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1998A&AS..130..567K 23 33 An objective and automatic cluster finder: An improvement of the matched-filter method. KAWASAKI W., SHIMASAKU K., DOI M., et al.
1994ApJ...437..560W 1 5 25 A medium-deep redshift survey of a minislice at the North Galactic Pole. WILLMER C.N.A., KOO D.C., SZALAY A.S., et al.
1993PASP..105.1028B 1 2 Spectral classification, morphology and detection of distant galaxies. BERSHADY M.A.
1993PBeiO..23...34B 47 0 Historical review of the Butcher-Oemler effect in the evolution of cluster galaxies. BIAN Y.
1990A&AS...83....1G 3 6 Galaxy population in the cluster Cl 0500-24. GIRAUD E.
1989AN....310...23L 3 3 On the periodical structures in populations of galaxies and clusters of galaxies. LITVIN V.F., HOLZMANN F.M., TAIBIN B.S., et al.
1989ApJ...337...34Z 8 4 129 Close pairs of galaxies in deep sky surveys. ZEPF S.E. and KOO D.C.
1988ApJ...330..661G 3 7 Spectrophotometry of three faint blue galaxies in selected area 57. GALLAGHER J.S.III and HAMILTON D.
1988ApJ...333..586K 5 18 II Zw 1305.4+2941 at z = 0.24 : another rich, red, compact cluster. KOO D.C., KRON R.G., NANNI D., et al.
1986AJ.....91..478K 10 28 A multicolor photometric catalog of galaxies and stars in the field of the rich cluster II ZW 1305.4+2941 at z = 0.24. KOO D.C., KRON R.G., NANNI D., et al.
1986ApJ...311..651K 7 5 158 Multicolor photometry of field galaxies to B 24. KOO D.C.
1984MmSAI..55..609N 1 0 The distribution of distant galaxies. NANNI D., TREVERSE D. and VIGNATO A.

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