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2020MNRAS.495.2844S 19       D               1 34 ~ Mode identification in three pulsating hot subdwarfs observed with TESS satellite. SAHOO S.K., BARAN A.S., HEBER U., et al.
2019A&A...621A..38G viz 18       D               1 39804 ~ The population of hot subdwarf stars studied with Gaia. II. The Gaia DR2 catalogue of hot subluminous stars. GEIER S., RADDI R., GENTILE FUSILLO N.P., et al.
2019A&A...627A..86B 45           X         1 6 ~ Analysis of putative exoplanetary signatures found in light curves of two sdBV stars observed by Kepler. BLOKESZ A., KRZESINSKI J. and KEDZIORA-CHUDCZER L.
2018ApJ...853...98Z 44           X         1 11 ~ Oscillation mode variability in evolved compact pulsators from Kepler photometry. I. The hot B subdwarf star KIC 3527751. ZONG W., CHARPINET S., FU J.-N., et al.
2018MNRAS.478.3290G 44           X         1 3 ~ Influence of the He-flash convective overshoot on mode trapping efficiency in g-mode pulsating subdwarf B stars. GUO J.-J. and LI Y.
2017A&A...600A..50G viz 17       D               5613 14 The population of hot subdwarf stars studied with Gaia. I. The catalog of known hot subdwarf stars. GEIER S., OSTENSEN R.H., NEMETH P., et al.
2017MNRAS.464.2638Z 1234 T   A D S   X C F     26 3 1 Analysis of the variability in the sdB star
KIC 10670103: DFA approach.
2017MNRAS.466.5020H 17       D               1 113 5 Three new pulsating sdB stars discovered with SuperWASP. HOLDSWORTH D.L., OSTENSEN R.H., SMALLEY B., et al.
2017MNRAS.467..461K 44           X         1 2 3 K2 observations of pulsating subdwarf B stars: analysis of EPIC 203948264 observed during Campaign 2. KETZER L., REED M.D., BARAN A.S., et al.
2016AcA....66..455B 42           X         1 5 2 Mode Identification in a Pulsating Subdwarf B Star EPIC 212707862 Observed with K2. BACHULSKI S., BARAN A.S., JEFFERY C.S., et al.
2016ApJ...829...23D viz 17       D               1 4042 43 The Kepler catalog of stellar flares. DAVENPORT J.R.A.
2016PASP..128h2001H 167           X C       3 160 77 Hot subluminous stars. HEBER U.
2015A&A...581A...7K 42           X         1 3 5 Planetary candidates around the pulsating sdB star KIC 5807616 considered doubtful. KRZESINSKI J.
2014A&A...569A..15O viz 83         O X         2 13 29 Asteroseismology revealing trapped modes in KIC 10553698A. OSTENSEN R.H., TELTING J.H., REED M.D., et al.
2014A&A...570A.129T 83         O X         2 12 24 KIC 7668647: a 14 day beaming sdB+WD binary with a pulsating subdwarf. TELTING J.H., BARAN A.S., NEMETH P., et al.
2014MNRAS.440.3809R viz 1058 T   A D     X C       25 10 24 Analysis of the rich frequency spectrum of
KIC 10670103 revealing the most slowly rotating subdwarf B star in the Kepler field.
2012AJ....143..101M viz 16       D               1 253 36 The classification of Kepler B-star variables. McNAMARA B.J., JACKIEWICZ J. and McKEEVER J.
2011MNRAS.414.2885R 293       D     X   F     7 15 64 First Kepler results on compact pulsators – VIII. Mode identifications via period spacings in g-mode pulsating subdwarf b stars. REED M.D., BARAN A., QUINT A.C., et al.
2010MNRAS.409.1470O viz 16       D               1 75 104 First Kepler results on compact pulsators – I. Survey target selection and the first pulsators. OSTENSEN R.H., SILVOTTI R., CHARPINET S., et al.
2010MNRAS.409.1496R 961     A S   X C       23 10 46 First Kepler results on compact pulsators – III. Subdwarf B stars with V1093 Her and hybrid (DW Lyn) type pulsations. REED M.D., KAWALER S.D., OSTENSEN R.H., et al.
2010MNRAS.409.1509K 196           X         5 8 29 First Kepler results on compact pulsators – V. Slowly pulsating subdwarf B stars in short-period binaries. KAWALER S.D., REED M.D., OSTENSEN R.H., et al.

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