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2011A&A...531A..19I 40           X         1 56 37 C+ emission from the Magellanic Clouds. II. [CII] maps of star-forming regions LMC-N 11, SMC-N 66, and several others. ISRAEL F.P. and MALONEY P.R.
2010A&A...510A..95T 472       S   X C       10 84 5 VLT/NACO near-infrared imaging and spectroscopy of N88A in the SMC. TESTOR G., LEMAIRE J.L., HEYDARI-MALAYERI M., et al.
2005A&A...434..497T 39 2 N88: The physical properties of a compact star-forming region and its neighbourhood in the SMC. II. H and H2 near infrared emission. TESTOR G., LEMAIRE J.L., FIELD D., et al.
2003A&A...407..905T 19 6 The physical properties of the compact star forming region N88A and its neighbourhood in the SMC. I. Excitation and abundances. TESTOR G., LEMAIRE J.L. and FIELD D.
1999A&A...347..841H viz 92 22 HST observations of the very young SMC "blob" N88A. HEYDARI-MALAYERI M., CHARMANDARIS V., DEHARVENG L., et al.
1985A&A...145..170T 10 31 Discovery of a very bright compact object N88A in the Small Magellanic Cloud. TESTOR G. and PAKULL M.

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