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2021A&A...652A..47S 448   K A     X         10 4 ~ Stark broadening for Br VI and Kr V-VII lines in hot star atmospheres. SAHAL-BRECHOT S. and ELABIDI H.
2021AJ....162..188B 299       D     X C       6 153 ~ Hot degenerates in the MCT survey. III. A sample of white Dwarf stars in the southern hemisphere. BERGERON P., WESEMAEL F., FONTAINE G., et al.
2021MNRAS.501.2848A viz 19       D               1 199 ~ The Gaia spectrophotometric standard stars survey - IV. Results of the absolute photometry campaign. ALTAVILLA G., MARINONI S., PANCINO E., et al.
2021MNRAS.503.5730E 168     A     X         4 1 ~ Stark broadening of spectral lines for zirconium ions Zr IV-VI in hot white dwarf atmospheres. ELABIDI H.
2021MNRAS.507.4030K 47           X         1 11 ~ Spectroscopic data of Rb-isoelectronic Zr and Nb ions for astrophysical applications. KAUR M., ARORA B. and SAHOO B.K.
2020A&A...637A...4R 1102   K A     X C       24 9 ~ Stellar laboratories. X. New Cu IV-VII oscillator strengths and the first detection of copper and indium in hot white dwarfs. RAUCH T., GAMRATH S., QUINET P., et al.
2020MNRAS.492..528L 672           X C F     13 12 ~ First discovery of trans-iron elements in a DAO-type white dwarf (BD-22°3467). LOBLING L., MANEY M.A., RAUCH T., et al.
2019MNRAS.482.4570G viz 17       D               1 486647 ~ A Gaia Data Release 2 catalogue of white dwarfs and a comparison with SDSS. GENTILE FUSILLO N.P., TREMBLAY P.-E., GANSICKE B.T., et al.
2018A&A...609A.107W 170           X         4 8 2 Metal abundances in hot white dwarfs with signatures of a superionized wind. WERNER K., RAUCH T. and KRUK J.W.
2018A&A...612A..62H 792     A     X C       18 7 4 Search for trans-iron elements in hot, helium-rich white dwarfs with the HST Cosmic Origins Spectrograph. HOYER D., RAUCH T., WERNER K., et al.
2018A&A...614A..96W 128           X         3 7 1 First detection of bromine and antimony in hot stars. WERNER K., RAUCH T., KNORZER M., et al.
2018MNRAS.480.1211R 85           X         2 11 ~ Discovery of two bright DO-type white dwarfs. REINDL N., GEIER S. and OSTENSEN R.H.
2017A&A...598A.135H viz 586 T K A D S O X C       12 4 5 Complete spectral energy distribution of the hot, helium-rich white dwarf
RX J0503.9-2854.
2017A&A...599A.142R 171   K     O X C       3 2 8 Stellar laboratories. VIII. New Zr IV-VII, Xe IV-V, and Xe VII oscillator strengths and the Al, Zr, and Xe abundances in the hot white dwarfs G191-B2B and
RE 0503-289.
2017MNRAS.472.4173R viz 17       D               1 2243 5 Multiband photometry and spectroscopy of an all-sky sample of bright white dwarfs. RADDI R., GENTILE FUSILLO N.P., PALA A.F., et al.
2016A&A...587A..39R 2459 T K A S O X C       57 2 12 Stellar laboratories. VI. New MoIV-VII oscillator strengths and the molybdenum abundance in the hot white dwarfs G 191-B2B and
RE 0503-289.
2016A&A...590A.128R 1855 T K A D     X C       44 3 11 Stellar laboratories. VII. New Kr IV - VII oscillator strengths and an improved spectral analysis of the hot, hydrogen-deficient DO-type white dwarf
RE 0503-289.
2016ARep...60....1B 82           X         2 50 21 Scientific problems addressed by the Spektr-UV Space Project (World Space Observatory-Ultraviolet) BOYARCHUK A.A., SHUSTOV B.M., SAVANOV I.S., et al.
2016ApJ...827L...4W 247           X C F     4 10 2 Detection of forbidden line components of lithium-like carbon in stellar spectra. WERNER K., RAUCH T., HOYER D., et al.
2016MNRAS.462.3616M viz 58       D     X         2 167 8 The Gaia spectrophotometric standard stars survey - III. Short-term variability monitoring. MARINONI S., PANCINO E., ALTAVILLA G., et al.
2016yCat....1.2035M viz 16       D               14270 ~ A Catalogue of Spectroscopically Identified White Dwarfs MCCOOK G.P. and SION E.M.
2015A&A...574A..29W viz 813         O X C       19 2 3 The prospective search for highly ionized technetium in hot (pre-) white dwarfs. WERNER K., RAUCH T., KUCAS S., et al.
2015A&A...577A...6R viz 1413 T K A   O X C       33 2 17 Stellar laboratories. IV. New Ga IV, Ga V, and Ga VI oscillator strengths and the gallium abundance in the hot white dwarfs G191-B2B and
RE 0503-289.
2015A&A...577A..88R 483 T K A   O X C       10 1 12 Stellar laboratories. V. The XeVI ultraviolet spectrum and the xenon abundance in the hot DO-type white dwarf
RE 0503-289.
2015A&A...582A..94W 326           X C       7 6 10 The far-ultraviolet spectra of ``cool'' PG 1159 stars. WERNER K., RAUCH T. and KRUK J.W.
2015ApJS..216...11G 87           X         2 1 6 Revised and extended analysis of five times ionized xenon, XE VI. GALLARDO M., RAINERI M., REYNA ALMANDOS J., et al.
2015MNRAS.454.1736D viz 44           X         1 2 7 Stark broadening of Xe VIII spectral lines. DIMITRIJEVIC M.S., SIMIC Z., KOVACEVIC A., et al.
2014A&A...564A..41R viz 957 T K A S O X C       21 2 20 Stellar laboratories. II. New Zn IV and Zn V oscillator strengths and their validation in the hot white dwarfs G191-B2B and
RE 0503-289.
2014A&A...564A..53W 41           X         1 24 25 New hydrogen-deficient (pre-) white dwarfs in the Sloan Digital Sky Survey Data Release 10. WERNER K., RAUCH T. and KEPLER S.O.
2014A&A...566A..10R viz 1174 T K A D   O X C       28 2 20 Stellar laboratories. III. New Ba V, Ba VI, and Ba VII oscillator strengths and the barium abundance in the hot white dwarfs G191-B2B and
RE 0503-289.
2014A&A...566A.116R 80             C       1 34 22 On helium-dominated stellar evolution: the mysterious role of the O(He)-type stars. REINDL N., RAUCH T., WERNER K., et al.
2013ApJ...773...84L 43           X         1 4 24 A Non-LTE analysis of the hot subdwarf O star BD+28°4211. I. The UV spectrum. LATOUR M., FONTAINE G., CHAYER P., et al.
2013MNRAS.431..240O viz 16       D               2 1287 13 The Edinburgh-Cape Blue Object Survey - III. Zone 2: galactic latitudes -30° > b > -40°. O'DONOGHUE D., KILKENNY D., KOEN C., et al.
2012A&A...546A..55R viz 1176 T K A S O X C       27 1 25 Stellar laboratories: new GeV and GeVI oscillator strengths and their validation in the hot white dwarf
RE 0503-289.
2012ApJ...753L...7W 676   K A D     X C       17 3 43 First detection of krypton and xenon in a white dwarf. WERNER K., RAUCH T., RINGAT E., et al.
2012ApJS..199....8G viz 16       D               3 3034 46 A compilation of interstellar column densities. GUDENNAVAR S.B., BUBBLY S.G., PREETHI K., et al.
2012MNRAS.426.1767P viz 16       D               1 227 31 The Gaia spectrophotometric standard stars survey - I. Preliminary results. PANCINO E., ALTAVILLA G., MARINONI S., et al.
2011A&A...531A.146W 39           X         1 16 13 Iron abundance in the prototype PG1159 star, GW Vir pulsator PG 1159-035, and related objects. WERNER K., RAUCH T., KRUK J.W., et al.
2011A&A...533A.140L 16       D               1 42 22 High ions towards white dwarfs: circumstellar line shifts and stellar temperature. LALLEMENT R., WELSH B.Y., BARSTOW M.A., et al.
2011MNRAS.410..899F 16       D               2 219 38 Detection limits for close eclipsing and transiting substellar and planetary companions to white dwarfs in the WASP survey. FAEDI F., WEST R.G., BURLEIGH M.R., et al.
2010ApJS..187..149A viz 15       D               1 535 58 StarCAT: a catalog of space telescope imaging spectrograph ultraviolet echelle spectra of stars. AYRES T.R.
2009ApJ...704.1605A 15       D               1 43 29 New evolutionary sequences for hot h-deficient white dwarfs on the basis of a full account of progenitor evolution. ALTHAUS L.G., PANEI J.A., MILLER BERTOLAMI M.M., et al.
2007ApJ...654..499K 64 82 Spectropolarimetric survey of hydrogen-rich white dwarf stars. KAWKA A., VENNES S., SCHMIDT G.D., et al.
2006ApJ...647..328D viz 179 34 An extended FUSE survey of diffuse O VI emission in the interstellar medium. DIXON W.V.D., SANKRIT R. and OTTE B.
2005A&A...439.1159D 112 T K     O           6 2 A near-IR spectrum of the DO white dwarf
RE J0503-285.
2005ApJ...622..377O 33 62 A survey of O VI absorption in the local interstellar medium. OEGERLE W.R., JENKINS E.B., SHELTON R.L., et al.
2003ApJS..147..145H viz 337 30 An archive of IUE low-dispersion spectra of the white dwarf stars. HOLBERG J.B., BARSTOW M.A. and BURLEIGH M.R.
2001A&A...378..843K viz 15       D               2202 66 Version 2000 of the Catalogue of Galactic Planetary Nebulae. KOHOUTEK L.
2001PASP..113.1025T 274 7 Astrophysics in 2000. (Invited review). TRIMBLE V. and ASCHWANDEN M.J.
2000A&A...359.1042U 8 2 50 The chemical evolution of hot white dwarfs in the presence of diffusion and mass loss. UNGLAUB K. and BUES I.
2000ARA&A..38..231B 97 32 Extreme ultraviolet astronomy. BOWYER S., DRAKE J.J. and VENNES S.
2000MNRAS.314..109B 73 T                   4 10 The discovery of photospheric nickel in the hot DO white dwarf REJ 0503-289. BARSTOW M.A., DREIZLER S., HOLBERG J.B., et al.
1999A&A...350..101N 261 131 Spectroscopic investigation of old planetaries. IV. Model atmosphere analysis. NAPIWOTZKI R.
1999A&A...352..632D 1 6 29 Hubble Space Telescope spectroscopy of hot helium-rich white dwarfs: metal abundances along the cooling sequence. DREIZLER S.
1999A&AS..135..487R 22 9 Narrow-band imaging and a search for planetary nebulae. RAUCH T.
1999ApJ...517..850H 12 21 Far-ultraviolet space telescope imaging spectrograph spectra of the white dwarf REJ 1032+532. II. Stellar spectrum. HOLBERG J.B., BARSTOW M.A., BRUHWEILER F.C., et al.
1999ApJS..121....1M viz 3047 292 A catalog of spectroscopically identified white dwarfs. McCOOK G.P. and SION E.M.
1999MNRAS.307..884B 3 3 32 Evidence for the stratification of Fe in the photosphere of G191-B2B. BARSTOW M.A., HUBENY I. and HOLBERG J.B.
1999PASP..111..385T 221 6 Astrophysics in 1998. (Invited review). TRIMBLE V. and ASCHWANDEN M.
1998A&A...329..583Z 1 14 75 Soft X-rays from polar caps of the millisecond pulsar J0437-4715. ZAVLIN V.E. and PAVLOV G.G.
1998ApJ...497..921V 54 45 The stellar extreme-ultraviolet radiation field. VALLERGA J.
1998ApJ...500L...1H 3 5 53 Far-ultraviolet performance of the Berkeley spectrograph during the ORFEUS-SPAS II mission. HURWITZ M., BOWYER S., BRISTOL R., et al.
1998ApJ...500L..41V 109 T K                 4 11 The complete spectral energy distribution and the atmospheric properties of the helium-rich white dwarf
MCT 0501-2858.
1998ApJS..119..207H viz 57 73 A high-dispersion spectroscopic survey of the hot white dwarfs: the IUE NEWSIPS SWP echelle data set. HOLBERG J.B., BARSTOW M.A. and SION E.M.
1998MNRAS.300..511B 34 9 A search for hidden white dwarfs in the ROSAT EUV survey - II. Discovery of a distant DA+F6/7V binary system in a direction of low-density neutral hydrogen. BURLEIGH M.R., BARSTOW M.A. and HOLBERG J.B.
1997A&A...318..461J 4 10 Temperature determination of the cool DO white dwarf HD 149499B from EUVE observations. JORDAN S., NAPIWOTZKI R., KOESTER D., et al.
1997AJ....113..364S 13 12 Ongoing mass ejection in the peculiar, hot DO degenerate KPD 0005+5106. SION E.M., HOLBERG J.B., BARSTOW M.A., et al.
1997ApJS..113..131C 100 25 The extreme ultraviolet explorer stellar spectral atlas. CRAIG N., ABBOTT M., FINLEY D., et al.
1997MNRAS.286..369M 96 88 An EUV-selected sample of DA white dwarfs from the ROSAT All-Sky Survey. I. Optically derived stellar parameters. MARSH M.C., BARSTOW M.A., BUCKLEY D.A., et al.
1997PASP..109..998S viz 540 6 An optical atlas of extreme ultraviolet explorer (EUVE) sources. SHARA M.M., BERGERON L.E., CHRISTIAN C.A., et al.
1996A&A...309..861W 36   K                 9 23 Search for trace amounts of hydrogen in hot DO white dwarfs. WERNER K.
1996A&A...314..217D 1 29 95 Spectral analysis of hot helium-rich white dwarfs. DREIZLER S. and WERNER K.
1996Ap&SS.238..131S 9 0 The white dwarf descendants of Wolf-Rayet planetary nuclei. SION E.M.
1996ApJ...460..949C 2 7 46 EUVE spectroscopy of beta canis majoris (B1 II-III) from 500 angstrom to 700 angstrom. CASSINELLI J.P., COHEN D.H., MacFARLANE J.J., et al.
1996ApJS..102..129B viz 736 116 The second Extreme Ultraviolet Explorer source catalog. BOWYER S., LAMPTON M., LEWIS J., et al.
1995A&AS..114..465K viz 335 14 A ROSAT XUV pointed phase source catalogue. KREYSING H.-C., BRUNNER H. and STAUBERT R.
1995Ap&SS.228..349B 11 1 The ROSAT survey of extreme UV sources: a new window on the Universe. BUCKLEY D.A.H.
1995Ap&SS.230..117B 3 0 Optical identifications of southern ROSAT EUV and soft X-ray sources. BUCKLEY D.A.H., SEKIGUCHI K., O'DONOGHUE D., et al.
1995ApJ...448..667S 1 6 21 Decaying neutrinos, the metagalactic radiation field, and the ionization of nitrogen in the interstellar medium. SCIAMA D.W.
1995BAAS...27.1311P 72 T                   1 ~ The peculiar atmospheric composition of the DO white dwarf MCT 0501-2858. POLOMSKI E.F., VENNES S. and CHAYER P.
1995IrAJ...22....7V 7 2 EUVE views the late stages of stellar evolution. VENNES S.
1995MNRAS.273...93B 17 6 A comparison of the ROSAT WFC and EUVE source catalogues. BARBER C.R., WARWICK R.S., McGALE P.A., et al.
1995MNRAS.274.1165P viz 503 152 The ROSAT Wide Field Camera all-sky survey of extreme-ultraviolet sources - II. The 2RE Source Catalogue. PYE J.P., McGALE P.A., ALLAN D.J., et al.
1995MNRAS.274.1194M viz 199 62 Optical identification of EUV sources from the ROSAT Wide Field Camera all-sky survey. MASON K.O., HASSALL B.J.M., BROMAGE G.E., et al.
1995SSRv...72..499F 97 173 Characteristics of nearby interstellar matter. FRISCH P.C.
1994AJ....107..751M viz 360 105 Extreme ultraviolet Explorer bright source list. MALINA R.F., MARSHALL H.L., ANTIA B., et al.
1994ApJ...421L..35V 72 T                   9 28 Low density of neutral hydrogen and helium in the local interstellar medium : Extreme Ultraviolet Explorer photometry of the lyman continuum of the hot white dwarfs
MCT 0501-2858, MCT 0455-2812, HZ 43 and GD 153.
1994ApJS...93..569B viz 410 130 The first Extreme Ultraviolet Explorer source catalog. BOWYER S., LIEU R., LAMPTON M., et al.
1994ApJS...94..127F viz 14       D               594 120 The distribution of neutral hydrogen in the interstellar medium. I. The data. FRUSCIONE A., HAWKINS I., JELINSKY P., et al.
1994BAAS...26..868V 71 T                   2 ~ Carbon-enrichment in the atmosphere of the cool DO white dwarf MCT 0501-2858. VENNES S., PRADHAN A.K., FONTAINE G., et al.
1994BAAS...26.1329C 9 ~ The hydrogen ionization in the local interstellar medium : effects of new EUV sources. CHENG K.P. and BRUHWEILER F.
1994MNRAS.267..653B 72 T                   7 25 The nature of the newly discovered DO white dwarf RE 0503-289. BARSTOW M.A., HOLBERG J.B., WERNER K., et al.
1994MNRAS.271L..52B 73 T                   2 14 Detection of episodic mass outflow in the newly discovered hot DO white dwarf RE 0503-289. BARSTOW M.A. and SION E.M.
1994Sci...265.1423F 2 8 69 Morphology and ionization of the interstellar cloud surrounding the solar system. FRISCH P.C.
1993MNRAS.260...77P viz 480 314 The ROSAT Wide Field Camera all-sky survey of extreme-ultraviolet sources. I. The bright source catalogue. POUNDS K.A., ALLAN D.J., BARBER C., et al.
1993PASP..105..387S 394 19 An optical atlas of ROSAT wide field camara EUV sources. SHARA M.M., SHARA D.J. and McLEAN B.
1992BAAS...24.1204V 71 T                   2 ~ EUVE observations of the He-rich DO white dwarf
MCT 0501-289 : evidence for very low ISM column density.
VENNES S., et al.

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