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2019ApJS..240...33G viz 93             C       1 26 ~ The Massive and Distant Clusters of WISE Survey. I. Survey overview and a catalog of >2000 galaxy clusters at z ≃ 1. GONZALEZ A.H., GETTINGS D.P., BRODWIN M., et al.
2018ApJ...867...12R viz 18       D               1 113 3 Mass-richness relations for X-ray and SZE-selected clusters at 0.4 < z < 2.0 as seen by Spitzer at 4.5 µm. RETTURA A., CHARY R., KRICK J., et al.
2018ApJS..235...20H 45           X         1 35 17 The Atacama Cosmology Telescope: the two-season ACTPol Sunyaev-Zel'dovich effect selected cluster catalog. HILTON M., HASSELFIELD M., SIFON C., et al.
2018MNRAS.477.5517W 18       D               1 19 ~ X-ray versus infrared selection of distant galaxy clusters: a case study using the XMM-LSS and SpARCS cluster samples. WILLIS J.P., RAMOS-CEJA M.E., MUZZIN A., et al.
2016A&ARv..24...14O 44           X         1 19 36 The realm of the galaxy protoclusters. OVERZIER R.A.
2016ApJ...817..122B 45           X         1 6 16 IDCS J1426.5+3508: the most massive galaxy cluster at z > 1.5. BRODWIN M., McDONALD M., GONZALEZ A.H., et al.
2015MNRAS.453.1990Y 17       D               1 14 7 Optical inverse-Compton emission from clusters of galaxies. YAMAZAKI R. and LOEB A.
2014A&A...571A..84C 41           X         1 5 ~ Probing the evolution of galaxy clusters with the SZ effect. CAVALIERE A. and LAPI A.
2014ApJ...794..157M 1119 T K A D     X C       26 3 26 The XXL survey. V. Detection of the Sunyaev-Zel'dovich effect of the redshift 1.9 galaxy cluster
XLSSU J021744.1-034536 with CARMA.
2014MNRAS.444.2723C 165           X C       3 53 29 The XMM-LSS survey: the Class 1 cluster sample over the extended 11 deg^2 and its spatial distribution. CLERC N., ADAMI C., LIEU M., et al.
2013MNRAS.430..134W 16       D               1 73 26 Distant galaxy clusters in the XMM Large Scale Structure survey. WILLIS J.P., CLERC N., BREMER M.N., et al.

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