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2021MNRAS.500.3728S 230     A     X         5 3 ~ The effects of peculiar velocities in SN Ia environments on the local H0 measurement. SEDGWICK T.M., COLLINS C.A., BALDRY I.K., et al.
2020A&A...633A..19B 47           X         1 12 ~ Observational evidence for a local underdensity in the Universe and its effect on the measurement of the Hubble constant. BOHRINGER H., CHON G. and COLLINS C.A.
2020A&A...638A.111K viz 187           X         4 44 ~ KKH 22, the first dwarf spheroidal satellite of IC 342. KARACHENTSEV I.D., MAKAROVA L.N., BRENT TULLY R., et al.
2020AJ....159...67K 47           X         1 20 ~ Cosmicflows-3: two distance-velocity calculators. KOURKCHI E., COURTOIS H.M., GRAZIANI R., et al.
2020ApJ...891..181M 140           X C       2 22 ~ The Leoncino dwarf galaxy: exploring the low-metallicity end of the luminosity-metallicity and mass-metallicity relations. McQUINN K.B.W., BERG D.A., SKILLMAN E.D., et al.
2020ApJ...897..133P 47           X         1 15 ~ Cosmicflows-3: the South Pole Wall. POMAREDE D., TULLY R.B., GRAZIANI R., et al.
2020ApJ...903...59B 355     A     X C       7 16 ~ The H I structure of the Local Volume dwarf galaxy Pisces A. BEALE L., DONOVAN MEYER J., TOLLERUD E.J., et al.
2020MNRAS.491.1531C 47           X         1 6 ~ On the mass assembly history of the Local Group. CARLESI E., HOFFMAN Y., GOTTLOBER S., et al.
2020MNRAS.493..362K 47           X         1 3 ~ And yet it flips: connecting galactic spin and the cosmic web. KRALJIC K., DAVE R. and PICHON C.
2020MNRAS.498.2968L 280           X C       5 7 ~ The HESTIA project: simulations of the Local Group. LIBESKIND N.I., CARLESI E., GRAND R.J.J., et al.
2020MNRAS.498.4386P 47           X         1 47 ~ Formation of the large nearby galaxies. PEEBLES P.J.E.
2020MNRAS.499.2845H 886       S   X         18 28 ~ The KBC void and Hubble tension contradict ΛCDM on a Gpc scale - Milgromian dynamics as a possible solution. HASLBAUER M., BANIK I. and KROUPA P.
2019A&A...629A..18M viz 45           X         1 37 ~ The dwarf galaxy satellite system of Centaurus A. MULLER O., REJKUBA M., PAWLOWSKI M.S., et al.
2019ApJ...872L...4A 179           X         4 16 ~ The distance and motion of the Maffei Group. ANAND G.S., TULLY R.B., RIZZI L., et al.
2019ApJ...875..145K 45           X         1 1 ~ The local perspective on the Hubble tension: local structure does not impact measurement of the Hubble constant. KENWORTHY W.D., SCOLNIC D. and RIESS A.
2019ApJ...880...24T 8780 T   A D S   X C       194 41 ~ Cosmicflows-3: cosmography of the

Local Void
2019ApJ...880...52A 699     A     X C       15 18 ~ Peculiar velocities of Galaxies just beyond the Local Group. ANAND G.S., TULLY R.B., RIZZI L., et al.
2019ApJS..245....6M viz 45           X         1 1111 ~ The 2MASS Redshift Survey in the zone of avoidance. MACRI L.M., KRAAN-KORTEWEG R.C., LAMBERT T., et al.
2019MNRAS.482.4329P viz 609     A     X C       13 1213 ~ Void galaxies in the nearby Universe - I. Sample description. PUSTILNIK S.A., TEPLIAKOVA A.L. and MAKAROV D.I.
2019MNRAS.482.5167S viz 45           X         1 19 ~ A zone of avoidance catalogue of 2MASS bright galaxies - I. Sample description and analysis. SCHRODER A.C., VAN DRIEL W. and KRAAN-KORTEWEG R.C.
2019MNRAS.483..299G viz 45           X         1 5425 ~ Interstellar polarization and extinction in the Local Bubble and the Gould Belt. GONTCHAROV G.A. and MOSENKOV A.V.
2019MNRAS.484.1790K 45           X         1 20 ~ Search for ultra high-energy cosmic rays from radiogalaxy Virgo A. KOBZAR O., HNATYK B., MARCHENKO V., et al.
2019MNRAS.485.5474L 45           X         1 3 ~ ETHOS - an effective theory of structure formation: formation of the first haloes and their stars. LOVELL M.R., ZAVALA J. and VOGELSBERGER M.
2019MNRAS.486.1796S 1254     A D     X C F     27 11 ~ The H I mass function in the Parkes H I Zone of Avoidance survey. SAID K., KRAAN-KORTEWEG R.C. and STAVELEY-SMITH L.
2019MNRAS.490.2405C 45           X         1 1 ~ Void formation: does the void-in-cloud process matter? CHAN H.Y.J., CHIBA M. and ISHIYAMA T.
2019MNRAS.490.3786L 179             C F     2 7 ~ The orientation of planes of dwarf galaxies in the quasi-linear Universe. LIBESKIND N.I., CARLESI E., MULLER O., et al.
2018A&A...609A..11K 44           X         1 229 3 Cosmic flow around local massive galaxies. KASHIBADZE O.G. and KARACHENTSEV I.D.
2018A&A...615A..96M viz 44           X         1 19 2 Distances from the tip of the red giant branch to the dwarf galaxies dw1335-29 and dw1340-30 in the Centaurus group. MULLER O., REJKUBA M. and JERJEN H.
2018AJ....156..105A 548     A     X C       12 12 1 A robust tip of the red giant branch distance to the fireworks galaxy (NGC 6946). ANAND G.S., RIZZI L. and TULLY R.B.
2018ApJ...854...46H 45           X         1 3 4 The KBC void: consistency with supernovae Type Ia and the kinematic SZ effect in a ΛLTB model. HOSCHEIT B.L. and BARGER A.J.
2018ApJ...858...62K 174           X         4 62 2 TRGB distances to galaxies in front of the Virgo Cluster. KARACHENTSEV I.D., MAKAROVA L.N., TULLY R.B., et al.
2018ApJ...860..127L 70     A     X         2 5 2 Linear tidal vestige found in the WM sheet. LEE J., KIM S. and REY S.-C.
2018MNRAS.473.1195L 47           X         1 8 28 Tracing the cosmic web. LIBESKIND N.I., VAN DE WEYGAERT R., CAUTUN M., et al.
2018MNRAS.481.1262K 87           X         2 86 ~ The Nancay H I Zone of Avoidance survey of 2MASS bright galaxies. KRAAN-KORTEWEG R.C., VAN DRIEL W., SCHRODER A.C., et al.
2018MNRAS.481.4753C 44           X         1 3 ~ Galaxy orientation with the cosmic web across cosmic time. CODIS S., JINDAL A., CHISARI N.E., et al.
2017A&A...597A...7M 128           X C       2 77 21 New low surface brightness dwarf galaxies in the Centaurus group. MULLER O., JERJEN H. and BINGGELI B.
2017A&A...599A..31H 48           X         1 3 15 Alignment of galaxies relative to their local environment in SDSS-DR8. HIRV A., PELT J., SAAR E., et al.
2017A&A...602A.119M 153     A     X         4 57 16 The M 101 group complex: new dwarf galaxy candidates and spatial structure. MULLER O., SCALERA R., BINGGELI B., et al.
2017ApJ...835...78R 1260 T   A     X         29 12 5 Draining the Local Void. RIZZI L., TULLY R.B., SHAYA E.J., et al.
2017ApJ...843...16K viz 85           X         2 12390 21 Galaxy groups within 3500 km s–1. KOURKCHI E. and TULLY R.B.
2017ApJ...845...55P 128           X C       2 24 5 The cosmic V-web. POMAREDE D., HOFFMAN Y., COURTOIS H.M., et al.
2017ApJ...850..207S viz 724           X C       16 384 7 Action dynamics of the Local Supercluster. SHAYA E.J., TULLY R.B., HOFFMAN Y., et al.
2017MNRAS.464..666B viz 43           X         1 75 7 The Void Galaxy Survey: photometry, structure and identity of void galaxies. BEYGU B., PELETIER R.F., VAN DER HULST J.M., et al.
2017MNRAS.465.1358P 44           X         1 5 6 On the influence of the environment on galactic chemical abundances. PILYUGIN L.S., GREBEL E.K., ZINCHENKO I.A., et al.
2017MNRAS.466..556M 43           X         1 18 ~ Unusual void galaxy DDO 68: implications of the HST-resolved photometry. MAKAROV D.I., MAKAROVA L.N., PUSTILNIK S.A., et al.
2017MNRAS.468.1671L 43           X         1 14 4 Is the vast polar structure of dwarf galaxies a serious problem for Λ cold dark matter? LIPNICKY A. and CHAKRABARTI S.
2017MNRAS.468.1953P 43           X         1 6 3 Testing isotropy in the Two Micron All-Sky redshift survey with information entropy. PANDEY B.
2017MNRAS.468.4579W 710     A S   X C F     14 3 10 The galaxy population in cold and warm dark matter cosmologies. WANG L., GONZALEZ-PEREZ V., XIE L., et al.
2017MNRAS.470...85L 128           X         3 3 ~ Voids and superstructures: correlations and induced large-scale velocity flows. LARES M., LUPARELLO H.E., MALDONADO V., et al.
2017MNRAS.471.1955S 43           X         1 31 1 Nuclei of dwarf spheroidal galaxies KKs 3 and ESO 269-66 and their counterparts in our Galaxy. SHARINA M.E., SHIMANSKY V.V. and KNIAZEV A.Y.
2016A&A...594A..21P 60           X         1 5 92 Planck 2015 results. XXI. The integrated Sachs-Wolfe effect. ADE P.A.R., AGHANIM N., ARNAUD M., et al.
2016A&A...595A.119M 84           X         2 70 20 Testing the two planes of satellites in the Centaurus group. MULLER O., JERJEN H., PAWLOWSKI M.S., et al.
2016AJ....151...52S viz 1237     A S   X C       28 966 15 The Parkes H I zone of avoidance survey. STAVELEY-SMITH L., KRAAN-KORTEWEG R.C., SCHRODER A.C., et al.
2016ARA&A..54..363D 42           X         1 63 49 The Magellanic Stream:circumnavigating the galaxy. D'ONGHIA E. and FOX A.J.
2016ApJ...820L...7S 89           X         2 2 10 Cluster-void degeneracy breaking: dark energy, Planck, and the largest cluster and void. SAHLEN M., ZUBELDIA I. and SILK J.
2016ApJ...827...89T viz 125           X C       2 6 5 HST imaging of the local volume dwarf galaxies Pisces A and B: prototypes for local group dwarfs. TOLLERUD E.J., GEHA M.C., GRCEVICH J., et al.
2016ApJ...831..118M 89           X         2 2 10 On the star formation properties of void galaxies. MOORMAN C.M., MORENO J., WHITE A., et al.
2016MNRAS.455.3169L 361     A     X         9 7 20 Unmasking the masked Universe: the 2M++ catalogue through Bayesian eyes. LAVAUX G. and JASCHE J.
2016MNRAS.455.3430M 42           X         1 12 3 The Arecibo Galaxy Environment Survey IX: the isolated galaxy sample. MINCHIN R.F., AULD R., DAVIES J.I., et al.
2016MNRAS.457..695P 46           X         1 4 17 The alignment of galaxy spin with the shear field in observations. PAHWA I., LIBESKIND N.I., TEMPEL E., et al.
2016MNRAS.457.2366S viz 318     A     X C       7 346 6 NIR Tully-Fisher in the Zone of Avoidance - II. 21 cm H I-line spectra of southern ZOA galaxies. SAID K., KRAAN-KORTEWEG R.C., STAVELEY-SMITH L., et al.
2016MNRAS.460L...5C 44           X         1 4 8 The tangential velocity of M31: CLUES from constrained simulations. CARLESI E., HOFFMAN Y., SORCE J.G., et al.
2016MNRAS.462.3386S viz 167           X         4 9 4 NIR Tully-Fisher in the Zone of Avoidance - III. Deep NIR catalogue of the HIZOA galaxies. SAID K., KRAAN-KORTEWEG R.C., JARRETT T.H., et al.
2016MNRAS.463..670P 84           X         2 86 7 Study of galaxies in the Lynx-Cancer void - VII. New oxygen abundances. PUSTILNIK S.A., PEREPELITSYNA Y.A. and KNIAZEV A.Y.
2015A&A...583A.124D viz 41           X         1 165 5 Ophiuchus: An optical view of a very massive cluster of galaxies hidden behind the Milky Way. DURRET F., WAKAMATSU K., NAGAYAMA T., et al.
2015AJ....149...54T 206           X C       4 156 44 Galaxy groups. TULLY R.B.
2015AJ....149..171T viz 82             C       1 49215 49 Galaxy groups: a 2MASS catalog. TULLY R.B.
2015ApJ...798L..15K 82           X         2 44 9 The metallicity of void dwarf galaxies. KRECKEL K., CROXALL K., GROVES B., et al.
2015ApJ...802L..24K 41           X         1 8 4 Discovery of new dwarf galaxy near the isolated spiral galaxy NGC 6503. KODA J., YAGI M., KOMIYAMA Y., et al.
2015ApJ...802L..25T 124           X         3 45 55 Two planes of satellites in the Centaurus A Group. TULLY R.B., LIBESKIND N.I., KARACHENTSEV I.D., et al.
2015ApJ...805..144K 560     A     X         14 32 14 Peculiar velocities of galaxies in the Leo spur. KARACHENTSEV I.D., TULLY R.B., MAKAROVA L.N., et al.
2015ApJ...815...40D 82           X         2 15 4 Detection of molecular gas in void galaxies : implications for star formation in isolated environments. DAS M., SAITO T., IONO D., et al.
2015MNRAS.446.4291L 41           X         1 10 2 The H I-dominated low-surface-brightness galaxy KKR 17. LAM M.I., WU H., YANG M., et al.
2015MNRAS.447.1618S 41           X         1 7 6 On how to extend the NIR Tully-Fisher relation to be truly all-sky. SAID K., KRAAN-KORTEWEG R.C. and JARRETT T.H.
2015MNRAS.451.1036C 122           X         2 2 80 Testing gravity using cosmic voids. CAI Y.-C., PADILLA N. and LI B.
2015MNRAS.452.1052L 438     A     X C       10 17 49 Planes of satellite galaxies and the cosmic web. LIBESKIND N.I., HOFFMAN Y., TULLY R.B., et al.
2014A&A...563A..27L 41           X         1 67 29 Evolution of dwarf galaxies: a dynamical perspective. LELLI F., FRATERNALI F. and VERHEIJEN M.
2014A&ARv..22...71S 44           X         1 24 73 Star formation sustained by gas accretion. SANCHEZ ALMEIDA J., ELMEGREEN B.G., MUNOZ-TUNON C., et al.
2014Ap.....57..457K           X         77 8 Motions of galaxies in the Bootes Strip. KARACHENTSEV I.D., KARACHENTSEVA V.E. and NASONOVA O.G.
2014ApJ...780...88N 309 T   A     X         7 14 6 Nebular metallicities in two isolated local void dwarf galaxies. NICHOLLS D.C., JERJEN H., DOPITA M.A., et al.
2014ApJ...786..155N 81           X         2 20 19 Metal-poor dwarf galaxies in the SIGRID galaxy sample. I. H II region observations and chemical abundances. NICHOLLS D.C., DOPITA M.A., SUTHERLAND R.S., et al.
2014ApJ...796L...4L 41           X         1 16 13 Cosmological parameters from supernovae associated with gamma-ray bursts. LI X., HJORTH J. and WOJTAK R.
2014MNRAS.437.3586S 165           X C       3 10 32 Simulations of the Local Universe constrained by observational peculiar velocities. SORCE J.G., COURTOIS H.M., GOTTLOBER S., et al.
2014MNRAS.438.2916B 51           X         1 3 30 A comparison of the distribution of satellite galaxies around Andromeda and the results of ΛCDM simulations. BAHL H. and BAUMGARDT H.
2014MNRAS.441..933X 1609 T   A     X C F     37 6 7 The
Local Void: for or against ΛCDM ?
XIE L., GAO L. and GUO Q.
2014MNRAS.442L..46T 41           X         1 14 3 The Arecibo Galaxy Environment Survey - VIII. Discovery of an isolated dwarf galaxy in the Local Volume. TAYLOR R., MINCHIN R.F., HERBST H., et al.
2014MNRAS.443...41W viz 244           X C F     4 562 7 Deep NIR photometry of HI galaxies in the Zone of Avoidance. WILLIAMS W.L., KRAAN-KORTEWEG R.C. and WOUDT P.A.
2014MNRAS.444.3559M 44           X         1 4 15 The HI mass function and velocity width function of void galaxies in the Arecibo Legacy Fast ALFA Survey. MOORMAN C.M., VOGELEY M.S., HOYLE F., et al.
2014MNRAS.445..988N 97           X         2 2 33 The cosmic web of the Local Universe: cosmic variance, matter content and its relation to galaxy morphology. NUZA S.E., KITAURA F.-S., HESS S., et al.
2014MNRAS.445.1694L 57       D     X         2 116 38 The triggering of starbursts in low-mass galaxies. LELLI F., VERHEIJEN M. and FRATERNALI F.
2013A&A...560A..90F 84           X         2 12 54 Measuring cosmic bulk flows with Type Ia supernovae from the Nearby Supernova Factory. FEINDT U., KERSCHHAGGL M., KOWALSKI M., et al.
2013AJ....145..101K viz 201           X         5 873 185 Updated nearby galaxy catalog. KARACHENTSEV I.D., MAKAROV D.I. and KAISINA E.I.
2013AJ....146....3S 84             C       1 14 61 ALFALFA discovery of the nearby gas-rich dwarf galaxy Leo P. III. An extremely metal deficient galaxy. SKILLMAN E.D., SALZER J.J., BERG D.A., et al.
2013AJ....146...46K viz 40           X         1 824 42 Star formation properties in the Local Volume galaxies via Hα and far-ultraviolet fluxes. KARACHENTSEV I.D. and KAISINA E.I.
2013AJ....146...69C 361           X C       8 50 49 Cosmography of the Local Universe. COURTOIS H.M., POMAREDE D., TULLY R.B., et al.
2013AJ....146...86T viz 361           X C       8 9233 212 Cosmicflows-2: the data. TULLY R.B., COURTOIS H.M., DOLPHIN A.E., et al.
2013ApJ...778..137P 80           X         2 26 4 A primeval Magellanic stream and others. PEEBLES P.J.E. and TULLY R.B.
2013MNRAS.430..902D 42           X         1 6 13 Reconstructing cosmological initial conditions from galaxy peculiar velocities - II. The effect of observational errors. DOUMLER T., COURTOIS H., GOTTLOBER S., et al.
2013MNRAS.430..912D 121           X         3 11 12 Reconstructing cosmological initial conditions from galaxy peculiar velocities - III. Constrained simulations. DOUMLER T., GOTTLOBER S., HOFFMAN Y., et al.
2013MNRAS.431..749C 169           X         3 2 98 Voids in modified gravity: excursion set predictions. CLAMPITT J., CAI Y.-C. and LI B.
2013MNRAS.435.2065H 47           X         1 6 42 Simulating structure formation of the Local Universe. HESS S., KITAURA F.-S. and GOTTLOBER S.
2013MNRAS.436.2096S 706     A     X C F     16 80 51 The formation of local group planes of galaxies. SHAYA E.J. and TULLY R.B.
2013MNRAS.436.3525R 121           X         3 3 4 Merging tree algorithm of growing voids in self-similar and CDM models. RUSSELL E.
2013Natur.493...31T 10 9 Andromeda's extended disk of dwarfs. TULLY R.B.
2012A&A...537A.132B 119           X C       2 119 71 A comparison between star formation rate diagnostics and rate of core collapse supernovae within 11 mpc. BOTTICELLA M.T., SMARTT S.J., KENNICUTT R.C.Jr, et al.
2012A&A...543A..47G 143     A     X         4 8 9 Isolated and non-isolated dwarfs in terms of modified newtonian dynamics. GENTILE G., ANGUS G.W., FAMAEY B., et al.
2012AJ....144...16K viz 79           X         2 89 73 The Void Galaxy Survey: optical properties and H I morphology and kinematics. KRECKEL K., PLATEN E., ARAGON-CALVO M.A., et al.
2012AN....333..436C 119           X         3 6 11 Cosmic flows surveys and CLUES simulations. COURTOIS H.M. and TULLY R.B.
2012ARA&A..50....1P 40           X         1 6 6 Seeing cosmology grow. PEEBLES P.J.E.
2012ApJ...744...43C 422     A     X         11 15 58 Three-dimensional velocity and density reconstructions of the Local Universe with Cosmicflows-1. COURTOIS H.M., HOFFMAN Y., TULLY R.B., et al.
2012MNRAS.424..472B 46           X         1 3 39 The linear velocity field of 2MASS redshift survey, ks= 11.75 galaxies: constraints on β and bulk flow from the luminosity function. BRANCHINI E., DAVIS M. and NUSSER A.
2012MNRAS.424..495V 42           X         1 3 12 Cosmology when living near the Great Attractor. VALKENBURG W. and BJAELDE O.E.
2012MNRAS.425..709M 159           X C       3 32 22 A unique isolated dwarf spheroidal galaxy at D=1.9Mpc. MAKAROV D., MAKAROVA L., SHARINA M., et al.
2012MNRAS.425.2083K 40           X         1 43 3 Hα survey of nearby dwarf galaxies. KAISIN S.S., KARACHENTSEV I.D. and RAVINDRANATH S.
2012MNRAS.427L..35K 41           X         1 9 32 Cosmic structure and dynamics of the local Universe. KITAURA F.-S., ERDOGDU P., NUZA S.E., et al.
2012PASA...29..359K 40           X         1 32 56 Overview on spectral line source finding and visualisation. KORIBALSKI B.S.
2012PASA...29..395K 41           X         1 29 115 The dark matter crisis: falsification of the current standard model of cosmology. KROUPA P.
2011A&A...531A..87I 456 T   A     X C       10 68 1 Is the far border of the
Local Void expanding?
2011AJ....141..204K 316 T         X C       6 10 37 KK 246: a dwarf galaxy with an extended H I disk in the local void. KRECKEL K., PEEBLES P.J.E., VAN GORKOM J.H., et al.
2011Ap.....54....1N 826           X C       20 23 18 Kinematics of the local cosmic void. NASONOVA O.G. and KARACHENTSEV I.D.
2011ApJ...732...25C 130           X         3 2 48 Stellar structure and tests of modified gravity. CHANG P. and HUI L.
2011ApJ...735..132K 161           X         4 3 29 Simulated void galaxies in the standard cold dark matter model. KRECKEL K., JOUNG M.R. and CEN R.
2011ApJ...741...17B 79           X         2 32 62 Where are the fossils of the first galaxies? I. Local volume maps and properties of the undetected dwarfs. BOVILL M.S. and RICOTTI M.
2011ApJ...741...31B 41           X         1 9 46 Is the Two Micron All Sky Survey clustering dipole convergent? BILICKI M., CHODOROWSKI M., JARRETT T., et al.
2011ApJ...743..123K viz 142     A     X         4 250 21 Fast motions of galaxies in the Coma I cloud: a case of dark attractor? KARACHENTSEV I.D., NASONOVA O.G. and COURTOIS H.M.
2010A&A...523A..32K 41           X         1 30 157 Local-group tests of dark-matter concordance cosmology. Towards a new paradigm for structure formation. KROUPA P., FAMAEY B., DE BOER K.S., et al.
2010AJ....139..865F 39           X         1 7 5 Evidence for a strong end-on bar in the ringed σ-drop galaxy NGC 6503. FREELAND E., CHOMIUK L., KEENAN R., et al.
2010AJ....140.1093M viz 39           X         1 108 18 The Arecibo Galaxy Environment Survey. III. Observations toward the galaxy pair NGC 7332/7339 and the isolated galaxy NGC 1156. MINCHIN R.F., MOMJIAN E., AULD R., et al.
2010ApJ...709..483L 42           X         1 17 117 Cosmic flow from two micron all-sky redshift survey: the origin of cosmic microwave background dipole and implications for ΛCDM cosmology. LAVAUX G., TULLY R.B., MOHAYAEE R., et al.
2010MNRAS.401..333P 40           X         1 8 27 SDSS J092609.45+334304.1: a nearby unevolved galaxy. PUSTILNIK S.A., TEPLIAKOVA A.L., KNIAZEV A.Y., et al.
2010MNRAS.405.1075K 79           X         2 14 44 The observed infall of galaxies towards the Virgo cluster. KARACHENTSEV I.D. and NASONOVA O.G.
2010MNRAS.405.2453M 39           X         1 16 17 Very metal-poor galaxies: ionized gas kinematics in nine objects. MOISEEV A.V., PUSTILNIK S.A. and KNIAZEV A.Y.
2010MNRAS.406.1007L 118           X         3 10 28 Precision constrained simulation of the local Universe. LAVAUX G.
2010MNRAS.406.1358B 375 T   A S   X   F     7 2 4 Influence of the local void on measurements of the clustering dipole. BILICKI M. and CHODOROWSKI M.J.
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