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2020A&A...633A..42S viz         O           8 ~ Measuring bulk flows of the intracluster medium in the Perseus and Coma galaxy clusters using XMM-Newton. SANDERS J.S., DENNERL K., RUSSELL H.R., et al.
2020A&A...634A.113A 50           X         1 1 ~ The Three Hundred Project: Correcting for the hydrostatic-equilibrium mass bias in X-ray and SZ surveys. ANSARIFARD S., RASIA E., BIFFI V., et al.
2020A&A...638A.138G 1450 T   A D     X C       28 7 ~ Implications of the mild gas motion found with Hitomi in the core of the

Perseus cluster
2020A&A...640A..30M viz 3730 T   A   O X C       73 55 ~ The galaxy population within the virial radius of the
Perseus cluster.
2020A&A...640A..31P viz 150           X C       2 101 ~ NuSTAR view of Swift/BAT AGN: The R-Γ correlation. PANAGIOTOU C. and WALTER R.
2020A&A...640A..37I 50           X         1 9 ~ Radio and X-ray connection in radio mini-halos: Implications for hadronic models. IGNESTI A., BRUNETTI G., GITTI M., et al.
2020A&A...641A..22M viz 50           X         1 12 ~ Massive molecular gas reservoir around the central AGN in the CARLA J1103 + 3449 cluster at z = 1.44. MARKOV V., MEI S., SALOME P., et al.
2020A&A...641A..93G 180     A     X         4 3 ~ X-ray spectra of the Fe-L complex. II. Atomic data constraints from the EBIT experiment and X-ray grating observations of Capella. GU L., SHAH C., MAO J., et al.
2020AJ....159..182O 100           X         2 18 ~ APOGEE Net: improving the derived spectral parameters for young stars through deep learning. OLNEY R., KOUNKEL M., SCHILLINGER C., et al.
2020AJ....159..292C 50           X         1 17 ~ Further investigation on chromospheric and prominence activity of the RS Canum Venaticorum star SZ Piscium. CAO D., GU S., WOLTER U., et al.
2020AJ....160..103P 50           X         1 18 ~ A multiwavelength study of the cool core cluster MACS J1447.4+0827. PRASOW-EMOND M., HLAVACEK-LARRONDO J., RHEA C.L., et al.
2020ApJ...888...74M 50           X         1 16 ~ The massive and distant clusters of WISE survey. VII. The environments and properties of radio galaxies in clusters at z ∼ 1. MORAVEC E., GONZALEZ A.H., STERN D., et al.
2020ApJ...889..121D 50           X         1 27 ~ Clusters of galaxies masquerading as X-ray quasars. DONAHUE M., FUNKHOUSER K., KOEPPE D., et al.
2020ApJ...889..128R 100           X         2 8 ~ Probing the origin of diffuse radio emission in the cool core of the Phoenix Galaxy Cluster. RAJA R., RAHAMAN M., DATTA A., et al.
2020ApJ...889L...1L 1850     A D S   X C       36 4 ~ Direct detection of black hole-driven turbulence in the centers of galaxy clusters. LI Y., GENDRON-MARSOLAIS M.-L., ZHURAVLEVA I., et al.
2020ApJ...890...59R 280     A     X         6 8 ~ Astrophysical limits on very light axion-like particles from Chandra grating spectroscopy of NGC 1275. REYNOLDS C.S., MARSH M.C.D., RUSSELL H.R., et al.
2020ApJ...890..105H 530 T K A     X C       9 18 ~ The PIPER survey. I. An initial look at the intergalactic globular cluster population in the Perseus cluster. HARRIS W.E., BROWN R.A., DURRELL P.R., et al.
2020ApJ...891...71C 50           X         1 8 ~ The Chandra high-resolution X-ray spectrum of quiescent emission from Sgr A*. CORRALES L., BAGANOFF F.K., WANG Q.D., et al.
2020ApJ...892...34S 50           X         1 12 ~ Stellar-mass measurements in A133 with Magellan/IMACS. STARIKOVA S., VIKHLININ A., KRAVTSOV A., et al.
2020ApJ...892...86H 170       D     X         4 5 ~ Gamma-ray and neutrino emissions due to cosmic-ray protons accelerated at intracluster shocks in galaxy clusters. HA J.-H., RYU D. and KANG H.
2020ApJ...892..100U 200           X         4 14 ~ Gas density perturbations in the cool cores of CLASH galaxy clusters. UEDA S., ICHINOHE Y., MOLNAR S.M., et al.
2020ApJ...894...22Y 50           X         1 3 ~ Spectral modeling of charge exchange in the central region of M51. YANG H., ZHANG S. and JI L.
2020ApJ...894...72S 50           X         1 13 ~ Atacama Compact Array measurements of the molecular mass in the NGC 5044 cooling-flow group. SCHELLENBERGER G., DAVID L.P., VRTILEK J., et al.
2020ApJ...894...75L 100           X         2 58 ~ The nature of ultra-diffuse galaxies in distant massive galaxy clusters: A370 in the Hubble Frontier Fields. LEE J.H., KANG J., LEE M.G., et al.
2020ApJ...895...35W 80   K A               2 3 ~ Constraints on the circumnuclear disk through free-free absorption in the nucleus of 3C 84 with KaVA and KVN at 43 and 86 GHz. WAJIMA K., KINO M. and KAWAKATU N.
2020ApJ...896..104H 400           X         8 3 ~ Kinematics of filaments in cooling flow clusters and heating by mixing. HILLEL S. and SOKER N.
2020ApJ...896..136B 50           X         1 3 ~ Modeling photoionized turbulent material in the circumgalactic medium. II. Effect of turbulence within a stratified medium. BUIE II E., GRAY W.J., SCANNAPIECO E., et al.
2020ApJ...897..107Y 50           X         1 28 ~ Nature of Compton-thick active galactic nuclei in "nonmerging" luminous infrared galaxies UGC 2608 and NGC 5135 revealed with broadband X-ray spectroscopy. YAMADA S., UEDA Y., TANIMOTO A., et al.
2020ApJ...898..106H 150           X         3 39 ~ Nuclear X-ray activity in low-surface-brightness galaxies: prospects for constraining the local black hole occupation fraction with a Chandra successor mission. HODGES-KLUCK E.J., GALLO E., SETH A., et al.
2020ApJ...898L..51W 50           X         1 7 ~ RGS observations of ejecta knots in Tycho's supernova remnant. WILLIAMS B.J., KATSUDA S., CUMBEE R., et al.
2020ApJ...899..141L 50           X         1 19 ~ TXS 0128+554: a young gamma-ray-emitting active galactic nucleus with episodic jet activity. LISTER M.L., HOMAN D.C., KOVALEV Y.Y., et al.
2020ApJ...899..144Y 850       S   X C       15 5 ~ Unveiling the hierarchical structure of open star clusters: the Perseus double cluster. YU H., SHAO Z., DIAFERIO A., et al.
2020ApJ...900...39S 100             C       1 6 ~ Plasma diagnostics of the supernova remnant N132D using deep XMM-Newton observations with the Reflection Grating Spectrometer. SUZUKI H., YAMAGUCHI H., ISHIDA M., et al.
2020ApJ...901...68C 130     A     X         3 1 ~ X-ray spectroscopy in the microcalorimeter era. I. Effects of Fe XXIV resonant auger destruction on Fe XXV Kα spectra. CHAKRABORTY P., FERLAND G.J., CHATZIKOS M., et al.
2020ApJ...901...69C 80   K A               2 1 ~ X-ray spectroscopy in the microcalorimeter era. II. A new diagnostic on column density from the Case A to B transition in H- and He-like iron. CHAKRABORTY P., FERLAND G.J., CHATZIKOS M., et al.
2020ApJ...901..117G 150           X         3 1 ~ Tests of AGN feedback kernels in simulated galaxy clusters. GLINES F.W., O'SHEA B.W. and VOIT G.M.
2020ApJS..247...43K 20       D               2 345 ~ Structure of brightest cluster galaxies and intracluster light. KLUGE M., NEUREITER B., RIFFESER A., et al.
2020MNRAS.491.1190S 50           X         1 1 ~ Cosmic rays or turbulence can suppress cooling flows (where thermal heating or momentum injection fail). SU K.-Y., HOPKINS P.F., HAYWARD C.C., et al.
2020MNRAS.491.1622P 100           X         2 1 ~ Hydrostatic mass estimates of massive galaxy clusters: a study with varying hydrodynamics flavours and non-thermal pressure support. PEARCE F.A., KAY S.T., BARNES D.J., et al.
2020MNRAS.492.3156L 100               F     1 13 ~ AGN feedback in the FR II galaxy 3C 220.1. LIU W., SUN M., NULSEN P.E.J., et al.
2020MNRAS.493.5181T 50           X         1 10 ~ RAiSE X: searching for radio galaxies in X-ray surveys. TURNER R.J. and SHABALA S.S.
2020MNRAS.493.5323K 180     A     X         4 1 ~ Sound-wave instabilities in dilute plasmas with cosmic rays: implications for cosmic ray confinement and the Perseus X-ray ripples. KEMPSKI P., QUATAERT E. and SQUIRE J.
2020MNRAS.494.1250F 100           X         2 4 ~ SuperModel predictions in the outskirts of the galaxy cluster Zwicky 3146. FUSCO-FEMIANO R.
2020MNRAS.494.1681A 4330 T K A S   X C F     83 10 ~ Deep spectroscopy in nearby galaxy clusters - V. The
Perseus cluster.
2020MNRAS.494.5507F 400           X   F     7 6 ~ Non-steady heating of cool cores of galaxy clusters by ubiquitous turbulence and AGN. FUJITA Y., CEN R. and ZHURAVLEVA I.
2020MNRAS.495..864A 150           X         3 2 ~ Turbulent pressure support and hydrostatic mass bias in the intracluster medium. ANGELINELLI M., VAZZA F., GIOCOLI C., et al.
2020MNRAS.495.2007M 50           X         1 7 ~ Revising the merger scenario of the galaxy cluster Abell 1644: a new gas poor structure discovered by weak gravitational lensing. MONTEIRO-OLIVEIRA R., DOUBRAWA L., MACHADO R.E.G., et al.
2020MNRAS.495.2022D 50           X         1 7 ~ Simulations of gas sloshing induced by a newly discovered gas poor substructure in galaxy cluster Abell 1644. DOUBRAWA L., MACHADO R.E.G., LAGANA T.F., et al.
2020MNRAS.495.3233P 50           X         1 1 ~ Voronoi volume function: a new probe of cosmology and galaxy evolution. PARANJAPE A. and ALAM S.
2020MNRAS.495.4463S 100           X         2 5 ~ Efficiently estimating mean, uncertainty, and unconstrained large-scale fraction of local Universe simulations with paired fixed fields. SORCE J.G.
2020MNRAS.495L..27H 30     A               1 2 ~ Using variability and VLBI to measure cosmological distances. HODGSON J.A., L'HUILLIER B., LIODAKIS I., et al.
2020MNRAS.496.2613B 200           X C       3 70 ~ LOFAR observations of X-ray cavity systems. BIRZAN L., RAFFERTY D.A., BRUGGEN M., et al.
2020MNRAS.496.2743G 50           X         1 1 ~ Scatter in Sunyaev-Zel'dovich effect scaling relations explained by inter-cluster variance in mass accretion histories. GREEN S.B., AUNG H., NAGAI D., et al.
2020MNRAS.497..656B 200           X         4 11 ~ The XMM Cluster Survey: new evidence for the 3.5-keV feature in clusters is inconsistent with a dark matter origin. BHARGAVA S., GILES P.A., ROMER A.K., et al.
2020MNRAS.497.1256L 920       D     X   F     18 12 ~ The inner gas mass-temperature profile in the core of nearby galaxy clusters. LIU H., FABIAN A.C. and PINTO C.
2020MNRAS.497.1434K 1630     A S   X C F     30 4 ~ Propagation of weak shocks in cool-core galaxy clusters in two-temperature magnetohydrodynamics with anisotropic thermal conduction. KOMAROV S., REYNOLDS C. and CHURAZOV E.
2020MNRAS.497.1791C viz 50           X         1 15 ~ Early-type galaxies in the Antlia cluster: global properties. CALDERON J.P., BASSINO L.P., CELLONE S.A., et al.
2020MNRAS.497.2954L 20       D               1 20 ~ The 2MASS redshift survey galaxy group catalogue derived from a graph-theory based friends-of-friends algorithm. LAMBERT T.S., KRAAN-KORTEWEG R.C., JARRETT T.H., et al.
2020NatAs...4..153L 30     A     X         1 2 ~ Sustained formation of progenitor globular clusters in a giant elliptical galaxy. LIM J., WONG E., OHYAMA Y., et al.
2020NatAs...4..900Q 100             C       1 7 ~ The formation of dusty cold gas filaments from galaxy cluster simulations. QIU Y., BOGDANOVIC T., LI Y., et al.
2020Sci...367.1465D 250           X         5 2 ~ The dark matter interpretation of the 3.5-keV line is inconsistent with blank-sky observations. DESSERT C., RODD N.L. and SAFDI B.R.
2019A&A...621A...9M 93           X         2 13 ~ Nitrogen abundance in the X-ray halos of clusters and groups of galaxies. MAO J., DE PLAA J., KAASTRA J.S., et al.
2019A&A...621A..39E 47           X         1 14 ~ Hydrostatic mass profiles in X-COP galaxy clusters. ETTORI S., GHIRARDINI V., ECKERT D., et al.
2019A&A...621A..40E 47           X         1 15 ~ Non-thermal pressure support in X-COP galaxy clusters. ECKERT D., GHIRARDINI V., ETTORI S., et al.
2019A&A...621A..41G 47           X         1 18 ~ Universal thermodynamic properties of the intracluster medium over two decades in radius in the X-COP sample. GHIRARDINI V., ECKERT D., ETTORI S., et al.
2019A&A...625L...7H 47           X         1 6 ~ 7.1 keV sterile neutrino dark matter constraints from a deep Chandra X-ray observation of the Galactic bulge Limiting Window. HOFMANN F. and WEGG C.
2019A&A...627A..51G viz 75     A     X         2 18 ~ X-ray spectra of the Fe-L complex. GU L., RAASSEN A.J.J., MAO J., et al.
2019A&A...629A.144C 47           X         1 2 ~ Towards mapping turbulence in the intra-cluster medium. II. Measurement uncertainties in the estimation of structure functions. CUCCHETTI E., CLERC N., POINTECOUTEAU E., et al.
2019A&A...631A..60B 93           X         2 3 ~ Dense gas formation and destruction in a simulated Perseus-like galaxy cluster with spin-driven black hole feedback. BECKMANN R.S., DUBOIS Y., GUILLARD P., et al.
2019AJ....157...81O viz 355 T   A     X         7 42 ~ The Arecibo Pisces-
Perseus Supercluster Survey. I. Harvesting ALFALFA.
2019AJ....157...85B viz 47           X         1 47 ~ The CIDA Variability Survey of Orion OB1 II. Demographics of the young, low-mass stellar populations. BRICENO C., CALVET N., HERNANDEZ J., et al.
2019AJ....157..196K viz 47           X         1 24 ~ Close companions around young stars. KOUNKEL M., COVEY K., MOE M., et al.
2019ApJ...870...21B 47           X         1 1 ~ Laboratory measurements of X-ray emission from highly charged Argon ions. BULBUL E., FOSTER A., BROWN G.V., et al.
2019ApJ...870...61H 93           X         2 29 ~ A study of the merger history of the galaxy group HCG 62 based on X-ray observations and smoothed particle hydrodynamic simulations. HU D., XU H., KANG X., et al.
2019ApJ...871....6Y 327           X         7 4 ~ The impact of radio AGN bubble composition on the dynamics and thermal balance of the intracluster medium. YANG H.-Y.K., GASPARI M. and MARLOW C.
2019ApJ...871..207U 187           X         4 7 ~ Line-of-sight gas sloshing in the cool core of Abell 907. UEDA S., ICHINOHE Y., KITAYAMA T., et al.
2019ApJ...871..234U 47           X         1 8 ~ High forbidden-to-resonance line ratio of O VII discovered from the Cygnus Loop. UCHIDA H., KATSUDA S., TSUNEMI H., et al.
2019ApJ...872..194G 47           X         1 2 ~ EBIT observation of Ar dielectronic recombination lines near the unknown faint X-ray feature found in the stacked spectrum of galaxy clusters. GALL A.C., FOSTER A.R., SILWAL R., et al.
2019ApJ...872L..11Q 140           X         3 2 ~ Using Hα filaments to probe active galactic nuclei feedback in galaxy clusters. QIU Y., BOGDANOVIC T., LI Y., et al.
2019ApJ...874...42V 513           X C       10 2 ~ A multifiltering study of turbulence in a large sample of simulated galaxy clusters. VALDARNINI R.
2019ApJ...875..155D 47           X         1 3 ~ Revisiting the size-luminosity relation in the era of ultra diffuse galaxies. DANIELI S. and VAN DOKKUM P.
2019ApJ...875L..24L 2640 T   A     X C       55 4 ~ Simulating the dark matter decay signal from the
Perseus galaxy cluster.
2019ApJ...876...96Y 93             C       1 43 ~ Luminosity ratio between [O IV] 25.89 µm line and nuclear continuum 12 µm as a diagnostic for "buried" AGNs. YAMADA S., UEDA Y., TANIMOTO A., et al.
2019ApJ...876..154N 93             C       1 3 ~ Interactions between radio galaxies and cluster shocks. I. Jet axes aligned with shock normals. NOLTING C., JONES T.W., O'NEILL B.J., et al.
2019ApJ...877...47Q 765       D     X         17 4 ~ The interplay of kinetic and radiative feedback in galaxy clusters. QIU Y., BOGDANOVIC T., LI Y., et al.
2019ApJ...877...91B 93           X         2 19 ~ The extremely high dark matter halo concentration of the relic compact elliptical galaxy Mrk 1216. BUOTE D.A. and BARTH A.J.
2019ApJ...880...24T 1101     A     X C       23 41 ~ Cosmicflows-3: cosmography of the Local Void. TULLY R.B., POMAREDE D., GRAZIANI R., et al.
2019ApJ...880...45S 47           X         1 12 ~ Imaging the thermal and kinematic Sunyaev-Zel'dovich effect signals in a sample of 10 massive galaxy clusters': constraints on internal velocity structures and bulk velocities. SAYERS J., MONTANA A., MROCZKOWSKI T., et al.
2019ApJ...880...70G 47           X         1 31 ~ Expanding the sample of radio minihalos in galaxy clusters. GIACINTUCCI S., MARKEVITCH M., CASSANO R., et al.
2019ApJ...881...42J 998       D     X C       21 16 ~ The Gemini/HST galaxy cluster project: environment effects on the stellar populations in the Lynx clusters at z = 1.27. JORGENSEN I., HUNTER L.C., O'NEILL C.R., et al.
2019ApJ...881...92W 47           X         1 2 ~ Observation of He-like satellite lines of the H-like potassium K XIX emission. WELLER M.E., BEIERSDORFER P., LOCKARD T.E., et al.
2019ApJ...881...98S 93           X         2 8 ~ The first astrophysical result of Hisaki: a search for the EUV He lines in a massive cool core cluster at z = 0.7. SU Y., KIMURA T., KRAFT R.P., et al.
2019ApJ...882..142C 47           X         1 1 ~ Three-dimensional instability of flame fronts in Type I X-ray bursts. CAVECCHI Y. and SPITKOVSKY A.
2019ApJ...883..118B 47           X         1 3 ~ A parameter space exploration of galaxy cluster mergers. II. Effects of magnetic fields. BRZYCKI B. and ZUHONE J.
2019ApJ...883..193N 47           X         1 18 ~ The ALMA discovery of the rotating disk and fast outflow of cold molecular gas in NGC 1275. NAGAI H., ONISHI K., KAWAKATU N., et al.
2019ApJ...884...47Z 47           X         1 6 ~ Cooling+heating flows in galaxy clusters: turbulent heating, spectral modeling, and cooling efficiency. ZHOOLIDEH HAGHIGHI M.H., AFSHORDI N. and KHOSROSHAHI H.G.
2019ApJ...885...63M 280           X         6 12 ~ Anatomy of a cooling flow: the feedback response to pure cooling in the core of the Phoenix cluster. McDONALD M., McNAMARA B.R., VOIT G.M., et al.
2019ApJ...885...80N 47           X         1 3 ~ Simulated interactions between radio galaxies and cluster shocks. II. Jet axes orthogonal to shock normals. NOLTING C., JONES T.W., O'NEILL B.J., et al.
2019ApJ...885..103T 47           X         1 15 ~ Double-detonation models for Type Ia supernovae: trigger of detonation in companion white dwarfs and signatures of companions' stripped-off materials. TANIKAWA A., NOMOTO K., NAKASATO N., et al.
2019ApJ...886...78B 513           X C       10 5 ~ Efficient production of sound waves by AGN jets in the intracluster medium. BAMBIC C.J. and REYNOLDS C.S.
2019ApJ...887..149B 93           X         2 61 ~ Origins of molecular clouds in early-type galaxies. BABYK I.V., McNAMARA B.R., TAMHANE P.D., et al.
2019ApJS..240....1Z viz 47           X         1 304 ~ Systematically measuring ultra-diffuse galaxies (SMUDGes). I. Survey description and first results in the Coma galaxy cluster and environs. ZARITSKY D., DONNERSTEIN R., DEY A., et al.
2019ApJS..245....9S 47           X         1 8 ~ Relativistic MR-MP energy levels for L-shell ions of iron. SANTANA J.A., PENA-COTTO E.L., MORALES BUTLER E.J., et al.
2019ApJS..245...10W viz 2333 T K A D     X C       49 6 ~ A catalog of galaxies in the direction of the
Perseus cluster.
2019MNRAS.482.5093P 47           X         1 16 ~ A combined X-ray, optical, and radio view of the merging galaxy cluster MACS J0417.5-1154. PANDGE M.B., MONTEIRO-OLIVEIRA R., BAGCHI J., et al.
2019MNRAS.483.1701S 2174 T   A     X C       45 5 ~ Constraints on the chemical enrichment history of the
Perseus Cluster of galaxies from high-resolution X-ray spectroscopy.
2019MNRAS.483.1744I 634 T K A     X         13 7 ~ Substructures associated with the sloshing cold front in the
Perseus cluster.
2019MNRAS.483.2465M 47           X         1 1 ~ Simulations of jet heating in galaxy clusters: successes and challenges. MARTIZZI D., QUATAERT E., FAUCHER-GIGUERE C.-A., et al.
2019MNRAS.483.2795M 47           X         1 5 ~ The role of dark matter annihilation in the radio emission of the galaxy cluster A520. MARCHEGIANI P., COLAFRANCESCO S. and KHANYE N.F.
2019MNRAS.483.3336T 140           X         3 3 ~ Introducing ROMULUSC: a cosmological simulation of a galaxy cluster with an unprecedented resolution. TREMMEL M., QUINN T.R., RICARTE A., et al.
2019MNRAS.483.3851H 93           X         2 3 ~ Simulations of the merging cluster of galaxies Cygnus A. HALBESMA T.L.R., DONNERT J.M.F., DE VRIES M.N., et al.
2019MNRAS.483.4086B 47           X         1 4 ~ Warm FIRE: simulating galaxy formation with resonant sterile neutrino dark matter. BOZEK B., FITTS A., BOYLAN-KOLCHIN M., et al.
2019MNRAS.483.4984H 47           X         1 3 ~ Discovery of a diffuse optical line emitting halo in the core of the Centaurus cluster of galaxies: line emission outside the protection of the filaments. HAMER S.L., FABIAN A.C., RUSSELL H.R., et al.
2019MNRAS.484.1988E 793           X C       16 3 ~ Introducing constrained matched filters for improved separation of point sources from galaxy clusters. ERLER J., RAMOS-CEJA M.E., BASU K., et al.
2019MNRAS.484.2896T 47           X         1 1 ~ Mass-metallicity relation from cosmological hydrodynamical simulations and X-ray observations of galaxy groups and clusters. TRUONG N., RASIA E., BIFFI V., et al.
2019MNRAS.484.3573C 467           X         10 5 ~ Improving statistical sensitivity of X-ray searches for axion-like particles. CONLON J.P. and RUMMEL M.
2019MNRAS.484.4113K 47           X         1 19 ~ Merging cold front and AGN feedback in the peculiar galaxy cluster Abell 2626. KADAM S.K., SONKAMBLE S.S., PAWAR P.K., et al.
2019MNRAS.484.4881M 401     A     X C F     7 2 ~ Turbulence in the intracluster medium: simulations, observables, and thermodynamics. MOHAPATRA R. and SHARMA P.
2019MNRAS.484L.141O 93           X         2 3 ~ Role of intracluster supernovae in radio mini-haloes in galaxy clusters. OMAR A.
2019MNRAS.485..382C 47           X         1 13 ~ The formation of ultra-diffuse galaxies in cored dark matter haloes through tidal stripping and heating. CARLETON T., ERRANI R., COOPER M., et al.
2019MNRAS.485.1651L 187           X         4 21 ~ On the origin of central abundance drops in the intracluster medium of galaxy groups and clusters. LIU A., ZHAI M. and TOZZI P.
2019MNRAS.485.1757L 2165       D S   X C       45 48 ~ Searching for cool and cooling X-ray emitting gas in 45 galaxy clusters and groups. LIU H., PINTO C., FABIAN A.C., et al.
2019MNRAS.485.2179R 47           X         1 53 ~ Low-mass halo perturbations in strong gravitational lenses at redshift z ∼ 0.5 are consistent with CDM. RITONDALE E., VEGETTI S., DESPALI G., et al.
2019MNRAS.485.3277G 47           X         1 16 ~ Fermi-LAT observations of extreme spectral variability in IC 310. GRAHAM J.A., BROWN A.M. and CHADWICK P.M.
2019MNRAS.485.3909L 47           X         1 6 ~ Testing the rotation versus merger scenario in the galaxy cluster Abell 2107. LIU A. and TOZZI P.
2019MNRAS.485.3930D 47           X         1 34 ~ SITELLE: an Imaging Fourier Transform Spectrometer for the Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope. DRISSEN L., MARTIN T., ROUSSEAU-NEPTON L., et al.
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Perseus cluster with Hitomi.
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