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2018AJ....156..294A 17       D               1 107 ~ Shedding light on the isolation of luminous blue variables. AADLAND E., MASSEY P., NEUGENT K.F., et al.
2018ApJ...856...38K viz 44           X         1 18 ~ An optical and infrared time-domain study of the Supergiant Fast X-ray Transient candidate IC 10 X-2. KWAN S., LAU R.M., JENCSON J., et al.
2018Natur.561..498J 18 ~ Outbursts of luminous blue variable stars from variations in the helium opacity. JIANG Y.-F., CANTIELLO M., BILDSTEN L., et al.
2017ApJ...836...64H viz 187       D     X         5 72 12 Luminous and variable stars in M31 and M33. IV. Luminous blue variables, candidate LBVs, B[e] supergiants, and the warm hypergiants: how to tell them apart. HUMPHREYS R.M., GORDON M.S., MARTIN J.C., et al.
2017ApJ...848...86H 43           X         1 18 1 A tale of two impostors: SN2002kg and SN1954J in NGC 2403. HUMPHREYS R.M., DAVIDSON K., VAN DYK S.D., et al.
2016AJ....152...62M viz 17       D               2 76 14 A spectroscopic survey of massive stars in M31 and M33. MASSEY P., NEUGENT K.F. and SMART B.M.
2016ApJ...825...64H 268       D     X C       6 59 34 On the social traits of luminous blue variables. HUMPHREYS R.M., WEIS K., DAVIDSON K., et al.
2015A&A...581A..12B 4593 T K A S   X C       109 13 4
Var C: Long-term photometric and spectral variability of a luminous blue variable in M33.
2015PASP..127..347H 66     A     X         2 10 7 A new luminous blue variable in M 31. HUMPHREYS R.M., MARTIN J.C. and GORDON M.S.
2014ATel.5846....1C 41           X         1 3 2 New deep minimum of Romano's Star in M 33. CALABRESI M., ROSSI C., GUALANDI R., et al.
2014ApJ...782L..21H 1139 T   A D     X C       27 4 9 The wind of variable C in M33. HUMPHREYS R.M., DAVIDSON K., GORDON M.S., et al.
2014ApJ...790...48H viz 16       D               1 102 30 Luminous and variable stars in M31 and M33. II. Luminous blue variables, candidate LBVs, Fe II emission line stars, and other supergiants. HUMPHREYS R.M., WEIS K., DAVIDSON K., et al.
2013ATel.5362....1H 81 T                   1 2 3
Variable C in M33 in Eruption.
2013ATel.5403....1V 80 T                   1 2 ~ The bright phase of
Variable C in M33.
2013ATel.5538....1V 121 T         X         2 2 2 Spectrum of
Var C in M33 in its maximum light.
2012A&A...541A.146C 1271     A D S   X C       31 74 32 On the nature of candidate luminous blue variables in M 33. CLARK J.S., CASTRO N., GARCIA M., et al.
2012Natur.482..375R 94 50 Light echoes reveal an unexpectedly cool η-Carinae during its nineteenth-century Great Eruption. REST A., PRIETO J.L., WALBORN N.R., et al.
2011ApJ...735...39U 79             C       1 31 6 Blue luminous stars in nearby Galaxies–UIT 005: a possible link to the luminous blue variable stage. URBANEJA M.A., HERRERO A., LENNON D.J., et al.
2011NewA...16..421A 118   K   S             4 12 3 Stochastic variability of luminous blue variables. ABOLMASOV P.
2009ApJ...705.1364T viz 170       D       C F     3 92 123 A new class of luminous transients and a first census of their massive stellar progenitors. THOMPSON T.A., PRIETO J.L., STANEK K.Z., et al.
2009MNRAS.396L..21V 12 11 A new luminous variable in M33. VALEEV A.F., SHOLUKHOVA O. and FABRIKA S.
2008NewAR..52..419V 77               F     1 40 11 Mass loss and the evolution of massive stars. VINK J.S.
2007AJ....134.2474M viz 392 71 A survey of local group galaxies currently forming stars. III. A search for luminous blue variables and other Hα emission-line stars. MASSEY P., McNEILL R.T., OLSEN K.A.G., et al.
2006A&A...458..225V viz 33 16 The present status of four luminous variables in M 33. VIOTTI R.F., ROSSI C., POLCARO V.F., et al.
2006AJ....131.2478M viz 15       D               1 554 277 A survey of Local Group galaxies currently forming stars. I. UBVRI photometry of stars in M 31 and M 33. MASSEY P., OLSEN K.A.G., HODGE P.W., et al.
2006MNRAS.370.1429S viz 307 11 Long-term V-band monitoring of the bright stars of M33 at the Wise Observatory. SHPORER A. and MAZEH T.
2004A&A...418..357K viz 15       D               1 58545 7 The Pul-3 catalogue of 58483 stars in the Tycho-2 system. KHRUTSKAYA E.V., KHOVRITCHEV M.Y. and BRONNIKOVA N.M.
2004ApJ...615..475S 1 29 101 The missing luminous blue variables and the bistability jump. SMITH N., VINK J.S. and DE KOTER A.
2004BaltA..13..665B 10 3 Digitizing of plate archives of the Italian Observatories and Specola Vaticana. BARBIERI C., BLANCO C., BUCCIARELLI B., et al.
2003RMxAC..16..265C 11 2 Luminous blue variables in the Local Universe. CORRAL L.J. and HERRERO A.
2001A&A...366..508V viz 61 153 S Doradus variables in the Galaxy and the Magellanic Clouds. VAN GENDEREN A.M.
2001AJ....121..870M viz 613 38 DIRECT distances to nearby galaxies using detached eclipsing binaries and cepheids. VI. Variables in the central part of M33. MACRI L.M., STANEK K.Z., SASSELOV D.D., et al.
2001AJ....122.2477M viz 835 25 DIRECT distances to nearby galaxies using detached eclipsing binaries and cepheids. VIII. Additional variables in the field M33B discovered with image subtraction. MOCHEJSKA B.J., KALUZNY J., STANEK K.Z., et al.
2001RMxAA..37...57K 28 16 Romano's star in M33: LBV candidate or LBV ? KURTEV R., SHOLUKHOVA O., BORISSOVA J., et al.
2000AJ....119.2214M viz 655 115 The progenitor masses of Wolf-Rayet stars and luminous blue variables determined from cluster turnoffs. I. Results from 19 OB associations in the Magellanic clouds. MASSEY P., WATERHOUSE E. and DEGIOIA-EASTWOOD K.
1999A&A...349..796K 73 T                   23 8 Photometric variability of LBV-candidate stars and Hubble-Sandage variables A, B, C and 2 in M 33. KURTEV R.G., CORRAL L.J. and GEORGIEV L.
1999AstL...25...14S viz 121 10 Spectroscopy of H-alpha-emission-line blue stars in M 33. SHOLUKHOVA O.N., FABRIKA S.N. and VLASYUK V.V.
1999IAUC.7290Q...1M 8 ~ S Doradus. MASSEY P.
1998A&ARv...8..145D 69 116 The yellow hypergiants. DE JAGER C.
1997A&A...317L..17M 8 9 Shell phases of some Be stars: equatorially concentrated, LBV-like eruptions? MARLBOROUGH J.M.
1996A&A...314..131S 31 31 HST and groundbased observations of the `Hubble-Sandage' variables in M 31 and M 33. SZEIFERT T., HUMPHREYS R.M., DAVIDSON K., et al.
1996AJ....112.1450C 59 22 LBV-type stars in M33. CORRAL L.J.
1996ApJ...469..629M viz 363 78 The UV-brightest stars of M33 and its nucleus: discovery, photometry, and optical spectroscopy. MASSEY P., BIANCHI L., HUTCHINGS J.B., et al.
1995Ap&SS.226..229F 154 16 A search for unique objects in nearby galaxies. FABRIKA S. and SHOLUKHOVA O.
1995ApJ...451L..61S 13 30 A period-luminosity relation for the slow variations of luminous blue variables. STOTHERS R.B. and CHIN C.-W.
1994AGAb...10...36S 10 1 Groundbased and HST spectroscopic observations of LBVs in M 31 and M 33. SZEIFERT T., STAHL O., WOLF B., et al.
1994PASP..106.1025H 6 40 775 The luminous blue variables: astrophysical geysers. HUMPHREYS R.M. and DAVIDSON K.
1993ApJS...89...85I viz 2501 42 A catalog of blue and red supergiants in M33. IVANOV G.R., FREEDMAN W.L. and MADORE B.F.
1988AJ.....96.1332R 4 0 The flat-spectrum radio source C1 in M 33 is a background radio galaxy. REYNOLDS S.P. and FIX J.D.
1988IBVS.3193....1L 3 2 Variable C in M 33. LOVAS M. and ZSOLDOS E.
1987BAAS...19.1053H 70 T                   1 2 ~ Variable
C : an S Doradus type variable in M 33.
1981PZ.....21..485S 12 1 Luminous variable stars in the Andromeda M 31 and the Triangulum M 33 nebulae in 1973-1979. SHAROV A.S.
1980ApJS...44..319H 1 34 217 On the stellar content and structure of the spiral galaxy M 33. HUMPHREYS R.M. and SANDAGE A.
1978ApJ...219..445H 20 29 Luminous variable stars in M 31 and M 33. HUMPHREYS R.M.
1978ApJ...221L..73H 7 7 Infrared detection of luminous stars in M 31 and M 33. HUMPHREYS R.M. and WARNER J.W.
1975ApJ...200..426H 8 33 The spectra of AE Andromedae and the Hubble-Sandage variables in M 31 and M 33. HUMPHREYS R.M.
1975ApJS...29..303V 49 34 A survey of bright variable stars in M 33. VAN DEN BERGH S., HERBST E. and KOWAL C.T.
1975IAUS...67..275S 18 17 S Dor-type variables in other galaxies. SHAROV A.S.
1973A&A....22..453R 17 41 Observations of Hubble-Sandage variables in M 31 and M 33. ROSINO L. and BIANCHINI A.
1953ApJ...118..353H 2 10 140 The brightest variable stars in extragalactic nebulae. I. M31 and M33. HUBBLE E. and SANDAGE A.

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