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2017ApJ...850...94W viz 17       D               1 27 7 A spectroscopic survey of the fields of 28 strong gravitational lenses: implications for H0. WILSON M.L., ZABLUDOFF A.I., KEETON C.R., et al.
2016ApJ...833..194W viz 25     A               1 3427 8 A spectroscopic survey of the fields of 28 strong gravitational lenses: the group catalog. WILSON M.L., ZABLUDOFF A.I., AMMONS S.M., et al.
2015ApJS..219...29M viz 41           X         1 10653 13 A spectroscopic survey of the fields of 28 strong gravitational lenses. MOMCHEVA I.G., WILLIAMS K.A., COOL R.J., et al.
2011ApJ...726...84W 331       D     X         9 14 52 The effect of environment on shear in strong gravitational lenses. WONG K.C., KEETON C.R., WILLIAMS K.A., et al.
2011ApJ...727...96R 40           X         1 28 75 The SL2S galaxy-scale lens sample. II. Cosmic evolution of dark and luminous mass in early-type galaxies. RUFF A.J., GAVAZZI R., MARSHALL P.J., et al.
2010AJ....139.1935S 39           X         1 8 0 The optimal gravitational lens telescope. SURDEJ J., DELACROIX C., COLEMAN P., et al.
2009A&A...504..769C 39           X         1 25 19 The global mass-to-light ratio of SLACS lenses. CARDONE V.F., TORTORA C., MOLINARO R., et al.
2009A&A...506..609A 40           X         1 5 11 Perturbative reconstruction of a gravitational lens: when mass does not follow light. ALARD C.
2008MNRAS.390...39B 78           X         2 3 6 Unlensing HST observations of the Einstein ring 1RXS J1131-1231: a Bayesian analysis. BREWER B.J. and LEWIS G.F.
2006A&A...451..865C 1         O           11 27 Multi wavelength study of the gravitational lens system RXS J1131-1231. II. Lens model and source reconstruction. CLAESKENS J.-F., SLUSE D., RIAUD P., et al.
2006ApJ...651....8B 1 3 8 The EINSTEIN ring 0047-2808 revisited: a bayesian inversion. BREWER B.J. and LEWIS G.F.
2006MNRAS.369.1521W 12 23 The OLS-lens survey: the discovery of five new galaxy-galaxy strong lenses from the SDSS. WILLIS J.P., HEWETT P.C., WARREN S.J., et al.
2006MNRAS.372.1187W 17 22 LENSVIEW: software for modelling resolved gravitational lens images. WAYTH R.B. and WEBSTER R.L.
2005ApJ...623...31D 6 4 55 Decomposition of the visible and dark matter in the Einstein Ring 0047-2808 by semilinear inversion. DYE S. and WARREN S.J.
2005ApJ...623L...5F 42 66 Stellar and total mass in early-type lensing galaxies. FERRERAS I., SAHA P. and WILLIAMS L.L.R.
2005ApJ...635...35K 30 52 Identifying lenses with small-scale structure. II. Fold lenses. KEETON C.R., GAUDI B.S. and PETTERS A.O.
2005MNRAS.360.1333W 114 T K                 12 26 The lens and source of the optical Einstein ring gravitational lens
2005MNRAS.363.1369W 14 21 The discovery of two new galaxy-galaxy lenses from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey. WILLIS J.P., HEWETT P.C. and WARREN S.J.
2004ApJ...611..739T 6 19 254 Massive dark matter halos and evolution of early-type galaxies to z ~ 1. TREU T. and KOOPMANS L.V.E.
2004IAUS..220...39B 23 27 Dark matter in galaxies: observational overview. BOSMA A.
2004IAUS..220..115D 1 0 Decomposition of the visible and dark matter mass profiles in the Einstein ring 0047-2808. DYE S. and WARREN S.
2004IAUS..220..159T 6 4 The dark matter halos of spheroidal galaxies and clusters of galaxies. TREU T., KOOPMANS L.V.E., SAND D.J., et al.
2003ApJ...583..606K 7 9 143 The structure and dynamics of luminous and dark matter in the early-type lens galaxy of 0047-281 at z = 0.485. KOOPMANS L.V.E. and TREU T.
2003ApJ...599...70K 3 13 87 The Hubble constant from the gravitational lens B1608+656. KOOPMANS L.V.E., TREU T., FASSNACHT C.D., et al.
2003MNRAS.343..639O 78 60 The redshift distribution of gravitational lenses revisited: constraints on galaxy mass evolution. OFEK E.O., RIX H.-W. and MAOZ D.
1999A&A...343L..35W 75 T                   3 20 A VLT colour image of the optical Einstein ring 0047-2808. WARREN S.J., LEWIS G.F., HEWETT P.C., et al.
1998MNRAS.299.1215W 74 T                   6 19 Spectroscopy of the optical
Einstein Ring 0047-2808.
1996MNRAS.278..139W 3 6 59 A candidate optical Einstein ring. WARREN S.J., HEWETT P.C., LEWIS G.F., et al.

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