments and the W Ser-DPV-Algol connection. MENNICKENT R.E. and KOLACZKOWSKI Z.
2009A&A...493..339W viz 44           X         1 30 327 The XMM-Newton serendipitous survey. V. The Second XMM-Newton serendipitous source catalogue. WATSON M.G., SCHROEDER A.C., FYFE D., et al.
2009A&A...497..815B 42           X         1 5 34 Spectroscopic orbits and variations of RS Ophiuchi. BRANDI E., QUIROGA C., MIKOLAJEWSKA J., et al.
2009A&A...505..287I 40           X         1 7 16 Spectral evolution of the recurrent nova RS Ophiuchi during the 2006 outburst and some mysterious phenomena. IIJIMA T.
2009ApJ...690.1222S 1881 T   A S   X C F     45 8 21 Transient jets in the symbiotic prototype
Z Andromedae.
2009AstL...35..182T 5 4 Spectroscopic observations of the classical symbiotic star V1413 AQL at the phase of its transition to quiescence. TATARNIKOVA A.A., TATARNIKOV A.M., ESIPOV V.F., et al.
2009BAVSM.202....1H 200 0 BAV-Results observations. HUEBSCHER J., STEINBACH H.-M., VOHLA F., et al.
2009MNRAS.396.1507F 232           X         6 11 3 Discovery of the 1.80 H spin period of the white dwarf of the symbiotic system BF Cyg. FORMIGGINI L. and LEIBOWITZ E.M.
2009MNRAS.399.1802R 42           X         1 14 106 Launching of conical winds and axial jets from the disc-magnetosphere boundary: axisymmetric and 3D simulations. ROMANOVA M.M., USTYUGOVA G.V., KOLDOBA A.V., et al.
2009MNRAS.400.2153L 39           X         1 9 3 On the linear spectropolarimetry of Raman-scattered HeII 6545 in young planetary nebulae. LEE H.-W.
2009OEJV...97....1H 202 0 BAV-Results of observations. HUBSCHER J., STEINBACH H.-M., VOHLA F., et al.
2008A&A...477..255E 553       D S   X C       13 8 2 Modeling of CIV pumped fluorescence of FeII in symbiotic stars. ERIKSSON M., NILSSON H., VEENHUIZEN H., et al.
2008A&A...481..725G 155           X         4 4 10 AG Draconis observed with XMM-Newton. GONZALEZ-RIESTRA R., VIOTTI R.F., IIJIMA T., et al.
2008A&A...484L...9W 45           X         1 4 56 3D simulations of RS Ophiuchi: from accretion to nova blast. WALDER R., FOLINI D. and SHORE S.N.
2008ARep...52..127T 5 2 A pre-outburst of the classical symbiotic star BF Cyg in 1987-1989. TATARNIKOVA A.A., KOLOTILOV E.A. and TATARNIKOV A.M.
2008ApJ...683..990L 115           X         3 12 15 Chemical abundances in symbiotic stars. LU G., ZHU C., HAN Z., et al.
2008BAVSR..57..135B 10 0 Aktivitaeten im Januar 2008. BANNUSCHER D.
2008BaltA..17..293H viz 15       D               86 10 Multi-epoch UBVRcIc photometric catalog of symbiotic stars. HENDEN A. and MUNARI U.
2008JAVSO..36....9S 269           X         7 15 10 How to understand the light curves of symbiotic stars. SKOPAL A.
2008MNRAS.383..845M viz 38           X         1 11 4 The remarkable properties of the symbiotic star AE Circinus. MENNICKENT R., GREINER J., ARENAS J., et al.
2008MNRAS.385..445L 1652 T K A D S   X C F     40 3 10 Activity cycle of the giant star of

Z Andromedae
and its spin period.
2008MNRAS.388.1047P 39           X         1 23 47 A 3D dynamical model of the colliding winds in binary systems. PARKIN E.R. and PITTARD J.M.
2008MNRAS.389..829T 1000 T K A D     X C F     24 2 9 Spectral indications of ejection of mass by the symbiotic binary Z Andromedae during its 2000-2002 outburst. TOMOV N.A., TOMOVA M.T. and BISIKALO D.V.
2008OEJV...95...59S 7 0 On the light curves of symbiotic stars SKOPAL A.
2007A&A...461L...5B 39   K     O           4 15 Evidence for bipolar jets from the optical spectra of the prototypical symbiotic star
Z Andromedae.
2007AN....328..909S 22 29 Recent photometry of symbiotic stars. SKOPAL A., VANKO M., PRIBULLA T., et al.
2007ApJ...660..651N 1 10 24 Discovery of rapid hard X-ray variability and new jet activity in the symbiotic binary R Aquarii. NICHOLS J.S., DEPASQUALE J., KELLOGG E., et al.
2007ApJ...662.1231K 1 4 8 Colliding winds in symbiotic binary systems. II. Colliding winds geometries and orbital motion in the symbiotic nova AG Pegasi. KENNY H.T. and TAYLOR A.R.
2007ApJ...664.1079K 1 10 26 Outer jet X-ray and radio emission in R Aquarii: 1999.8 to 2004.0. KELLOGG E., ANDERSON C., KORRECK K., et al.
2007ApJ...671..741L 39           X         1 13 29 The nature of the hard X-ray-emitting symbiotic star RT Cru. LUNA G.J.M. and SOKOLOSKI J.L.
2007BaltA..16....1M 19 37 Symbiotic stars: continually embarrassing binaries. MIKOLAJEWSKA J.
2007BaltA..16...23S 8 8 V407 Cyg as a member of a new subclass of symbiotic stars. SHUGAROV S.Y., TATARNIKOVA A.A., KOLOTILOV E.A., et al.
2007BaltA..16...49R 9 11 Modeling light curves of symbiotic stars. RUTKOWSKI A., MIKOLAJEWSKA J. and WHITELOCK P.A.
2007BaltA..16...59V 2 0 IRAS 12316-6401: A new symbiotic mira? VAN HOOF P.A.M. and VAN DE STEENE G.C.
2007BaltA..16..104F 17 28 Binary life after the AGB - towards a unified picture. FRANKOWSKI A. and JORISSEN A.
2007MNRAS.374..187K 7 1 A Monte Carlo study of polarization structures in the Thomson-scattered line radiation. KIM H.J., LEE H.-W. and KANG S.
2007MNRAS.376.1120P 15       D               1 222 20 2MASS near-infrared photometry of symbiotic stars. PHILLIPS J.P.
2007MNRAS.376L..16T 371 T K A     X         9 1 10 Bipolar ejection by the symbiotic binary system
Z And during its 2006 outburst.
2007NewA...12..597S 1 8 19 On the effect of emission lines on UBVR photometry. SKOPAL A.
2007PZ.....27....2D viz 15       D               1 136 1 Variable stars in NSVS database I. 86 new variables in Andromeda. DIMITROV D. and POPOV V.
2006A&A...451..157E 19 10 The nature of ultraviolet spectra of AG Pegasi and other symbiotic stars: locations, origins, and excitation mechanisms of emission lines. ERIKSSON M., JOHANSSON S. and WAHLGREN G.M.
2006A&A...453..279S 118 T K                 3 29 Structure of the hot object in the symbiotic prototype

Z Andromedae
during its 2000-03 active phase.
2006A&A...457.1003S 20 30 Broad Hα wings from the optically thin stellar wind of the hot components in symbiotic binaries. SKOPAL A.
2006A&A...458..339H viz 44 26 UBV(RI)C photometric sequences for symbiotic stars. III. HENDEN A. and MUNARI U.
2006A&A...459..415L         O           8 1 Discovery of a cluster of galaxies behind the Milky Way: X-ray and optical observations. LOPES DE OLIVEIRA R., LIMA NETO G.B., MENDES DE OLIVEIRA C., et al.
2006A&A...460..191M         O           5 5 Line formation regions of the UV spectrum of CI Cygni. MIKOLAJEWSKA J., FRIEDJUNG M. and QUIROGA C.
2006ARep...50..722B 87 T                   1 22 A study of the outburst development in the classical symbiotic star
Z And within the colliding-winds model.
2006ATel..882....1S 82 T                   1 13 The first detection of the bipolar jets from the symbiotic prototype
Z And.
2006ATel..930....1S 78 T                   1 4 Continuous presence of bipolar jets from
Z And during its 2006 outburst.
2006AcA....56...97G 76 T                   35 19 Searching for flickering variability in several symbiotic stars and related objects: BX Mon, V471 Per, RS Oph, V627 Cas, CI Cam, V886 Her,
Z And, T CrB, MWC 560, V407 Cyg.
2006ApJ...636.1002S viz 116 T K                 16 77 A ``Combination nova'' outburst in

Z Andromedae
: nuclear shell burning triggered by a disk instability.
2006ApJ...647L.135V 24 13 ChaMPlane discovery of candidate symbiotic binaries in Baade's and Stanek's windows. VAN DEN BERG M., GRINDLAY J., LAYCOCK S., et al.
2006AstL...32..759G viz 15       D               35552 115 Pulkovo compilation of radial velocities for 35495 stars in a common system. GONTCHAROV G.A.
2006BAVSR..55..254B         O           19 0 Aus der Sektion Kataklysmische Sterne Juli - November 2006. BANNUSCHER D.
2006CBET..620....1I 38 T       O X         2 1 Z Andromedae and AG Draconis. IIJIMA T.
2006CBET..620....2G 38 T       O X         2 0 Z Andromedae and AG Draconis. GREEN D.W.E.
2006CBET..620....3G 38 T       O X         2 0 Z Andromedae and AG Draconis. GREEN D.W.E.
2006JAVSO..35..159S 10 0 Variability and Orbital Parameters for Symbiotic Stars. SCHMID H.M.
2006JAVSO..35..163S 21 0 The Light Curves of Classical Symbiotic Stars. SKOPAL A.
2006JAVSO..35..172G 76 T                   2 0 The Ultraviolet History of the Outbursting Symbiotic Stars
Z Andromedae and AG Draconis.
2006MNRAS.366..675L 1 7 19 Multiperiodic variations in the last 104-yr light curve of the symbiotic star BF Cyg. LEIBOWITZ E.M. and FORMIGGINI L.
2006MNRAS.372.1325F 5 9 The giant star of the symbiotic system YY Her: rotation, tidal wave, solar-type cycle and spots. FORMIGGINI L. and LEIBOWITZ E.M.
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