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2022A&A...657A...7K viz 50         O X         1 87 ~ Stellar and substellar companions from Gaia EDR3. Proper-motion anomaly and resolved common proper-motion pairs. KERVELLA P., ARENOU F. and THEVENIN F.
2022A&A...658A.185C 50           X         1 7 ~ The extended atmosphere and circumstellar environment of the cool evolved star VX Sagittarii as seen by MATISSE. CHIAVASSA A., KRAVCHENKO K., MONTARGES M., et al.
2022A&A...660A..34V 20       D               1 113 ~ The X-shooter Spectral Library (XSL): Data Release 3. VERRO K., TRAGER S.C., PELETIER R.F., et al.
2022AJ....163...70D 50           X         1 60 ~ Locating red supergiants in the galaxy NGC 6822. DIMITROVA T.A., NEUGENT K.F., MASSEY P., et al.
2022AJ....163..103H 2030     A     X C       40 15 ~ Episodic gaseous outflows and mass loss from red supergiants. HUMPHREYS R.M. and JONES T.J.
2022AJ....163..131M 50           X         1 62 ~ Accurate ground-based astrometry of naked-eye stars: the United States Naval Observatory Bright-star Astrometric Database. MUNN J.A., SUBASAVAGE J.P., HARRIS H.C., et al.
2022AJ....163..136M 50           X         1 40 ~ Searching for TESS photometric variability of possible JWST spectrophotometric standard stars. MULLALLY S.E., SLOAN G.C., HERMES J.J., et al.
2022ApJ...926...69R 50           X         1 4 ~ Ionized Carbon around IRC+10216. REACH W.T., RUAUD M., WIESEMEYER H., et al.
2022ApJ...927..115L 4030 T   A S   X C       78 2 ~ Stellar Models of
Betelgeuse Constrained Using Observed Surface Conditions.
LUO T., UMEDA H., YOSHIDA T., et al.
2022MNRAS.510..383A 200           X         4 15 ~ Multiple components in the molecular outflow of the red supergiant NML Cyg. ANDREWS H., DE BECK E. and HIRVONEN P.
2022MNRAS.510..515V 50           X         1 17 ~ MeerKAT discovery of radio emission from the Vela X-1 bow shock. VAN DEN EIJNDEN J., HEYWOOD I., FENDER R., et al.
2022MNRAS.510.1264S 50           X         1 13 ~ New constraints on light axion-like particles using Chandra transmission grating spectroscopy of the powerful cluster-hosted quasar H1821+643. SISK-REYNES J., MATTHEWS J.H., REYNOLDS C.S., et al.
2021A&A...645A...5S 47           X         1 16 ~ Pre-supernova evolution, compact-object masses, and explosion properties of stripped binary stars. SCHNEIDER F.R.N., PODSIADLOWSKI P. and MULLER B.
2021A&A...646A..11M 47           X         1 68 ~ Lucky spectroscopy, an equivalent technique to lucky imaging. II. Spatially resolved intermediate-resolution blue-violet spectroscopy of 19 close massive binaries using the William Herschel Telescope. MAIZ APELLANIZ J., BARBA R.H., FARINA C., et al.
2021A&A...646A..19T 47           X         1 9 ~ Modeling of magneto-rotational stellar evolution. I. Method and first applications. TAKAHASHI K. and LANGER N.
2021A&A...646A.130A 373           X         8 13 ~ Pollux: A weak dynamo-driven dipolar magnetic field and implications for its probable planet. AURIERE M., PETIT P., MATHIAS P., et al.
2021A&A...646A.180K 65       D     X         2 16 ~ Analytic, dust-independent mass-loss rates for red supergiant winds initiated by turbulent pressure. KEE N.D., SUNDQVIST J.O., DECIN L., et al.
2021A&A...648L...2P 513   K       X C       10 5 ~ Close encounters with the Death Star: Interactions between collapsed bodies and the Solar System. PAVLIK V. and SHORE S.N.
2021A&A...650L..17K viz 2174 T   A     X C       45 3 ~ Atmosphere of
Betelgeuse before and during the Great Dimming event revealed by tomography.
2021A&A...651A..35O 47           X         1 13 ~ Heavy-element Rydberg transition line emission from the post-giant-evolution star HD 101584. OLOFSSON H., BLACK J.H., KHOURI T., et al.
2021A&A...651A..37G 606           X C       12 13 ~ MOLsphere and pulsations of the Galactic Center's red supergiant GCIRS 7 from VLTI/GRAVITY. GRAVITY COLLABORATION, RODRIGUEZ-COIRA G., PAUMARD T., et al.
2021A&A...651A..92H 47           X         1 10 ~ Mid-infrared circumstellar emission of the long-period Cepheid l Carinae resolved with VLTI/MATISSE. HOCDE V., NARDETTO N., MATTER A., et al.
2021AJ....161...98H 681     A S   X         14 5 ~ The mass-loss history of the red hypergiant VY CMa. HUMPHREYS R.M., DAVIDSON K., RICHARDS A.M.S., et al.
2021AJ....162..152D 140           X         3 23 ~ New blue and red variable stars in NGC 247. DAVIDGE T.J.
2021AJ....162..187M 345       D     X         8 104 ~ New infrared spectral indices of luminous cold stars: from early K to M types. MESSINEO M., FIGER D.F., KUDRITZKI R.-P., et al.
2021AJ....162..246H 1614 T   A     X C       33 3 ~ SOFIA upGREAT/FIFI-LS emission-line observations of betelgeuse during the Great Dimming of 2019/2020. HARPER G.M., CHAMBERS E., VACCA W.D., et al.
2021ApJ...906....1S 47           X         1 9 ~ A pre-explosion extended effervescent zone around core-collapse supernova progenitors. SOKER N.
2021ApJ...913...10H 140           X         3 1 ~ Isotope systematics of presolar silicate grains: new insights from magnesium and silicon. HOPPE P., LEITNER J., KODOLANYI J., et al.
2021ApJ...913...54P 47           X         1 24 ~ Interferometric imaging of λ Andromedae: evidence of starspots and rotation. PARKS J.R., WHITE R.J., BARON F., et al.
2021ApJ...916...15A 47           X         1 5 ~ Supernova model discrimination with Hyper-Kamiokande. ABE K., ADRICH P., AIHARA H., et al.
2021ApJ...919..124N 373           X C       7 12 ~ Long term evolution of surface features on the red supergiant AZ Cyg. NORRIS R.P., BARON F.R., MONNIER J.D., et al.
2021ApJ...920L..38S 75     A     X         2 5 ~ Molecules and outflows in NML Cygni: new insights from a 1 mm spectral line survey. SINGH A.P., EDWARDS J.L., HUMPHREYS R.M., et al.
2021ApJ...923L..26H 47           X         1 1 ~ Supernova preshock neutronization burst as a probe of nonstandard neutrino interactions. HUANG X.-R., ZHA S. and CHEN L.-W.
2021JAVSO..49..269N         O           1 ~ Daylight Photometry of Bright Stars–Observations of Betelgeuse at Solar Conjunction. NICKEL O. and CALDERWOOD T.
2021MNRAS.500.4319S 140           X         3 15 ~ Polarization simulations of stellar wind bow shock nebulae - II. The case of dust scattering. SHRESTHA M., NEILSON H.R., HOFFMAN J.L., et al.
2021MNRAS.501.3568C 19       D               1 415 ~ MEGARA-GTC stellar spectral library - II. MEGASTAR first release. CARRASCO E., MOLLA M., GARCIA-VARGAS M.L., et al.
2021MNRAS.502..369C 280           X         6 7 ~ The inner circumstellar dust of the red supergiant Antares as seen with VLT/SPHERE/ZIMPOL. CANNON E., MONTARGES M., DE KOTER A., et al.
2021MNRAS.502.2331B 47           X         1 129 ~ Polarization of hot Jupiter systems: a likely detection of stellar activity and a possible detection of planetary polarization. BAILEY J., BOTT K., COTTON D.V., et al.
2021MNRAS.502.4210T 672       D     X C       14 37 ~ Effective temperatures of red supergiants estimated from line-depth ratios of iron lines in the YJ bands, 0.97-1.32µm. TANIGUCHI D., MATSUNAGA N., JIAN M., et al.
2021MNRAS.504..983M 47           X         1 4 ~ PION: simulating bow shocks and circumstellar nebulae. MACKEY J., GREEN S., MOUTZOURI M., et al.
2021MNRAS.505.2328G 233           X         5 8 ~ I3T: Intensity Interferometry Imaging Telescope. GORI P.-M., VAKILI F., RIVET J.-P., et al.
2021MNRAS.506.5170M 1847 T   A S   X C       37 8 ~ 3D MHD astrospheres: applications to IRC-10414 and
2021MNRAS.507..374W 47           X         1 3 ~ Predicting the self-lensing population in optical surveys. WIKTOROWICZ G., MIDDLETON M., KHAN N., et al.
2021MNRAS.507..414B 47           X         1 4 ~ Rapid expansion of red giant stars during core helium flash by waves propagation to the envelope and implications to exoplanets. BEAR E., MERLOV A., ARAD Y., et al.
2021MNRAS.507..680D 233     A D     X   F     5 10 ~ A study of superluminous stars with the Fermi-Large Area Telescope. DE MENEZES R., ORLANDO E., DI MAURO M., et al.
2021MNRAS.508..516N 93             C       1 53 ~ The search for failed supernovae with the Large Binocular Telescope: a new candidate and the failed SN fraction with 11 yr of data. NEUSTADT J.M.M., KOCHANEK C.S., STANEK K.Z., et al.
2021Natur.594..365M viz 1353 T         X         28 5 ~ A dusty veil shading
Betelgeuse during its Great Dimming.
2021PASJ...73.1638U 112       D     X C   *   8 19 ~ High-spatial resolution long-mid-infrared observations of massive star-forming regions: Local star formation sequence. UCHIYAMA M., MIYATA T., SAKO S., et al.
2020A&A...634A.133G viz 18       D               1 682 ~ The X-shooter Spectral Library (XSL): Data release 2. GONNEAU A., LYUBENOVA M., LANCON A., et al.
2020A&A...635A..29P viz 45           X         1 42 ~ Multiplicity of the red supergiant population in the young massive cluster NGC 330. PATRICK L.R., LENNON D.J., EVANS C.J., et al.
2020A&A...635A.160C 45           X         1 6 ~ VLTI-PIONIER imaging of the red supergiant V602 Carinae. CLIMENT J.B., WITTKOWSKI M., CHIAVASSA A., et al.
2020A&A...638A..65O 1953 T   A     X C       42 12 ~ ALMA and VLA reveal the lukewarm chromospheres of the nearby red supergiants Antares and
2020A&A...638A..90C 134           X         3 11 ~ The K supergiant runaway star HD 137071. COMERON F. and FIGUERAS F.
2020A&A...640L..21G 1326 T K A S   X C       27 1 ~ Early warning signals indicate a critical transition in
2020A&A...641A..44M viz 18       D               1 194 ~ The Infrared Telescope Facility (IRTF) spectral library. II. New indices in Y, J, H, and L atmospheric windows. MORELLI L., IVANOV V.D., PIZZELLA A., et al.
2020A&A...642A..87K viz 45           X         1 37 ~ Unifying low- and high-mass star formation through density-amplified hubs of filaments. The highest mass stars (>100 M) form only in hubs. KUMAR M.S.N., PALMEIRIM P., ARZOUMANIAN D., et al.
2020A&A...644A.139G 959       D     X   F     21 11 ~ Non-stoichiometric amorphous magnesium-iron silicates in circumstellar dust shells. Dust growth in outflows from supergiants. GAIL H.-P., TAMANAI A., PUCCI A., et al.
2020AJ....160...59A 45           X         1 9 ~ ALMA band-to-band phase referencing: imaging capabilities on long baselines and high frequencies. ASAKI Y., MAUD L.T., FOMALONT E.B., et al.
2020AJ....160..146D 1075           X C       23 13 ~ The near-infrared spectrum of the nuclear star cluster: looking below the tip of the iceberg, and comparisons with extragalactic nuclei. DAVIDGE T.J.
2020AJ....160..158A 90           X         2 14 ~ MIRC-X: a highly sensitive six-telescope interferometric imager at the CHARA Array. ANUGU N., LE BOUQUIN J.-B., MONNIER J.D., et al.
2020ATel13410....1G 538 T         X         11 2 ~ The Continued Unprecedented Fading of
2020ATel13439....1G 224 T         X         4 1 ~
Betelgeuse Updates.
2020ATel13501....1K 224 T         X         4 1 ~ Non-detection of
Betelgeuse in X-rays.
2020ATel13512....1G 314 T         X         6 1 ~ The Fall and Rise in Brightness of
2020ATel13518....1G 314 T         X         6 2 ~
Betelgeuse remains steadfast in the infrared.
2020ATel13525....1S 224 T         X         4 1 ~ A high-resolution, high S/N, optical HARPS public spectrum of
Betelgeuse during minimum.
2020ATel13601....1S 403 T         X         8 3 ~ Rapid rising of
Betelgeuse's luminosity.
2020ATel13901....1D 582 T         X         12 1 ~ Photometry of
Betelgeuse with the STEREO Mission While in the Glare of the Sun from Earth.
2020ATel13982....1S 224 T         X         4 1 ~ Second dust cloud on
2020ApJ...888..111O 90           X         2 12 ~ Matter mixing in aspherical core-collapse supernovae: three-dimensional simulations with single-star and binary merger progenitor models for SN 1987A. ONO M., NAGATAKI S., FERRAND G., et al.
2020ApJ...891L..37L 2222 T   A S   X C       47 9 ~
Betelgeuse just is not that cool: effective temperature alone cannot explain the recent dimming of
2020ApJ...893...11S viz 45           X         1 17 ~ Variability of massive stars in M31 from the Palomar Transient Factory. SORAISAM M.D., BILDSTEN L., DROUT M.R., et al.
2020ApJ...893..133F 90           X         2 2 ~ On stellar evolution in a neutrino Hertzsprung-Russell diagram. FARAG E., TIMMES F.X., TAYLOR M., et al.
2020ApJ...893L..23H 1371 T   A     X C       29 2 ~ SOFIA-EXES observations of
Betelgeuse during the great dimming of 2019/2020.
2020ApJ...894..109F 90           X         2 6 ~ Magnetic imprisonment of dusty pinballs by a supernova remnant. FRY B.J., FIELDS B.D. and ELLIS J.R.
2020ApJ...896...50C 2670 T   A     X C       58 4 ~ Is
Betelgeuse the outcome of a past merger?
2020ApJ...897L...9D 564 T   A     X C       11 2 ~
Betelgeuse fainter in the submillimeter too: an analysis of JCMT and APEX monitoring during the recent optical minimum.
2020ApJ...898...24R 1416     A S   X C       30 7 ~ On the granulation and irregular variation of red supergiants. REN Y. and JIANG B.-W.
2020ApJ...899...68D 2132 T   A     X C       46 3 ~ Spatially resolved ultraviolet spectroscopy of the Great Dimming of
2020ApJ...899..152H 45           X         1 12 ~ Mapping circumstellar magnetic fields of late-type evolved stars with the Goldreich-Kylafis effect: CARMA Observations at λ1.3 mm of R Crt and R Leo. HUANG K.-Y., KEMBALL A.J., VLEMMINGS W.H.T., et al.
2020ApJ...899..153M 1120     A D     X C       25 39 ~ Presupernova neutrinos: directional sensitivity and prospects for progenitor identification. MUKHOPADHYAY M., LUNARDINI C., TIMMES F.X., et al.
2020ApJ...900...11W viz 45           X         1 22 ~ Late-time circumstellar interaction of SN 2017eaw in NGC 6946. WEIL K.E., FESEN R.A., PATNAUDE D.J., et al.
2020ApJ...900..118N 90           X         2 9 ~ The red supergiant binary fraction of the Large Magellanic Cloud. NEUGENT K.F., LEVESQUE E.M., MASSEY P., et al.
2020ApJ...901..101S 18       D               1 62 ~ Stellar population synthesis with distinct kinematics: multiage asymmetric drift in SDSS-IV MaNGA galaxies. SHETTY S., BERSHADY M.A., WESTFALL K.B., et al.
2020ApJ...902...63J 5179 T   A S   X C       113 19 ~ Standing on the shoulders of giants: new mass and distance estimates for
Betelgeuse through combined evolutionary, asteroseismic, and hydrodynamic simulations with MESA.
JOYCE M., LEUNG S.-C., MOLNAR L., et al.
2020ApJ...904..143H 493           X         11 12 ~ The M supergiant high-mass X-ray binary 4U 1954+31. HINKLE K.H., LEBZELTER T., FEKEL F.C., et al.
2020ApJ...905...34H 1192 T   A     X C       25 6 ~ The photospheric temperatures of betelgeuse during the great Dimming of 2019/2020: no new dust required. HARPER G.M., GUINAN E.F., WASATONIC R., et al.
2020ApJ...905..128S 2670     A     X         60 3 ~ The
Betelgeuse project. III. Merger characteristics.
2020ApJS..251...29C viz 269           X         6 10 ~ The wind beneath my wings. I. Spectral types and multiplicity of the central stars supporting stellar bow shock nebulae. CHICK W.T., KOBULNICKY H.A., SCHURHAMMER D.P., et al.
2020MNRAS.494.3200S 134           X         3 8 ~ PRECISION: a fast PYTHON pipeline for high-contrast imaging - application to SPHERE observations of the red supergiant VX Sagitariae. SCICLUNA P., KEMPER F., SIEBENMORGEN R., et al.
2020MNRAS.494.4591C 45           X         1 27 ~ Polarization measurements of the polluted white dwarf G29-38. COTTON D.V., BAILEY J., PRINGLE J.E., et al.
2020MNRAS.495.4659F 45           X         1 3 ~ SNAPSHOT: connections between internal and surface properties of massive stars. FARRELL E.J., GROH J.H., MEYNET G., et al.
2020MNRAS.495.5052R 45           X         1 2 ~ Simulating the outer layers of rapidly rotating stars. ROBINSON F.J., TANNER J. and BASU S.
2020MNRAS.496L.122G 1640 T K A S   X C       34 2 ~ Thermodynamics of dust condensation around the dimming
2020MNRAS.497.2175C 45           X         1 37 ~ Phase-locked polarization by photospheric reflection in the semidetached eclipsing binary µ1 Sco. COTTON D.V., BAILEY J., KEDZIORA-CHUDCZER L., et al.
2020MNRAS.497.4128J 45           X         1 9 ~ Dust in the Wolf-Rayet nebula M 1-67. JIMENEZ-HERNANDEZ P., ARTHUR S.J. and TOALA J.A.
2020MNRAS.499.5665C 45           X         1 24 ~ A Galactic dust devil: far-infrared observations of the Tornado supernova remnant candidate. CHAWNER H., HOWARD A.D.P., GOMEZ H.L., et al.
2020MNRAS.499.5915M 45           X         1 25 ~ Polarimetric and radiative transfer modelling of HD 172555. MARSHALL J.P., COTTON D.V., SCICLUNA P., et al.
2020RNAAS...4...35G 358 T         X         7 4 ~ Apparent Magnitude of
Betelgeuse as a Type IIP Supernova.
2020RNAAS...4...39C 403 T         X C       7 1 ~ Multi-band Aperture Polarimetry of
Betelgeuse during the 2019-20 Dimming.
2019A&A...621A...6O viz 44           X         1 8 ~ Spatially resolving the atmosphere of the non-Mira-type AGB star SW Vir in near-infrared molecular and atomic lines with VLTI/AMBER. OHNAKA K., HADJARA M. and MALUENDA BERNA M.Y.L.
2019A&A...626A..81V viz 44           X         1 20 ~ Resolving the extended stellar atmospheres of asymptotic giant branch stars at (sub)millimetre wavelengths. VLEMMINGS W.H.T., KHOURI T. and OLOFSSON H.
2019A&A...627A.114K 87           X         2 2 ~ Massive dust clumps in the envelope of the red supergiant VY Canis Majoris. KAMINSKI T.
2019A&A...627A.138A viz 17       D               1 665 ~ Stellar atmospheric parameters for 754 spectra from the X-shooter Spectral Library. ARENTSEN A., PRUGNIEL P., GONNEAU A., et al.
2019A&A...627A.156H 44           X         1 3 ~ Polarimetric imaging of circumstellar disks. I. Artifacts due to limited angular resolution. HEIKAMP S. and KELLER C.U.
2019A&A...628A.101H 2028 T K A     X C       45 2 ~ The inner dust shell of
Betelgeuse detected by polarimetric aperture-masking interferometry.
2019A&A...631A...8H 131           X         3 19 ~ Photometric and spectroscopic diversity of Type II supernovae. HILLIER D.J. and DESSART L.
2019A&A...632A..28K 540       D     X C       12 4 ~ Tomography of cool giant and supergiant star atmospheres. II. Signature of convection in the atmosphere of the red supergiant star µ Cep. KRAVCHENKO K., CHIAVASSA A., VAN ECK S., et al.
2019A&A...632A..30L 435           X         10 6 ~ Asymmetric shocks in χ Cygni observed with linear spectropolarimetry. LOPEZ ARISTE A., TESSORE B., CARLIN E.S., et al.
2019AJ....157...18H 17       D               2 15 ~ Kronoseismology. IV. Six previously unidentified waves in Saturn's middle C ring. HEDMAN M.M., NICHOLSON P.D. and FRENCH R.G.
2019AJ....158..122K viz 44           X         1 1653 ~ Untangling the Galaxy. I. Local structure and star formation history of the Milky Way. KOUNKEL M. and COVEY K.
2019ATel13341....1G 392 T         X         8 2 ~ The Fainting of the Nearby Red Supergiant
2019ATel13365....1G 435 T         X         9 3 ~ Updates on the "Fainting" of
2019ApJ...872...64K 44           X         1 12 ~ Extremely high excitation SiO lines in disk-outflow systems in Orion Source I. KIM M.K., HIROTA T., MACHIDA M.N., et al.
2019ApJ...873..127T 131           X         3 28 ~ Supernova 2017eaw: molecule and dust formation from infrared observations. TINYANONT S., KASLIWAL M.M., KRAFTON K., et al.
2019ApJ...874L..26H 44           X         1 5 ~ The unexpected spectrum of the innermost ejecta of the red hypergiant VY CMa. HUMPHREYS R.M., ZIURYS L.M., BERNAL J.J., et al.
2019ApJ...880...52A 44           X         1 18 ~ Peculiar velocities of Galaxies just beyond the Local Group. ANAND G.S., TULLY R.B., RIZZI L., et al.
2019ApJ...883..175Y viz 44           X         1 22 ~ SDSS-IV MaStar: a large and comprehensive empirical stellar spectral library-first release. YAN R., CHEN Y., LAZARZ D., et al.
2019ApJ...884...27G 44           X         1 1 ~ Neutrino-driven instability of ion acoustic waves in an ultrarelativistic degenerate plasma. GHAI Y., SAINI N.S. and ELIASSON B.
2019ApJ...885..113M 44           X         1 11 ~ Mass loss on the red giant branch: plasmoid-driven winds above the RGB bump. MULLAN D.J. and MacDONALD J.
2019ApJ...885..133S 636     A     X C       14 6 ~ Sensitivity of Super-Kamiokande with gadolinium to low energy antineutrinos from pre-supernova emission. SIMPSON C., ABE K., BRONNER C., et al.
2019ApJ...887...75T viz 44           X         1 18 ~ Supernova 2014C: ongoing interaction with extended circumstellar material with silicate dust. TINYANONT S., LAU R.M., KASLIWAL M.M., et al.
2019MNRAS.482.1651B 44           X         1 8 ~ A slowly expanding torus associated with the candidate LBV MGE 042.0787+00.5084. BORDIU C., RIZZO J.R. and RITACCO A.
2019MNRAS.483..299G viz 87             C       1 5425 ~ Interstellar polarization and extinction in the Local Bubble and the Gould Belt. GONTCHAROV G.A. and MOSENKOV A.V.
2019MNRAS.485.2252W 44           X         1 4 ~ Electron-impact fine-structure excitation of Fe II at low temperature. WAN Y., FAVREAU C., LOCH S.D., et al.
2019MNRAS.485.2417M viz 740           X         17 9 ~ NOEMA maps the CO J = 2 - 1 environment of the red supergiant µCep. MONTARGES M., HOMAN W., KELLER D., et al.
2019MNRAS.486.3423H 87           X         2 5 ~ Bow shocks, bow waves, and dust waves - I. Strong coupling limit. HENNEY W.J. and ARTHUR S.J.
2019MNRAS.487.4832C 235       D     X   F     5 53 ~ The period-luminosity relation of red supergiants with Gaia DR2. CHATYS F.W., BEDDING T.R., MURPHY S.J., et al.
2019MNRAS.489.2595H viz 261           X C       5 14 ~ A CO-multilayer outer atmosphere for eight evolved stars revealed with VLTI/AMBER. HADJARA M., CRUZALEBES P., NITSCHELM C., et al.
2019MNRAS.490.2042U 44           X         1 15 ~ Resolving the puzzle of type IIP SN 2016X. UTROBIN V.P. and CHUGAI N.N.
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