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2017MNRAS.465.4035D 44           X         1 32 4 The K-band luminosity functions of cluster galaxies. DE PROPRIS R.
2015ApJ...806..268I viz 42           X         1 106 4 The Cheshire Cat gravitational lens: the formation of a massive fossil group. IRWIN J.A., DUPKE R., CARRASCO E.R., et al.
2015MNRAS.450.3665S viz 17       D               1 430 25 CoMaLit - III. Literature catalogues of weak lensing clusters of galaxies (LC2). SERENO M.
2014A&A...561A.112G 41           X         1 139 18 Structure and substructure analysis of DAFT/FADA galaxy clusters in the [0.4-0.9] redshift range. GUENNOU L., ADAMI C., DURRET F., et al.
2012ApJ...752...12H 41           X         1 36 37 The XMM cluster survey: the stellar mass assembly of fossil galaxies. HARRISON C.D., MILLER C.J., RICHARDS J.W., et al.
2012MNRAS.427.1252M 40           X         1 120 33 Plunging fireworks: why do infalling galaxies light up on the outskirts of clusters? MAHAJAN S., RAYCHAUDHURY S. and PIMBBLET K.A.
2011MNRAS.417.2927P 40           X         1 12 8 Two fossil groups of galaxies at z≈ 0.4 in the cosmic evolution survey: accelerated stellar-mass build-up, different progenitors. PIERINI D., GIODINI S., FINOGUENOV A., et al.
2010A&A...514A..60S viz 3958 T K A S   X C       98 74 14

: evidence of a strong lensing fossil group falling into a poor galaxy cluster.

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