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2020MNRAS.491.1174M 140           X         3 19 ~ Circumstellar CO J = 3-2 detected around the evolving metal-poor ([Fe/H] ≃ -1.15 dex) AGB star RU Vulpeculae. McDONALD I., UTTENTHALER S., ZIJLSTRA A.A., et al.
2019MNRAS.484L..85M 1523 T   A D     X C F     32 7 ~ Circumstellar CO in metal-poor stellar winds: the highly irradiated globular cluster star
47 Tucanae
2015MNRAS.453.4324M 675       D     X C F     15 9 8 ALMA reveals sunburn: CO dissociation around AGB stars in the globular cluster 47 Tucanae. McDONALD I., ZIJLSTRA A.A., LAGADEC E., et al.
2012A&A...540A..32G 16       D               1 146 20 Infrared excess around nearby red giant branch stars and Reimers law. GROENEWEGEN M.A.T.
2011ApJ...730...71M 330       D S   X         8 28 33 Dust production and mass loss in the galactic globular cluster 47 Tucanae. McDONALD I., BOYER M.L., VAN LOON J.Th., et al.
2011ApJS..193...23M viz 16       D               1 49 43 Fundamental parameters, integrated red giant branch mass loss, and dust production in the galactic globular cluster 47 Tucanae. McDONALD I., BOYER M.L., VAN LOON J.Th., et al.
2010A&A...517A...6L 118           X C       2 6 12 Abundance analysis for long period variables. Velocity effects studied with O-rich dynamic model atmospheres. LEBZELTER T., NOWOTNY W., HOEFNER S., et al.
2010MNRAS.402.2060W 78               F     1 15 13 Heavy-element abundances in low-gravity globular cluster stars: 47 Tuc. WORLEY C.C., COTTRELL P.L., McDONALD I., et al.
2007A&A...476.1261M 168       D     X         5 61 48 Dust, pulsation, chromospheres and their role in driving mass loss from red giants in Galactic globular clusters. McDONALD I. and VAN LOON J.T.
2007AJ....133..139B 22 1 Variable stars in metal-rich globular clusters. III. NGC 6539. BAKER J.M., LAYDEN A.C., WELCH D.L., et al.
2007PASJ...59S.437I 21 23 AKARI observations of circumstellar dust in the globular clusters NGC 104 and NGC 362. ITA Y., TANABE T., MATSUNAGA N., et al.
2006A&A...450..339V 1 12 32 The first 8-13 µm spectra of globular cluster red giants: circumstellar silicate dust grains in 47 Tucanae (NGC104). VAN LOON J.T., McDONALD I., OLIVEIRA J.M., et al.
2006ApJ...653L.145L 2 12 50 Tracing the development of dust around evolved stars: the case of 47 Tuc. LEBZELTER T., POSCH T., HINKLE K., et al.
2005A&A...431..623L 42 22 A study of bright Southern long period variables. LEBZELTER T., HINKLE K.H., WOOD P.R., et al.
2005A&A...432..207L 14 16 Long period variables in the globular cluster 47 Tuc: Radial velocity variations. LEBZELTER T., WOOD P.R., HINKLE K.H., et al.
2005A&A...441.1117L 47 47 Long period variables in 47 Tuc: direct evidence for lost mass. LEBZELTER T. and WOOD P.R.
2004A&A...424..199B 2 20 91 The calibration of the RGB Tip as a Standard Candle. Extension to Near Infrared colors and higher metallicity. BELLAZZINI M., FERRARO F.R., SOLLIMA A., et al.
2002AJ....123.3263F 80 5 A polarimetric survey for dust in 47 Tucanae. FORTE J.C., BASSINO L.P., VEGA E.I., et al.
2002MNRAS.329L...7F 25 34 Globular clusters and the Mira period-luminosity relation. FEAST M., WHITELOCK P. and MENZIES J.
2001A&A...372...85R viz 227 29 Evolution of the dust mass loss with luminosity along the giant branch of the globular cluster 47 Tucanae. RAMDANI A. and JORISSEN A.
1998AJ....115..535C 49 93 Dwarf elliptical galaxies in the M81 group: the structure and stellar populations of BK5N and F8D1. CALDWELL N., ARMANDROFF T.E., DA COSTA G.S., et al.
1998AJ....115.2435E 267 8 Evolutionary oddities in old disk population clusters. EGGEN O.J.
1997MNRAS.289..948O 7 10 CO mapping of the central regions of the globular clusters omega Cen and 47 Tuc. ORIGLIA L., GREDEL R., FERRARO F.R., et al.
1997MNRAS.292..753O 8 17 Intracluster dust in the central region of 47 Tuc? ORIGLIA L., SCALTRITI F., ANDERLUCCI E., et al.
1996MNRAS.278...11F 87 93 The pulsation, temperatures and metallicities of Mira and semiregular variables in different stellar systems. FEAST M.W.
1995A&AS..114..269D viz 14       D               1 20887 127 Vitesses radiales. Catalogue WEB: Wilson Evans Batten. Radial velocities: The Wilson-Evans-Batten catalogue. DUFLOT M., FIGON P. and MEYSSONNIER N.
1995AJ....110.1699G viz 202 43 Fabry-Perot observations of globular clusters. II. 47 Tuc, NGC 6397, and M30. GEBHARDT K., PRYOR C., WILLIAMS T.B., et al.
1992A&AS...93..293T viz 3075 38 Astrometry of globular clusters. I. Relative proper motions for stars in 47 Tuc. TUCHOLKE H.-J.
1991AJ....101.1377E 295 23 First giant branch and asymptotic giant branch stars in nearby aggregates. EGGEN O.J. and IBEN I.Jr
1990AJ....100..719L 435 30 An IRAS search for dust in globular clusters. LYNCH D.K. and ROSSANO G.S.
1982MNRAS.199..715F 16 20 Photometry of red variables in 47 Tucanae. FOX M.W.
1977AJ.....82..968C 20 9 Mira variables in the globular cluster NGC 6356. COUTTS CLEMENT C. and SAWYER HOGG H.
1973MNRAS.163..245G 44 54 Infrared photometry of red giants in the globular clusters 47 Tuc and omega Cen. GLASS I.S. and FEAST M.W.
1960MNRAS.120..463F 39 67 47 Tucanae: radial velocities and spectral types of individual stars. FEAST M.W. and THACKERAY A.D.
1950MNRAS.110...45T 8 24 5 southern stars with emission-line spectra. THACKERAY A.D.

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