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2012A&A...538A..99S 80               F     1 72 45 COSMOGRAIL: the COSmological MOnitoring of GRAvItational lenses. X. Modeling based on high-precision astrometry of a sample of 25 lensed quasars: consequences for ellipticity, shear, and astrometric anomalies. SLUSE D., CHANTRY V., MAGAIN P., et al.
2005A&A...440...53G viz 1 8 18 Microlensing in the double quasar SBS1520+530. GAYNULLINA E.R., SCHMIDT R.W., AKHUNOV T., et al.
2003ARep...47..717Z 6 2 Optical observations of the gravitational lens SBS 1520+530 at the Maidanak Observatory. ZHELEZNYAK A.P., SERGEEV A.V. and BURKHONOV O.A.
2002A&A...386...69F 1 9 22 The lensing system towards the doubly imaged quasar SBS 1520+530. FAURE C., COURBIN F., KNEIB J.P., et al.
1998AJ....115.1383C 9 10 Detection of the galaxy lensing the doubly imaged quasar SBS 1520+530. CRAMPTON D., SCHECHTER P.L. and BEUZIT J.-L.
1998BCFHT..38...14C 17 0 Extragalactic observations with adaptive optics. CRAMPTON D.
1997A&A...318L..67C 1 8 32 SBS 1520+530: a new gravitationally lensed system at z=1.855. CHAVUSHYAN V.H., VLASYUK V.V., STEPANIAN J.A., et al.

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