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2015ApJ...807..178W viz 16       D               1 1191 25 Calibration of the optical mass proxy for clusters of galaxies and an update of the WHL12 cluster catalog. WEN Z.L. and HAN J.L.
2007A&A...473..791F viz 64 44 C IV absorption in damped and sub-damped Lyman-α systems. Correlations with metallicity and implications for galactic winds at z≃2-3. FOX A.J., LEDOUX C., PETITJEAN P., et al.
2007ApJ...658..185N 21 31 The environments of ultrastrong Mg II absorbers. NESTOR D.B., TURNSHEK D.A., RAO S.M., et al.
2007ApJ...659...76W 15 3 Deep submillimeter observations of two Lyα-emitting galaxies at z ∼ 6.5. WEBB T.M.A., TRAN K.-V.H., LILLY S.J., et al.
2007ApJ...659...84S viz 100 98 A new measurement of the stellar mass density at z~5: implications for the sources of cosmic reionization. STARK D.P., BUNKER A.J., ELLIS R.S., et al.
2007ApJ...662L..51A 2 13 55 The 8 O'Clock arc: a serendipitous discovery of a strongly lensed Lyman break galaxy in the SDSS DR4 imaging data. ALLAM S.S., TUCKER D.L., LIN H., et al.
2007ApJ...665..921F viz 126 17 The Sextet Arcs: a strongly lensed Lyman break galaxy in the ACS spectroscopic galaxy survey toward Abell 1689. FRYE B.L., COE D., BOWEN D.V., et al.
2007ApJ...665..936C 3 11 67 A detailed study of gas and star formation in a highly magnified Lyman Break Galaxy at z = 3.07. COPPIN K.E.K., SWINBANK A.M., NERI R., et al.
2007ApJ...668...62S 1 31 93 New constraints on the Lyman continuum escape fraction at z∼1.3. SIANA B., TEPLITZ H.I., COLBERT J., et al.
2007ApJ...669..749S 18 16 Massive Lyman break galaxies at z ∼ 3 in the Spitzer extragalactic First Look Survey. SHIM H., IM M., CHOI P., et al.
2007ApJ...669..929L 4 11 96 Integral field spectroscopy of high-redshift star-forming galaxies with laser-guided adaptive optics: evidence for dispersion-dominated kinematics. LAW D.R., STEIDEL C.C., ERB D.K., et al.
2007ApJ...670...15R 19 16 The sightline to Q2343-BX415: clues to galaxy formation in a quasar environment. RIX S.A., PETTINI M., STEIDEL C.C., et al.
2006A&A...455..835M 18 7 Medium-resolution spectroscopy of galaxies with redshifts 2.3 < z < 3.5. MEHLERT D., TAPKEN C., APPENZELLER I., et al.
2006AJ....131.2755K 14 4 Stellar abundances and molecular hydrogen in high-redshift galaxies: the far-ultraviolet view. KEEL W.C.
2006ApJ...644..792R 6 18 235 Star formation and extinction in redshift z∼2 galaxies: inferences from Spitzer MIPS observations. REDDY N.A., STEIDEL C.C., FADDA D., et al.
2006ApJ...644..813E 210 2 843 The mass-metallicity relation at z≳2. ERB D.K., SHAPLEY A.E., PETTINI M., et al.
2006ApJ...646..107E 1 116 340 The stellar, gas, and dynamical masses of star-forming galaxies at z ∼ 2. ERB D.K., STEIDEL C.C., SHAPLEY A.E., et al.
2006ApJ...646..858S 28 38 Kinematics of interstellar gas in nearby UV-selected galaxies measured with HST STIS spectroscopy. SCHWARTZ C.M., MARTIN C.L., CHANDAR R., et al.
2006ApJ...646L..45B 8 7 A new EINSTEIN cross: a highly magnified, intrinsically faint Lyα emitter at z=2.7. BOLTON A.S., MOUSTAKAS L.A., STERN D., et al.
2006ApJ...648...81R 29 40 Spitzer observations of z ∼ 3 Lyman break galaxies: stellar masses and mid-infrared properties. RIGOPOULOU D., HUANG J.-S., PAPOVICH C., et al.
2006ApJ...648..310G 1 9 27 Far-ultraviolet and X-ray observations of VV 114: feedback in a local analog to Lyman break galaxies. GRIMES J.P., HECKMAN T., HOOPES C., et al.
2006ApJ...650..661N 1 12 33 Lyman break galaxies under a microscope: the small-scale dynamics and mass of an arc in the cluster 1E 0657-56. NESVADBA N.P.H., LEHNERT M.D., EISENHAUER F., et al.
2006ApJ...652..994C 1 13 47 Survey for galaxies associated with z ∼ 3 damped Lyα systems. II. Galaxy-absorber correlation functions. COOKE J., WOLFE A.M., GAWISER E., et al.
2006MNRAS.368..895C 5 9 On the reliability of CIVλ1549 as an abundance indicator for high-redshift star-forming galaxies. CROWTHER P.A., PRINJA R.K., PETTINI M., et al.
2006MNRAS.370.1034C viz 100 6 A FIRST-APM-SDSS survey for high-redshift radio QSOs. CARBALLO R., GONZALEZ-SERRANO J.I., MONTENEGRO-MONTES F.M., et al.
2005A&A...434..819K 1 18 56 Molecular gas in a z∼2.5 triply-imaged, sub-mJy submillimetre galaxy typical of the cosmic far-infrared background. KNEIB J.-P., NERI R., SMAIL I., et al.
2005A&A...435..465A 6 4 SDSS J1553+0056: A BALQSO mimicking a Lyman-break galaxy. APPENZELLER I., STAHL O., TAPKEN C., et al.
2005A&A...435..471I 30 49 VLT narrow-band photometry in the Lyman continuum of two galaxies at z∼3 Limits to the escape of ionizing flux. INOUE A.K., IWATA I., DEHARVENG J.-M., et al.
2005A&A...436L..21C 19 22 Discovery of a high-redshift Einstein ring. CABANAC R.A., VALLS-GABAUD D., JAUNSEN A.O., et al.
2005ARA&A..43..677S 5 50 554 Molecular gas at high redshift. SOLOMON P.M. and VANDEN BOUT P.A.
2005ARA&A..43..769V 13 34 938 Galactic winds. VEILLEUX S., CECIL G. and BLAND-HAWTHORN J.
2005ApJ...618..569M 4 82 738 On the maximum luminosity of galaxies and their central black holes: feedback from momentum-driven winds. MURRAY N., QUATAERT E. and THOMPSON T.A.
2005ApJ...621..227M 6 29 354 Mapping large-scale gaseous outflows in ultraluminous galaxies with Keck II ESI spectra: variations in outflow velocity with galactic mass. MARTIN C.L.
2005ApJ...621..673T viz 4 130 1123 The epochs of early-type galaxy formation as a function of environment. THOMAS D., MARASTON C., BENDER R., et al.
2005ApJ...622L..13V 2 5 29 Gemini near-infrared spectrograph observations of a red star-forming galaxy at z=2.225: evidence of shock ionization due to a galactic wind. VAN DOKKUM P.G., KRIEK M., RODGERS B., et al.
2005ApJ...623..767J 29 45 A near-solar metallicity, nitrogen-deficient Lyman limit absorber associated with two S0 galaxies. JENKINS E.B., BOWEN D.V., TRIPP T.M., et al.
2005ApJ...627...32S viz 211 74 A systematic search for gravitationally lensed arcs in the Hubble Space Telescope WFPC2 archive. SAND D.J., TREU T., ELLIS R.S., et al.
2005ApJ...630L.137D 2 6 29 UV continuum spectroscopy of a 6L*z = 5.5 starburst galaxy. DOW-HYGELUND C.C., HOLDEN B.P., BOUWENS R.J., et al.
2005ChJAA...5..327S 12 22 An analytic model of galactic winds and mass outflows. SHU C.-G., MO H.-J. and MAO S.-D.
2005MNRAS.356.1117S 18 19 Towards a precision cosmology from starburst galaxies at z > 2. SIEGEL E.R., GUZMAN R., GALLEGO J.P., et al.
2005MNRAS.359.1165G 3 52 388 An interferometric CO survey of luminous submillimetre galaxies. GREVE T.R., BERTOLDI F., SMAIL I., et al.
2005MNRAS.360.1413B 7 7 99 Star formation and dust attenuation properties in galaxies from a statistical ultraviolet-to-far-infrared analysis. BURGARELLA D., BUAT V. and IGLESIAS-PARAMO J.
2005MNRAS.362..592T 2 6 31 A model for the infrared dust emission from forming galaxies. TAKEUCHI T.T., ISHII T.T., NOZAWA T., et al.
2005Natur.436..227W 5 7 80 The discovery of a galaxy-wide superwind from a young massive galaxy at redshift z ∼ 3. WILMAN R.J., GERSSEN J., BOWER R.G., et al.
2005PASJ...57..877U 9 7 Discovery of a strongly lensed galaxy at z=3.9 behind a z=0.83 galaxy cluster. UMETSU K., TANAKA M., KODAMA T., et al.
2004A&A...426..425T 23     A   O           5 16 A dust emission model of Lyman-break galaxies. TAKEUCHI T.T. and ISHII T.T.
2004AJ....128.2743K 7 6 Submillimeter observations of the low-metallicity galaxy NGC 4214. KIUCHI G., OHTA K., SAWICKI M., et al.
2004ApJ...600..613S 47 23 The H II regions of the damped Lyα absorber SBS 1543+593. SCHULTE-LADBECK R.E., RAO S.M., DROZDOVSKY I.O., et al.
2004ApJ...600L..19B 10 15 Bright Lyman break galaxy candidates in the Sloan Digital Sky Survey first data release. BENTZ M.C., OSMER P.S. and WEINBERG D.H.
2004ApJ...601L..25A 3 4 31 Singly peaked asymmetric Lyα from starburst galaxies. AHN S.-H.
2004ApJ...602...51S 26 39 The Gemini Deep Deep Survey. II. Metals in star-forming galaxies at redshift 1.3<z<2. SAVAGLIO S., GLAZEBROOK K., ABRAHAM R.G., et al.
2004ApJ...604..125B 76 T                   21 82 Molecular gas in the lensed Lyman break galaxy
2004ApJ...608...36T 112 T K                 10 3 The counterarc to
MS 1512-cB58 and a companion galaxy.
2004ApJ...608L..29D 1 9 23 Metal enrichment in near-infrared luminous galaxies at z∼2: signatures of proto-elliptical galaxies?. DE MELLO D.F., DADDI E., RENZINI A., et al.
2004ApJ...609...61H 33 34 A study of CO emission in high-redshift QSOs using the Owens Valley Millimeter Array. HAINLINE L.J., SCOVILLE N.Z., YUN M.S., et al.
2004ApJ...613L.113B 6 6 A compact starburst core in the dusty Lyman break galaxy Westphal-MD11. BAKER A.J., TACCONI L.J., GENZEL R., et al.
2004ApJ...614L...5S 1 14 41 Detection of CO from SMM J16359+6612, the multiply imaged submillimeter galaxy behind A2218. SHETH K., BLAIN A.W., KNEIB J.-P., et al.
2004ApJ...615...98R 6 5 65 Spectral modeling of star-forming regions in the ultraviolet: stellar metallicity diagnostics for high-redshift galaxies. RIX S.A., PETTINI M., LEITHERER C., et al.
2004ApJS..154..103T 13 2 Rest-frame mid-infrared detection of an extremely luminous Lyman break galaxy with the Spitzer Infrared Spectrograph (IRS). TEPLITZ H.I., CHARMANDARIS V., ARMUS L., et al.
2004MNRAS.348L..59P 60 9 1090 [OIII]/[NII] as an abundance indicator at high redshift. PETTINI M. and PAGEL B.E.J.
2004MNRAS.350..769D 2 15 78 Discovery of the galaxy counterpart of HDF 850.1, the brightest submillimetre source in the Hubble Deep Field. DUNLOP J.S., McLURE R.J., YAMADA T., et al.
2004MNRAS.350L..21M 3 2 14 The proximity effect around high-redshift galaxies. MASELLI A., FERRARA A., BRUSCOLI M., et al.
2004MNRAS.351.1109W 14 24 HI in the protocluster environment at z > 2: absorbing haloes and the Lyα forest. WILMAN R.J., JARVIS M.J., ROETTGERING H.J.A., et al.
2004Obs...124..226R 2 0 The interstellar medium and stellar populations of high-redshift galaxies. (Thesis abstract). RIX S.A.
2003A&A...397..839L 1 12 42 Physical properties of two low-luminosity z∼1.9 galaxies behind the lensing cluster AC 114. LEMOINE-BUSSEROLLE M., CONTINI T., PELLO R., et al.
2003A&A...404..449L 2 5 23 Photoionized O VI absorbers toward the bright QSO HE 0515-4414. LEVSHAKOV S.A., AGAFONOVA I.I., REIMERS D., et al.
2003ApJ...584...45A 11 16 382 Galaxies and intergalactic matter at redshift z∼3: overview. ADELBERGER K.L., STEIDEL C.C., SHAPLEY A.E., et al.
2003ApJ...588...65S 77 7 1079 Rest-frame ultraviolet spectra of z∼3 Lyman break galaxies. SHAPLEY A.E., STEIDEL C.C., PETTINI M., et al.
2003ApJ...595..760A 4 7 65 Abundances in the neutral interstellar medium of I Zw 18 from Far Ultraviolet Spectroscopic Explorer observations. ALOISI A., SAVAGLIO S., HECKMAN T.M., et al.
2003ApJ...596..143L 109 6 The star-forming dwarf galaxy populations of two z ∼ 0.4 clusters: MS 1512.4+3647 and A851. LOTZ J.M., MARTIN C.L. and FERGUSON H.C.
2003ApJ...596..797F 2 12 65 Massive star formation in a gravitationally lensed H II galaxy at z = 3.357. FOSBURY R.A.E., VILLAR-MARTIN M., HUMPHREY A., et al.
2003ApJ...597L.113N 6 14 182 Interferometric observations of powerful CO emission from three submillimeter galaxies at z=2.39, 2.51, and 3.35. NERI R., GENZEL R., IVISON R.J., et al.
2003ApJ...598..858M 4 13 108 Lyα emission in starbursts: implications for galaxies at high redshift. MAS-HESSE J.M., KUNTH D., TENORIO-TAGLE G., et al.
2003IAUS..212..704D 4 0 Massive stars in galaxies at high redshift: SMM J14011+0252. DE MELLO D.F. and WIKLIND T.
2003MNRAS.343L..41B 8 2 34 The Lyα forest around high-redshift galaxies. BRUSCOLI M., FERRARA A., MARRI S., et al.
2003MNRAS.345L..29W 32 11 Lyman-break galaxies: high mass or low ? WEATHERLEY S.J. and WARREN S.J.
2003RMxAC..17..254S 2 0 Detailed rest-frame UV spectroscopy of Lyman break galaxies. SHAPLEY A.E., STEIDEL C.C., ADELBERGER K.L., et al.
2002A&A...393..809M 60 47 Evidence for chemical evolution in the spectra of high redshift galaxies. MEHLERT D., NOLL S., APPENZELLER I., et al.
2002AAS...201.5204T 74 T                   2 1 Rest frame optical spectra of Lyman break galaxies: other lensing arcs around
2002AAS...201.6707B 74 T                   2 0 Molecular gas in the lensed Lyman break galaxy
2002AJ....124...46S 29 26 The starburst nature of Lyman break galaxies: testing ultraviolet extinction with X-rays. SEIBERT M., HECKMAN T.M. and MEURER G.R.
2002ARA&A..40..579G 2 26 188 Lyman-break galaxies. GIAVALISCO M.
2002Ap&SS.281..461P 78 T                   2 26
MS 1512-CB58: a case study of star formation, metal enrichment and superwinds in Lyman break galaxies.
2002Ap&SS.281..535D 2 1 A database of galaxies at high redshifts. Drawing a picture of galaxy evolution. DE MELLO D., JOHANSSON E.P.G. and MARKSTROM P.
2002ApJ...567..702S 112 T K                 7 25 The Lyα forest of a Lyman break galaxy: very large telescope spectra of
MS 1512-cB58 at z=2.724.
2002ApJ...569..742P 143 T K                 3 289 New observations of the interstellar medium in the Lyman break galaxy
MS 1512-cB58.
2002ApJ...569L..69M 4 2 25 Lyman break galaxies: are they young spheroids. MATTEUCCI F. and PIPINO A.
2002ApJ...574..114L 24 13 Ultraviolet spectra of star-forming galaxies with time-dependent dust obscuration. LEITHERER C., CALZETTI D. and MARTINS L.P.
2002ApJ...580..725Y 1 3 10 A simple prediction of the surface density of galaxies at z ≃ 6. YAN H., WINDHORST R.A., ODEWAHN S.C., et al.
2002MNRAS.331..817S 1 88 326 The SCUBA 8-mJy survey - I. Submillimetre maps, sources and number counts. SCOTT S.E., FOX M.J., DUNLOP J.S., et al.
2002PABei..20..190S 2 1 Recent studies on Lyman break galaxies. SHU C. and JIANG P.
2002RMxAC..13..191K 14 11 Observations of radio galaxy MRC 1138-262: merging galaxies embedded in a giant Ly-alpha halo. KURK J.D., ROETTGERING H.J.A., MILEY G.K., et al.
2001A&A...366....7V 1 27 127 Radio galaxies at z∼ 2.5: results from Keck spectropolarimetry. VERNET J., FOSBURY R.A.E., VILLAR-MARTIN M., et al.
2001A&A...372L..37B 98 T   A   O           6 45 Dust emission from the lensed Lyman break galaxy
BAKER A.J., LUTZ D., GENZEL R., et al.
2001A&A...379...96M 19 26 Gravitationally lensed high redshift galaxies in the field of 1E 0657-56. MEHLERT D., SEITZ S., SAGLIA R.P., et al.
2001AJ....121.2405S 112 T K                 5 27 The Ultraviolet-Far-Infrared energy budget of the gravitationally lensed Lyman break galaxy MS 1512-CB58. SAWICKI M.
2001ApJ...550..724L 61 85 Ultraviolet line spectra of metal-poor star-forming galaxies. LEITHERER C., LEAO J.R.S., HECKMAN T.M., et al.
2001ApJ...554..981P 10 20 618 The rest-frame optical spectra of Lyman break galaxies: star formation, extinction, abundances, and kinematics. PETTINI M., SHAPLEY A.E., STEIDEL C.C., et al.
2001ApJ...555..322T 2 16 108 Star formation in the field and clusters of NGC 5253. TREMONTI C.A., CALZETTI D., LEITHERER C., et al.
2001ApJ...558...56H 3 13 122 On the escape of ionizing radiation from starbursts. HECKMAN T.M., SEMBACH K.R., MEURER G.R., et al.
2001ApJ...559..620P 3 42 397 The stellar populations and evolution of Lyman break galaxies. PAPOVICH C., DICKINSON M. and FERGUSON H.C.
2001ApJ...559L...1S 5 4 61 On the relation between high-redshift starburst galaxies and damped Lyα systems. SCHAYE J.
2001ApJ...562..641B 3 7 68 High-redshift superwinds as the source of the strongest Mg II absorbers: a feasibility analysis. BOND N.A., CHURCHILL C.W., CHARLTON J.C., et al.
2001ApSSS.277..263H 74 T                   5 1 Properties of the z =2.73 galaxy, MS 1512-CB58. HEAP S.R., HUBENY I. and LANZ T.M.
2001ApSSS.277..361D 10 0 The evolution of stellar populations. DIAZ A.I. and HARDY E.
2001ApSSS.277..609C 4 4 The properties of high redshift galaxies. CALZETTI D. and GIAVALISCO M.
2001MNRAS.321..471B 7 4 86 The dark matter problem in disc galaxies. BINNEY J., GERHARD O. and SILK J.
2001MNRAS.323..795M 5 8 132 Galaxy number counts - V. Ultradeep counts: the Herschel and Hubble Deep Fields. METCALFE N., SHANKS T., CAMPOS A., et al.
2001PASP..113.1449C 8 17 425 The dust opacity of star-forming galaxies. (Invited review). CALZETTI D.
2000A&A...356..445B viz 15       D               881 100 Radio and X-ray bright AGN: the ROSAT - FIRST correlation. BRINKMANN W., LAURENT-MUEHLEISEN S.A., VOGES W., et al.
2000AAS...197.6504S 73 T                   2 0 The ultraviolet-far infrared energy budget of the gravitationally lensed Lyman break galaxy MS 1512-cB58. SAWICKI M.
2000AAS...197.6505B 73 T                   2 0 Dust emission from the lensed Lyman break galaxy cB58.. BAKER A.J., LUTZ D., GENZEL R., et al.
2000AJ....119.2589G 1 4 14 Counts and sizes of galaxies in the Hubble Deep Field South: implications for the next generation space telescope. GARDNER J.P. and SATYAPAL S.
2000AJ....120.1273J 3 7 74 Hubble space telescope observations of He 2-10: outflows and young super-star clusters. JOHNSON K.E., LEITHERER C., VACCA W.D., et al.
2000ApJ...528...96P 120 T K                 11 338 The ultraviolet spectrum of
MS 1512-cB58: an insight into Lyman-break galaxies.
2000ApJ...530..251D 64 68 B stars as a diagnostic of star formation at low and high redshift. DE MELLO D.F., LEITHERER C. and HECKMAN T.M.
2000ApJ...532..152J 13 19 Protogalactic starbursts at high redshift. JIMENEZ R., PADOAN P., DUNLOP J.S., et al.
2000ApJ...533L..61L 7 14 Discovery of an obscured broad-line region in the high-redshift radio galaxy MRC 2025-218. LARKIN J.E., McLEAN I.S., GRAHAM J.R., et al.
2000ApJ...533L..65T 115 T K                 7 123 The rest-frame optical spectrum of
MS 1512-cB58.
2000ApJ...542...18T 16 44 Measurement of [O III] emission in Lyman-break galaxies. TEPLITZ H.I., MALKAN M.A., STEIDEL C.C., et al.
2000ApJ...542L...9L 8 7 Searching for MACHOs in galaxy clusters. LEWIS G.F., IBATA R.A. and WYITHE J.S.B.
2000ApJ...545..712K 1 16 68 Near-infrared spectroscopy of two galaxies at z=2.3 and z=2.9: new probes of chemical and dynamical evolution at high redshift. KOBULNICKY H.A. and KOO D.C.
2000MNRAS.317..697E 30 2 184 A model of supernova feedback in galaxy formation. EFSTATHIOU G.
1999AJ....118.1922I 2 10 62 NICMOS and VLA observations of the gravitationally lensed ultraluminous BAL quasar APM 08279+5255: detection of a third image. IBATA R.A., LEWIS G.F., IRWIN M.J., et al.
1999ARA&A..37..127M 3 34 375 Probing the universe with weak lensing. MELLIER Y.
1999Ap&SS.269..165I 7 2 Galaxies at high redshift. ILLINGWORTH G.
1999ApJ...521...64M 1 187 820 Dust absorption and the ultraviolet luminosity density at z~3 as calibrated by local starburst galaxies. MEURER G.R., HECKMAN T.M. and CALZETTI D.
1999PASP..111.1475S 54 57 Search techniques for distant galaxies. (Invited review). STERN D. and SPINRAD H.
1998A&A...337..325S 3 5 55 Entropy-regularized maximum-likelihood cluster mass reconstruction. SEITZ S., SCHNEIDER P. and BARTELMANN M.
1998ApJ...495..698G 3 7 81 Far-ultraviolet spectra of starburst galaxies: stellar population and the kinematics of the interstellar medium. GONZALEZ-DELGADO R.M., LEITHERER C., HECKMAN T., et al.
1998ApJ...496..803C 7 6 The blue companion of 3C 65: a star-forming galaxy with a probable redshift of 2.8. CORBIN M.R., CHARLOT S., DE YOUNG D.S., et al.
1998ApJ...499L.115F 1 14 65 Discovery of red selected arcs at z = 4.04 behind Abell 2390. FRYE B. and BROADHURST T.
1998ApJ...501L.171S 1 8 34 Near-infrared observations of a redshift 4.92 galaxy: evidence for significant dust absorption. SOIFER B.T., NEUGEBAUER G., FRANX M., et al.
1998ApJ...504..107B 10 19 An infrared emission-line galaxy at z =2.43. BECKWITH S.V.W., THOMPSON D., MANNUCCI F., et al.
1998ApJS..116..231A viz 468 12 The CNOC cluster redshift survey catalogs. V. MS 1224.7+2007 and MS 1512.4+3647. ABRAHAM R.G., YEE H.K.C., ELLINGSON E., et al.
1998MNRAS.298..945S 78 T                   6 90 The z=2.72 galaxy cB58: a gravitational fold arc lensed by the cluster MS 1512+36. SEITZ S., SAGLIA R.P., BENDER R., et al.
1997AJ....113..562F 72 T                   6 9 Constraining the molecular gas reservoir associated with the protogalaxy candidate MS 1512-cB58. FRAYER D.T., PADELI P., PAPADOPOULOS P., et al.
1997ApJ...477L..29B 111 T K                 3 21 Hα imaging of the candidate protogalaxy
MS 1512-cB58.
1997ApJ...481..673L viz 4 33 425 Keck spectroscopy of redshift z about 3 galaxies in the Hubble Deep Field. LOWENTHAL J.D., KOO D.C., GUZMAN R., et al.
1997ApJ...484..574H 73 T                   3 13 Lensing effects on the protogalaxy candidate cB58 and their implications for the cosmological constant. HAMANA T., HATTORI M., EBELING H., et al.
1997MNRAS.291..527Z 30 82 The Mgb-sigma relation of elliptical galaxies at z about 0.37. ZIEGLER B.L. and BENDER R.
1997PASJ...49..535N 72 T                   12 7 CO(J=3-2) observations of MS 1512-cB58 at z=2.72. NAKANISHI K., OHTA K., TAKEUCHI T., et al.
1996AJ....111.1783Y 4 10 144 A proto-galaxy candidate at z=2.7 discovered by its young stellar population. YEE H.K.C., ELLINGSON E., BECHTOLD J., et al.
1996ApJ...466L..71E 74 T                   6 52 Optical-IR spectral energy distribution of the protogalaxy candidate MS 1512-cB58. ELLINGSON E., YEE H.K.C., BECHTOLD J., et al.
1996BAAS...28Q.960B 72 T                   2 ~ The spectral energy distribution of the proto-galaxy candidate MS 1512-cB58. BECHTOLD J., et al.
1996MNRAS.281L..35W 74 T                   3 26 The giant protogalaxy cB58 : an artefact of gravitational lensing ? WILLIAMS L.L.R. and LEWIS G.F.

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