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2018ApJ...857...19F viz 17       D               1 339 4 The ALMA view of GMCs in NGC 300: physical properties and scaling relations at 10 pc resolution. FAESI C.M., LADA C.J. and FORBRICH J.
2014ApJ...789...81F viz 16       D               2 82 14 Molecular cloud-scale star formation in NGC 300. FAESI C.M., LADA C.J., FORBRICH J., et al.
2009ApJ...700..309B 15       D               1 76 131 Extragalactic chemical abundances: do H II regions and young stars tell the same story? the case of the spiral galaxy NGC 300. BRESOLIN F., GIEREN W., KUDRITZKI R.-P., et al.
2005ApJ...632..227R 42 21 Extinction law variations and dust excitation in the spiral galaxy NGC 300. ROUSSEL H., GIL DE PAZ A., SEIBERT M., et al.
2003A&A...397..859S 86 33 A large Wolf-Rayet population in NGC 300 uncovered by VLT-FORS2. SCHILD H., CROWTHER P.A., ABBOTT J.B., et al.
2001A&A...371..497P viz 236 31 A catalog of OB associations in the spiral galaxy NGC 300. PIETRZYNSKI G., GIEREN W., FOUQUE P., et al.
1988A&AS...73..407D 179 62 H II regions in NGC 300. DEHARVENG L., CAPLAN J., LEQUEUX J., et al.
1983A&AS...53...97D 28 62 Search for Wolf-Rayet features in the spectra of giant HII regions. I. Observations in NGC 300, NGC 604, NGC 5457 and He 2-10. D'ODORICO S., ROSA M. and WAMPLER E.J.

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