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2018MNRAS.473.5407M 91             C       1 10 47 A characteristic scale for cold gas. McCOURT M., OH S.P., O'LEARY R., et al.
2014MNRAS.441.1916B 16       D               1 60 46 The thermal history of the intergalactic medium down to redshift z = 1.5: a new curvature measurement. BOERA E., MURPHY M.T., BECKER G.D., et al.
2013A&A...556A.140Z 96       D     X         3 249 20 The ESO UVES advanced data products quasar sample. I. Dataset and new NHI measurements of damped absorbers. ZAFAR T., POPPING A. and PEROUX C.
2013A&A...556A.141Z viz 56       D     X         2 252 95 The ESO UVES advanced data products quasar sample. II. Cosmological evolution of the neutral gas mass density. ZAFAR T., PEROUX C., POPPING A., et al.
2011A&A...528A..12R viz 16       D               1 297 31 The neutral gas extent of galaxies as derived from weak intervening Ca II absorbers. RICHTER P., KRAUSE F., FECHNER C., et al.
2010A&A...518A..10V viz 16       D               1 168912 373 A catalogue of quasars and active nuclei: 13th edition. VERON-CETTY M.-P. and VERON P.
2010MNRAS.407.1290C 17       D               1 4 9 High-resolution spectroscopy of the 3D cosmic web with close QSO groups. CAPPETTA M., D'ODORICO V., CRISTIANI S., et al.
2009MNRAS.397..943M 15       D               1 44 12 On the sizes of neutral hydrogen regions giving rise to damped Lyα absorption systems. MONIER E.M., TURNSHEK D.A. and RAO S.
2008MNRAS.391.1457K viz 15       D               262 32 The transverse proximity effect in the z ∼ 2 Lyman α forest suggests quasi-stellar object episodic lifetimes of ∼1 Myr. KIRKMAN D. and TYTLER D.
2006A&A...455..773V viz 108221 545 A catalogue of quasars and active nuclei: 12th edition. VERON-CETTY M.-P. and VERON P.
2006MNRAS.370.1804C 60 27 Transverse and longitudinal correlation functions in the intergalactic medium from 32 close pairs of high-redshift quasars. COPPOLANI F., PETITJEAN P., STOEHR F., et al.
2006MNRAS.372.1333D 12 20 Tomography of the intergalactic medium with Lyα forests in close QSO pairs. D'ODORICO V., VIEL M., SAITTA F., et al.
2004MNRAS.351..976D 3 7 43 Chemical abundances in QSO host galaxies and environments from narrow absorption line systems. D'ODORICO V., CRISTIANI S., ROMANO D., et al.
2003MNRAS.341.1279R 1 14 32 The correlation of the Lyman α forest in close pairs and groups of high-redshift quasars: clustering of matter on scales of 1-5 Mpc. ROLLINDE E., PETITJEAN P., PICHON C., et al.
2003RMxAC..17..266D 7 0 Clustering properties of high matter density peaks from UVES observations of QSO pairs. D'ODORICO V.
2002A&A...390...13D 1 7 38 High matter density peaks from UVES observations of QSO pairs: Correlation properties and chemical abundances. D'ODORICO V., PETITJEAN P. and CRISTIANI S.
2002PABei..20..175H 35 0 Progress in study on Lyman-alpha forest (I): observations. HUANG K. and ZHOU H.
2001AJ....121.2843B viz 6250 74 Quasars in the 2MASS second incremental data release. BARKHOUSE W.A. and HALL P.B.
2001ApJ...553L.101G 16 8 The absorbers toward CSO 118: superclustering at z∼3, or an intrinsic absorption complex? GANGULY R., CHARLTON J.C. and BOND N.A.
1999ApJ...522..627M 15 8 Hubble space telescope faint object spectrograph observations of a unique grouping of five QSOs: the sizes and shapes of low-z Lyα forest absorbers. MONIER E.M., TURNSHEK D.A. and HAZARD C.
1998A&A...339..678D 37   K                 11 45 The size and geometry of the Lyα clouds. D'ODORICO V., CRISTIANI S., D'ODORICO S., et al.
1998ARA&A..36..267R 6 17 331 The Lyman-alpha forest in the spectra of quasistellar objects. RAUCH M.
1998ApJ...502...16C 1 13 67 Reobservation of close QSO groups: the size evolution and shape of lyα forest absorbers. CROTTS A.P.S. and FANG Y.
1996A&AS..115...97V viz 927 30 Astrometry with the Digitized Sky Survey. Positions of 790 AGNs. VERON-CETTY M.-P. and VERON P.
1996ApJ...462...77F 1 10 59 The size and nature of Lyman-α forest clouds probed by QSO pairs and groups. FANG Y., DUNCAN R.C., CROTTS A.P.S., et al.
1993AcApS..13..125L 228 1 Studies of CIV associated absorption systems of QSOs (I) Samples. LI Y. and CHEN J.-S.
1993ApJS...87..451H viz 14       D               7278 308 A revised and updated catalog of quasi-stellar objects. HEWITT A. and BURBIDGE G.
1993ChA&A..17..161L 226 0 Studies of CIV associated absorption systems of QSOs. (I) Samples. LI Y. and CHEN J.-S.
1991ApJS...77..203J viz 633 60 A catalog of absorption in the spectra of quasi-stellar objects. JUNKKARINEN V., HEWITT A. and BURBIDGE G.
1991MNRAS.250...24Y 262 53 An inhomogeneous reference catalogue of identified intervening heavy element systems in spectra of QSOs. YORK D.G., YANNY B., CROTTS A., et al.
1991PASP..103..154R 23 10 Searching for high-redshift superclusters. ROMANI R.W., FILIPPENKO A.V. and STEIDEL C.C.
1989A&A...209...27P 86 39 The evolution of the Eddington ratio for active galactic nuclei. PADOVANI P.
1989AZh....66..252V 36 2 Autocorrelation analysis of QSO absorption spectra. Autocorrelation function initial parts. VAL'TTS I.E.
1988A&A...205L..15L 47 64 Carbon-bearing molecules and SiS in oxygen-rich circumstellar envelopes. LINDQVIST M., NYMAN L.-A., OLOFSSON H., et al.
1988Afz....29..408L 12 0 Absorption spectra of quasars. LEVSHAKOV A.L.
1987ApJS...64..667T 90 99 High-resolution spectra of 24 low-redshift QSOs: the properties of MgII absorption systems. TYTLER D., BOKSENBERG A., SARGENT W.L.W., et al.
1987IAUS..124..777S 6 18 QSO absorption lines and cosmology. SARGENT W.L.W.
1986A&A...169....1B 2 15 162 Absorption line systems in QSO spectra : properties derived from observations and from photoionization models. BERGERON J. and STASINSKA G.
1986Natur.319..567P 1 9 42 Will cosmic strings be discovered using the Space Telescope ? PACZYNSKI B.
1985A&A...145..324G 11 3 Photoionization models for QSO absorption-line regions. GRUENWALD R.B. and ALDROVANDI S.M.V.
1984A&A...133..374B 63 39 The evolution and origin of the sharp metal-rich absorption lines in QSO spectra. BERGERON J. and BOISSE P.
1984A&A...136L...9S 1 14 79 The clustering of quasars. SHAVER P.A.
1983ApJ...268L..57S 72 T                   1 5 71 Common absorption systems in the spectra of the QSO pair Q
0307-195 A, B.
1983MmSAI..54..665S 6 4 Absorption-line studies of QSO pairs. SHAVER P.A. and ROBERTSON J.G.
1983Msngr..31...28S 4 0 Absorption-line spectroscopy of close pairs of QSOs. SHAVER P.A. and ROBERTSON J.G.
1983Natur.303..155S 11 12 A new test of the cosmological interpretation of QSO redshifts. SHAVER P.A. and ROBERTSON J.G.
1982ApJ...261..412M 30 76 Discovery and spectrophotometry of high-redshift quasars. MacALPINE G.M. and FELDMAN F.R.

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