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2015ApJ...806..109J viz 59       D     X         2 154 31 Rest-frame optical spectra and black hole masses of 3 <z<6 quasars. JUN H.D., IM M., LEE H.M., et al.
2010A&A...518A..10V viz 16       D               1 168912 373 A catalogue of quasars and active nuclei: 13th edition. VERON-CETTY M.-P. and VERON P.
2009ApJ...697..452O 40           X         1 3 8 AKARI near- and mid-infrared spectroscopy of APM 08279+5255 at z = 3.91. OYABU S., KAWARA K., TSUZUKI Y., et al.
2007ApJ...669...74L 15       D               2 128 2 A subset of quasars identified by large values of their Doppler redshift. LU L.-Z., QIN Y.-P. and GUPTA A.C.
2007PASJ...59S.497O 38 T K A D     X   F     3 5 Detection of an hα emission line on a quasar,
RX J1759.4+6638, at z = 4.3 with AKARI.
OYABU S., WADA T., OHYAMA Y., et al.
2006A&A...455..773V viz 108221 436 A catalogue of quasars and active nuclei: 12th edition. VERON-CETTY M.-P. and VERON P.
2006AJ....131...55G 21 26 XMM-Newton observations of high-redshift quasars. GRUPE D., MATHUR S., WILKES B., et al.
2006AJ....131.2826S 1 110 251 The X-Ray-to-Optical properties of optically selected active galaxies over wide luminosity and redshift ranges. STEFFEN A.T., STRATEVA I., BRANDT W.N., et al.
2006ApJS..165...19E viz 15       D               504 53 The serendipitous extragalactic X-ray source identification (SEXSI) program. III. Optical spectroscopy. ECKART M.E., STERN D., HELFAND D.J., et al.
2005ApJS..156...35E viz 1061 11 The serendipitous extragalactic X-ray source identification (SEXSI) program. II. Optical imaging. ECKART M.E., LAIRD E.S., STERN D., et al.
2004AJ....127....1G 14 20 XMM-Newton observations of two high-redshift quasars: RX J1028-0844 and BR 0351-1034. GRUPE D., MATHUR S., WILKES B., et al.
2004AJ....128..523B 19 32 Chandra observations of radio-loud quasars at z>4: x-rays from the radio beacons of the early universe. BASSETT L.C., BRANDT W.N., SCHNEIDER D.P., et al.
2003A&A...412..707R viz 3482 11 A catalogue of absorption-line systems in QSO spectra. RYABINKOV A.I., KAMINKER A.D. and VARSHALOVICH D.A.
2003ApJ...589..722D 68 93 Quasar elemental abundances at high redshifts. DIETRICH M., HAMANN F., SHIELDS J.C., et al.
2003ApJ...596..944H viz 1940 47 The Serendipitous Extragalactic X-ray Source Identification program. I. Characteristics of the hard X-ray sample. HARRISON F.A., ECKART M.E., MAO P.H., et al.
2003MNRAS.346.1103P viz 769 169 The evolution of ΩHIand the epoch of formation of damped Lyman α absorbers. PEROUX C., McMAHON R.G., STORRIE-LOMBARDI L.J., et al.
2002ApJ...565...50C 44 35 Emission-line properties of z>4 Quasars. CONSTANTIN A., SHIELDS J.C., HAMANN F., et al.
2002PASA...19..455C viz 237 30 A catalogue of damped Lyman alpha absorption systems and radio flux densities of the background quasars. CURRAN S.J., WEBB J.K., MURPHY M.T., et al.
2001AJ....121.2843B viz 6250 74 Quasars in the 2MASS second incremental data release. BARKHOUSE W.A. and HALL P.B.
2001AJ....122.2143V 51 51 Exploratory Chandra observations of the highest-redshift quasars: x-rays from the dawn of the modern universe. VIGNALI C., BRANDT W.N., FAN X., et al.
2000AJ....119.1526S 42 71 Radio properties of z>4 optically selected quasars. STERN D., DJORGOVSKI S.G., PERLEY R.A., et al.
2000AJ....119.2031K 29 44 The X-ray properties of z>4 quasars. KASPI S., BRANDT W.N. and SCHNEIDER D.P.
1998AJ....115.1230S 3 4 39 Discovery of an X-ray-selected quasar with a redshift of 4.45. SCHNEIDER D.P., SCHMIDT M., HASINGER G., et al.
1997A&A...323L..21Z 3 3 34 Identification of a complete sample of northern ROSAT All-Sky Survey X-ray sources. V. Discovery of a z=4.28 QSO near the RASS source RX J1028.6-0844. ZICKGRAF F.-J., VOGES W., KRAUTTER J., et al.
1997ApJ...484L..95M 2 4 26 The 3-53 keV spectrum of the quasar 1508+5714: X-rays from z = 4.3. MORAN E.C. and HELFAND D.J.
1996A&A...315....1O 60 110 Continuum millimetre observations of high-redshift radio-quiet QSOs II. Five new detections at z>4. OMONT A., McMAHON R.G., COX P., et al.
1996AJ....111.1816K 25 20 A multicolor CCD survey for faint z>4 quasars. KENNEFICK J.D. and DJORGOVSKI S.G.
1996MNRAS.281...59B 23 40 The ROSAT North Ecliptic Pole Deep Survey. BOWER R.G., HASINGER G., CASTANDER F.J., et al.
1995A&A...295...43M 3 2 Upper limits for the X-ray emission of PC 0953+4749. MOLTHAGEN K., WENDKER H.J. and BRIEL U.G.
1995A&A...300L..33B 4 1 PKS 1937-101: the most extreme ROSAT Survey Quasar. BRINKMANN W. and SIEBERT J.
1994AJ....107.1270H 78 T                   2 38 RX J1759.4+6638: an X-ray selected quasar at a redshift of 4.320. HENRY J.P., GIOIA I.M., BOEHRINGER H., et al.

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