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1945AJ.....51..136M 100 8 The space distribution of the novae. McLAUGHLIN D.B.
1950ZA.....27...49S 96 3 Rote Nebel in der Wintermilchstrasse. STROHMEIER W.
1951ApJ...114..163H 5 7 A note on the spectrum of RR Telescopii. HENIZE K.G. and McLAUGHLIN D.B.
1951AnAp...14..199B 124 1 Repartition des etoiles temporaires galactiques. BERTAUD C.
1951ZA.....29...94G 3 0 Polarisationsuntersuchungen am Reflexionsnebel NGC 7023. GLIESE W. and WALTER K.
1951ZA.....29..154W 65 T                   1 7 1 Veranderungen im Spektrum von
FU Orionis.
1952JRASC..46..222H 14 36 Emission-line stars in galactic nebulosities. HERBIG G.H.
1954ZA.....35...74W 65 T                   1 10 15 Das bisherige Verhalten von
FU Orionis.
1955ApJ...121..604J 123 30 Symmetric galactic nebulae. JOHNSON H.M.
1959SvA.....3..188M 68 7 New emission stars in the constellation Orion. MANOVA G.A.
1959SvA.....3..291K 31 17 A revised list of T-associations and their members. KHOLOPOV P.N.
1960ATsir.208...15D 5 1 On the composition of stellar associations. DOLIDZE M.V.
1960ATsir.210...18P 66 T                   1 2 3 Variable stars near
FU Orionis.
1960SvA.....4...13D 11 8 The origin of cometary nebulae. DIBAI E.A.
1961JO.....44..275W 3 4 Observations de post-novae. WEBER R.
1962SvA.....6..119B 66 T                   1 3 2 Excess ultraviolet radiation in the spectrum of
FU Ori.
1962SvA.....6..878A 45 ~ A list of Novae recommended for the determination of coordinates and proper motions. ARTYUKHINA N.M. and KHOLOPOV P.N.
1963SvA.....7..606D 5 ~ Origin of cometary nebulae. II. DIBAI E.A.
1964AJ.....69..675W 42 2 Lick Observatory Report. WHITFORD A.E.
1964AJ.....69..684H 6 0 Lowell Observatory report. HALL S.J.
1966ApJ...144..968I 6 4 148 Stellar formation rates in young clusters. IBEN I.Jr and TALBOT R.J.
1966VA......8..109H 72 T                   1 4 129 On the interpretation of
FU Orionis.
1967AJ.....72..816M 9 ~ Additional infrared photometry of T Tauri stars and related objects. MENDOZA E.E.
1967AJ.....72.1084W 33 1 Lick Observatory report. WHITFORD A.E.
1967AJ.....72.1259K 5 0 Leuschner Observatory report. KING I.R.
1968ApJ...151..977M 2 13 164 Infrared excesses in T-Tauri stars and related objects. MENDOZA V E.E.
1968PZ.....16..435Z 16 14 Photoelectric observations of RW Aur type stars. ZAITSEVA G.V.
1970ApJ...160..545W 27 111 OH radio emission associated with infrared stars. WILSON W.J., BARRETT A.H. and MORAN J.M.
1970ApJ...160.1083S 132 116 Intrinsic polarization of early-type stars with extended atmospheres. SERKOWSKI K.
1970ApJ...161L.101G 3 5 116 Infrared emission of novae. GEISEL S.L., KLEINMANN D.E. and LOW F.J.
1970ApJ...161L.105G 57 93 Infrared excesses - low-excitation emission lines and mass loss. GEISEL S.L.
1970ApJS...19..387A 3103 173 Catalog of individual radial velocities, 0h-12h, measured by astronomers of the Mount Wilson Observatory. ABT H.A.
1970PASP...82..765L 20 27 UBVRI photometry of infrared stars. LEE T.A.
1971A&A....13..489G 10 10 OH observations at the positions of T Tauri stars in the Taurus-Auriga region. GAHM G.F. and WINNBERG A.
1971ApJ...169L.117M 4 21 Photometric observations of V1057 Cygni. MENDOZA V E.E.
1971ApJ...169..543C 2 5 68 Two young bright infrared objects. COHEN M. and WOOLF N.J.
1971Afz.....7..557A 2 3 36 Fuors. AMBARTSUMIAN V.A.
1971BOTT....6..135M 4 19 Infrared photometry of V1057 Cyg. MENDOZA E.E.
1971IBVS..565....1H 11 15 Preliminary note on V1057 Cygni and some other similar objects. HARO G.
1972A&A....17..385W 449 150 Characteristics of OH emission from infrared stars. WILSON W.J. and BARRETT A.H.
1972A&A....20...99S 7 28 Far-infrared and uvby photometry of V1057 Cygni. SIMON T., MORRISON N.D., WOLFF S.C., et al.
1972ApJ...174..401H 334 378 Second catalog of emission-line stars of the Orion population. HERBIG G.H. and RAO N.K.
1972ApJ...177L..85S 3 8 Recent changes in the nature of V1057 Cygni. SCHWARTZ R.D. and SNOW T.P.Jr
1972MNRAS.157..121L 4 8 229 The evolution of spherical protostars with masses 0.25 M. to 10 M. LARSON R.B.
1972IBVS..642....1L 67 T                   1 3 6 UBV observations of
FU Ori, SU Tau and OJ 287.
1972IBVS..714....1H 3 7 The R-I color of V1057 Cygni before the outburst, and its brightness and spectral changes. HARO G.
1973A&A....28..147G 8 9 Transition radiation and T Tauri type stars. GURZADYAN G.A.
1973ApJ...182..781G 9 48 V1057 Cygni and pre-main-sequence evolution. GRASDALEN G.L.
1973ApJ...185L..67L 23 94 Carbon monoxide emission from nebulosity associated with Herbig Be and Ae type stars. LOREN R.B., VANDEN BOUT P.A. and DAVIS J.H.
1973ApJ...185L..71L 2 2 25 Anomalous 1720-MHz OH emission from V1057 Cyg. LO K.Y. and BECHIS K.P.
1973MNRAS.161..105C 1 13 85 Infrared observations of young stars. III. Nebulous emission-line stars. COHEN M.
1973MNRAS.161..145A 304 334 Near infrared magnitudes of 248 early-type emission-line stars and related objects. ALLEN D.A.
1973MNRAS.164..395C 43 99 Infrared observations of young stars. IV. Radiative mechanisms and interpretations. COHEN M.
1973Afz.....9..185Z 23 32 Emission H-alpha profiles in the spectra of irregular variable stars. ZAITSEVA G.V. and KOLOTILOV E.A.
1974A&A....30..159H 3 9 Infrared observations of HD 65750, a red giant in a reflection nebula. HUMPHREYS R.M. and NEY E.P.
1974A&AS...15...47K 33 79 Spectral energy distributions of T Tauri stars. KUHI L.V.
1974ApJ...187...83S 1 9 70 An infrared source associated with a Herbig-Haro object. STROM K.M., STROM S.E. and GRASDALEN G.L.
1974MNRAS.167..237G 88 98 An infrared survey of RW Aurigae stars. GLASS I.S. and PENSTON M.V.
1974PASP...86..813C 24 46 Infrared observations of new cometary nebulae. COHEN M.
1974PZP.....2...63F 9 2 Observations of variable stars in T-Association T1 Cygni. FILIN A.J.
1974RMxAA...1...25I 11 18 Computed luminosities for T Tauri and related objects. IMHOFF C.L. and MENDOZA E.E.
1975ApJ...196..433E 3 8 139 Interstellar H2CO. I. Absorption studies, dark clouds, and the cosmic background radiation. EVANS II N.J., ZUCKERMAN B., MORRIS G., et al.
1975ApJ...198L.135C 3 6 103 Spectroscopic observations of CRL 2688. CRAMPTON D., COWLEY A.P. and HUMPHREYS R.M.
1975ApJ...199L.169W 1 2 11 The variable circular polarization of V1057 Cyg. WOLSTENCROFT R.D. and SIMON T.
1975MNRAS.173..279C 28 114 Infrared observations of young stars. VI. COHEN M.
1975PASP...87...87I 5 8 CoD -44 3318, a peculiar luminous F star. IRVINE N.J.
1975PASP...87..317S 4 16 Infrared light curves for V1057 Cygni (1971- 74). SIMON T.
1975ARA&A..13..187S 24 106 Young stellar objects and dark interstellar clouds. STROM S.E., STROM K.M. and GRASDALEN G.L.
1975S&T....50..380C 4 0 Ice grains around HL Tau. COHEN M.
1976A&A....46...11A 121 72 A search for radio emission from stars. ALTENHOFF W.J., BRAES L.L.E., OLNON F.M., et al.
1976ApJ...205L..21L 2 7 91 CRL 2688 and CRL 618 : proto-planetary nebulae ? LO K.Y. and BECHIS K.P.
1976PASP...88..380H 9 19 CRL 2688 "the egg nebula" preplanetary nebula or protostellar system ? HUMPHREYS R.M., WARNER J.W. and GALLAGHER J.S.
1976BITon...2....3H 23 47 An observational approach to stellar evolution. I. HARO G.
1976IBVS.1195....1W 2 5 V1057 Cygni. WELIN G.
1976Obs....96....7G 1 0 Optical Studies of young stellar objects evolving to the main sequence. GAHM G.F.
1976RMxAA...2...33M 23 8 A preliminary report on H alpha, OI-photometry of young objects. MENDOZA E.E.
1977A&A....58..105W 171 22 Observations of radio stars at 10.6 GHz. WOODSWORTH A.W. and HUGHES V.A.
1977A&A....61..605D 6 13 Far-UV observations of T-Tau like stars. DE BOER K.S.
1977ApJ...217..693H 11 7 414 Eruptive phenomena in early stellar evolution. HERBIG G.H.
1977PASP...89..704L 1 3 17 Photometry of the FU Ori stars V1057 Cyg and V1515 Cyg. LANDOLT A.U.
1977ATsir.968....6G 6 0 On the influence of magnetic fields on the polarization of stars connected with some cometary nebulae. GYULBUDAGHIAN A.L.
1977AN....298..215R 33 0 Discussion of infrared measurements of T Tau stars and related objects. ROSSIGER S.
1977S&T....54..268A 1 0 The disappearing nebula : a star turns on ? ASHBROOK J.
1978A&A....69..421D 5 12 Circular polarization of zodiacal light and stellar radiation scattered on circumstellar clouds. DOLGINOV A.Z. and MYTROPHANOV I.G.
1978AJ.....83.1614W 11 13 Photometric and spectral properties of some T Tauri stars. WARNER J.W., HUBBARD R.P. and GALLAGHER J.S.
1978ApJ...222L.123M 3 3 58 The composite spectra of FU Orionis stars. MOULD J.R., HALL D.N.B., RIDGWAY S.T., et al.
1978ApJ...226..455A 3 6 A model for the cometary nebula NGC 2261. ARNY T. and BECHIS K.P.
1978AcA....28...91P 15 3 232 A model of selfgravitating accretion disk. PACZYNSKI B.
1978ATsir.982....4G 2 5 On two variable stars in Cepheus. GYULBUDAGHIAN A.L. and SARKISSIAN R.A.
1978ATsir.996....7P 68 T                   1 4 0 The search for flare stars in the vicinity of
FU Ori.
1979A&A....80..260A 1 2 15 OH observations of V1057 Cygni. ANDERSSON C., JOHANSSON L.E.B., WINNBERG A., et al.
1979ApJ...230..434D 44 54 OH emission from early-type emission-line stars with large infrared excesses. DAVIS L.E., SEAQUIST E.R. and PURTON C.R.
1979ApJS...41..743C 408 1335 Observational studies of pre-main-sequence evolution. COHEN M. and KUHI L.V.
1979ARA&A..17....9M 24 52 Infrared spectroscopy of stars. MERRILL K.M. and RIDGWAY S.T.
1979ATsir1038....6M 4 6 On the spectra of two new variable stars in Cepheus. MAGAKIAN T.Y. and AMIRKHANIAN A.S.
1979ATsir1040....1K 2 0 On water-vapor absorption in the spectra of FU Ori variables. KIRJAN V.V. and POGODIN M.A.
1979Ap.....15..229A 6 1 Spectral energy distribution of some stars of early spectral classes with gas-dust envelopes. AVETISYAN V.Z., KIR'YAN V.V., POGODIN M.A., et al.
1979S&T....58...11A 3 2 Nova Vul 1979. ASHBROOK J.
1979SvA....23..158S 3 2 Infrared spectroscopy with a contact-type image tube : FU Ori stars. SHANIN G.I.
1979TokAB.262.2983H 4 10 Observations of a novalike object in Vulpecula. HONDA M., ISHIDA K., NOGUCHI T., et al.
1980AJ.....85...29C 171 170 Red and nebulous objects in dark clouds: a survey. COHEN M.
1980MNRAS.190..321L 71 T                   1 3 46 The
FU Orionis mechanism.
1980MNRAS.191..499C 16 74 Infrared observations of young stars. VIII. Spectra in the ten-micron region. COHEN M.
1980JBAA...90..288H 5 0 Superstars. HUGHES D.W.
1981A&A....94...80T 82 26 A search for H2O emission from Orion population stars. THUM C., BERTOUT C. and DOWNES D.
1981AJ.....86...69L 32 27 The densities of the molecular clouds associated with Herbig Be/Ae and other young stars. LOREN R.B.
1981ApJ...245..589B 1 6 50 The formation of a T Tauri star: observations of the infrared source in L 1551. BEICHMAN C. and HARRIS S.
1981Ap.....17..311M 2 0 On an evolutionary connection between fuors and T Tau stars. MELIK-ALAVERDYAN Y.K.
1981PZ.....21..465K 60 3 On the classification of variable stars. KHOLOPOV P.N.
1982A&A...107..368B 41 43 Radio observations of pre-main-sequence stars: results and interpretation. BERTOUT C. and THUM C.
1982A&AS...48..153B 55 114 A linear polarization survey of T Tauri stars. BASTIEN P.
1982A&AS...48..513B 48 13 A linear polarization survey of T Tau stars. Erratum. BASTIEN P.
1982AJ.....87..881T 4 7 Radio continuum observations of cometary nebulae. TURNER K.C. and TERZIAN Y.
1982ApJ...258..170S 69 T                   1 3 14 Far-infrared observations of
FU Orionis.
1982ApJ...259L..35K 22 24 Broad carbon monoxide line wings near T Tauri stars. KUTNER M.L., LEUNG C.M., MACHNIK D.E., et al.
1982ApJ...260..655Z 417 72 Lambda 10830 He I observations of 455 stars. ZIRIN H.
1982ApJ...261..151E 30 137 A search for high-velocity molecular gas around T Tauri stars. EDWARDS S. and SNELL R.L.
1982ApJ...261..183D 1 10 95 The two-photon continuum in Herbig-Haro objets. DOPITA M.A., BINETTE L. and SCHWARTZ R.D.
1982PASP...94..285H 8 19 Far-infrared photometry of optical emission-line stars. II. HARVEY P.M. and WILKING B.A.
1982AN....303..251G 3 13 A hypothesis on the hydromagnetic activity of T Tau type stars and related objects. GERSHBERG R.E.
1982IBVS.2136....1B 69 T                   1 1 1 Energy distribution in the spectrum of
FU Ori.
1983ApJ...265..824B 2 54 623 The high-velocity molecular flows near young stellar objects BALLY J. and LADA C.J.
1983ApJ...265..855L 2 4 40 Interactions between pre-main-sequence objects and molecular clouds. I. Elias 1-12. LEVREAULT R.M.
1983AZh....60..746K 10 10 The optical variability of PU Vulpeculae (Nova-Like Kuwano's object 1979) in 1979-1982. KOLOTILOV E.A.
1983RMxAA...7..141M 14 1 Some photometric characteristics of T Tauri stars and related objects. MENDOZA V E.E.
1983RMxAA...7..219L 1 3 18 Angular momentum and protostellar disks. LARSON R.B.
1983RMxAA...8..147T 103 35 A search for molecular outflows associated with peculiar nebulosities and regions of star formation. TORRELLES J.M., RODRIGUEZ L.F., CANTO J., et al.
1983VilOB..62....3M 27 0 T Tauri-type stars in the UBV photometric system. MEISTAS E.
1984IUE84.......81I 9 ~ UV observations and results on pre-main sequence stars. IMHOFF C.L.
1985A&A...144...57B 3 5 64 FU Orionis star winds. BASTIAN U. and MUNDT R.
1985ApJ...289..331G 5 3 69 An FU Orionis star associated with Herbig-Haro object 57. GRAHAM J.A. and FROGEL J.A.
1985ApJ...297L..41M 1 20 95 The optical spectrum of L 1551 IRS 5. MUNDT R., STOCKE J., STROM S.E., et al.
1985ApJ...299..462H 21 3 263 On the nature of FU Orionis objects. HARTMANN L. and KENYON S.J.
1985PAZh...11..846K 69 T                   1 3 10 Study of the
FU Orionis stars. III. The photometric observations of
FU Ori in 1978-1985.
1985SAAOC...9...55K 53 80 Optical and infrared photometry of southern early-type shell stars and pre-main-sequence variables. KILKENNY D., WHITTET D.C.B., DAVIES J.K., et al.
1986ApJ...307L...5N 1 6 26 Circular polarization in T Tauri stars. NADEAU R. and BASTIEN P.
1986PASP...98.1103K 3 1 Disk accretion in FU Orionis objects. KENYON S.J. and HARTMANN L.
1986BAAS...18.1027H 2 0 Disk accretion in V1057 Cyg. HARTMANN L. and KENYON S.J.
1986Icar...65..152V 100 4 A search for the tritium hyperfine line from nearby stars. VALDES F. and FREITAS R.A.Jr
1986NIA86......205E 70 T                   1 1 ~ IUE observations of the eruptive pre-main sequence object
FU Orionis.
1987A&A...181...57B 5 6 Transfer of resonant line photons in spherically accelerating envelopes. BECKWITH S. and NATTA A.
1987ApJ...312..227C 41   K                 3 81 Mass loss from
FU Orionis objects.
1987ApJ...312..243H 42   K                 4 121 Further evidence for disk accretion in
FU Orionis objects.
1987ApJ...320..364E 27 66 Observations of infrared emission lines and radio continuum emission from pre-main-sequence objects. EVANS II N.J., LEVREAULT R.M., BECKWITH S., et al.
1987ApJ...322..393H 3 4 55 High spectral resolution infrared observations of V1057 Cygni. HARTMANN L. and KENYON S.J.
1987Afz....27..447P 6 12 On fuorlike variation of the Orion association stars. PARSAMIAN E.S. and GASPARIAN K.G.
1987SSRv...45....1D 270 194 A reference catalogue and atlas of galactic novae. DUERBECK H.W.
1987IAUS..115...19E 2 7 62 IRAS and star formation in dark clouds. EMERSON J.P.
1987IAUS..122...39C 22 4 Bipolar flows and jets from stars of different spectral types: observations. COHEN M.
1987IAUS..122...67W 9 ~ Circumstellar dust around FU Orionis stars. WELIN G.
1987IAUS..122..131B 6 0 Circular polarization in T Tauri stars. BASTIEN P. and NADEAU R.
1987IAUS..122..189W 13 1 Filtered CCD images of southern Herbig-Haro objects. WHITMORE B., CAMERON D.H.M. and WARREN-SMITH R.F.
1987LNP87.291..411B 7 ~ The T Tauri stars. BASRI G.
1987LNP87.291..431K 7 ~ Accretion as an energy source for pre-main sequence stars. KENYON S.J.
1987LNP87.291..443E 16 ~ Energetic winds from low mass young stellar objects. EDWARDS S. and STROM S.E.
1988AJ.....96.1949H 15 46 Rotation periods of four T Tauri stars. HERBST W. and KORET D.L.
1988ApJ...325..231K 37   K                 13 138 Accretion disk models for
FU Orionis and V1057 Cygni : detailed comparisons between observations and theory.
1988ApJ...330..897L 69 144 Molecular outflows and mass loss in pre-main-sequence stars. LEVREAULT R.M.
1988ApJS...67..283L 71 232 A search for molecular outflows toward pre-main-sequence objects. LEVREAULT R.M.
1988PASP..100.1549S 1 2 13 Infrared photometry of V1057 Cygni (1971-87). SIMON T. and JOYCE R.R.
1988AZh....65.1250Y 132 0 An analysis of correlations between polarimetric and photometric properties of young stars. YUDIN R.V.
1988Ap&SS.148..343B 18 11 Leptonic jets from young stellar objects. BLOME H.J. and KUNDT W.
1988BICDS..34..127D 268 1 A reference catalogue of galactic novae. DUERBECK H.W.
1988BAAS...20..694E 7 0 CaII, H-alpha, and broad-band photometry of T Tauri stars. ERWIN H.P. and HERBST W.
1988BAAS...20Z.694H 9 ~ An attempt to confirm the rotation periods of some T Tauri stars. HERBST W. and KORET D.L.
1988BAAS...20.1090K 3 1 Spectroscopic observations of FU Orionis variables. KENYON S.J. and HARTMANN L.W.
1988IzPul.205...74K 119 0 Photometric peculiarities of Ae/Be Herbig stars. KRIVTSOV A.A. and YUTANOV N.Y.
1988LicOB1111....1H viz 742 ~ Third catalog of emission-line stars of the Orion population. HERBIG G.H. and BELL K.R.
1988IUE88...1...59D 14 ~ Some recent results from the study of cool stars. DUPREE A.K.
1988IUE88...1...67S 38 ~ IUE observations and physical proceddes of interacting binary stars. SHORE S.N.
1989A&A...211..115G 1 5 35 Long- and short-term variability of the T Tauri star RY Lupi. GAHM G.F., FISCHERSTROM C., LISEAU R., et al.
1989ApJ...338.1001H 3 8 108 Pre-main-sequence disk accretion in Z Canis Majoris. HARTMANN L., KENYON S.J., HEWETT R., et al.
1989ApJ...339.1089B 8 11 Circular polarization in T Tauri stars. II. New observations and evidence for multiple scattering. BASTIEN P., ROBERT C. and NADEAU R.
1989ApJ...340L..69W 2 16 174 Submillimeter measurements of T Tauri an FU Orionis stars. WEINTRAUB D.A., SANDELL G. and DUNCAN W.D.
1989ApJ...342.1134K 36   K                 5 20 High-resolution infrared spectra of
FU Orionis variables : Keplerian rotation and mass loss.
1989ApJ...344..925K 38   K                 3 42 Ultraviolet spectroscopy of pre-main-sequence accretion disks. KENYON S.J., HARTMANN L., IMHOFF C.L., et al.
1989ApJ...347..950S 36   K                 4 19 Luminosity jumps in pre-main-sequence stars. STAHLER S.W.
1989MNRAS.236..289C 2 7 Star-disc boundary layers in cataclysmic variables and T Tauri stars. CLARKE C.J. and EDWARDS D.A.
1989MNRAS.236..495C 8 1 33 Accretion disc flows around FU Orionis stars. CLARKE C.J., LIND N.C. and PAPALOIZOU J.C.B.
1989AZh....66..335K 4 3 The 1982-1986 photoelectric UBV photometry of the young In(T)-type star DQ Tauri. KOLOTILOV E.A.
1989BAAS...21.1084W 3 0 FU Orionis objects : accretion disks and more. WELTY A.D., HARTMANN L.W., KENYON S.J., et al.
1989PVSS...16...49B 2 ~ Thirty-six years visual monitoring of the eruptive variable EX Lupi. BATESON F.M., McINTOSH R. and BRUNT D.
1989TarOT..94....1N 399 6 Mass loss from stars : the universal formula for mass loss rate. NUGIS T.
1989TrLen..42...61K 13 0 Fuors and fuor-like objects. KOPATSKAYA E.N.
1990A&A...232...70E 7 17 High resolution spectroscopy of the new FU Orionis object BBW 76. EISLOEFFEL J., HESSMAN F.V. and MUNDT R.
1990ApJ...349..328W 1 3 13 Further evidence for differential rotation in V1057 Cygni. WELTY A.D., STROM S.E., STROM K.M., et al.
1990ApJ...360L..47P 39 1 156 The birthline for intermediate-mass stars. PALLA F. and STAHLER S.W.
1990ApJ...362..634L 493 85 New OH/IR stars from color-selected IRAS sources. II. An unbiased 1612 MHz survey. LEWIS B.M., EDER J. and TERZIAN Y.
1990ApJS...74..575W 429 92 A catalog of pre-main-sequence emission-line stars with IRAS source associations. WEINTRAUB D.A.
1990PASP..102.1413R 1 4 21 Radio continuum from FU Orionis stars. RODRIGUEZ L.F., HARTMANN L.W. and CHAVIRA E.
1990Afz....32..221I 6 3 Observational study of fuors. II. The light curve of V1515 Cygni. Fourier analysis of small amplitude variability. IBRAGIMOV M.A. and SHEVCHENKO V.S.
1990AGAb....4...35E 2 0 High-resolution spectroscopy of the new FU Orionis object BBW 76. EISLOEFFEL J., HESSMAN F.V. and MUNDT R.
1990BICDS..38..165S 168 0 The catalogue of multiple and double stars of T-Associations in a machine-readable form. SALUKVADZE G.N.
1990BAAS...22.1257W 70 T                   1 3 0 Further evidence for
FU Ori accretion disks and disk winds.
1990Sci...248..564L 2 5 41 The formation of sunlike stars. LADA C.J. and SHU F.H.
1990SciN..137...38C 2 0 Young stars that jump the light fantastic. COWEN R.
1990IAUS..137..229R 70 T                   1 14 30
FU Orionis eruptions and early stellar evolution.
1991A&A...246..137H 1 2 9 The long-term evolution of FU Orionis variables. HESSMAN F.V.
1991A&A...246..511R 1 21 99 The jet and energy source of HH 46/47. REIPURTH B. and HEATHCOTE S.
1991A&AS...87..481M viz 457 78 Long-term photometry of variables at ESO. I. The first data catalogue (1982-1986). MANFROID J., STERKEN C., BRUCH A., et al.
1991ApJ...370..384H 1 7 40 The high state of the FU Orionis variable Z Canis Majoris. HESSMAN F.V., EISLOEFFEL J., MUNDT R., et al.
1991ApJ...380..617C 7 6 174 Irradiation of accretion disks around young objects. I. Near-infrared CO bands. CALVET N., PATINO A., MAGRIS C.G., et al.
1991ApJ...381..250B 2 37 379 Particle emissivity in circumstellar disks. BECKWITH S.V.W. and SARGENT A.I.
1991ApJ...382..270W 2 8 73 Are FU Orionis stars younger than T Tauri stars ? Submillimeter constraints on circumstellar disks. WEINTRAUB D.A., SANDELL G. and DUNCAN W.D.
1991ApJ...383..664K 2 9 83 The dusty envelopes of FU Orionis variables. KENYON S.J. and HARTMANN L.W.
1991ApJ...383..752C 110 T K                 1 2 34 On the near-infrared spectrum of

FU Orionis
1991PASP..103.1069K 1 5 34 On the FU Orionis variable V1515 Cygni. KENYON S.J. and HARTMANN L.W.
1991AcApS..11..172D 227 33 Early-type emission-line stars with large infrared excesses. DONG Y.-S. and HU J.-Y.
1991Afz....35...11I 70 T                   1 86 0 Fuor observations III.
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FU Orionis
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FU Orionis
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FU Orionis
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FU Orionis
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FU Ori disk.
LIU H.B., TSAI A.-L., CHEN W.P., et al.
2022MNRAS.510L..37B 1614 T   A     X C F     32 4 ~ On the rise times in

FU Orionis
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2022A&A...663A..86L 2827 T K A     X C       59 13 ~ The disk of

FU Orionis
viewed with MATISSE/VLTI. First interferometric observations in L and M bands.
2022AJ....164..109R 718       D     X C       15 49 ~ Gemini-LIGHTS: Herbig Ae/Be and Massive T Tauri Protoplanetary Disks Imaged with Gemini Planet Imager. RICH E.A., MONNIER J.D., AARNIO A., et al.
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2022ApJ...936..152L 1400     A D S   X C       29 22 ~ Diagnosing
FU Ori-like Sources: The Parameter Space of Viscously Heated Disks in the Optical and Near-infrared.

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