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2019A&A...625A.104R viz 179           X         4 30 ~ Testing massive star evolution, star formation history, and feedback at low metallicity. Spectroscopic analysis of OB stars in the SMC Wing. RAMACHANDRAN V., HAMANN W.-R., OSKINOVA L.M., et al.
2018A&A...609A..94H 261           X C       5 36 3 Observational properties of massive black hole binary progenitors. HAINICH R., OSKINOVA L.M., SHENAR T., et al.
2017A&A...601A..79S viz 85           X         2 99 12 The VLT-FLAMES Tarantula Survey. XXVI. Properties of the O-dwarf population in 30 Doradus. SABIN-SANJULIAN C., SIMON-DIAZ S., HERRERO A., et al.
2017ApJ...846..110D 128           X         3 21 4 Photometric determination of the mass accretion rates of pre-main-sequence stars. V. Recent star formation in the 30 Dor nebula. DE MARCHI G., PANAGIA N. and BECCARI G.
2013ApJ...765...73O 281           X         7 31 7 Discovery of X-ray emission from young suns in the Small Magellanic Cloud. OSKINOVA L.M., SUN W., EVANS C.J., et al.
2012ApJ...748...64G 40           X         1 29 19 The clustered nature of star formation. Pre-main-sequence clusters in the star-forming region NGC 602/N90 in the Small Magellanic Cloud. GOULIERMIS D.A., SCHMEJA S., DOLPHIN A.E., et al.
2012ApJ...753..173E 2288   K A S   X C       56 23 8 A rare early-type star revealed in the wing of the Small Magellanic Cloud. EVANS C.J., HAINICH R., OSKINOVA L.M., et al.
2004AJ....127.1632O viz 1518 61 Massive field stars and the stellar clustering law. OEY M.S., KING N.L. and PARKER J.W.
2002ApJS..141...81M viz 1418 231 A UBVR CCD survey of the Magellanic clouds. MASSEY P.
1991AJ....101..933H 14 13 A study of the young massive cluster N 90 in the SMC. HUTCHINGS J.B., THOMPSON I.B., CARTLEDGE S., et al.
1978A&AS...33..193I 104 25 Lichtelektrische Photometrie in der Kleinen Magellanschen Wolke. ISSERSTEDT J.
1976A&AS...24..357S 315 50 Starlight polarization in the Magellanic Cloud regions. SCHMIDT T.
1969AJ.....74..877S 48 71 Proven and probable members in the Wing of the Small Magellanic Cloud. SANDULEAK N.

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