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2020A&A...638L...2P 1120 T   A D     X C       23 5 ~ Unexpected late-time temperature increase observed in the two neutron star crust-cooling sources
XTE J1701-462 and EXO 0748-676.
2020A&A...642A.117W 93           X         2 7 ~ Kilohertz quasi-periodic oscillations as probes of the X-ray color-color diagram and neutron star accretion-disk structure for Z sources. WANG D.-H., ZHANG C.-M., QU J.-L., et al.
2020ApJS..249...32G 19       D               3 119 ~ The Multi-INstrument Burst ARchive (MINBAR). GALLOWAY D.K., IN'T ZAND J., CHENEVEZ J., et al.
2020MNRAS.492..615Q 140           X   F     2 18 ~ A systematic study of the advection-dominated accretion flow for the origin of the X-ray emission in weakly magnetized low-level accreting neutron stars. QIAO E. and LIU B.F.
2020MNRAS.494.3177M 47           X         1 3 ~ On the disc reflection spectroscopy of NS LMXB Serpens X-1: analysis of a recent NuSTAR observation. MONDAL A.S., DEWANGAN G.C. and RAYCHAUDHURI B.
2020MNRAS.497.3896A 93           X         2 22 ~ X-ray spectral and timing evolution of MAXI J1727-203 with NICER. ALABARTA K., ALTAMIRANO D., MENDEZ M., et al.
2020MNRAS.499.2214M 93           X         2 11 ~ Coronal vertical structure variations in normal branch of GX 17+2: AstroSat's SXT and LAXPC perspective. MALU S., SRIRAM K. and AGRAWAL V.K.
2019A&A...621A..53I 179           X         4 118 ~ Searching for the most powerful thermonuclear X-ray bursts with the Neil Gehrels Swift Observatory. IN'T ZAND J.J.M., KRIES M.J.W., PALMER D.M., et al.
2019A&A...629A..88P 242       D     X         6 42 ~ Thermal evolution and quiescent emission of transiently accreting neutron stars. POTEKHIN A.Y., CHUGUNOV A.I. and CHABRIER G.
2019ApJ...873...99L 45           X         1 26 ~ NuSTAR observations of the accreting atolls GX 3+1, 4U 1702-429, 4U 0614+091, and 4U 1746-371. LUDLAM R.M., MILLER J.M., BARRET D., et al.
2019ApJ...882...91L 45           X         1 9 ~ Crust-cooling models are insensitive to the crust-core transition pressure for realistic equations of state. LALIT S., MEISEL Z. and BROWN E.F.
2019ApJS..244....5S viz 90           X         2 10 ~ Constraining the coronal heights and readjustment velocities based on the detection of a few hundred seconds delays in the Z source GX 17+2. SRIRAM K., MALU S. and CHOI C.S.
2019ApJS..245...19B viz 63       D     X         2 57 ~ A uniform search for thermonuclear burst oscillations in the RXTE legacy data set. BILOUS A.V. and WATTS A.L.
2019MNRAS.483.3686M 134           X C       2 8 ~ A connection between accretion states and the formation of ultrarelativistic outflows in a neutron star X-ray binary. MOTTA S.E. and FENDER R.P.
2018A&A...618A.181W 44           X         1 2 ~ The kHz QPOs as a probe of the X-ray color-color diagram and accretion-disk structure for the atoll source 4U 1728-34. WANG D.-H., ZHANG C.-M. and QU J.-L.
2018ApJ...853..150S viz 17       D               2 27 1 A study of low-mass X-ray binaries in the low-luminosity regime. SONBAS E., DHUGA K.S. and GOGUS E.
2018ApJ...853..157H 44           X         1 18 ~ Absence of reflection features in NuSTAR spectra of the luminous neutron star X-ray binary GX 5-1. HOMAN J., STEINER J.F., LIN D., et al.
2018ApJ...854..125T 44           X         1 28 ~ A radio frequency study of the accreting millisecond X-ray pulsar, IGR J16597-3704 in the globular cluster NGC 6256. TETARENKO A.J., BAHRAMIAN A., WIJNANDS R., et al.
2018ApJ...859...62L 132           X         3 5 5 Nuclear reactions in the crusts of accreting neutron stars. LAU R., BEARD M., GUPTA S.S., et al.
2018ApJ...860..167T 17       D               1 43 1 A systematic spectral-timing analysis of kilohertz quasi-periodic oscillations in the Rossi X-ray Timing Explorer archive. TROYER J.S., CACKETT E.M., PEILLE P., et al.
2018ApJ...867...64C 87           X         2 7 3 A NuSTAR observation of the low-mass X-ray binary GX 349+2 throughout the Z-track. COUGHENOUR B.M., CACKETT E.M., MILLER J.M., et al.
2018MNRAS.476.2230P 261           X         6 9 3 Further constraints on neutron star crustal properties in the low-mass X-ray binary 1RXS J180408.9-342058. PARIKH A.S., WIJNANDS R., DEGENAAR N., et al.
2018MNRAS.477.2900O 45           X         1 5 6 A cooling neutron star crust after recurrent outbursts: modelling the accretion outburst history of Aql X-1. OOTES L.S., WIJNANDS R., PAGE D., et al.
2018MNRAS.477.5437A 44           X         1 8 ~ Spectral and timing properties of atoll source 4U 1705-44: LAXPC/AstroSat results. AGRAWAL V.K., NANDI A., GIRISH V., et al.
2018MNRAS.479.3634M 670       D S   X C       14 13 ~ On obtaining neutron star mass and radius constraints from quiescent low-mass X-ray binaries in the Galactic plane. MARINO A., DEGENAAR N., DI SALVO T., et al.
2018MNRAS.481.3761G 453       D     X   F     10 33 ~ A model-independent comparison of the variability of accreting neutron stars and black holes. GARDENIER D.W. and UTTLEY P.
2018NatAs...2..656L 14 5 A luminous X-ray outburst from an intermediate-mass black hole in an off-centre star cluster. LIN D., STRADER J., CARRASCO E.R., et al.
2017A&A...606A.130I viz 17       D               1 60 4 Neutron star cooling and the rp process in thermonuclear X-ray bursts. IN'T ZAND J.J.M., VISSER M.E.B., GALLOWAY D.K., et al.
2017ApJ...834...71V 170           X         4 19 ~ On the origin of the near-infrared emission from the neutron-star low-mass X-ray binary GX 9+1. VAN DEN BERG M. and HOMAN J.
2017ApJ...840....9M 43           X         1 13 ~ A search for millisecond-pulsar radio emission from the faint quiescent soft X-ray transient 1H 1905+000. MIKHAILOV K., VAN LEEUWEN J. and JONKER P.G.
2017ApJ...841..122B 468           X C       10 6 ~ Low frequency quasi-periodic oscillations in the high-eccentric LMXB Cir X-1: extending the WK correlation for Z sources. BU Q., BELLONI T.M., CHEN L., et al.
2017ApJ...849...58E 43           X         1 15 1 Parallel tracks as quasi-steady states for the magnetic boundary layers in neutron-star low-mass X-ray binaries. ERKUT M.H. and CATMABACAK O.
2017ApJ...851L..28P 90           X         2 2 10 Different accretion heating of the neutron star crust during multiple outbursts in MAXI J0556-332. PARIKH A.S., HOMAN J., WIJNANDS R., et al.
2017AstL...43..781C viz 17       D               1 102 ~ Type I X-ray Bursts Detected by the JEM-X Telescope Onboard the INTEGRAL Observatory in 2003-2015. CHELOVEKOV I.V., GREBENEV S.A., MEREMINSKIY I.A., et al.
2017MNRAS.468.2311M 570       D     X   F     13 22 7 Links between quasi-periodic oscillations and accretion states in neutron star low-mass X-ray binaries. MOTTA S.E., ROUCO-ESCORIAL A., KUULKERS E., et al.
2017MNRAS.471.2605C 43           X         1 6 4 The cooling, mass and radius of the neutron star in EXO 0748-676 in quiescence with XMM-Newton. CHENG Z., MENDEZ M., DIAZ-TRIGO M., et al.
2017MNRAS.472..559W 43           X         1 14 4 Rapid X-ray variability properties during the unusual very hard state in neutron-star low-mass X-ray binaries. WIJNANDS R., PARIKH A.S., ALTAMIRANO D., et al.
2016A&A...591A..41P 42           X         1 8 3 Broadband observations of the X-ray burster 4U 1705-44 with BeppoSAX. PIRAINO S., SANTANGELO A., MUCK B., et al.
2016A&A...594A..87H 42           X         1 12 7 Outbursts in ultracompact X-ray binaries. HAMEURY J.-M. and LASOTA J.-P.
2016ApJ...817..154S 167           X         4 18 8 On the spin of the black hole in IC 10 X-1. STEINER J.F., WALTON D.J., GARCIA J.A., et al.
2016ApJ...818..143S 377       S   X C       7 13 13 The impact of accurate extinction measurements for X-ray spectral models. SMITH R.K., VALENCIC L.A. and CORRALES L.
2016ApJ...818L...4G 43           X         1 8 10 Thick accretion disk model for ultraluminous supersoft sources. GU W.-M., SUN M.-Y., LU Y.-J., et al.
2016ApJ...821...23S 100       D       C       2 13 4 X-ray spectra of the high-mass X-ray binary 4U 1700-37 using BeppoSAX, Suzaku, and RXTE observations. SEIFINA E., TITARCHUK L. and SHAPOSHNIKOV N.
2016ApJ...822...33P 44           X         1 13 32 Torque enhancement, spin equilibrium, and jet power from disk-induced opening of pulsar magnetic fields. PARFREY K., SPITKOVSKY A. and BELOBORODOV A.M.
2016ApJ...823..117M 128   K         C       2 3 9 A survey of chemical separation in accreting neutron stars. McKINVEN R., CUMMING A., MEDIN Z., et al.
2016ApJ...831...25E 1062       D     X C       25 16 3 A new correlation with lower kilohertz quasi-periodic oscillation frequency in the ensemble of low-mass X-ray binaries. ERKUT M.H., DURAN S., CATMABACAK O., et al.
2016ApJ...831...45C 43           X         1 7 11 On the evolution of the inner disk radius with flux in the neutron star low-mass X-ray binary Serpens X-1. CHIANG C.-Y., MORGAN R.A., CACKETT E.M., et al.
2016ApJ...832...44D 652   K A     X C       15 10 1 Ocean g-modes on transient neutron stars. DEIBEL A.
2016ApJ...833..186M 86           X         2 8 21 The thermal state of KS 1731-260 after 14.5 years in quiescence. MERRITT R.L., CACKETT E.M., BROWN E.F., et al.
2016ApJS..223...15B viz 17       D               1 945 34 The IBIS soft gamma-ray sky after 1000 INTEGRAL orbits. BIRD A.J., BAZZANO A., MALIZIA A., et al.
2016MNRAS.455.2959D 125           X         3 18 1 The cross-correlation analysis in Z source GX 349+2. DING G.Q., ZHANG W.Y., WANG Y.N., et al.
2016MNRAS.456.4001W 126           X         3 14 19 Constraining the properties of neutron star crusts with the transient low-mass X-ray binary Aql X-1. WATERHOUSE A.C., DEGENAAR N., WIJNANDS R., et al.
2016MNRAS.458.3633M 42           X         1 22 8 Demonstrating the likely neutron star nature of five M31 globular cluster sources with Swift-NuSTAR spectroscopy. MACCARONE T.J., YUKITA M., HORNSCHEMEIER A., et al.
2016MNRAS.459.3596H 42           X         1 4 1 Kepler K2 observations of Sco X-1: orbital modulations and correlations with Fermi GBM and MAXI. HYNES R.I., SCHAEFER B.E., BAUM Z.A., et al.
2016MNRAS.461.2580K 44           X         1 3 7 Constraining the size of the Comptonizing medium by modelling the energy-dependent time lags of kHz QPOs of neutron star system. KUMAR N. and MISRA R.
2016MNRAS.461.3847G 17       D               1 38 12 Intermittent dipping in a low-mass X-ray binary. GALLOWAY D.K., AJAMYAN A.N., UPJOHN J., et al.
2016MNRAS.463...78E 42           X         1 38 7 The soft X-ray spectrum of the high-mass X-ray binary V0332+53 in quiescence. ELSHAMOUTY K.G., HEINKE C.O. and CHOUINARD R.
2016PASJ...68...50A 42           X         1 11 ~ Hard-tail emission in the soft state of low-mass X-ray binaries and their relation to the neutron star magnetic field. ASAI K., MIHARA T., MASTUOKA M., et al.
2015A&A...577A...5T 1774     A D S   X C       42 7 33 Quiescent thermal emission from neutron stars in low-mass X-ray binaries. TURLIONE A., AGUILERA D.N. and PONS J.A.
2015ApJ...799....2B 4058 T   A S   X C       96 9 3 Correlations in horizontal branch oscillations and break components in
and GX 17+2.
BU Q.-C., CHEN L., LI Z.-S., et al.
2015ApJ...801...10A 124           X         3 10 10 Spectral softening between outburst and quiescence in the neutron star low-mass X-ray binary SAX J1750.8-2900. ALLEN J.L., LINARES M., HOMAN J., et al.
2015ApJ...801...60W 16       D               1 59 23 Evidence for enhanced persistent emission. WORPEL H., GALLOWAY D.K. and PRICE D.J.
2015ApJ...802...29M 289           X C       6 7 11 Time-dependent, compositionally driven convection in the oceans of accreting neutron stars. MEDIN Z. and CUMMING A.
2015ApJ...802...85B 41           X         1 16 1 XMM-Newton and Chandra observations of the M31 globular cluster black hole candidate XB135: a heavyweight contender cut down to size. BARNARD R., PRIMINI F., GARCIA M.R., et al.
2015ApJ...805...87Y 99       D     X         3 50 21 X-ray outbursts of low-mass X-ray binary transients observed in the RXTE era. YAN Z. and YU W.
2015ApJ...808..142S 346       D     X C       8 9 8 BeppoSAX and RXTE spectral study of the low-mass X-ray binary 4U 1705-44: spectral hardening during the banana branch. SEIFINA E., TITARCHUK L., SHRADER C., et al.
2015ApJ...809...40G 58       D     X         2 41 ~ Classifying X-ray binaries: a probabilistic approach. GOPALAN G., VRTILEK S.D. and BORNN L.
2015ApJ...809...52F 3992   K A D S   X C       96 15 12 Common patterns in the evolution between the luminous neutron star low-mass X-ray binary subclasses. FRIDRIKSSON J.K., HOMAN J. and REMILLARD R.A.
2015ApJ...809L..31D 210           X         5 7 33 A strong shallow heat source in the accreting neutron star MAXI J0556-332. DEIBEL A., CUMMING A., BROWN E.F., et al.
2015AstL...41..765G 102 2 JEM-X/INTEGRAL X-ray survey of the Galactic center region. GREBENEV S.A. and MERAMINSKIY I.A.
2015BaltA..24..395M viz 16       D               1 618 2 Binary star DataBase: binaries discovered in non-optical bands. MALKOV O.Y., TESSEMA S.B. and KNIAZEV A.Y.
2015MNRAS.449.1238W 165           X         4 36 9 Investigating variability of quiescent neutron stars in the globular clusters NGC 6440 and Terzan 5. WALSH A.R., CACKETT E.M. and BERNARDINI F.
2015MNRAS.451.2071D 182       D     X         5 17 25 Neutron star crust cooling in the Terzan 5 X-ray transient Swift J174805.3-244637. DEGENAAR N., WIJNANDS R., BAHRAMIAN A., et al.
2015MNRAS.452.3475B 82           X         2 32 20 Limits on thermal variations in a dozen quiescent neutron stars over a decade. BAHRAMIAN A., HEINKE C.O., DEGENAAR N., et al.
2015MNRAS.452.3994M 42           X         1 21 27 The magnetic-field strengths of accreting millisecond pulsars. MUKHERJEE D., BULT P., VAN DER KLIS M., et al.
2015MNRAS.454.1231W 99       D     X         3 25 4 Investigation of the emission radii of kHz QPOs for the accreting millisecond X-Ray pulsars, Atoll and Z sources. WANG D.H., CHEN L., ZHANG C.M., et al.
2015NewA...37...26S 2494 T K A     X         60 7 2 Evolution of the complicated decaying branch of the very long outburst in
2014A&A...564A.107M viz 16       D               1 228 11 A thin diffuse component of the Galactic ridge X-ray emission and heating of the interstellar medium contributed by the radiation of Galactic X-ray binaries. MOLARO M., KHATRI R. and SUNYAEV R.A.
2014A&A...571A..55S 42           X         1 6 7 Modeling the EUV spectra of optically thick boundary layers of dwarf novae in outburst. SULEIMANOV V., HERTFELDER M., WERNER K., et al.
2014AJ....147...67L 122           X         3 9 5 The properties of cross-correlation and spectra of the low-mass X-ray binary 4U 1608-52. LEI Y.-J., ZHANG S., QU J.-L., et al.
2014ApJ...780..147W 123           X         3 10 10 Super-Eddington accretion in the ultraluminous X-ray source NGC 1313 X-2: an ephemeral feast. WENG S.-S., ZHANG S.-N. and ZHAO H.-H.
2014ApJ...783L...3M 288           X C       6 6 24 A signature of chemical separation in the cooling light curves of transiently accreting neutron stars. MEDIN Z. and CUMMING A.
2014ApJ...786...62S 44           X         1 11 39 The long-term post-outburst spin down and flux relaxation of magnetar Swift J1822.3-1606. SCHOLZ P., KASPI V.M. and CUMMING A.
2014ApJ...786..119L 1771 T K A S   X C       41 11 2 The accretion rate independence of horizontal branch oscillation in
XTE J1701-462.
LI Z., CHEN L., QU J., et al.
2014ApJ...789...98T 1033       D     X C       25 12 13 X-ray spectral and timing behavior of Scorpius X-1. Spectral hardening during the flaring branch. TITARCHUK L., SEIFINA E. and SHRADER C.
2014ApJ...791...33B 81           X         2 72 9 Fifty M31 black hole candidates identified by Chandra and XMM-Newton. BARNARD R., GARCIA M.R., PRIMINI F., et al.
2014ApJ...791...47D 246           X         6 14 34 Probing the crust of the neutron star in EXO 0748-676. DEGENAAR N., MEDIN Z., CUMMING A., et al.
2014ApJ...792..109D 41           X         1 22 16 The peculiar Galactic Center neutron star X-ray binary XMM J174457-2850.3. DEGENAAR N., WIJNANDS R., REYNOLDS M.T., et al.
2014ApJ...795..131H 992       D     X         25 20 38 A strongly heated neutron star in the transient Z source MAXI J0556-332. HOMAN J., FRIDRIKSSON J.K., WIJNANDS R., et al.
2014MNRAS.438.2634C 43           X         1 9 23 A year in the life of the low-mass X-ray transient Aql X-1. COTI ZELATI F., CAMPANA S., D'AVANZO P., et al.
2014MNRAS.438.2784C 81           X         2 26 14 The nature of the island and banana states in atoll sources and a unified model for low-mass X-ray binaries. CHURCH M.J., GIBIEC A. and BALUCINSKA-CHURCH M.
2014MNRAS.439.2717G 43           X         1 4 10 Classification and spectral evolution of outbursts of Aql X-1. GUNGOR C., GUVER T. and EKSI K.Y.
2014MNRAS.440.3726W 1689 T K A     X C       40 7 3 Cross-correlations between soft and hard light curves depending on luminosity in the transient neutron star
XTE J1701-462.
WANG Y.N., LEI Y.J., DING G.Q., et al.
2014MNRAS.441.1984C 164           X         4 16 32 The return to quiescence of Aql X-1 following the 2010 outburst. CAMPANA S., BRIVIO F., DEGENAAR N., et al.
2014MNRAS.442.3484K 44           X         1 8 29 Thermal emission of neutron stars with internal heaters. KAMINKER A.D., KAUROV A.A., POTEKHIN A.Y., et al.
2014MNRAS.443.3270M 991       D S   X C F     22 57 55 Black hole-like hysteresis and accretion states in neutron star low-mass X-ray binaries. MUNOZ-DARIAS T., FENDER R.P., MOTTA S.E., et al.
2014Natur.505...62S 56 1 56 Strong neutrino cooling by cycles of electron capture and β decay in neutron star crusts. SCHATZ H., GUPTA S., MOLLER P., et al.
2013AJ....146...60L viz 80           X         2 7 6 Evolution of the cross-correlation and time lag of 4U 1735-44 along the branches. LEI Y.-J., ZHANG H.-T., ZHANG C.-M., et al.
2013ApJ...766...63S 40           X         1 23 9 Stability of the photon indices in Z-source GX 340+0 for spectral states. SEIFINA E., TITARCHUK L. and FRONTERA F.
2013ApJ...767..167L 947 T K A     X         23 11 4 The cross spectral time lag evolution along branches in
XTE J1701-462.
LI Z.-S., CHEN L., QU J.-L., et al.
2013ApJ...770..148B 241           X C       5 58 12 Chandra identification of 26 new black hole candidates in the central region of M31. BARNARD R., GARCIA M.R. and MURRAY S.S.
2013ApJ...772...94W 17       D               1 40 52 Evidence for accretion rate change during type I X-ray bursts. WORPEL H., GALLOWAY D.K. and PRICE D.J.
2013ApJ...773..117A 950 T K A S   X C       21 5 18 A propeller-effect interpretation of MAXI/GSC light curves of 4U 1608-52 and Aql X-1 and application to
XTE J1701-462.
2013ApJ...774..131C 84           X         2 7 32 A change in the quiescent X-ray spectrum of the neutron star low-mass X-ray binary MXB 1659-29. CACKETT E.M., BROWN E.F., CUMMING A., et al.
2013ApJ...775...48D 123           X         3 9 35 Continued neutron star crust cooling of the 11 hz X-ray pulsar in Terzan 5: a challenge to heating and cooling models? DEGENAAR N., WIJNANDS R., BROWN E.F., et al.
2013ApJ...779..149L 281           X         7 31 8 Discovery of a highly variable dipping ultraluminous X-ray source in M94. LIN D., IRWIN J.A., WEBB N.A., et al.
2013ApJS..207...19B viz 16       D               1 1211 304 The 70 month Swift-BAT all-sky hard X-ray survey. BAUMGARTNER W.H., TUELLER J., MARKWARDT C.B., et al.
2013ApJS..209...14K viz 16       D               2 255 208 The Swift/BAT hard X-ray transient monitor. KRIMM H.A., HOLLAND S.T., CORBET R.H.D., et al.
2013MNRAS.434.1599W 43           X         1 5 18 A low-level accretion flare during the quiescent state of the neutron-star X-ray transient SAX J1750.8-2900. WIJNANDS R. and DEGENAAR N.
2013MNRAS.434.2355R 829     A     X C F     19 6 17 On the spreading layer emission in luminous accreting neutron stars. REVNIVTSEV M.G., SULEIMANOV V.F. and POUTANEN J.
2013MNRAS.436.2465B 47           X         1 5 36 Daily multiwavelength Swift monitoring of the neutron star low-mass X-ray binary Cen X-4: evidence for accretion and reprocessing during quiescence. BERNARDINI F., CACKETT E.M., BROWN E.F., et al.
2013MNRAS.436L..89A 81           X         2 9 14 XMM-Newton and Swift spectroscopy of the newly discovered very faint X-ray transient IGR J17494-3030. ARMAS PADILLA M., WIJNANDS R. and DEGENAAR N.
2013PASJ...65...58S 282           X         7 14 18 Spectral evolution of a new X-ray transient MAXI J0556?332 observed by MAXI, Swift, and RXTE. SUGIZAKI M., YAMAOKA K., MATSUOKA M., et al.
2012A&A...543A..20D 41         O X         1 3 8 A complete X-ray spectral coverage of the 2010 May-June outbursts of Circinus X-1. D'AI A., BOZZO E., PAPITTO A., et al.
2012A&A...545A..27K viz 16       D               1 378 60 INTEGRAL/IBIS nine-year Galactic hard X-ray survey. KRIVONOS R., TSYGANKOV S., LUTOVINOV A., et al.
2012A&A...546A..35C 200           X C       4 7 17 Spectral investigations of the nature of the Scorpius X-1 like sources. CHURCH M.J., GIBIEC A., BALUCINSKA-CHURCH M., et al.
2012ApJ...749..111L 80           X         2 8 18 XMM-Newton finds that SAX J1750.8-2900 may harbor the hottest, most luminous known neutron star. LOWELL A.W., TOMSICK J.A., HEINKE C.O., et al.
2012ApJ...749..112B 79           X         2 26 3 A transient Sub-Eddington black hole X-ray binary candidate in the dust lanes of Centaurus A. BURKE M.J., RAYCHAUDHURY S., KRAFT R.P., et al.
2012ApJ...753...84B 159           X         4 6 7 kHz quasi-periodic oscillations from the 2000 and 2010 X-ray transients located in the globular cluster Terzan 5: EXO1745-248 and IGR J17480-2446. BARRET D.
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XTE J1701-462.
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2010ATel.3028....1K 156 T         X         3 1 ~ Swift/BAT detects renewed hard X-ray activity from the neutron star transient
XTE J1701-462.
2010ATel.3029....1H 195 T         X         4 2 ~ RXTE observation
XTE J1701-462 : no indications for renewed activity.
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XTE J1701-462 and its implications for the nature of subclasses in low-magnetic-field neutron star low-mass X-ray binaries.
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: link between z and atoll sources.
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XTE J1701-462: shedding new light on mass accretion in luminous neutron star X-ray binaries.
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XTE J1701-462.
2006ATel..696....1R 90 T                   1 28 New X-ray transient,
XTE J1701-462.
2006ATel..700....1M 78 T                   1 4 RXTE PCA position of
XTE J1701-462.
2006ATel..702....1K 3 1 7 Swift/XRT localization of XRT J1701-462. KENNEA J.A., MARSHALL F., STEEGHS D., et al.
2006ATel..703....1S 77 T                   1 3 RXTE Pointed Observations of
XTE J1701-462.
2006ATel..704....1K 78 T                   1 5 Swift X-ray spectrum and V-band upper limit for
XTE J1701-462.
2006ATel..706....1M 3 1 6 Optical counterpart of J1701-462. MAITRA D., BAILYN C., NELAN J., et al.
2006ATel..708....1P 78 T                   1 5
XTE J1701-462 seen by INTEGRAL.
2006ATel..710....1F 79 T                   1 7
XTE J1701-462: possible radio counterpart.
2006ATel..712....1M 80 T                   1 8 Near-infra-red observations of
XTE J1701-462 using SMARTS.
2006ATel..725....1H 77 T                   3 6 Continuing RXTE observations of
XTE J1701-462: a new "Z" in town?
2006ATel..748....1H 76 T                   3 4 Spectral evolution and kHz QPOs in the transient Z source
XTE J1701-462.
2006ATel..777....1K 77 T                   2 7 Chandra localization of the neutron star X-ray transients XTE J1739-285 and
XTE J1701-462.
2006ATel..780....1K 1 1 XTE J1709-462: Swift/XRT refined position. KENNEA J.A., GODET O. and BURROWS D.N.
2006ATel..781....1K 76 T                   1 0 Correction:
XTE J1701-462: Swift/XRT refined position.

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