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2020AJ....160..223K 112       D     X         3 21 ~ Galaxy and Mass Assembly: a comparison between galaxy-galaxy lens searches in KiDS/GAMA. KNABEL S., STEELE R.L., HOLWERDA B.W., et al.
2016A&A...590A..29P viz 17       D               1 13088 7 Multifrequency studies of galaxies and groups. I. Environmental effect on galaxy stellar mass and morphology. POUDEL A., HEINAMAKI P., NURMI P., et al.
2016MNRAS.455.2551N viz 17       D               1 579 11 The mass fraction of AGN and the Fundamental Plane of black hole activity from a large X-ray-selected sample of LINERs. NISBET D.M. and BEST P.N.
2015ApJ...806..185C viz 16       D               1 121 46 Cosmology with strong-lensing systems. CAO S., BIESIADA M., GAVAZZI R., et al.
2015MNRAS.446..493P 16       D               2 55 45 The stellar initial mass function of early-type galaxies from low to high stellar velocity dispersion: homogeneous analysis of atlas3D and Sloan Lens ACS galaxies. POSACKI S., CAPPELLARI M., TREU T., et al.
2015MNRAS.452.2087L viz 16       D               1 71483 189 Galaxy And Mass Assembly (GAMA): end of survey report and data release 2. LISKE J., BALDRY I.K., DRIVER S.P., et al.
2015MNRAS.452.2423Y 16       D               1 126 10 Cosmological test using strong gravitational lensing systems. YUAN C.C. and WANG F.Y.
2015MNRAS.452.2434S 222       D     X C       5 33 3 The X-Shooter Lens Survey - II. Sample presentation and spatially-resolved kinematics. SPINIELLO C., KOOPMANS L.V.E., TRAGER S.C., et al.
2013MNRAS.436..253B 834       D     X   F     20 3 47 A low-mass cut-off near the hydrogen burning limit for salpeter-like initial mass functions in early-type galaxies. BARNABE M., SPINIELLO C., KOOPMANS L.V.E., et al.
2012ApJ...753L..32S 411     A     X C       9 2 123 Evidence for a mild steepening and bottom-heavy initial mass function in massive galaxies from sodium and titanium-oxide indicators. SPINIELLO C., TRAGER S.C., KOOPMANS L.V.E., et al.
2012ApJ...755...31C viz 16       D               1 311 26 Testing the dark energy with gravitational lensing statistics. CAO S., COVONE G. and ZHU Z.-H.
2011MNRAS.415.2215B 1 37 131 Two-dimensional kinematics of SLACS lenses. III. Mass structure and dynamics of early-type lens galaxies beyond z ≃ 0.1. BARNABE M., CZOSKE O., KOOPMANS L.V.E., et al.
2010ApJ...724..511A 18       D               1 59 248 The Sloan lens ACS survey. X. Stellar, dynamical, and total mass correlations of massive early-type galaxies. AUGER M.W., TREU T., BOLTON A.S., et al.
2010MNRAS.406.1055B 58 43 Cosmic equation of state from strong gravitational lensing systems. BIESIADA M., PIORKOWSKA A. and MALEC B.
2009A&A...501..461G viz 15       D               1 171 52 Photometric mass and mass decomposition in early-type lens galaxies. GRILLO C., GOBAT R., LOMBARDI M., et al.
2009A&A...504..769C 15       D               2 25 19 The global mass-to-light ratio of SLACS lenses. CARDONE V.F., TORTORA C., MOLINARO R., et al.
2009ApJ...690..670T viz 15       D               1 73 73 The Sloan Lens ACS survey. VIII. The relation between environment and internal structure of early-type galaxies. TREU T., GAVAZZI R., GORECKI A., et al.
2009ApJ...705.1099A viz 15       D               1 263 115 The Sloan lens ACS survey. IX. Colors, lensing, and stellar masses of early-type galaxies. AUGER M.W., TREU T., BOLTON A.S., et al.
2009MNRAS.399...21B 17       D               4 14 61 Two-dimensional kinematics of SLACS lenses - II. Combined lensing and dynamics analysis of early-type galaxies at z = 0.08-0.33. BARNABE M., CZOSKE O., KOOPMANS L.V.E., et al.
2008A&A...477..397G 15       D               1 30 33 Cosmological parameters from strong gravitational lensing and stellar dynamics in elliptical galaxies. GRILLO C., LOMBARDI M. and BERTIN G.
2008A&A...477L..25G 15       D               2 15 20 Stellar mass estimates in early-type galaxies from lensing+dynamical and photometric measurements. GRILLO C., GOBAT R., ROSATI P., et al.
2008ApJ...682..964B viz 15       D               1 394 166 The Sloan lens ACS survey. V. The full ACS strong-lens sample. BOLTON A.S., BURLES S., KOOPMANS L.V.E., et al.
2008MNRAS.383..857F 209       D     X   F     5 9 42 Unveiling dark haloes in lensing galaxies. FERRERAS I., SAHA P. and BURLES S.
2008MNRAS.383L..40A 15       D               2 15 23 The environments of SLACS gravitational lenses. AUGER M.W.
2007ApJ...667..176G 2 41 235 The Sloan Lens ACS Survey. IV. The mass density profile of early-type galaxies out to 100 effective radii. GAVAZZI R., TREU T., RHODES J.D., et al.
2007ApJ...671.1568J 47 58 The baryon fractions and mass-to-light ratios of early-type galaxies. JIANG G. and KOCHANEK C.S.
2006ApJ...638..703B 2 55 235 The Sloan Lens ACS Survey. I. A large spectroscopically selected sample of massive early-type lens galaxies. BOLTON A.S., BURLES S., KOOPMANS L.V.E., et al.
2006ApJ...640..662T 3 23 144 The SLOAN Lens ACS Survey. II. Stellar populations and internal structure of early-type lens galaxies. TREU T., KOOPMANS L.V., BOLTON A.S., et al.
2006ApJ...649..599K 4 38 311 The Sloan Lens ACS Survey. III. The structure and formation of early-type galaxies and their evolution since z ~ 1. KOOPMANS L.V.E., TREU T., BOLTON A.S., et al.
2004AJ....127.1860B 91 66 Sloan Digital Sky Survey spectroscopic lens search. I. Discovery of intermediate-redshift star-forming galaxies behind foreground luminous red galaxies. BOLTON A.S., BURLES S., SCHLEGEL D.J., et al.

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