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2018ApJ...852...84P 90             C       1 30 1 Radio evolution of supernova remnants including nonlinear particle acceleration: insights from hydrodynamic simulations. PAVLOVIC M.Z., UROSEVIC D., ARBUTINA B., et al.
2018ApJ...861L...9Z 493           X C       10 8 2 Detection of linear polarization in the radio remnant of Supernova 1987A. ZANARDO G., STAVELEY-SMITH L., GAENSLER B.M., et al.
2018ApJ...863...86B 72     A     X         2 3 ~ Lower limits on the nucleosynthesis of 44Ti and 60Fe in the dynamic spiral-arm cosmic-ray propagation model. BENYAMIN D. and SHAVIV N.J.
2018ApJ...863..127K 90           X         2 48 1 Progenitor mass distribution of core-collapse supernova remnants in our Galaxy and Magellanic Clouds based on elemental abundances. KATSUDA S., TAKIWAKI T., TOMINAGA N., et al.
2018MNRAS.478..682B 1416 T   A S   X C       29 14 2 Explaining the morphology of supernova remnant (SNR)
1987A with the jittering jets explosion mechanism.
2018MNRAS.479.1800R 45           X         1 10 1 An X-ray expansion and proper motion study of the Magellanic Cloud Supernova Remnant J0509-6731 with the Chandra X-ray observatory. ROPER Q., FILIPOVIC M., ALLEN G.E., et al.
2018MNRAS.479.1836Z 1030     A D S   X C F     21 6 2 Search for a radio pulsar in the remnant of supernova 1987A. ZHANG S.-B., DAI S., HOBBS G., et al.
2018MNRAS.480.2743F 179           X C       3 24 ~ A multifrequency radio continuum study of the Magellanic Clouds - I. Overall structure and star formation rates. FOR B.-Q., STAVELEY-SMITH L., HURLEY-WALKER N., et al.
2017A&A...597A..65M 87             C       1 35 4 Fe K and ejecta emission in SNR G15.9+0.2 with XMM-Newton. MAGGI P. and ACERO F.
2017A&A...599A.110G 87           X         2 6 3 Dusty globules in the Crab Nebula. GRENMAN T., GAHM G.F. and ELFGREN E.
2017ApJS..230....2B 235       D     X C       5 113 19 Statistical analysis of supernova remnants in the Large Magellanic Cloud. BOZZETTO L.M., FILIPOVIC M.D., VUKOTIC B., et al.
2016A&A...585A.162M viz 868       D S   X C       19 103 38 The population of X-ray supernova remnants in the Large Magellanic Cloud. MAGGI P., HABERL F., KAVANAGH P.J., et al.
2016AJ....151..146C viz 17       D               1 786 1 A systematic search for the spectra with features of crystalline silicates in the Spitzer IRS enhanced products. CHEN R., LUO A., LIU J., et al.
2016AJ....151..161S 255           X C       5 23 5 A Chandra study of the interstellar metallicity in the Large Magellanic Cloud using supernova remnants. SCHENCK A., PARK S. and POST S.
2016ApJ...819..160B 85           X         2 20 6 G11.2-0.3: the young remnant of a stripped-envelope supernova. BORKOWSKI K.J., REYNOLDS S.P. and ROBERTS M.S.E.
2016MNRAS.458L..19C 56           X         1 7 91 Non-cosmological FRBs from young supernova remnant pulsars. CONNOR L., SIEVERS J. and PEN U.-L.
2016MNRAS.462..290C 2324     A     X C       54 11 7 Low radio frequency observations and spectral modelling of the remnant of Supernova 1987A. CALLINGHAM J.R., GAENSLER B.M., ZANARDO G., et al.
2016MNRAS.462L..31B 43           X         1 5 2 Radio SNRs in the Magellanic Clouds as probes of shock microphysics. BARNIOL DURAN R., WHITEHEAD J.F. and GIANNIOS D.
2015ApJ...799..158T 17       D               2 98 26 Dust destruction rates and lifetimes in the Magellanic Clouds. TEMIM T., DWEK E., TCHERNYSHYOV K., et al.
2014ApJ...786..130L viz 41           X         1 208 20 A new optical survey of supernova remnant candidates in M31. LEE J.H. and LEE M.G.
2014ApJ...796...82Z 581           X C       13 7 37 Spectral and morphological analysis of the remnant of supernova 1987A with ALMA and ATCA. ZANARDO G., STAVELEY-SMITH L., INDEBETOUW R., et al.
2013ApJ...767...98Z 572           X C       13 7 27 High-resolution radio observations of the remnant of SN 1987A at high frequencies. ZANARDO G., STAVELEY-SMITH L., NG C.-Y., et al.
2013ApJ...777..131N 209           X         5 3 20 Evolution of the radio remnant of supernova 1987A: morphological changes from day 7000. NG C.-Y., ZANARDO G., POTTER T.M., et al.
2013ApJ...779..134S 16       D               4 82 15 A survey of infrared supernova remnants in the Large Magellanic Cloud. SEOK J.Y., KOO B.-C. and ONAKA T.
2012A&A...541L...2L viz 404           X C       9 7 21 The remnant of supernova 1987A resolved at 3-mm wavelength. LAKICEVIC M., ZANARDO G., VAN LOON J.T., et al.
2012A&A...548L...3M 829 T   A     X C       19 4 11 XMM-Newton observations of
SNR 1987A. II. The still increasing X-ray light curve and the properties of Fe K lines.
2012A&ARv..20...49V 81             C       6 105 203 Supernova remnants: the X-ray perspective. VINK J.
2012MNRAS.420.2147L 83             C       1 2 7 Three-dimensional hydrodynamic instabilities in stellar core collapses. LOU Y.-Q. and LIAN B.
2012MNRAS.421..760M 42           X         1 6 13 Updated gravitational-wave upper limits on the internal magnetic field strength of recycled pulsars. MASTRANO A. and MELATOS A.
2011ApJ...732...58B 41           X         1 6 13 Expected gamma-ray emission of supernova remnant SN 1987A. BEREZHKO E.G., KSENOFONTOV L.T. and VOLK H.J.
2011ApJ...733L..35P 938     A     X C       23 4 12 A new evolutionary phase of supernova remnant 1987A. PARK S., ZHEKOV S.A., BURROWS D.N., et al.
2011MNRAS.414.2650C 1828 T K A D S   X C F     43 8 18 Designing a cross-correlation search for continuous-wave gravitational radiation from a neutron star in the supernova remnant
SNR 1987A.
2010AJ....140..584D 16       D               2 69 27 Supernova remnants and star formation in the Large Magellanic Cloud. DESAI K.M., CHU Y.-H., GRUENDL R.A., et al.
2010MNRAS.407.1301B 16       D               1 87 57 On the size distribution of supernova remnants in the Magellanic clouds. BADENES C., MAOZ D. and DRAINE B.T.

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