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2019A&A...622A..61S 392       D     X C       8 67 ~ Cyclotron lines in highly magnetized neutron stars. STAUBERT R., TRUMPER J., KENDZIORRA E., et al.
2019A&A...626A.106M 1521 T K A     X C       31 4 ~ Evidence for the radiation-pressure dominated accretion disk in bursting pulsar
using timing analysis.
2019ApJ...870..126L 112       D     X         3 53 ~ The relation between outburst rate and orbital period in low-mass X-ray binary transients. LIN J., YAN Z., HAN Z., et al.
2019ApJ...881L..17D 47           X         1 6 ~ Awakening of the fast-spinning accreting Be/X-Ray pulsar A0538-66. DUCCI L., MEREGHETTI S. and SANTANGELO A.
2019MNRAS.482.1110J 980 T K A D     X C F     19 3 ~ Spectral and timing analysis of the bursting pulsar
GRO J1744-28 with RXTE observations.
2019MNRAS.483.5595V 19       D               3 44 ~ Low-mass X-ray binaries: the effects of the magnetic braking prescription. VAN K.X., IVANOVA N. and HEINKE C.O.
2019MNRAS.487.5129B 47           X         1 12 ~ Atmospheric oscillations provide simultaneous measurement of neutron star mass and radius. BOLLIMPALLI D.A., WIELGUS M., ABARCA D., et al.
2018A&A...610A..46C 448       S   X C       8 31 5 A universal relation for the propeller mechanisms in magnetic rotating stars at different scales. CAMPANA S., STELLA L., MEREGHETTI S., et al.
2018A&A...612A...1H viz 187 11 The H.E.S.S. Galactic plane survey. HESS COLLABORATION, ABDALLA H., ABRAMOWSKI A., et al.
2018A&A...612A...9H 2374       S   X C       51 13 10 Characterising the VHE diffuse emission in the central 200 parsecs of our Galaxy with H.E.S.S. HESS COLLABORATION, ABDALLA H., ABRAMOWSKI A., et al.
2018A&A...612A.102T 28 2 An X-ray survey of the central molecular zone: Variability of the Fe Kα emission line. TERRIER R., CLAVEL M., SOLDI S., et al.
2018ApJ...854...99W viz 18       D               1 145 2 The Einstein@Home gamma-ray pulsar survey. II. Source selection, spectral analysis, and multiwavelength follow-up. WU J., CLARK C.J., PLETSCH H.J., et al.
2018ApJ...860..167T 18       D               1 43 1 A systematic spectral-timing analysis of kilohertz quasi-periodic oscillations in the Rossi X-ray Timing Explorer archive. TROYER J.S., CACKETT E.M., PEILLE P., et al.
2018MNRAS.473L.141V 45           X         1 14 6 Radio emission from the X-ray pulsar Her X-1: a jet launched by a strong magnetic field neutron star? VAN DEN EIJNDEN J., DEGENAAR N., RUSSELL T.D., et al.
2018MNRAS.474.5425M 45           X         1 4 3 On the radiation beaming of bright X-ray pulsars and constraints on neutron star mass-radius relation. MUSHTUKOV A.A., VERHAGEN P.A., TSYGANKOV S.S., et al.
2018MNRAS.475..999B 179           X         4 4 1 Changes in the pulse phase dependence of X-ray emission lines in 4U 1626-67 with a torque reversal. BERI A., PAUL B. and DEWANGAN G.C.
2018MNRAS.477L.106C 2625 T K A S   X C       56 13 1 The
Bursting Pulsar
GRO J1744-28: the slowest transitional pulsar?
2018MNRAS.479L...1Y 45           X         1 17 2 Anticorrelation between X-ray luminosity and pulsed fraction in the Small Magellanic Cloud pulsar SXP 1323. YANG J., ZEZAS A., COE M.J., et al.
2018MNRAS.481.2273C 4659 T K A D     X C F     102 10 ~ The evolution of X-ray bursts in the '
Bursting Pulsar'
GRO J1744-28.
2018RAA....18..148R 403           X         9 10 ~ A report on Type II X-ray bursts from SMC X-1. RAI B., PRADHAN P. and PAUL B.C.
2017A&A...601A..33A 174           X C       3 11 7 Observations of Sagittarius A* during the pericenter passage of the G2 object with MAGIC. AHNEN M.L., ANSOLDI S., ANTONELLI L.A., et al.
2017A&A...605A..39T 45           X         1 12 16 SMC X-3: the closest ultraluminous X-ray source powered by a neutron star with non-dipole magnetic field. TSYGANKOV S.S., DOROSHENKO V., LUTOVINOV A.A., et al.
2017A&A...608A..17T 132           X C       2 6 11 Stable accretion from a cold disc in highly magnetized neutron stars. TSYGANKOV S.S., MUSHTUKOV A.A., SULEIMANOV V.F., et al.
2017ApJ...834..106C 17       D               1 137 11 The Einstein@Home gamma-ray pulsar survey. I. Search methods, sensitivity, and discovery of new young gamma-ray pulsars. CLARK C.J., WU J., PLETSCH H.J., et al.
2017ApJ...834..209L 88               F     1 7 11 Propeller effect in the transient X-ray pulsar SMC X-2. LUTOVINOV A.A., TSYGANKOV S.S., KRIVONOS R.A., et al.
2017ApJ...850...65C 44           X         1 8 1 Search for optical pulsation in M82 X-2. COLLURA G., STRADER P., MEEKER S.R., et al.
2017ApJS..232...18A viz 17       D               1580 57 3FHL: the Third Catalog of Hard Fermi-LAT Sources. AJELLO M., ATWOOD W.B., BALDINI L., et al.
2017AstL...43..781C viz 17       D               1 102 ~ Type I X-ray Bursts Detected by the JEM-X Telescope Onboard the INTEGRAL Observatory in 2003-2015. CHELOVEKOV I.V., GREBENEV S.A., MEREMINSKIY I.A., et al.
2017MNRAS.466L..98V 306           X         7 6 9 A strongly truncated inner accretion disc in the Rapid Burster. VAN DEN EIJNDEN J., BAGNOLI T., DEGENAAR N., et al.
2017MNRAS.469....2S 1419 T K A     X C       31 7 4 Study of the accretion torque during the 2014 outburst of the X-ray pulsar
GRO J1744-28.
2017MNRAS.469..886S 44           X         1 15 6 Outbursts of the intermediate-mass black hole HLX-1: a wind-instability scenario. SORIA R., MUSAEVA A., WU K., et al.
2017MNRAS.470..512K viz 17       D               1 33 2 New hard X-ray sources discovered in the ongoing INTEGRAL Galactic plane survey after 14 yr of observations. KRIVONOS R.A., TSYGANKOV S.S., MEREMINSKIY I.A., et al.
2017MNRAS.470.2457D 44           X         1 5 2 A broad-band self-consistent modelling of the X-ray spectrum of 4U 1626-67. D'AI A., CUSUMANO G., DEL SANTO M., et al.
2017MNRAS.472..559W 44           X         1 14 4 Rapid X-ray variability properties during the unusual very hard state in neutron-star low-mass X-ray binaries. WIJNANDS R., PARIKH A.S., ALTAMIRANO D., et al.
2017MNRAS.472.3298B 44           X         1 6 1 Radial modes of levitating atmospheres around Eddington luminosity neutron stars. BOLLIMPALLI D.A. and KLUZNIAK W.
2016A&A...595A..52Z 85           X         2 10 3 IGR J17451-3022: constraints on the nature of the donor star. ZDZIARSKI A.A., ZIOLKOWSKI J., BOZZO E., et al.
2016ApJ...816...60B 86           X         2 15 22 Spectral and temporal properties of the ultraluminous X-ray pulsar in M82 from 15 years of Chandra observations and analysis of the pulsed emission using NuSTAR. BRIGHTMAN M., HARRISON F., WALTON D.J., et al.
2016ApJ...819...44A viz 46           X         1 65 195 Fermi-LAT observations of high-energy gamma-ray emission toward the Galactic Center. AJELLO M., ALBERT A., ATWOOD W.B., et al.
2016ApJ...819...76G 43           X         1 5 1 An empirical method for improving the quality of RXTE HEXTE spectra. GARCIA J.A., GRINBERG V., STEINER J.F., et al.
2016ApJ...820....8S viz 17       D               2 3052 22 Classification and ranking of Fermi LAT gamma-ray sources from the 3FGL catalog using machine learning techniques. SAZ PARKINSON P.M., XU H., YU P.L.H., et al.
2016ApJ...821..105C 45           X         1 6 17 A test of the nature of the Fe K line in the neutron star low-mass X-ray binary Serpens X-1. CHIANG C.-Y., CACKETT E.M., MILLER J.M., et al.
2016ApJ...821..129A 44           X         1 13 15 Tev gamma-ray observations of the Galactic Center ridge by VERITAS. ARCHER A., BENBOW W., BIRD R., et al.
2016ApJ...825..132H viz 272       D S   X C       5 29 22 NuSTAR hard X-ray survey of the Galactic Center region. II. X-ray point sources. HONG J., MORI K., HAILEY C.J., et al.
2016MNRAS.457.1101T 173           X   F     3 12 44 Propeller effect in action in the ultraluminous accreting magnetar M82 X-2. TSYGANKOV S.S., MUSHTUKOV A.A., SULEIMANOV V.F., et al.
2016MNRAS.463...78E 43           X         1 38 7 The soft X-ray spectrum of the high-mass X-ray binary V0332+53 in quiescence. ELSHAMOUTY K.G., HEINKE C.O. and CHOUINARD R.
2016MNRAS.463L..84D 579 T K A     X   F     12 3 2 Discovery of hard phase lags in the pulsed emission of
GRO J1744-28.
D'AI A., BURDERI L., DI SALVO T., et al.
2016Natur.538..356I 6 5 Ultraluminous X-ray bursts in two ultracompact companions to nearby elliptical galaxies. IRWIN J.A., MAKSYM W.P., SIVAKOFF G.R., et al.
2016NewA...47...81I viz 102       D       C       2 202 2 Effects of variability of X-ray binaries on the X-ray luminosity functions of Milky Way. ISLAM N. and PAUL B.
2016PASJ...68...93K 85             C       1 9 1 The nature of the X-ray pulsar in M 31: An intermediate-mass X-ray binary ? KARINO S.
2016PASJ...68S...1N 17       D               2 145 12 The MAXI/GSC Nova-Alert System and results of its first 68 months. NEGORO H., KOHAMA M., SERINO M., et al.
2015A&A...574A..63B 42           X         1 4 1 IGR J17480-2446: a new class of accreting binaries? BONANNO A. and URPIN V.
2015A&A...577A..63I 42           X         1 8 7 A possible cyclotron resonance scattering feature near 0.7 keV in X 1822-371. IARIA R., DI SALVO T., MATRANGA M., et al.
2015A&A...578A..52D 84             C       2 14 1 Properties and observability of glitches and anti-glitches in accreting pulsars. DUCCI L., PIZZOCHERO P.M., DOROSHENKO V., et al.
2015A&ARv..23....2W 100       D       C       2 154 81 High-mass X-ray binaries in the Milky Way. WALTER R., LUTOVINOV A.A., BOZZO E., et al.
2015ApJ...803L..28G 45           X         1 7 22 IC 3599 did it again: a second outburst of the X-ray transient Seyfert 1.9 galaxy. GRUPE D., KOMOSSA S. and SAXTON R.
2015ApJ...804...43Y 905 T K A     X C       20 6 16 Simultaneous NuSTAR/Chandra observations of the bursting pulsar
GRO J1744-28 during its third reactivation.
2015ApJ...805...87Y 309       D     X         8 50 21 X-ray outbursts of low-mass X-ray binary transients observed in the RXTE era. YAN Z. and YU W.
2015ApJ...809...40G 59       D     X         2 41 ~ Classifying X-ray binaries: a probabilistic approach. GOPALAN G., VRTILEK S.D. and BORNN L.
2015ApJS..217....2M viz 17       D               2 2178 14 Refining the associations of the Fermi large area telescope source catalogs. MASSARO F., D'ABRUSCO R., LANDONI M., et al.
2015ApJS..217....4S viz 100       D S             2 589 31 New associations of gamma-ray sources from the Fermi second source catalog. SCHINZEL F.K., PETROV L., TAYLOR G.B., et al.
2015ApJS..218...23A viz 17       D               1 3128 873 Fermi Large Area Telescope third source catalog. ACERO F., ACKERMANN M., AJELLO M., et al.
2015BaltA..24..395M viz 17       D               1 618 2 Binary star DataBase: binaries discovered in non-optical bands. MALKOV O.Y., TESSEMA S.B. and KNIAZEV A.Y.
2015MNRAS.449.1238W 42           X         1 36 9 Investigating variability of quiescent neutron stars in the globular clusters NGC 6440 and Terzan 5. WALSH A.R., CACKETT E.M. and BERNARDINI F.
2015MNRAS.449.4288D 1364 T K A S   X C       30 13 14
GRO J1744-28: an intermediate B-field pulsar in a low-mass X-ray binary.
D'AI A., DI SALVO T., IARIA R., et al.
2015MNRAS.451.1833M 185       D     X   F     4 8 10 Cosmic ray models of the ridge-like excess of gamma rays in the Galactic Centre. MACIAS O., GORDON C., CROCKER R.M., et al.
2015MNRAS.451L..85D 49           X         1 4 30 A NuSTAR observation of disc reflection from close to the neutron star in 4U 1608-52. DEGENAAR N., MILLER J.M., CHAKRABARTY D., et al.
2015MNRAS.452.2490D 1699 T K A     X C       39 5 12 BeppoSAX observations of
GRO J1744-28: cyclotron line detection and the softening of the burst spectra.
2015MNRAS.453..172P 100       D         F     2 60 39 The XMM-Newton view of the central degrees of the Milky Way. PONTI G., MORRIS M.R., TERRIER R., et al.
2015MNRAS.454.1371W 42           X         1 44 36 Low-level accretion in neutron star X-ray binaries. WIJNANDS R., DEGENAAR N., ARMAS PADILLA M., et al.
2015MNRAS.454.1725Z 126           X         3 3 5 Population synthesis of millisecond X-ray pulsars. ZHU C., LU G. and WANG Z.
2015MNRAS.454.2539M 48           X         1 9 61 On the maximum accretion luminosity of magnetized neutron stars: connecting X-ray pulsars and ultraluminous X-ray sources. MUSHTUKOV A.A., SULEIMANOV V.F., TSYGANKOV S.S., et al.
2014A&A...564A.107M viz 16       D               1 228 11 A thin diffuse component of the Galactic ridge X-ray emission and heating of the interstellar medium contributed by the radiation of Galactic X-ray binaries. MOLARO M., KHATRI R. and SUNYAEV R.A.
2014ATel.5790....1N 249 T         X         5 3 6 MAXI/GSC and Swift/BAT detection of enhanced hard X-ray emission from the Galactic center region, renewed activity of
GRO J1744-28 ?
2014ATel.5810....1F 127 T         X         2 1 4 Fermi/GBM Detection of 0.467s Pulsation from
GRO J1744-28.
2014ATel.5845....1K 211 T         X         4 1 5
GRO J1744-28: Swift XRT confirmation of outburst.
2014ATel.5858....1D 127 T         X         2 1 4
GRO J1744-28 active as X-ray pulsar.
D'AI A., DI SALVO T., IARIA R., et al.
2014ATel.5883....1L 126 T         X         2 1 3 Swift detects bursting activity from
GRO J1744-28.
2014ATel.5895....1C 124 T         X         2 1 1 Chandra Localization and Detection of a Burst and Pulsations from
GRO J1744-28.
2014ATel.5896....1C 166 T         X         3 1 1 Correction on Chandra Detection of Pulsations from
GRO J1744-28.
2014ATel.5901....1P 124 T         X         2 1 1 Detection of a spin derivative in
GRO J1744-28 with Swift/XRT.
2014ATel.5904....1P 249 T         X         5 1 2
GRO J1744-28: search for radio counterpart with the GMRT.
2014ATel.5906....1P 123 T         X         2 1 ~ ERRATUM: Detection of a spin derivative in
GRO J1744-28 with Swift/XRT.
2014ATel.5910....1S 124 T         X         2 1 1 Phase shift during an X-ray burst in
GRO J1744-28.
2014ATel.5963....1N 42           X         1 2 2 MAXI/GSC observations of the bursting pulsar GRO J1744-28 close to the Eddington luminosity. NEGORO H., MIHARA T., KAWAI N., et al.
2014ATel.5997....1M 207 T         X         4 2 2 Broadband X-ray observations of
GRO J1744-28 during outburst.
2014ATel.5999....1M 168 T         X         3 1 3 The near-infrared counterpart of
GRO J1744-28.
2014ApJ...780...47L 41           X         1 5 1 On the formation of SMC X-1: the effect of mass and orbital angular momentum loss. LI T. and LI X.-D.
2014ApJ...786..127E 82             C       1 29 12 Spectral and timing nature of the symbiotic X-ray binary 4U 1954+319: the slowest rotating neutron star in an X-ray binary system. ENOTO T., SASANO M., YAMADA S., et al.
2014ApJ...790..149A 43           X         1 11 23 Very-high energy observations of the Galactic Center region by VERITAS in 2010-2012. ARCHER A., BARNACKA A., BEILICKE M., et al.
2014ApJ...792..109D 82           X         2 22 16 The peculiar Galactic Center neutron star X-ray binary XMM J174457-2850.3. DEGENAAR N., WIJNANDS R., REYNOLDS M.T., et al.
2014ApJ...796L...9D 974 T K A     X         23 9 31 High-resolution X-ray spectroscopy of the bursting pulsar
GRO J1744-28.
2014GCN.15823....1B 82 T                   1 ~ Trigger 586482: Swift detection of GROJ1744-28. BARTHELMY S.D., CUMMINGS J.R., GEHRELS N., et al.
2014GCN.15967....1Y 83 T                   1 1 GRO J1744-28: Fermi GBM observation. YU H.-F.
2014GCN.16001....1Y 82 T                   2 ~ GRB 140320A: Fermi GBM observations suggest a short GRB. YOUNES G. and CONNAUGHTON V.
2014GCNR..462....1C 123           X         3 2 ~ Swift Observations of GRB 140320A. CANNIZZO J.K., PALMER D.M., PAGE K.L., et al.
2014MNRAS.437.3087K 16       D               1 84 20 Black holes in short period X-ray binaries and the transition to radiatively inefficient accretion. KNEVITT G., WYNN G.A., VAUGHAN S., et al.
2014Natur.514..202B 35 7 250 An ultraluminous X-ray source powered by an accreting neutron star. BACHETTI M., HARRISON F.A., WALTON D.J., et al.
2014PASJ...66...19F 41           X         1 11 ~ The environment around the young massive star cluster RSGC 1 and HESS J1837-069. FUJITA Y., NAKANISHI H., MULLER E., et al.
2014RAA....14.1367C 41           X         1 30 3 Measuring the orbital periods of low mass X-ray binaries in the X-ray band. CHOU Y.
2013A&A...558A..39T 18       D               1 18 45 Evolution towards and beyond accretion-induced collapse of massive white dwarfs and formation of millisecond pulsars. TAURIS T.M., SANYAL D., YOON S.-C., et al.
2013ApJ...762...33Y 221       D     X C       5 31 86 Interacting cosmic rays with molecular clouds: a bremsstrahlung origin of diffuse high-energy emission from the inner 2°x1° of the galactic center. YUSEF-ZADEH F., HEWITT J.W., WARDLE M., et al.
2013ApJS..209...34A viz 16       D               1 554 170 The first Fermi-LAT catalog of sources above 10 GeV. ACKERMANN M., AJELLO M., ALLAFORT A., et al.
2013MNRAS.428..205N 41           X         1 13 0 Light curves of six bright soft X-ray transients in M31. NOORAEE N.
2013MNRAS.431.1947B 81           X         2 12 10 Indications for a slow rotator in the Rapid Burster from its thermonuclear bursting behaviour. BAGNOLI T., IN'T ZAND J.J.M., GALLOWAY D.K., et al.
2013MNRAS.432.1576N 82           X         2 6 11 Gamma-ray emission from proton-proton interactions in hot accretion flows. NIEDZWIECKI A., XIE F.-G. and STEPNIK A.
2013MNRAS.432.1695C 86           X         2 4 23 Mining the Aql X-1 long-term X-ray light curve. CAMPANA S., COTI ZELATI F. and D'AVANZO P.
2013MNRAS.434.1339H 41           X         1 30 12 XMM-Newton observations of the Galactic Centre Region - II. The soft-thermal emission. HEARD V. and WARWICK R.S.
2013MNRAS.435L..14B 42           X         1 10 15 Gamma-rays from millisecond pulsar population within the central stellar cluster in the Galactic Centre. BEDNAREK W. and SOBCZAK T.
2013PASJ...65...41O 46           X         1 6 35 Origin of two types of X-ray outbursts in Be/X-ray binaries. I. Accretion scenarios. OKAZAKI A.T., HAYAZAKI K. and MORITANI Y.
2012A&A...540A..35S 41           X         1 8 15 Analysing X-ray pulsar profiles. Geometry and beam pattern of 4U 0115+63 and V 0332+53. SASAKI M., MUELLER D., KRAUS U., et al.
2012A&A...545A..49D 884     A D S   X C       21 34 40 A four-year XMM-Newton/Chandra monitoring campaign of the Galactic centre: analysing the X-ray transients. DEGENAAR N., WIJNANDS R., CACKETT E.M., et al.
2012ApJ...748...82L 82             C       1 21 51 Millihertz quasi-periodic oscillations and thermonuclear bursts from Terzan 5: a showcase of burning regimes. LINARES M., ALTAMIRANO D., CHAKRABARTY D., et al.
2012ApJ...752...33P 41           X         1 13 23 The peculiar evolutionary history of IGR J17480-2446 in Terzan 5. PATRUNO A., ALPAR M.A., VAN DER KLIS M., et al.
2012ApJ...752..158S 43           X         1 5 15 Constraints on the mass and radius of the accreting neutron star in the rapid burster. SALA G., HABERL F., JOSE J., et al.
2012ApJS..199...31N viz 16       D               1 2249 1095 Fermi Large Area Telescope second source catalog. NOLAN P.L., ABDO A.A., ACKERMANN M., et al.
2012MNRAS.420..416D 90           X         2 9 98 Accretion discs trapped near corotation. D'ANGELO C.R. and SPRUIT H.C.
2012MNRAS.421.2079S 40           X         1 23 16 A comprehensive study of RXTE and INTEGRAL observations of the X-ray pulsar 4U 1907+09. SAHINER S., INAM S.C. and BAYKAL A.
2012MNRAS.422..981S 40           X         1 10 1 Outburst and flares from the unique source Swift J1955+2614. SIMON V., HUDEC R., CASTRO-TIRADO A.J., et al.
2012MNRAS.423.1178P 40           X         1 16 13 The pulse profile and spin evolution of the accreting pulsar in Terzan 5, IGR J17480-2446, during its 2010 outburst. PAPITTO A., DI SALVO T., BURDERI L., et al.
2012MNRAS.424.2832L viz 16       D               1 1872 36 Application of the Gaussian mixture model in pulsar astronomy – pulsar classification and candidates ranking for the Fermi 2FGL catalogue. LEE K.J., GUILLEMOT L., YUE Y.L., et al.
2012MmSAI..83...17G 40           X         1 34 0 Multifrequency behaviour of high energy cosmic sources. GIOVANNELLI F. and SABAU-GRAZIATI L.
2012NewA...17..697S 80           X         2 7 0 Unstable cyclic modulation during the main outburst of KS 1731-260. SIMON V.
2011A&A...525L...6G 41           X         1 4 14 Discovery of a peculiar dip from GX 301-2. GOEGUES E., KREYKENBOHM I. and BELLONI T.M.
2011A&A...526L...3P 44           X         1 5 46 The spin and orbit of the newly discovered pulsar IGR J17480-2446. PAPITTO A., D'AI A., MOTTA S., et al.
2011A&A...527A.128C 40           X         1 4 1 The progenitor of binary millisecond radio pulsar PSR J1713+0747. CHEN W.-C. and PANEI J.A.
2011A&A...530A..72M viz 16       D               1 157 11 A study of the association of Fermi sources with massive young galactic objects. MUNAR-ADROVER P., PAREDES J.M. and ROMERO G.E.
2011A&A...531A.153M 16       D               1 94 7 The populations of hard X-ray and γ-ray sources: a correlation study and new possible identifications. MASELLI A., CUSUMANO G., MASSARO E., et al.
2011ATel.3123....1S 159 T         X         3 3 3 MAXI/GSC detects an X-ray outburst from the Galactic center region,
GRO J1744-28/MAXI J1745-288.
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