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2014AJ....147....5R 16       D               1 187 11 Multi-epoch very long baseline interferometric observations of the nuclear starburst region of NGC 253: improved modeling of the supernova and star formation rates. RAMPADARATH H., MORGAN J.S., LENC E., et al.
2013MNRAS.436..774E viz 504       D S   X C F     10 250 143 The death of massive stars - II. Observational constraints on the progenitors of type Ibc supernovae. ELDRIDGE J.J., FRASER M., SMARTT S.J., et al.
2011ATel.3764....1R 119 T         X         2 2 1 Radio non-detection of the type Ic supernova 2011hp in NGC 4219. RYDER S.D., STOCKDALE C.J., IMMLER S., et al.
2011ATel.3771....1F 238 T         X         5 2 ~ No progenitor detected in HST data for
SN 2011hp.
2011CBET.2899....1M 40 T       O X         3 1 Supernova 2011hp in NGC 4219 = PSN J12162547-4319469. MONARD L.A.G. and BRIMACOMBE J.
2011CBET.2899....2S 40 T       O X         4 0 Supernova 2011hp in NGC 4219 = PSN J12162547-4319469. STRITZINGER M. and FOLEY R.J.

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