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2020A&A...634A..21S 47           X         1 24 ~ The Carnegie Supernova Project II. Early observations and progenitor constraints of the Type Ib supernova LSQ13abf. STRITZINGER M.D., TADDIA F., HOLMBO S., et al.
2020A&A...641A.177M viz 19       D               2 288 ~ Stripped-envelope core-collapse supernova 56Ni masses. Persistently larger values than supernovae type II. MEZA N. and ANDERSON J.P.
2019MNRAS.488.4239P 18       D               4 106 ~ Comparison of the optical light curves of hydrogen-rich and hydrogen-poor type II supernovae. PESSI P.J., FOLATELLI G., ANDERSON J.P., et al.
2018A&A...609A.134S viz 65 7 The Carnegie Supernova Project I. Photometry data release of low-redshift stripped-envelope supernovae. STRITZINGER M.D., ANDERSON J.P., CONTRERAS C., et al.
2018A&A...609A.135S 40 8 The Carnegie Supernova Project I. Methods to estimate host-galaxy reddening of stripped-envelope supernovae. STRITZINGER M.D., TADDIA F., BURNS C.R., et al.
2017ApJS..233....6H viz 60       D     X         2 122 4 Type II supernova light curves and spectra from the CfA. HICKEN M., FRIEDMAN A.S., BLONDIN S., et al.
2014ApJS..213...19B viz 97       D     X         3 129 66 Multi-color optical and near-infrared light curves of 64 stripped-envelope core-collapse supernovae. BIANCO F.B., MODJAZ M., HICKEN M., et al.
2012A&A...538A.120L viz 16       D               1 5597 23 A unified supernova catalogue. LENNARZ D., ALTMANN D. and WIEBUSCH C.
2012A&A...544A..81H viz 16       D               1 7231 45 Supernovae and their host galaxies. I. The SDSS DR8 database and statistics. HAKOBYAN A.A., ADIBEKYAN V.Zh., ARAMYAN L.S., et al.
2012ApJ...759..107K viz 16       D               1 553 91 Core-collapse supernovae and host galaxy stellar populations. KELLY P.L. and KIRSHNER R.P.
2009CBET.1663....1P 39 T       O X         1 0 Supernova 2009K in NGC 1620. PIGNATA G., MAZA J., HAMUY M., et al.
2009CBET.1665....1S 39 T       O X         3 2 Supernovae 2009I, 2009J, and 2009K. STRITZINGER M.
2009CBET.1665....2P 39 T       O X         3 0 Supernovae 2009I, 2009J, and 2009K. PROSPERI E.
2009CBET.1665....3D 39 T       O X         3 0 Supernovae 2009I, 2009J, and 2009K. DRESCHER C.
2009CBET.1703....1S 39 T       O X         2 1 Supernovae 2009K and 2009Z. STRITZINGER M. and MORRELL N.
2009CBET.1703....2P 39 T       O X         2 0 Supernovae 2009K and 2009Z. PHILLIPS M., STRITZINGER M. and MORRELL N.

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