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2019AN....340..437A viz 18       D               1 2121 ~ Optical variability of blazars. ABRAHAMYAN H.V., MICKAELIAN A.M., PARONYAN G.M., et al.
2019ApJS..242...28Y viz 18       D               1 138 ~ Variability of low-ionization broad absorption-line quasars based on multi-epoch spectra from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey. YI W., BRANDT W.N., HALL P.B., et al.
2018MNRAS.475.1736V 17       D               4 42 1 Radio polarization properties of quasars and active galaxies at high redshifts. VERNSTROM T., GAENSLER B.M., VACCA V., et al.
2017ApJ...841..113M viz 17       D               1 2943 1 An investigation of blazars without redshifts: not a missing population at high redshift. MAO P. and URRY C.M.
2017ApJ...848..104S 17       D               2 23 4 Near-IR spectroscopy of luminous LoBAL quasars at 1 < z < 2.5. SCHULZE A., SCHRAMM M., ZUO W., et al.
2016ApJS..224...26M viz 17       D               1 2216 14 A comprehensive statistical description of radio-through-gamma-ray spectral energy distributions of all known blazars. MAO P., URRY C.M., MASSARO F., et al.
2016MNRAS.455.1796H viz 17       D               1 392 7 The infrared database of extragalactic observables from Spitzer - I. The redshift catalogue. HERNAN-CABALLERO A., SPOON H.W.W., LEBOUTEILLER V., et al.
2016MNRAS.457.1371V 309       D     X   F     7 20 5 A SCUBA-2 survey of FeLoBAL QSOs. Are FeLoBALs in a 'transition phase' between ULIRGs and QSOs? VIOLINO G., COPPIN K.E.K., STEVENS J.A., et al.
2015A&A...579A.109K 29 4 A VLBI survey of compact broad absorption line quasars with balnicity index BI > 0. KUNERT-BAJRASZEWSKA M., CEGLOWSKI M., KATARZYNSKI K., et al.
2015Ap&SS.357...75M viz 16       D               1 3562 75 The 5th edition of the Roma-BZCAT. A short presentation. MASSARO E., MASELLI A., LETO C., et al.
2015ApJ...805...90T viz 16       D               1 146 71 The most luminous galaxies discovered by WISE. TSAI C.-W., EISENHARDT P.R.M., WU J., et al.
2013ApJ...773L..10R 706 T   A     X C       16 4 3 Misalignment of the jet and the normal to the dusty torus in the broad absorption line QSO
FIRST J155633.8+351758.
2013ApJS..206....4K viz 16       D               1 119609 53 Mean spectral energy distributions and bolometric corrections for luminous quasars. KRAWCZYK C.M., RICHARDS G.T., MEHTA S.S., et al.
2013MNRAS.428.1565D 136       D     X         4 62 6 The orientation and polarization of broad absorption line quasars. DIPOMPEO M.A., BROTHERTON M.S. and DE BREUCK C.
2013MNRAS.436.3321B 1790 T K A     X C F     42 17 4 The X-ray spectrum and spectral energy distribution of
FIRST J155633.8+351758: a LoBAL quasar with a probable polar outflow.
2012A&A...541A..77M viz 16       D               1 93 21 Unusual quasars from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey selected by means of Kohonen self-organising maps. MEUSINGER H., SCHALLDACH P., SCHOLZ R.-D., et al.
2012AJ....143..119I viz 16       D               1 50857 82 The Sloan Digital Sky Survey Quasar Lens Search. V. Final catalog from the seventh data release. INADA N., OGURI M., SHIN M.-S., et al.
2012ApJ...745..178F 17       D               1 33 68 Direct evidence for termination of obscured star formation by radiatively driven outflows in reddened QSOs. FARRAH D., URRUTIA T., LACY M., et al.
2012ApJ...746...54G viz 16       D               1 281 28 The X-ray variability of a large, serendipitous sample of spectroscopic quasars. GIBSON R.R. and BRANDT W.N.
2012MNRAS.427.1135D viz 40           X         1 149 12 The rest-frame ultraviolet properties of radio-loud broad absorption line quasars. DIPOMPEO M.A., BROTHERTON M.S., CALES S.L., et al.
2011AJ....141..182K viz 16       D               1 5751 31 Correlations of quasar optical spectra with radio morphology. KIMBALL A.E., IVEZIC Z., WIITA P.J., et al.
2011ApJ...737...46M 16       D               2 16 13 Suzaku observations of three FeLoBAL quasi-stellar objects: SDSS J0943+5417, J1352+4239, and J1723+5553. MORABITO L.K., DAI X., LEIGHLY K.M., et al.
2011ApJ...743...71D 16       D               1 148 30 A very large array survey of radio-selected SDSS broad absorption line quasars. DIPOMPEO M.A., BROTHERTON M.S., DE BREUCK C., et al.
2011ApJS..194...45S viz 16       D               1 105785 768 A catalog of quasar properties from Sloan Digital Sky Survey data release 7. SHEN Y., RICHARDS G.T., STRAUSS M.A., et al.
2011MNRAS.410..860A viz 16       D               1 86769 116 A strong redshift dependence of the broad absorption line quasar fraction. ALLEN J.T., HEWETT P.C., MADDOX N., et al.
2010A&A...511A..53V viz 16       D               1 107466 32 The SPECFIND V2.0 catalogue of radio cross-identifications and spectra. SPECFIND meets the Virtual Observatory. VOLLMER B., GASSMANN B., DERRIERE S., et al.
2010A&A...518A..10V viz 16       D               1 168912 373 A catalogue of quasars and active nuclei: 13th edition. VERON-CETTY M.-P. and VERON P.
2010AJ....139.2360S viz 80069 700 The Sloan Digital Sky Survey quasar catalog. V. Seventh data release. SCHNEIDER D.P., RICHARDS G.T., HALL P.B., et al.
2010ApJ...717..868F 328       D     X         9 13 19 The extraordinary mid-infrared spectral properties of FeLoBAL quasars. FARRAH D., URRUTIA T., LACY M., et al.
2010ApJ...725.1928P 119           X         3 2 10 Hβ line widths as an orientation indicator for low-ionization broad absorption line quasars. PUNSLY B. and ZHANG S.
2010ApJS..189...83D 36 10 Spectropolarimetry of radio-selected broad absorption line quasars. DIPOMPEO M.A., BROTHERTON M.S., BECKER R.H., et al.
2009A&A...505..385A viz 15       D               1 99836 26 The large quasar reference frame (LQRF). An optical representation of the ICRS. ANDREI A.H., SOUCHAY J., ZACHARIAS N., et al.
2009ApJ...692..758G viz 15       D               1 5247 154 A catalog of broad absorption line quasars in Sloan Digital Sky Survey Data Release 5. GIBSON R.R., JIANG L., BRANDT W.N., et al.
2009ApJ...698.1095U viz 39           X         1 125 56 The FIRST-2MASS red quasar survey. II. An anomalously high fraction of LoBALs in searches for dust-reddened quasars. URRUTIA T., BECKER R.H., WHITE R.L., et al.
2009ApJ...702..911M 155           X C       3 27 19 A Chandra survey of the X-ray properties of broad absorption line radio-loud quasars. MILLER B.P., BRANDT W.N., GIBSON R.R., et al.
2009ApJ...705.1356K 15       D               1 16 10 X-rays from a radio-loud compact broad absorption line quasar 1045+352 and the nature of outflows in radio-loud broad absorption line quasars. KUNERT-BAJRASZEWSKA M., SIEMIGINOWSKA A., KATARZYNSKI K., et al.
2008ApJ...672..102G 46           X         1 6 107 On the fraction of quasars with outflows. GANGULY R. and BROTHERTON M.S.
2008ApJ...680..169S viz 15       D               1 77431 273 Biases in virial black hole masses: an SDSS perspective. SHEN Y., GREENE J.E., STRAUSS M.A., et al.
2008MNRAS.391..246L 21 22 The compact structure of radio-loud broad absorption line quasars. LIU Y., JIANG D.R., WANG T.G., et al.
2007AJ....134..102S viz 77435 348 The Sloan Digital Sky Survey quasar catalog. IV. Fifth data release. SCHNEIDER D.P., HALL P.B., RICHARDS G.T., et al.
2007ApJ...661L.139G 2 12 51 The physical nature of polar broad absorption line quasars. GHOSH K.K. and PUNSLY B.
2007ApJ...662L..59F 1 9 31 Evidence that FeLoBALs may signify the transition between an ultraluminous infrared galaxy and a quasar. FARRAH D., LACY M., PRIDDEY R., et al.
2006A&A...455..773V viz 108221 545 A catalogue of quasars and active nuclei: 12th edition. VERON-CETTY M.-P. and VERON P.
2006ApJ...641..210G 2 11 54 FR II broad absorption line quasars and the life cycle of quasars. GREGG M.D., BECKER R.H. and DE VRIES W.
2006ApJ...651...84A 7 9 Discovery of Hα absorption in the unusual broad absorption line quasar SDSS J083942.11+380526.3. AOKI K., IWATA I., OHTA K., et al.
2006MNRAS.370.1034C viz 100 6 A FIRST-APM-SDSS survey for high-redshift radio QSOs. CARBALLO R., GONZALEZ-SERRANO J.I., MONTENEGRO-MONTES F.M., et al.
2006MNRAS.372L..58B 1 12 30 Spectropolarimetry of PKS 0040-005 and the orientation of broad absorption line quasars. BROTHERTON M.S., DE BREUCK C. and SCHAEFER J.J.
2005A&A...443..903Z 4 0 Near infrared imaging of the broad absorption line quasar QSO B0134+3253. ZUTHER J. and ECKART A.
2005AJ....130.2006B 1 8 20 Chandra X-ray observations of radio-loud broad absorption line quasars. BROTHERTON M.S., LAURENT-MUEHLEISEN S.A., BECKER R.H., et al.
2004A&A...427..107L viz         O           143 38 Polarization properties of broad absorption line QSOs: New statistical clues. LAMY H. and HUTSEMEKERS D.
2003A&A...397L..13J 2         O           6 34 EVN observation of three Broad Absorption Line quasars. JIANG D.R. and WANG T.G.
2003ApJ...596L..35L 1 7 16 Submillimeter observations of a sample of broad absorption line quasars. LEWIS G.F., CHAPMAN S.C. and KUNCIC Z.
2003ApJ...599..116V viz 117 47 Occurrence and global properties of narrow C IV λ1549 Å absorption lines in moderate-redshift quasars. VESTERGAARD M.
2002A&A...389L..47D 9 10 An unusual iron Lo-BAL quasar detected by ISOCAM. DUC P.-A., HALL P.B., FADDA D., et al.
2002AJ....123.2925L 12 34 The reddest quasars. II. A gravitationally lensed FeLoBAL quasar. LACY M., GREGG M., BECKER R.H., et al.
2002AJ....124.2575B 7 20 The twice-overlooked, second Fanaroff-Riley II broad absorption line quasar LBQS 1138-0126. BROTHERTON M.S., CROOM S.M., DE BREUCK C., et al.
2002ApJ...564..133G 1 18 100 The reddest quasars. GREGG M.D., LACY M., WHITE R.L., et al.
2002ApJ...565...78B 25 4 301 Black hole mass and Eddington ratio as drivers for the observable properties of radio-loud and radio-quiet QSOs. BOROSON T.A.
2002ApJ...573L..85G 1 5 15 An FeLoBAL binary quasar. GREGG M.D., BECKER R.H., WHITE R.L., et al.
2002ApJS..141..267H 1 47 198 Unusual broad absorption line quasars from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey. HALL P.B., ANDERSON S.F., STRAUSS M.A., et al.
2001A&A...380..409V 11 28 Investigating the nature of the z≃2.8 submillimeter selected galaxy SMM J02399-0136 with VLT spectropolarimetry. VERNET J. and CIMATTI A.
2001ApJ...546..134B 1 8 27 QSO 2359-1241: a bright, highly polarized, radio-moderate, reddened, low-ionization broad absorption line quasar. BROTHERTON M.S., ARAV N., BECKER R.H., et al.
2001ApJ...546..140A 1 12 44 The intrinsic absorber in QSO 2359-1241: Keck and Hubble space telescope observations. ARAV N., BROTHERTON M.S., BECKER R.H., et al.
2001ApJ...558..109G 1 21 122 A Chandra survey of broad absorption line quasars. GREEN P.J., ALDCROFT T.L., MATHUR S., et al.
2000A&A...356L...9L 8 8 Spectropolarimetry of the iron low ionization broad absorption line quasar Q0059-2735. LAMY H. and HUTSEMEKERS D.
2000AJ....120.2859N 73 T                   12 23 Red quasars and quasar evolution: the case of BAL QSO FIRST J155633.8+351758. NAJITA J., DEY A. and BROTHERTON M.
2000ApJ...538...72B 2 34 206 Properties of radio-selected broad absorption line quasars from the first bright quasar survey. BECKER R.H., WHITE R.L., GREGG M.D., et al.
1999ApJ...512L...1F 5 4 65 Was GRB 980329 at z ∼ 5?. FRUCHTER A.S.
1999ApJ...527..624P 1 7 24 Subrelativistic jets from black hole accretion vortices. II. The broad absorption lines in quasars. PUNSLY B.
1999AstL...25..625D 73 T                   7 0 CO molecules in the quasars
1556+3517 and 0840+3633.
1999MNRAS.309...80V 1 3 13 The interacting subsystems theory of active galactic nuclei - I. The broad-absorption-line QSO theory. VILKOVISKIJ E.Y., EFIMOV S.N., KARPOVA O.G., et al.
1999PASJ...51..405Y 25 16 On the continuum shape of broad absorption line quasars. YAMAMOTO T.M. and VANSEVICIUS V.
1999PASP..111..954K 18 13 Broad absorption line quasars and the radio-loud/radio-quiet dichotomy. KUNCIC Z.
1998A&A...331..853C 110 T K     O           2 9 ISO observations of the radio-loud BALQSO
1998AJ....116.2617S 3 11 118 A z = 5.34 galaxy pair in the Hubble Deep Field. SPINRAD H., STERN D., BUNKER A., et al.
1998ApJ...505L...7B 3 7 74 Discovery of radio-loud broad absorption line quasars using ultraviolet excess and deep radio selection. BROTHERTON M.S., VAN BREUGEL W., SMITH R.J., et al.
1998MNRAS.297.1115H 70 14 A search for high-redshift quasars among GB/FIRST flat-spectrum radio sources. HOOK I.M., BECKER R.H., McMAHON R.G., et al.
1998PASP..110..223T 201 6 Astrophysics in 1997. (Review paper). TRIMBLE V. and McFADDEN L.A.
1997ApJ...479L..93B 9 5 137 The first radio-loud broad absorption line QSO and evidence for a hidden population of quasars. BECKER R.H., GREGG M.D., HOOK I.M., et al.
1997ApJ...484L..17H 72 T                   6 17 The optical/near-infrared colors of broad absorption line quasars, including the candidate radio-loud broad absorption line quasar
1997ApJ...487L.113B 39   K                 5 54 Spectropolarimetry of FIRST broad absorption line quasars. BROTHERTON M.S., TRAN H.D., VAN BREUGEL W., et al.

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