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2017AJ....154..198Z 17       D               1 59 35 Target selection for the SDSS-IV APOGEE-2 Survey. ZASOWSKI G., COHEN R.E., CHOJNOWSKI S.D., et al.
2016AJ....152..176O viz 213           X         5 11 ~ Chemical abundance analysis of moving group W11450 (Latham 1). O'CONNELL J.E., MARTENS K. and FRINCHABOY P.M.
2010ApJS..190...43H viz 79           X         2 9709 14 Deep GALEX observations of the Coma cluster: source catalog and galaxy counts. HAMMER D., HORNSCHEMEIER A.E., MOBASHER B., et al.
2010PABei..28...53J 36 0 Proper motions and the frontier of studies on the Galaxy. JIN W.-J.
2010PABei..28..255Z 14 0 Progress on observational properties of low surface brightness galaxies. ZHONG G.-H., LIANG Y.-C., DENG L.-C., et al.
2009A&A...497...81B viz 117           X         3 76 11 Spectroscopic follow-up of variability-selected active galactic nuclei in the Chandra Deep Field South. BOUTSIA K., LEIBUNDGUT B., TREVESE D., et al.
2009PABei..27..247J 21 0 Current progress on astrometric catalogs and sky surveys. JIN W.
2008A&A...477..473T 371 T   A     X C       8 27 4 Optical spectroscopy of active galactic nuclei in
2008A&A...481..629L 54       D     X         2 5 0 An attempt to check homogeneity at large scales by using galaxy samples. LUKACS B. and FAY N.
2008A&A...488...73T viz 39           X         1 136 20 Variability-selected active galactic nuclei from supernova search in the Chandra Deep Field South. TREVESE D., BOUTSIA K., VAGNETTI F., et al.
2008A&A...490....1C 40           X         1 4 8 OTELO survey: deep BVRI broad-band photometry of the Groth strip. I. Number counts and two-point correlation functions. CEPA J., PEREZ-GARCIA A.M., BONGIOVANNI A., et al.
2008AJ....136.1921K viz 39           X         1 337 23 The variable stars of the Draco dwarf spheroidal galaxy: revisited. KINEMUCHI K., HARRIS H.C., SMITH H.A., et al.
2008ApJ...673..176G 271 T         X C       5 6 8 XMM-Newton observation of the cluster Zw 1305.4+2941 in the field
SA 57.
2008ApJ...675..201M viz 402       D     X C       10 414 94 The velocity dispersion profile of the remote dwarf spheroidal galaxy Leo I: a tidal hit and run? MATEO M., OLSZEWSKI E.W. and WALKER M.G.
2008RMxAC..32...34S 3 1 AGN surveys via optical variability, X-ray, and mid-IR detection in HST fields. SARAJEDINI V.L.
2007A&A...469.1211T viz 145 6 An X-ray survey in SA 57 with XMM-Newton. TREVESE D., VAGNETTI F., PUCCETTI S., et al.
2007ApJ...661.1119B viz 99 64 25 Orionis: a kinematically distinct 10 Myr old group in Orion OB1a. BRICENO C., HARTMANN L., HERNANDEZ J., et al.
2007MNRAS.375.1381K viz 154           X C       3 131 37 Kinematic structure in the Galactic halo at the North Galactic Pole: RR Lyrae and blue horizontal branch stars show different kinematics. KINMAN T.D., CACCIARI C., BRAGAGLIA A., et al.
2006AJ....131..866S viz 43 39 Hot populations in M 87 globular clusters. SOHN S.T., O'CONNELL R.W., KUNDU A., et al.
2006AJ....131.1923R viz 10 19 A synoptic multiwavelength analysis of a large quasar sample. RENGSTORF A.W., BRUNNER R.J. and WILHITE B.C.
2006ARep...50...91I 9 1 Deep surveys and the nonthermal noise of radio telescopes. ILYASOV Yu.P.
2006ApJ...648.1090F viz 450 45 Kinematics of NGC 2264: signs of cluster formation. FURESZ G., HARTMANN L.W., SZENTGYORGYI A.H., et al.
2006ApJ...649..129B 38 6 A search for low surface brightness structure around compact narrow emission line galaxies. BARTON E.J., VAN ZEE L. and BERSHADY M.A.
2005AJ....130.2019O 81 20 Optical identification of infrared space observatory far-infrared sources in the Lockman hole using a deep very large array 1.4 GHz continuum survey. OYABU S., YUN M.S., MURAYAMA T., et al.
2005ARA&A..43..247R 1 11 33 High-velocity white dwarfs and galactic structure. REID I.N.
2005PASJ...57..193I 11 17 The 2003 superoutburst of an SU UMa-type dwarf nova, GO Comae Berenicis. IMADA A., KATO T., UEMURA M., et al.
2004A&A...419..109I 59 35 UV and FIR selected samples of galaxies in the local Universe. Dust extinction and star formation rates. IGLESIAS-PARAMO J., BUAT V., DONAS J., et al.
2004A&A...426...65C 4 1 8 Dark baryons not in ancient halo white dwarfs. CREZE M., MOHAN V., ROBIN A.C., et al.
2004ApJS..153..119M viz 654 2 Faint blue objects at high galactic latitude. VIII. Performance characteristics of the US survey. MITCHELL K.J. and USHER P.D.
2004BaltA..13..661Z 3 0 Spectroscopical confirmation of variability-selected active galactic nuclei. ZITELLI V., TREVESE D. and VAGNETTI F.
2004MNRAS.350...21S 1 5 17 An ultraviolet-selected galaxy redshift survey - III. Multicolour imaging and non-uniform star formation histories. SULLIVAN M., TREYER M.A., ELLIS R.S., et al.
2004MmSAI..75...36K 2 3 The vertical structure of the halo rotation. KINMAN T.D., BRAGAGLIA A., CACCIARI C., et al.
2004PhR...399....1H 40 33 The astrophysics of cool white dwarfs. HANSEN B.
2003A&A...407..541D 3 6 36 Galactic structure studies with BATC star counts. DU C., ZHOU X., MA J., et al.
2003A&A...409..523R 133 4 1068 A synthetic view on structure and evolution of the Milky Way. ROBIN A.C., REYLE C., DERRIERE S., et al.
2003ARA&A..41..465H 1 27 74 Cool white dwarfs. HANSEN B.M.S. and LIEBERT J.
2003ApJ...599..173S 25 30 A V-band survey for variable galactic nuclei in the Hubble Deep Field. SARAJEDINI V.L., GILLILAND R.L. and KASM C.
2003ExA....15...29B 10 14 Digitization and scientific exploitation of the Italian and Vatican astronomical plate archives. BARBIERI C., BLANCO C., BUCCIARELLI B., et al.
2003MmSAI..74..963V 2 2 Color variability of AGNs. VAGNETTI F. and TREVESE D.
2002Ap&SS.281..115R 1 1 First estimate of the thick disc mass function. REYLE C. and ROBIN A.C.
2002ApJ...569..144A 2 9 39 Dissecting the luminosity function of the Coma cluster of galaxies using Canada-France-Hawaii telescope wide-field images. ANDREON S. and CUILLANDRE J.-C.
2002ApJ...569..432M 19 19 Absolute proper motions to B∼22.5. IV. Faint, low-velocity white dwarfs and the white dwarf population density law. MAJEWSKI S.R. and SIEGEL M.H.
2002ApJ...575L..67D 8 15 Absolute proper motions to b ∼ 22.5. V. Detection of Sagittarius dwarf spheroidal debris in the direction of the Galactic Anticenter. DINESCU D.I., MAJEWSKI S.R., GIRARD T.M., et al.
2002ApJ...578..151S 38 2 153 Star counts redivivus. IV. Density laws through photometric parallaxes. SIEGEL M.H., MAJEWSKI S.R., REID I.N., et al.
2002ApJS..138..265K 2 4 23 A photometric and spectroscopic study of dwarf and giant galaxies in the Coma cluster. I. Wide-area photometric survey: observation and data analysis. KOMIYAMA Y., SEKIGUCHI M., KASHIKAWA N., et al.
2002MNRAS.330...75C viz 70 91 Chemical abundances in a UV-selected sample of galaxies. CONTINI T., TREYER M.A., SULLIVAN M., et al.
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2001AJ....121..309C 20 3 Constraining the local reddening distribution of Sa 98 by star counts. CHEN A.B.-C., MENDEZ R.A., TSAY W.-S., et al.
2001AJ....121..458Y 407 2 Detection of metal-poor stars in the direction of the North Galactic Pole. YOSS K.M., DETWEILER H.L., MILLER G.J., et al.
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2001MmSAI..72...33T 1 1 3 Spectral variability of QSOs in the optical band. TREVESE D. and VAGNETTI F.
2001PASP..113..267S viz 1051 7 The Mount Wilson halo mapping project 1975-1985. II. Photometric properties of the Mount Wilson catalogue of photographic magnitudes in selected areas 1-139. SANDAGE A.
2000A&A...359...51L 74 T                   21 23 Deep far infrared ISOPHOT survey in ``
Selected Area 57". I. Observations and source counts.
2000AJ....120.1683U 38 2 The US survey and the incidence of bright quasars. USHER P.D. and MITCHELL K.J.
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2000MNRAS.317..801W viz 76 23 The LBDS Hercules sample of mJy radio sources at 1.4GHz - I. Multicolour photometry. WADDINGTON I., WINDHORST R.A., DUNLOP J.S., et al.
2000MmSAI..71..905F 10 0 The ISO extragalactic surveys: an alternative view of the distant universe. FRANCESCHINI A., AUSSEL H., ELBAZ D., et al.
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1999PABei..17..256B 3 0 Research progress on optical variability of QSO samples. BIAN W.-H. and HUANG K.L.
1999PASP..111.1367S 55 9 The early Palomar program (1950-1955) for the discovery of classical novae in M81: analysis of the spatial distribution, magnitude distribution, and distance suggestion. SHARA M.M., SANDAGE A. and ZUREK D.R.
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1998AN....319...31M 73 T                   1 0 ROSAT HRI observations of
Selected Area 57.
1998AN....319...43O 2 3 23 Sky surveys with ASCA - Deep Sky Survey. OGASAKA Y., KII T., UEDA Y., et al.
1998ApJ...496..103B 73 T                   17 35 Variable extended objects in
selected area 57.
1998BaltA...7..625C 223 3 Photoelectric photometry of stars in the Orion standard region. CERNIS K., BARTASIUTE S., STRAIZYS V., et al.
1998MNRAS.300..303T viz 119 191 An ultraviolet-selected galaxy redshift survey: new estimates of the local star formation rate. TREYER M.A., ELLIS R.S., MILLIARD B., et al.
1997A&A...323L..37M 73 T                   20 5 Soft X-ray emission and optical multicolors of faint QSOs in the
Selected Area 57.
1997ApJ...491..181C 2 3 24 Comparisons of a galactic kinematic model with two proper-motion surveys in the vicinity of the North Galactic Pole. CHEN B.
1997ApJS..109...45M viz 1338 31 The Kitt Peak galaxy redshift survey with multicolor photometry: basic data. MUNN J.A., KOO D.C., KRON R.G., et al.
1997BaltA...6..141T 8 2 Snapshots of CCD fields in a study of the vertical distribution of stars. TSAY W.S., CHEN A., CHEN R., et al.
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1996A&A...309..403M 9 19 Optical imaging and imaging spectroscopy of the peculiar spiral galaxy NGC 3310. MULDER P.S. and VAN DRIEL W.
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1996BaltA...5..149J 72 T                   64 2 Vilnius photometry of stars in the area of SA 57. JANULIS R.
1996BaltA...5..445P 30 1 Observations of clusters using the Stromvil system. I. Standard areas. PHILIP A.G.D., BOYLE R.P. and STRAIZYS V.
1996IBVS.4386....1F 1 2 9 NSV 6177: first elements and lightcurve. FRANK P., MOSCHNER J. and MOSCHNER W.
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1995ApJS...96..117M viz 293 91 K-band galaxy count. McLEOD B.A., BERNSTEIN G.M., RIEKE M.J., et al.
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1994A&AS..106..107K 1 1 5 A new method for the determination of the population types of field stars. KARAALI S.
1994A&AS..107..413I 2 5 Counts and colours of faint stars in 5 fields near the North Galactic Pole. INFANTE L.
1994AJ....108..870B 176 27 The optical and near-infrared colors of galaxies. I. The photometric data. BERSHADY M.A., HERELD M., KRON R.G., et al.
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1994ApJ...436L.149L 3 3 34 The axial ratio of the galactic stellar halo. LARSEN J.A. and HUMPHREYS R.M.
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1993ApJ...409..635R 4 14 204 Star counts redivivus. I. A new look at the galaxy at faint magnitudes. REID N. and MAJEWSKI S.R.
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1991AJ....101..625L viz 255 15 A search for wide binaries at the North Galactic Pole using precise radial velocities. LATHAM D.W., MAZEH T., DAVIS R.J., et al.
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1991JBAA..101..223M 4 0 Deep-sky photography - Tmax or Technichal Pan ? MARTYS C.R.
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1990ApJS...72..291S 71 T                   1 238 12 The Case low-dispersion northern sky survey. XI. A region near the North Galactic Pole including
SA 57.
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1989A&AS...78..217F 17 22 Confirmation of the galactic thick disk component by the Basle RGU - and UBV - photometric space densities. I. FENKART R.
1989A&AS...80...89F 71 T                   1 15 18 Confirmation of the galactic thick disk component by the Basle RGU-and UBV-photometric space densities. (Synopsis of 25 years Basle halo program. III. RGU + UBV: SA 82, SA 133,
SA 57, SA 54).
1989A&AS...81..187F 15 24 Confirmation of the galactic thick disk component by the Basle RGU- and UBV- photometric space densities. IV. (Synopsis of 25 years Basle Halo Program; IV.: SA 107, SA 51. FENKART R.
1989AJ.....98..108T 71 T                   1 89 59 A survey for faint variable objects in
SA 57.
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1989PASP..101..601C 71 T                   1 38 9 Four-color and H-beta photometry near
SA 57.
1988A&AS...75...29P 18 4 Walraven VBLUW photometry in Basel halo fields.I. Photometric data for Selected Areas SA 141 (South Galactic Pole), SA 94 and SA 107. PELT J.W., TREFZGER C.F. and BLAAUW A.
1988A&AS...76..469F 1 2 9 Further evidence for a thick disk component in the galaxy from RGU-three colour photometric density gradients in the pole directions. FENKART R.
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1988Ap&SS.142..131M 71 T                   1 1 5 On the wide binaries in selected area
1988ApJ...330..661G 70 T                   1 3 7 Spectrophotometry of three faint blue galaxies in selected area
1988ApJ...332L..59L 6 3 The infrared protogalaxy candidate in SA 57: a low-redshift elliptical galaxy. LILLY S.J., GARDNER J.P., COWIE L.L., et al.
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1987AJ.....93..611S 1 ~ The disk and halo densities at the plane from star counts in the galactic poles. SANDAGE A.
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1987TokAB.278.3221I 70 T                   1 2 1 CCD photometry of
SA 57.
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1981ApJS...46..117U viz 69 T                   636 63 Faint blue objects at high galactic latitude. I. Palomar Schmidt field centered on
Selected Area 57.
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SA 57,SA 82 and in the halo field around M 5 (I).
1977A&AS...28..377B 10 22 (SA 82 and SA 107) Density gradients in the galactic halo. BECKER W. and STEPPE H.
1976PASP...88..803C 11 1 56 Scales and distortion coefficients of the Lick, KPNO, and Hale prime-focus correctors. CHIU L.-T.G.
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1967ZA.....66..390F 70 T                   1 2 42 Versuch einer empirischen Bestimmung der Sterndichte im galaktischen Halo mit Hilfe der Dreifarbe-Photometrie. II.
SA 57.
1959PZ.....12..409K 66 T                   1 11 1 New variable stars in
SA 57.
1957PZ.....12...44P 66 T                   1 6 4 On five variable stars near
SA 57.

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