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2020MNRAS.493.2511N 520       D     X C       10 45 ~ Three discoveries of γ Cas analogues from dedicated XMM-Newton observations of Be stars. NAZE Y., MOTCH C., RAUW G., et al.
2019A&A...629A.105K 47           X         1 12 ~ Properties and nature of Be stars. 31. The binary nature, light variability, physical elements, and emission-line changes of HD 81357. KOUBSKY P., HARMANEC P., BROZ M., et al.
2019A&A...630L...8B 280           X C       5 12 ~ Gaia 8: Discovery of a star cluster containing β Lyrae. BASTIAN U.
2019AJ....158..148R viz 1194 T K A     X C       24 1 ~ Photometry of β Lyrae in 2018 by the BRITE satellites. RUCINSKI S.M., PIGULSKI A., KUSCHNIG R., et al.
2019ApJ...885..147K 47           X         1 78 ~ Prevalence of SED turndown among classical be stars: are all be stars close binaries? KLEMENT R., CARCIOFI A.C., RIVINIUS T., et al.
2019ApJS..244...15M 93           X         2 379 ~ Bright southern variable stars in the bRing survey. MELLON S.N., MAMAJEK E.E., STUIK R., et al.
2019MNRAS.486.5139P 93           X         2 17 ~ Modelling the periodical variations in multiband polarization and photometry for discs of binary Be stars. PANOGLOU D., BORGES FERNANDES M., BAADE D., et al.
2019MNRAS.487.4169M 653     A D     X   F     14 7 ~ On the long-cycle variability of the Algol OGLE-LMC-DPV-065 and its stellar, orbital, and disc parameters. MENNICKENT R.E., CABEZAS M., DJURASEVIC G., et al.
2019RAA....19...35D 47           X         1 23 ~ Role of the Rossiter-McLaughlin effect in the study of close binaries. DRYOMOVA G.N. and DRYOMOV V.V.
2018A&A...618A.112M viz 2715 T K A S   X C       58 7 ~ Physical properties of β
Lyrae A and its opaque accretion disk.
2018AJ....156...12R viz 3315 T   A D     X C       73 2 1 Light-curve instabilities of β Lyrae observed by the BRITE satellites. RUCINSKI S.M., PIGULSKI A., POPOWICZ A., et al.
2018AJ....156...97I 851 T K A D     X C       18 1 ~ A study of Hα line profile variations in β Lyr. IGNACE R., GRAY S.K., MAGNO M.A., et al.
2018AJ....156..295P viz 45           X         1 247 ~ Warm molecular hydrogen in nearby, Luminous Infrared Galaxies. PETRIC A.O., ARMUS L., FLAGEY N., et al.
2018ApJ...868...30P viz 45           X         1 8 ~ The dynamical mass and evolutionary status of the Type II Cepheid in the eclipsing binary system OGLE-LMC-T2CEP-211 with a double-ring disk. PILECKI B., DERVISOGLU A., GIEREN W., et al.
2018ApJ...869...19W 1702   K A D S   X C       37 19 ~ Self-gravitating semi-transparent circumstellar disks: an analytic model. WILSON R.E.
2017NewA...57...51B 87             C       3 9 2 Orbital variations and outbursts of the unusual variable star V1129 Centauri. BRUCH A.
2016A&A...591A.118S viz 17       D               1 31386 40 The PASTEL catalogue: 2016 version. SOUBIRAN C., LE CAMPION J.-F., BROUILLET N., et al.
2016A&A...592A.151V 7 3 Accretion disks in Algols: Progenitors and evolution. VAN RENSBERGEN W. and DE GREVE J.P.
2016ARep...60..461T 85           X         2 59 ~ The evolution of close binary stars. TUTUKOV A.V. and CHEREPASHCHUK A.M.
2016ApJ...833..268N 170           X C       3 61 8 Origin of the galactic diffuse X-ray emission: iron K-shell line diagnostics. NOBUKAWA M., UCHIYAMA H., NOBUKAWA K.K., et al.
2016MNRAS.455..244R 43           X         1 16 5 Spectroscopy, MOST photometry, and interferometry of MWC 314: is it an LBV or an interacting binary? RICHARDSON N.D., MOFFAT A.F.J., MALTAIS-TARIANT R., et al.
2016MNRAS.455.1728M 315       D     X         8 260 9 Interacting binaries W Serpentids and double periodic variables. MENNICKENT R.E., OTERO S. and KOLACZKOWSKI Z.
2016MNRAS.461.1576E viz 43           X         1 4 2 A radial velocity study of the intermediate polar EX Hydrae. ECHEVARRIA J., RAMIREZ-TORRES A., MICHEL R., et al.
2016MNRAS.463.1162C viz 17       D               1 1984 1 A new approach to the infrared photometric study of Be stars. CHEN P.S., LIU J.Y. and SHAN H.G.
2016PASJ...68...32T 17       D               3 34 2 Oxygen abundance determination of B-type stars with the O I 7771-5 A lines. TAKEDA Y. and HONDA S.
2016PASJ...68S..32T viz 17       D               3 196 1 The first MAXI/SSC catalog of X-ray sources in 0.7-7.0keV. TOMIDA H., UCHIDA D., TSUNEMI H., et al.
2015A&A...573A.107H 59       D     X         2 27 4 Properties and nature of Be stars. 30. Reliable physical properties of a semi-detached B9.5e+G8III binary BR CMi = HD 61273 compared to those of other well studied semi-detached emission-line binaries. HARMANEC P., KOUBSKY P., NEMRAVOVA J.A., et al.
2015A&A...575A..64N 42         O X         1 20 3 Efficiency of ETV diagrams as diagnostic tools for long-term period variations. II. Non-conservative mass transfer, and gravitational radiation. NANOURIS N., KALIMERIS A., ANTONOPOULOU E., et al.
2015A&A...577A..55D 518       D     X C       12 34 16 Non-conservative evolution in Algols: where is the matter? DESCHAMPS R., BRAUN K., JORISSEN A., et al.
2015A&A...578A.136L viz 42           X         1 839 7 Orbital period changes and the higher-order multiplicity fraction amongst SuperWASP eclipsing binaries. LOHR M.E., NORTON A.J., PAYNE S.G., et al.
2015A&A...580A..23P viz 17       D               2 60822 40 A new catalogue of Stroemgren-Crawford uvbyβ photometry. PAUNZEN E.
2015ApJ...799...33C 17       D               2 21 3 Statistical analysis of interferometric measurements of axis ratios for classical Be stars. CYR R.P., JONES C.E. and TYCNER C.
2015ApJS..216...33F viz 17       D               1 408 6 Probing the Local Bubble with diffuse interstellar bands. III. The northern hemisphere data and catalog. FARHANG A., KHOSROSHAHI H.G., JAVADI A., et al.
2015MNRAS.453.1684M 43           X         1 3 4 The Earth transiting the Sun as seen from Jupiter's moons: detection of an inverse Rossiter-McLaughlin effect produced by the opposition surge of the icy Europa. MOLARO P., BARBIERI M., MONACO L., et al.
2015PASJ...67...10T 42           X         1 2 1 Solar rotation inferred from radial velocities of the Sun-as-a-star during the 2012 May 21 eclipse. TAKEDA Y., OHSHIMA O., KAMBE E., et al.
2015PASJ...67...35A 209     A D     X C       5 13 ~ The Very precise Echelle SpectroPolarimeteron the Araki telescope (VESPolA). ARASAKI T., IKEDA Y., SHINNAKA Y., et al.
2014A&A...563A..43L 41           X         1 27 14 A search for magnetic fields on central stars in planetary nebulae. LEONE F., CORRADI R.L.M., MARTINEZ GONZALEZ M.J., et al.
2014A&A...567A..26L viz 16       D               2 1841 4 From Flamsteed to Piazzi and Lalande: new standards in 18th century astrometry. LEQUEUX J.
2014A&A...570A..25D 41           X         1 15 2 Binary evolution using the theory of osculating orbits. I. Conservative Algol evolution. DAVIS P.J., SIESS L. and DESCHAMPS R.
2014AJ....147..119C viz 16       D               1 8005 55 Contamination in the Kepler field. Identification of 685 KOIs as false positives via ephemeris matching based on Q1-Q12 data. COUGHLIN J.L., THOMPSON S.E., BRYSON S.T., et al.
2014AJ....148...37L viz 43           X         1 7 17 The eclipsing system V404 Lyr: light-travel times and γ Doradus pulsations. LEE J.W., KIM S.-L., HONG K., et al.
2014ApJ...795....8W viz 41           X         1 3 1 Outburst-related period changes of recurrent nova CI Aquilae. WILSON R.E. and HONEYCUTT R.K.
2014MNRAS.437..185Y viz 82             C       1 108 17 Origin of W UMa-type contact binaries - age and orbital evolution. YILDIZ M.
2014NewA...26...98M 82             C       1 2 ~ The first photometric study and an estimation of the absolute elements of the misclassified poor thermal contact binary system NSV 3744 Gem. MARTIGNONI M., ACERBI F. and BARANI C.
2014PASP..126..821M 42           X         1 5 5 On the evolutionary stage of the interacting binary AU Mon. MENNICKENT R.E.
2013A&A...554A.143K viz 82           X         2 9 9 Time-dependent spectral-feature variations of stars displaying the B[e] phenomenon . II. MWC 342. KUCEROVA B., KORCAKOVA D., POLSTER J., et al.
2013A&A...557A..40D 19       D               1 5 19 Critically-rotating accretors and non-conservative evolution in Algols. DESCHAMPS R., SIESS L., DAVIS P.J., et al.
2013A&ARv..21...69R 83           X         2 74 211 Classical Be stars. Rapidly rotating B stars with viscous Keplerian decretion disks. RIVINIUS T., CARCIOFI A.C. and MARTAYAN C.
2013AJ....145..141G 260       D     X         7 17 6 Modeling circumstellar disks of B-type stars with observations from the Palomar Testbed Interferometer. GRZENIA B.J., TYCNER C., JONES C.E., et al.
2013AN....334..860A viz 16       D               1 7213 19 Eclipsing variables: Catalogue and classification. AVVAKUMOVA E.A., MALKOV O.Yu. and KNIAZEV A.Yu.
2013ARep...57..294N 2 1 2 Three-dimensional hydrodynamical modeling of the two-component wind and accretion disk in the close binary β Lyrae. NAZARENKO V.V. and GLAZUNOVA L.V.
2013ApJ...773....1J viz 301       D     X C       7 118 26 Did the ancient egyptians record the period of the eclipsing binary Algol–The Raging one? JETSU L., PORCEDDU S., LYYTINEN J., et al.
2013MNRAS.429L..79M 45           X         1 4 16 Detection of the Rossiter-McLaughlin effect in the 2012 June 6 Venus transit. MOLARO P., MONACO L., BARBIERI M., et al.
2013MNRAS.432..799M 1757 T   A D S   X C F     40 1 11 On the accretion disc and evolutionary stage of β Lyrae. MENNICKENT R.E. and DJURASEVIC G.
2012A&A...539A.129L viz 24     A               1 13 4 A fresh insight into the evolutionary status and third body hypothesis of the eclipsing binaries AD Andromedae, AL Camelopardalis, and V338 Herculis. LIAKOS A., NIARCHOS P. and BUDDING E.
2012A&A...542A..27G 41           X         1 15 23 Time-resolved spectroscopy of BD+46°442: gas streams and jet creation in a newly discovered evolved binary with a disk. GORLOVA N., VAN WINCKEL H., GIELEN C., et al.
2012A&A...542A..50D 177       D     X C       4 26 13 The VLT-FLAMES Tarantula Survey. V. The peculiar B[e]-like supergiant, VFTS 698, in 30 Doradus. DUNSTALL P.R., FRASER M., CLARK J.S., et al.
2012A&A...542A..71H 40           X         1 15 2 Variability in X-ray line ratios in helium-like ions of massive stars: the radiation-driven case. HOLE K.T. and IGNACE R.
2012A&A...544A..31V viz 16       D               2 1116 8 The star catalogues of Ptolemaios and Ulugh Beg. Machine-readable versions and comparison with the modern Hipparcos catalogue. VERBUNT F. and VAN GENT R.H.
2012A&A...546A..69M viz 16       D               3 3353 35 Dynamical masses of a selected sample of orbital binaries. MALKOV O.Yu., TAMAZIAN V.S., DOCOBO J.A., et al.
2012A&ARv..20...53B 161           X C       3 19 17 Imaging the heart of astrophysical objects with optical long-baseline interferometry. BERGER J.-P., MALBET F., BARON F., et al.
2012ApJ...750...59L viz 1913 T K A     X C       46 4 11 Geometrical constraints on the hot spot in
beta Lyrae.
2012ApJ...760..134A 81   K       X         2 9 9 Modeling the accretion structure of AU Mon. ATWOOD-STONE C., MILLER B.P., RICHARDS M.T., et al.
2012ApJS..199....8G viz 16       D               2 3036 46 A compilation of interstellar column densities. GUDENNAVAR S.B., BUBBLY S.G., PREETHI K., et al.
2012IBVS.6010....1H 16       D               631 48 BAV-results of observations - photoelectric minima of selected eclipsing binaries and maxima of pulsating stars. HUBSCHER J., LEHMANN P.B. and WALTER F.
2012JAVSO..40..120F 1         O           2 2 John goodricke, edward pigott, and their study of variable stars. FRENCH L.M.
2012MNRAS.421..862M 523     A D     X         14 17 22 The evolution stage and massive disc of the interacting binary V 393 Scorpii. MENNICKENT R.E., DJURASEVIC G., KOLACZKOWSKI Z., et al.
2012MNRAS.423.2075M 42           X         1 3 8 Two-dimensional Monte Carlo radiative transfer modelling of the disc-shaped secondary of Epsilon Aurigae. MUTHUMARIAPPAN C. and PARTHASARATHY M.
2012MNRAS.427..343M viz 16       D               1 95572 129 Fundamental parameters and infrared excesses of Hipparcos stars. McDONALD I., ZIJLSTRA A.A. and BOYER M.L.
2012MNRAS.427..607M 164           X         4 5 19 A cyclic bipolar wind in the interacting binary V393 Scorpii. MENNICKENT R.E., KOLACZKOWSKI Z., DJURASEVIC G., et al.
2012NewAR..56..143D 80             C       3 51 13 Stellar intensity interferometry: Prospects for sub-milliarcsecond optical imaging. DRAVINS D., LEBOHEC S., JENSEN H., et al.
2012PASP..124..885L 81           X         2 5 7 BINSYN: A publicly available program for simulating spectra and light curves of binary systems with or without accretion disks. LINNELL A.P., DE STEFANO P. and HUBENY I.
2012RAA....12..260S 80           X         2 34 1 Could bright gam-ray burst optical transients have been recorded historically ? STROM R.G., ZHAO F.-Y. and ZHANG C.-M.
2011A&A...528A..16V 255       D     X         7 18 37 Mass loss out of close binaries. The formation of Algol-type systems, completed with case B RLOF. VAN RENSBERGEN W., DE GREVE J.P., MENNEKENS N., et al.
2011A&A...528A.146S 80           X         2 4 8 UX Monocerotis as a W Serpentis binary SUDAR D., HARMANEC P., LEHMANN H., et al.
2011A&A...528A.147P viz 80           X         2 13 26 Monitoring a high-amplitude δ Scuti star for 152 days: discovery of 12 additional modes and modulation effects in the light curve of CoRoT 101155310. PORETTI E., RAINER M., WEISS W.W., et al.
2011A&A...530A.146C viz 42           X         1 7 28 Spectral and photometric analysis of the eclipsing binary ε Aurigae prior to and during the 2009-2011 eclipse. CHADIMA P., HARMANEC P., BENNETT P.D., et al.
2011A&A...532A.148B 1947 T K A D S   X C       47 7 21 A large Hα line forming region for the massive interacting binaries β Lyrae and υ Sagitarii. BONNEAU D., CHESNEAU O., MOURARD D., et al.
2011AJ....141..150J 413       D     X C       10 58 16 The variability of Hα equivalent widths in Be stars. JONES C.E., TYCNER C. and SMITH A.D.
2011AJ....142..201R 79           X         2 8 9 A binary orbit for the massive, evolved star HDE 326823, a WR+O system progenitor. RICHARDSON N.D., GIES D.R. and WILLIAMS S.J.
2011ARep...55...31S viz 16       D               1 253 34 Search for and study of hot circumstellar dust envelopes. SHENAVRIN V.I., TARANOVA O.G. and NADZHIP A.E.
2011ApJ...726...68A 135       D     X C       3 33 39 The banana project. III. Spin-orbit alignment in the long-period eclipsing binary NY Cephei. ALBRECHT S., WINN J.N., CARTER J.A., et al.
2011JAVSO..39...80M 40           X         1 100 2 Do eclipsing variable stars show random cycle-to-cycle period fluctuations? MOHAJERANI S. and PERCY J.R.
2011JRASC.105..116G 12 0 M13 - The great globular cluster in Hercules. GARNER D.
2011JRASC.105..209G 16 0 On another wavelength: M56 - a globular cluster in Lyra. GARNER D.
2011MNRAS.414.2602D viz 2547 86 Random forest automated supervised classification of Hipparcos periodic variable stars. DUBATH P., RIMOLDINI L., SUVEGES M., et al.
2011NewA...16..177A 40           X         1 5 4 Light curve analysis of Hipparcos data for the massive O-type eclipsing binary UW CMa. ANTOKHINA E.A., SRINIVASA RAO M. and PARTHASARATHY M.
2011SerAJ.183....1J 146 4 Astronomical optical interferometry. II. Astrophysical results. JANKOV S.
2010A&A...510A..13V 39           X         1 13 15 Mass loss out of close binaries. Case A Roche lobe overflow. VAN RENSBERGEN W., DE GREVE J.P., MENNEKENS N., et al.
2010A&A...510A..54W viz 16       D               1 1869 114 New 3D gas density maps of NaI and CaII interstellar absorption within 300 pc. WELSH B.Y., LALLEMENT R., VERGELY J.-L., et al.
2010A&A...515A.111S viz 16       D               1 17231 198 The PASTEL catalogue of stellar parameters. SOUBIRAN C., LE CAMPION J.-F., CAYREL DE STROBEL G., et al.
2010A&A...516A..28V viz 16       D               1 1038 10 Three editions of the star catalogue of Tycho Brahe. Machine-readable versions and comparison with the modern Hipparcos catalogue. VERBUNT F. and VAN GENT R.H.
2010A&A...516A..29V viz 16       D               1 1581 7 The star catalogue of Hevelius. Machine-readable version and comparison with the modern Hipparcos catalogue. VERBUNT F. and VAN GENT R.H.
2010A&A...521A..54G 39           X         1 8 11 Diluting the material forming the second generation stars in globular clusters: the contribution by unevolved stars. GRATTON R.G. and CARRETTA E.
2010AJ....140.1758T viz 16       D               4 121 8 A high-resolution, multi-epoch spectral atlas of peculiar stars including RAVE, GAIA, and HERMES wavelength ranges. TOMASELLA L., MUNARI U. and ZWITTER T.Z.
2010AN....331..349H viz 16       D               1 2354 54 Masses and luminosities of O- and B-type stars and red supergiants. HOHLE M.M., NEUHAUSER R. and SCHUTZ B.F.
2010ApJS..187..228S viz 16       D               1 69 55 A systematic study of Hα profiles of Be stars. SILAJ J., JONES C.E., TYCNER C., et al.
2010JAVSO..38..144C 63 T   A     X         1 1 0 Intrinsic variability of eclipsing variable beta Lyrae measured with a digital SLR camera. COLLINS D.
2010JBAA..120..135T 71 5 British variable star associations, 1848-1908. TOONE J.
2010JHA....41..105Z 9 1 Starting the classification: new and old stars, and sometimes comets too. ZSOLDOS E.
2010MNRAS.401..418D 173       D     X         5 16 26 CoRoT photometry and high-resolution spectroscopy of the interacting eclipsing binary AU Monocerotis. DESMET M., FREMAT Y., BAUDIN F., et al.
2010MNRAS.401..913R 39           X         1 5 9 Ultraviolet study of the active interacting binary star R Arae using archival IUE data. REED P.A., McCLUSKEY G.E.Jr, KONDO Y., et al.
2010MNRAS.404.1321W viz 16       D               1 463 26 Interstellar Ti II in the Milky way and Magellanic clouds. WELTY D.E. and CROWTHER P.A.
2010MNRAS.405.1930L viz 16       D               1 280 75 The most plausible explanation of the cyclic period changes in close binaries: the case of the RS CVn-type binary WW Dra. LIAO W.-P. and QIAN S.-B.
2010MNRAS.405.1947M 39           X         1 10 15 A study of the interacting binary V393Scorpii. MENNICKENT R.E., KOLACZKOWSKI Z., GRACZYK D., et al.
2010RMxAC..38....5K 79               F     1 2 0 Intensity interferometry with Cherenkov telescopes. KIEDA D.B., LE BOHEC S. and NUNEZ P.
2010RMxAC..38...23M 134       D     X         4 19 4 Interacting binary stars environments and the W Ser-DPV-Algol connection. MENNICKENT R.E. and KOLACZKOWSKI Z.
2010RMxAC..38..133G 39           X         1 15 0 Massive star studies with the CHARA Array. GIES D., BOYAJIAN T., FARRINGTON C., et al.
2009A&A...495..231L viz 40           X         1 14 28 A multiwavelength investigation of the massive eclipsing binary CygnusOB2 #5. LINDER N., RAUW G., MANFROID J., et al.
2009A&A...496..503I 39           X         1 6 2 Scattering polarization due to light source anisotropy. II. Envelope of arbitrary shape. IGNACE R., AL-MALKI M.B., SIMMONS J.F.L., et al.
2009A&A...498..961R viz 16       D               1 8214 88 Catalogue of Ap, HgMn and Am stars. RENSON P. and MANFROID J.
2009A&A...499..827N 78           X         2 9 16 The circumbinary dusty disk around the hydrogen-deficient binary star υ Sagittarii. NETOLICKY M., BONNEAU D., CHESNEAU O., et al.
2009A&A...507..317M 40           X         1 10 37 A binary engine fuelling HD 87643's complex circumstellar environment. Determined using AMBER/VLTI imaging. MILLOUR F., CHESNEAU O., BORGES FERNANDES M., et al.
2009A&A...507L...1D 58           X         1 4 156 Massive binaries as the source of abundance anomalies in globular clusters. DE MINK S.E., POLS O.R., LANGER N., et al.
2009AJ....137.3646P viz 39           X         1 21 26 Radial velocity studies of close binary stars. XIV. PRIBULLA T., RUCINSKI S.M., DEBOND H., et al.
2009AJ....137.3655P viz 78           X         2 60 36 Radial velocity studies of close binary stars. XV. PRIBULLA T., RUCINSKI S.M., BLAKE R.M., et al.
2009AJ....137.3911K viz 16       D               1 444 13 Characterization of CoRoT target fields with berlin exoplanet search telescope. II. Identification of periodic variable stars in the LRc2 field. KABATH P., FRUTH T., RAUER H., et al.
2009AJ....138..664Z 16       D               2 144 13 A catalog of visual double and multiple stars with eclipsing components. ZASCHE P., WOLF M., HARTKOPF W.I., et al.
2009AJ....138..956S 39           X         1 7 2 Frequency limits on naked-eye optical transients lasting from minutes to years. SHAMIR L. and NEMIROFF R.J.
2009Ap.....52..251K 156           X         4 4 0 Study of nonstationary processes in the close binary system RY Scuti. KUMSIASHVILI M.I., NATSVLISHVILI R.S. and CHARGEISHVILI K.V.
2009ApJ...690.1730A 39           X         1 7 13 Three-dimensional Doppler images of the disklike and streamlike states of U Coronae Borealis. AGAFONOV M.I., SHAROVA O.I. and RICHARDS M.T.
2009ApJ...691..984S 1741 T K A S   X C F     41 5 23 Navy prototype optical interferometer imaging of line emission regions of β Lyrae using differential phase referencing. SCHMITT H.R., PAULS T.A., TYCNER C., et al.
2009ApJS..184..138H viz 16       D               1 20771 30 XID II: statistical cross-association of ROSAT bright source catalog X-ray sources with 2MASS point source catalog near-infrared sources. HAAKONSEN C.B. and RUTLEDGE R.E.
2009JAVSO..37..198L 195           X         5 2 0 Reclaiming the astronomical and historical legacy of antonia maury. LARSEN K.
2009JAVSO..37..211C 218 T   A     X         5 1 0 Intrinsic variability of
beta Lyrae observed with a digital SLR camera.
2009JBAA..119..227P 19 0 Sky notes: 2009 august & september. POTTER C.
2009MNRAS.392..757I 39           X         1 24 7 Spectroscopic and photometric observations of the selected Algol-type binaries - IV. V799Cassiopeiae, BX Piscium and HD 172189. IBANOGLU C., EVREN S., TAS G., et al.
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Beta Lyr - eigentlich ein ideales Objekt auch fuer CCD.
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