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2004ApJ...604L..13S 4 9 86 Three Lyα emitters at z ~ 6: early GMOS/Gemini data from the GLARE project. STANWAY E.R., GLAZEBROOK K., BUNKER A.J., et al.
2004ApJ...606L..25B viz 19 3 117 Star formation at z ∼ 6: the Hubble Ultra Deep Parallel Fields. BOUWENS R.J., ILLINGWORTH G.D., THOMPSON R.I., et al.
2004ApJ...610L...1S 11 3 66 The possible detection of cosmological reionization sources. STIAVELLI M., FALL S.M. and PANAGIA N.
2004ApJ...611L...1B 94 T                   4 162 Galaxy size evolution at high redshift and surface brightness selection effects: constraints from the
Hubble Ultra Deep Field.
2004ApJ...612L..93Y viz 112 123 Candidates of z∼5.5-7 galaxies in the Hubble Space Telescope Ultra Deep Field. YAN H. and WINDHORST R.A.
2004ApJ...615..603C 75 T                   10 29 Discovery of massive evolved galaxies at z > 3 in the
Hubble Ultra Deep Field.
2004ApJ...616...63Y 2 19 103 High-redshift extremely red objects in the Hubble space telescope Ultra Deep Field revealed by the GOODS infrared array camera observations. YAN H., DICKINSON M., EISENHARDT P.R.M., et al.
2004ApJ...616L..79B 84 T                   7 149 Galaxies at z∼7-8: z850-Dropouts in the
Hubble Ultra Deep Field.
2004ApJ...616L..83G 6 3 41 The star formation rate history in the FORS deep and GOODS-south fields. GABASCH A., SALVATO M., SAGLIA R.P., et al.
2004ApJ...617L...5M 108 1 217 Luminosity functions of Lyα emitters at redshifts z=6.5 and z=5.7: evidence against reionization at z≤6.5. MALHOTRA S. and RHOADS J.E.
2004ApJS..154..501P 74 T                   43 78 GRAPES, grism spectroscopy of the
Hubble Ultra Deep Field: description and data reduction.
2004ApJS..155...73Z viz 344 97 Photometric redshift of X-ray sources in the Chandra Deep Field-South. ZHENG W., MIKLES V.J., MAINIERI V., et al.
2004MNRAS.352L...6Z 78 T                   4 33 A faint red stellar halo around an edge-on disc galaxy in the
Hubble Ultra Deep Field.
2004MNRAS.353...30C 31 28 A deeper view of extremely red galaxies: the redshift distribution in the GOODS/CDFS ISAAC field. CAPUTI K.I., DUNLOP J.S., McLURE R.J., et al.
2004MNRAS.355..374B 2 58 239 The star formation rate of the Universe at z~ 6 from the Hubble Ultra-Deep Field. BUNKER A.J., STANWAY E.R., ELLIS R.S., et al.
2004AAS...205.2101P 74 T                   1 0 Stars in the
Hubble ultra deep field.
2004AAS...205.3808S 74 T                   1 0 Probing the epoch of reionization with the
Hubble Ultra Deep Field.
2004AAS...205.6210Y 74 T                   1 0 The IRAC properties of the high redshift galaxies in the
HUDF as seen by the GOODS.
2004AAS...205.6212F 1 0 The evolution of the bi-variate size-luminosity relation for high-redshift galaxies. FERGUSON H.C., RAVINDRANATH S., GIAVALISCO M., et al.
2004AAS...205.6214R 1 1 Structural parameters of star-forming galaxies at z > 3: rest-frame morphologies and starburst properties. RAVINDRANATH S., FERGUSON H., GIAVALISCO M., et al.
2004AAS...205.9416C 74 T                   1 0 Searching for variability in the
Hubble ultra deep field: clues to galaxy mergers.
2004AAS...205.9417S 74 T                   1 1 Tadpole galaxies in the
Hubble ultra deep field.
2004AAS...20512807B 74 T                   1 0 High redshift galaxy evolution from the
HUDF + parallel fields.
2004AAS...20515508K 74 T                   2 1 VLA observations of the CDFS and Hubble
2005A&A...434...45M 2 6 33 Cosmological effects in the local static frame. MIZONY M. and LACHIEZE-REY M.
2005A&A...437..805M 60 56 The Chandra Deep Field South/GOODS survey. Optically faint X-ray sources. MAINIERI V., ROSATI P., TOZZI P., et al.
2005A&A...437..883M viz 546 167 The K20 survey. VII. The spectroscopic catalogue: Spectral properties and evolution of the galaxy population. MIGNOLI M., CIMATTI A., ZAMORANI G., et al.
2005AJ....130....1T viz 1285 95 The near-infrared camera and multi-object spectrometer ultra deep field: observations, data reduction, and galaxy photometry. THOMPSON R.I., ILLINGWORTH G., BOUWENS R., et al.
2005AJ....130...13C 11 13 The color selection of quasars from redshifts 5 to 10: cloning and discovery. CHIU K., ZHENG W., SCHNEIDER D.P., et al.
2005ApJ...621..582R 76 T                   7 23 A redshift z ~ 5.4 Lyα emitting galaxy with linear morphology in the GRAPES/
Hubble Ultra Deep Field.
2005ApJ...621..587C 46 11 Near-infrared properties of faint X-ray sources from NICMOS imaging in the Chandra Deep Fields. COLBERT J.W., TEPLITZ H.I., YAN L., et al.
2005ApJ...622L...1S 6 4 52 Evidence of primordial clustering around the QSO SDSS J1030+0524 at z=6.28. STIAVELLI M., DJORGOVSKI S.G., PAVLOVSKY C., et al.
2005ApJ...622L..77W 81 T                   2 26 An overdensity of Lyα emitters at redshift z~5.7 near the
Hubble Ultra Deep Field.
2005ApJ...622..319P 75 T                   47 43 Stars in the
Hubble Ultra Deep Field.
2005ApJ...623....1M 6 2 25 Constraints on the small-scale power spectrum of density fluctuations from high-redshift gamma-ray bursts. MESINGER A., PERNA R. and HAIMAN Z.
2005ApJ...623L..71E 75 T                   37 24 Central blue clumps in elliptical galaxies of the
Hubble Ultra Deep Field.
2005ApJ...624L...5B viz 2 17 86 Constraints on z~10 galaxies from the deepest Hubble Space Telescope NICMOS fields. BOUWENS R.J., ILLINGWORTH G.D., THOMPSON R.I., et al.
2005ApJ...624L...9T 76 T                   10 28 Distant red galaxies in the
Hubble Ultra Deep Field.
2005ApJ...626..666M 76 T                   33 108 An overdensity of galaxies at z = 5.9±0.2 in the
Hubble Ultra Deep Field confirmed using the ACS grism.
2005ApJ...626..680D 93 T                   13 478 Passively evolving early-type galaxies at 1.4 ≲ z ≲ 2.5 in the
Hubble Ultra Deep Field.
2005ApJ...627..632E 78 T                   22 134 Stellar populations in 10 clump-cluster galaxies of the
Hubble Ultra Deep Field.
2005ApJ...628L.105I 12 5 123 A minor-axis surface brightness profile for M31. IRWIN M.J., FERGUSON A.M.N., IBATA R.A., et al.
2005ApJ...630L..17T 38 73 Stellar disk truncations at high z: probing inside-out galaxy formation. TRUJILLO I. and POHLEN M.
2005ApJ...631...85E viz 93 T                   3 111 Galaxy morphologies in the
Hubble Ultra Deep Field: dominance of linear structures at the detection limit.
2005ApJ...631L.159R 6 2 25 Constraining the distribution of L and T dwarfs in the Galaxy. RYAN R.E.Jr, HATHI N.P., COHEN S.H., et al.
2005ApJ...632..191M 13 4 106 The evolution of early-type red galaxies with the GEMS survey: luminosity-size and stellar mass-size relations since z=1. McINTOSH D.H., BELL E.F., RIX H.-W., et al.
2005ApJ...633L...1P 1 5 19 Direct evidence for an early reionization of the Universe?. PANAGIA N., FALL S.M., MOBASHER B., et al.
2005ApJ...633..317F 2 6 32 On the afterglow and host galaxy of GRB 021004: a comprehensive study with the Hubble Space Telescope. FYNBO J.P.U., GOROSABEL J., SMETTE A., et al.
2005ApJ...633.1126K 65 10 Faint blue objects in the Hubble Deep Field-South revealed: white dwarfs, subdwarfs, and quasars. KILIC M., MENDEZ R.A., VON HIPPEL T., et al.
2005ApJ...634L...5K 9 13 Colors of luminous bulges in cluster MS 1054-03 and field galaxies at redshifts z∼0.83. KOO D.C., DATTA S., WILLMER C.N.A., et al.
2005ApJ...634..101E 4 5 44 On the origin of exponential disks at high redshift. ELMEGREEN B.G., ELMEGREEN D.M., VOLLBACH D.R., et al.
2005ApJ...634..109Y 76 T                   39 102 Rest-frame ultraviolet-to-optical properties of galaxies at z ~ 6 and z ~ 5 in the
Hubble Ultra Deep Field: from Hubble to Spitzer.
2005ApJ...635..832M 6 10 127 Evidence for a massive poststarburst galaxy at z∼6.5. MOBASHER B., DICKINSON M., FERGUSON H.C., et al.
2005MNRAS.356..596M 11 3 66 Constraints on the ionization sources of the high-redshift intergalactic medium. MEIKSIN A.
2005MNRAS.359.1184S 76 T                   30 103 Near-infrared properties of i-drop galaxies in the
Hubble Ultra Deep Field.
2005MNRAS.360..477D 8 2 35 Non-parametric inversion of strong lensing systems. DIEGO J.M., PROTOPAPAS P., SANDVIK H.B., et al.
2005MNRAS.360.1413B 7 7 99 Star formation and dust attenuation properties in galaxies from a statistical ultraviolet-to-far-infrared analysis. BURGARELLA D., BUAT V. and IGLESIAS-PARAMO J.
2005MNRAS.361..607C 1 11 32 The evolution of Ks-selected galaxies in the GOODS/CDFS deep ISAAC field. CAPUTI K.I., DUNLOP J.S., McLURE R.J., et al.
2005MNRAS.362.1301M 5 3 30 Constraints on dark energy models from galaxy clusters with multiple arcs. MENEGHETTI M., JAIN B., BARTELMANN M., et al.
2005MNRAS.364..443E 8 7 120 Spitzer imaging of i'-drop galaxies: old stars at z~ 6. EYLES L.P., BUNKER A.J., STANWAY E.R., et al.
2005ARA&A..43..247R 1 11 33 High-velocity white dwarfs and galactic structure. REID I.N.
2005Natur.438...45K 29 2 116 Tracing the first stars with fluctuations of the cosmic infrared background. KASHLINSKY A., ARENDT R.G., MATHER J., et al.
2005PhR...409..361K 6 7 95 Cosmic infrared background and early galaxy evolution. KASHLINSKY A.
2005PASJ...57L..33S 2 3 A survey of NB921 dropouts in the Subaru deep field. SHIOYA Y., TANIGUCHI Y., AJIKI M., et al.
2005PASJ...57..447S 7 4 63 Number density of bright Lyman-break galaxies at z ∼ 6 in the Subaru deep field. SHIMASAKU K., OUCHI M., FURUSAWA H., et al.
2005PASJ...57..569S 13 8 New high-redshift galaxies at z = 5.8-6.5 in the Subaru Deep Field. SHIOYA Y., TANIGUCHI Y., AJIKI M., et al.
2005PASJ...57..881Y viz 206 12 An intermediate-band imaging survey for high-redshift Lyman alpha emitters: the Mahoroba-11. YAMADA S.F., SASAKI S.S., SUMIYA R., et al.
2005NewAR..49..396S 2 3 General astrophysics with the optical terrestrial planet finder mission. STAPELFELDT K., BEICHMAN C. and KUCHNER M.
2005NewAR..49..400V 2 0 Observing cluster galaxies and their progenitors with JDEM. VAN DOKKUM P.G.
2005NewAR..49..407W 3 1 The infrared sky. WRIGHT E.L.
2005NewAR..49..417Z 1 0 Probing the universe at redshift 10 and beyond. ZHENG W.
2006A&A...449..951G viz 1278 257 The GOODS-MUSIC sample: a multicolour catalog of near-IR selected galaxies in the GOODS-South field. GRAZIAN A., FONTANA A., DE SANTIS C., et al.
2006A&A...453..507G 4 6 50 The clustering evolution of distant red galaxies in the GOODS-MUSIC sample. GRAZIAN A., FONTANA A., MOSCARDINI L., et al.
2006A&A...455...61W 14 16 The wide field imager Lyman-alpha search (WFILAS) for galaxies at redshift ∼5.7. II. Survey design and sample analysis. WESTRA E., JONES D.H., LIDMAN C.E., et al.
2006A&A...456...91G 3 3 Isolated galaxies: residual of primordial building blocks? GALLETTA G., RODIGHIERO G., BETTONI D., et al.
2006A&A...456..861R 41 78 Constraining the population of 6≲z≲10 star-forming galaxies with deep near-IR images of lensing clusters. RICHARD J., PELLO R., SCHAERER D., et al.
2006AJ....131..208M 3 5 36 The morphological demographics of galaxies in the advanced camera for surveys Hubble ultra deep parallel fields. MENANTEAU F., FORD H.C., MOTTA V., et al.
2006AJ....131..216D 15 20 Star-forming galaxies at intermediate redshifts: morphology, ages, and sizes. DE MELLO D.F., WADADEKAR Y., DAHLEN T., et al.
2006AJ....131.1629S 1 5 14 The deepest supernova search is realized in the Hubble Ultra Deep Field survey. STROLGER L.-G. and RIESS A.G.
2006AJ....131.1891F viz 5 6 63 Faint infrared extragalactic survey: data and source catalog of the MS 1054-03 field. FOERSTER-SCHREIBER N.M., FRANX M., LABBE I., et al.
2006AJ....132..926C viz 75 T                   2664 219 Galaxies in the
Hubble Ultra Deep Field. I. Detection, multiband photometry, photometric redshifts, and morphology.
2006AJ....132.1023W viz 76 T                   3 9 Faint u-band dropouts in the WFPC2 parallels of the
Hubble Ultra Deep Field.
2006ApJ...636..115P 23 28 The structure and star formation history of early-type galaxies in the Ultra Deep Field/GRAPES survey. PASQUALI A., FERRERAS I., PANAGIA N., et al.
2006ApJ...636..575S 6 4 Optical and infrared nondetection of the z = 10 galaxy behind Abell 1835. SMITH G.P., SAND D.J., EGAMI E., et al.
2006ApJ...636..582P 83 T                   1 16 Morphology and evolution of emission-line galaxies in the
Hubble Ultra Deep Field.
2006ApJ...636..592L 7 9 129 The rest-frame far-ultraviolet morphologies of star-forming galaxies at z ∼ 1.5 and 4. LOTZ J.M., MADAU P., GIAVALISCO M., et al.
2006ApJ...637...58O 30 49 Clustering of star-forming galaxies near a radio galaxy at z=5.2. OVERZIER R.A., MILEY G.K., BOUWENS R.J., et al.
2006ApJ...637...80M 4 3 28 The redshift distribution of distant supernovae and its use in probing reionization. MESINGER A., JOHNSON B.D. and HAIMAN Z.
2006ApJ...638...72K 7 8 126 A wide area survey for high-redshift massive galaxies. I. Number counts and clustering of BzKs and EROS. KONG X., DADDI E., ARIMOTO N., et al.
2006ApJ...639..126B 12 1 25 Disk evolution since z∼1 in a CDM universe. BROOK C.B., KAWATA D., MARTEL H., et al.
2006ApJ...639..724S viz 84 T                   2 38 Tracing galaxy assembly: tadpole galaxies in the
Hubble Ultra Deep Field.
2006ApJ...639..731C 75 T                   47 18 Clues to active galactic nucleus growth from optically variable objects in the
Hubble Ultra Deep Field.
2006ApJ...640L.143N 2 7 31 Luminous compact blue galaxies up to z∼1 in the Hubble Space Telescope Ultra Deep Field. I. Small galaxies or blue centers of massive disks? NOESKE K.G., KOO D.C., PHILLIPS A.C., et al.
2006ApJ...642..653S 12 4 101 Keck deep fields. II. The ultraviolet galaxy luminosity function at z ∼ 4, 3, and 2. SAWICKI M. and THOMPSON D.
2006ApJ...642..720J 1 7 25 Weak-lensing Detection at z ∼ 1.3: Measurement of the two Lynx clusters with the Advanced Camera for Surveys. JEE M.J., WHITE R.L., FORD H.C., et al.
2006ApJ...645..199S 75 T                   26 13 Morphology of Spitzer 24 µm detected galaxies in the
UDF: the links between star formation and galaxy morphology.
2006ApJ...645..792T 34 1 69 Lyα radiative transfer in cosmological simulations and application to a z ≃ 8 Lyα emitter. TASITSIOMI A.
2006ApJ...647..471L 44 50 Infrared and optical observations of GRB 030115 and its extremely red host galaxy: implications for dark bursts. LEVAN A., FRUCHTER A., RHOADS J., et al.
2006ApJ...647..787T 77 T                   8 38 Star formation history of the
Hubble Ultra Deep Field: comparison with the Hubble Deep Field-North.
2006ApJ...648....1G 39 1 78 Cosmic reionization redux. GNEDIN N.Y. and FAN X.
2006ApJ...648L...5O 79 T                   3 26 Clustering of i775Dropout galaxies at z ∼ 6 in GOODS and the
2006ApJ...648..299S 8 3 51 Keck Deep Fields. III. Luminosity-dependent evolution of the ultraviolet luminosity and star formation rate densities at z∼4, 3, and 2. SAWICKI M. and THOMPSON D.
2006ApJ...649L..67L 85 T                   5 103 Spitzer IRAC confirmation of z850-Dropout galaxies in the
Hubble Ultra Deep Field: stellar masses and ages at z ~ 7.
2006MNRAS.365..496M 4 0 The kinematical structure of gravitationally lensed arcs. MOLLER O. and NOORDERMEER E.
2006MNRAS.365..807M 9 3 57 Colour corrections for high-redshift objects due to intergalactic attenuation. MEIKSIN A.
2006MNRAS.365..833M 14 5 The possible detection of high-redshift Type II QSOs in deep fields. MEIKSIN A.
2006MNRAS.366..705N 11 2 46 Lyman break galaxies at z= 4-6 in cosmological smoothed particle hydrodynamics simulations. NIGHT C., NAGAMINE K., SPRINGEL V., et al.
2006MNRAS.366..899N 9 6 111 A simple model for the evolution of disc galaxies: the Milky Way. NAAB T. and OSTRIKER J.P.
2006MNRAS.366.1067B 35 11 Clustering and properties of K-band companion galaxies around ultrasteep spectrum radio sources. BORNANCINI C.G., LAMBAS D.G. and DE BREUCK C.
2006MNRAS.367L..11S 3 5 33 Where are the sources of the near-infrared background? SALVATERRA R. and FERRARA A.
2006MNRAS.368..109M 2 9 41 Shapley Optical Survey - I. Luminosity functions in the supercluster environment. MERCURIO A., MERLUZZI P., HAINES C.P., et al.
2006MNRAS.368.1893F 6 4 50 Constraints on Type Ia supernova progenitor time delays from high-z supernovae and the star formation history. FORSTER F., WOLF C., PODSIADLOWSKI P., et al.
2006MNRAS.369..825S 36 1 73 Constraints on the initial mass function of the first stars. SCHNEIDER R., SALVATERRA R., FERRARA A., et al.
2006MNRAS.371L..55C 44 1 88 Updating reionization scenarios after recent data. CHOUDHURY T.R. and FERRARA A.
2006PASP..118.1186J 1 0 Seeing the sky through Hubble's eye: the COSMOS SkyWalker. JAHNKE K., SANCHEZ S.F. and KOEKEMOER A.
2006ARA&A..44..141R 126           X         3 9 242 Stellar population diagnostics of elliptical galaxy formation. RENZINI A.
2006ARA&A..44..415F 162           X         4 23 548 Observational constraints on cosmic reionization. FAN X., CARILLI C.L. and KEATING B.
2006Natur.443..189B 8 5 82 Rapid evolution of the most luminous galaxies during the first 900 million years. BOUWENS R.J. and ILLINGWORTH G.D.
2006PASJ...58..313S viz 1 66 219 Ly-alpha emitters at z = 5.7 in the Subaru deep field. SHIMASAKU K., KASHIKAWA N., DOI M., et al.
2006SciAm.295a..42L 13 1 Hubble's top 10. LIVIO M.
2006S&T...111c..30P 12 0 Deciphering the globular-cluster code. PULLIAM C.
2006NewAR..50....1B 3 4 First light and reionization: A conference summary. BARTON E.J., BULLOCK J.S., COORAY A., et al.
2006NewAR..50...46S 1 5 16 Searching for the sources responsible for cosmic reionization: Probing the redshift range 7 < z < 10 and beyond. STARK D.P. and ELLIS R.S.
2006NewAR..50...75B 3 5 In search of first light: New technologies and new ideas. BLAND-HAWTHORN J.
2006NewAR..50...94B 2 5 26 Star forming galaxies at z about 6 and reionization. BUNKER A., STANWAY E., ELLIS R., et al.
2006NewAR..50..113W 16 1 32 How JWST can measure first light, reionization and galaxy assembly. WINDHORST R.A., COHEN S.H., JANSEN R.A., et al.
2006NewAR..50..127Y 10 7 GOODS Spitzer IRAC observations of high-z galaxies - Implications for reionization. YAN H., DICKINSON M., STERN D., et al.
2006NewAR..50..152B 2 5 26 Luminosity functions and star formation rates at z about 6-10 : Galaxy buildup in the reionization age. BOUWENS R. and ILLINGWORTH G.
2006NewAR..50..237B 1 1 New instrument concepts for observational cosmology. BLAND-HAWTHORN J.
2004AAS...20510005T 1 ~ Galaxy evolution probe. THOMSON R.I.
2006ApJ...650L..29M 222     A     X         6 3 67 The spiderweb galaxy: a forming massive cluster galaxy at z ∼ 2. MILEY G.K., OVERZIER R.A., ZIRM A.W., et al.
2006ApJ...650..148L viz 1 9 19 The nature of blue early-type galaxies in the GOODS fields. LEE J.H., LEE M.G. and HWANG H.S.
2006ApJ...650..644E 3 13 97 Observations of thick disks in the Hubble Space Telescope Ultra Deep Field. ELMEGREEN B.G. and ELMEGREEN D.M.
2006ApJ...650..661N 1 12 33 Lyman break galaxies under a microscope: the small-scale dynamics and mass of an arc in the cluster 1E 0657-56. NESVADBA N.P.H., LEHNERT M.D., EISENHAUER F., et al.
2006ApJ...650..812Z 1 12 27 The red halo phenomenon. ZACKRISSON E., BERGVALL N., OSTLIN G., et al.
2006ApJ...651...24Y 19 3 114 The stellar masses and star formation histories of galaxies at z∼ 6: Constraints from Spitzer observations in the Great Observatories Origins Deep Survey. YAN H., DICKINSON M., GIAVALISCO M., et al.
2006ApJ...651..142H 345 2 1383 On the normalization of the cosmic star formation history. HOPKINS A.M. and BEACOM J.F.
2006ApJ...651..676E 60 33 Rings and bent chain galaxies in the GEMS and GOODS fields. ELMEGREEN D.M. and ELMEGREEN B.G.
2006AJ....132.1729B viz 75 T                   761 391 The
Hubble Ultra Deep Field.
2006SciAm.295e..46L 1 2 4 The dark ages of the Universe. LOEB A.
2006ApJ...652...85M 10 12 257 Evidence for TP-AGB stars in high-redshift galaxies, and their effect on deriving stellar population parameters. MARASTON C., DADDI E., RENZINI A., et al.
2006ApJ...652..963R 2 19 110 The morphological diversities among star-forming galaxies at high redshifts in the Great Observatories Origins Deep Survey. RAVINDRANATH S., GIAVALISCO M., FERGUSON H.C., et al.
2006ApJ...652..981W 77 T                   14 83 Searching for low surface brightness galaxies in the
Hubble Ultra Deep Field: implications for the star formation efficiency in neutral gas at z∼3.
2006ApJ...653...53B viz 75 T                   593 303 Galaxies at z ∼ 6: the UV luminosity function and luminosity density from 506
HUDF parallel ACS field, and GOODS i-dropouts.
2007A&A...461..423M 4 6 59 Evidence for strong evolution of the cosmic star formation density at high redshifts. MANNUCCI F., BUTTERY H., MAIOLINO R., et al.
2007A&A...461..861S 7 2 28 GaBoDS: The Garching-Bonn Deep Survey. VI. Probing galaxy bias using weak gravitational lensing. SIMON P., HETTERSCHEIDT M., SCHIRMER M., et al.
2007ApJ...654..172D 5 6 66 Evolution of the luminosity function, star formation rate, morphology, and size of star-forming galaxies selected at rest-frame 1500 and 2800 Å. DAHLEN T., MOBASHER B., DICKINSON M., et al.
2007MNRAS.374..627S 15 1 31 Constraining the quasar contribution to the reionization of cosmic hydrogen. SRBINOVSKY J.A. and WYITHE J.S.B.
2007MNRAS.374..761S 7 2 28 Unresolved X-ray background: clues on galactic nuclear activity at z > 6. SALVATERRA R., HAARDT F. and VOLONTERI M.
2007MNRAS.374..910E 1 40 118 The stellar mass density at z ~ 6 from Spitzer imaging of i'-drop galaxies. EYLES L.P., BUNKER A.J., ELLIS R.S., et al.
2006NewAR..50..821W 46 7 Did galaxy assembly and supermassive black-hole growth go hand-in-hand? WINDHORST R.A., COHEN S.H., STRAUGHN A.N., et al.
2007ApJ...656L...1H 18 14 A search for Lyman break galaxies at z>8 in the NICMOS Parallel Imaging Survey. HENRY A.L., MALKAN M.A., COLBERT J.W., et al.
2007ApJ...656..756W 2 9 51 The metallicity distribution of intracluster stars in Virgo. WILLIAMS B.F., CIARDULLO R., DURRELL P.R., et al.
2007ApJ...657..669T 4 5 44 Constraints on the cosmic near-infrared background excess from NICMOS Deep Field observations. THOMPSON R.I., EISENSTEIN D., FAN X., et al.
2007MNRAS.376..125S viz 2 6 25 Morphologies and stellar populations of galaxies in the core of Abell 2218. SANCHEZ S.F., CARDIEL N., VERHEIJEN M.A.W., et al.
2007A&A...465..393G 103     A     X         3 10 83 A comparison of LBGs, DRGs, and BzK galaxies: their contribution to the stellar mass density in the GOODS-MUSIC sample. GRAZIAN A., SALIMBENI S., PENTERICCI L., et al.
2007ApJ...658..763E 9 8 156 Resolved galaxies in the Hubble Ultra Deep Field: star formation in disks at high redshift. ELMEGREEN D.M., ELMEGREEN B.G., RAVINDRANATH S., et al.
2007ApJ...659...84S viz 100 98 A new measurement of the stellar mass density at z~5: implications for the sources of cosmic reionization. STARK D.P., BUNKER A.J., ELLIS R.S., et al.
2007MNRAS.376.1054D 515     A     X C       13 27 53 A systematic search for very massive galaxies at z > 4. DUNLOP J.S., CIRASUOLO M. and McLURE R.J.
2007ApJ...659..941T 1 13 46 Measuring PAH emission in ultradeep Spitzer IRS spectroscopy of high-redshift IR-luminous galaxies. TEPLITZ H.I., DESAI V., ARMUS L., et al.
2007ApJ...660...81M viz 1406 33 Radius-dependent luminosity evolution of blue galaxies in GOODS-N. MELBOURNE J., PHILLIPS A.C., HARKER J., et al.
2007MNRAS.376..727S 1630 T   A D     X C       42 27 60 The GLARE Survey - II. Faint z ~ 6 Lyα line emitters in the
2007MNRAS.376.1557I 304           X C       7 29 66 Differential evolution of the UV luminosity function of Lyman break galaxies from z ∼ 5 to 3. IWATA I., OHTA K., TAMURA N., et al.
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