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2012MNRAS.426.2019C 16       D               1 125 0 Characterizing galaxy groups: spectroscopic observations of the Shakhbazyan sample. CAPOZZI D., SPAVONE M., BARBATI S., et al.
2009MNRAS.396..900C 132       D     X         4 81 9 The properties of the heterogeneous Shakhbazyan groups of galaxies in the SDSS. CAPOZZI D., DE FILIPPIS E., PAOLILLO M., et al.
2008ApJS..176..414Y viz 15       D               1849 24 A spectrophotometric search for galaxy clusters in SDSS. YOON J.H., SCHAWINSKI K., SHEEN Y.-K., et al.
2008RMxAA..44..125T 38           X         1 91 4 Photometric and spectroscopic study of seven Shakhbazian compact galaxy groups TOVMASSIAN H.M. and TIERSCH H.
2005A&A...439..973T 49 6 Shakhbazian compact galaxy groups. IV. Photometric and spectroscopic study of ShCG 8, ShCG 14, ShCG 19, ShCG 22. TOVMASSIAN H., TIERSCH H., CHAVUSHYAN V.H., et al.
2005RMxAA..41....3T 57 8 Photometric and spectroscopic study of the Shakhbazian compact galaxy groups ShCG 74 ShCG 188, ShCG 251, and ShCG 348. TOVMASSIAN H.M., TIERSCH H., TOVMASSIAN G.H., et al.
2004A&A...415..803T 75 T                   43 10 Shakhbazian compact galaxy groups. III. Photometric and spectroscopic study of ShCG 181,
ShCG 344, ShCG 361, and ShCG 362.
2001A&A...378..740T 144 14 Shakhbazian compact groups: Poor clusters of galaxies. TOVMASSIAN H.M. and TIERSCH H.
1998A&AS..130..207T 51 10 Far-infrared emission from Shakhbazian Compact Galaxy Groups. TOVMASSIAN H.M., MAZZARELLA J.M., TOVMASSIAN G.H., et al.
1997AN....318..149S viz 301 15 Catalogue of Shakhbazian compact groups of galaxies. X. STOLL D. and CORDIS L.
1978Afz....14..631P viz 25 27 Compact groups of compact galaxies. IX. PETROSIAN M.B.

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