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C.D.S. - SIMBAD4 rel 1.5.12 - 2017.12.18CET19:39:38

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Basic data :
TYPE="susetMenuItem("si$(docup;&b).ready(funencla(){" type="text("P/DSS2/colori,"yfert G",0.033334)}v class="cd"-1" IZEect ty E="-1" IZE="JavaScript" type="text/javascript" src="/Simlib/ WIDTH="1m-id"">Vi.gif"ed/INCTYPE="multip Origin of the l ob
  • La> low"al obeasy vist: poi&bult" eact yourounRpes :ary of adius, eB> Laccom photometry-ends, wildcarsoilo
  • pecip;&dn in somuicr. Itwtypcurr;&bly limitym acca xaximumeis 30 csec. Itwdepends mosbly o "Ref"preciationorust:
      types ::: "ra dec (w(ical datnRp
    • Suggfr">Co[CHth:lcrow ym p;&ldon0.5 acc1.5 csec, 3 csec modeswiseB> L; une coailo: "ra dec (w(ical dast:
        Enoru: "ra dec (woch,out iven by t): 5 acc30 sec (risky!). nf PE="su ct tyOther o> T> < IGN="RIG>
  • Basic data : Hr/v+xmly numbereis cronym

    ( I> APE="srIo whec verpes :r mbership>agebabi

    IC 4553 -- Seyfert Galaxy
    Origin of the objects types :

    (Ref) Object type as listed in the reference "Ref"
    (acronym) Object type linked to the acronym according to the original reference
    () Anterior to 2007, before we can link the objet type to a reference, or given by the CDS team in some particular cases

    Other object types:
    SyG (), Rad (BWE,FIRST,...), G (Ref,APG,...), AGN (Ref,[VV2000c],...), IR (AKARI,IRAS,...), smm (JCMTSE,JCMTSF), X (2XMM,[A2001]), IG (VV), GiG ([CHM2007]), GiP (KPG), LIN (Ref)
    Syntax of coordinates is : "ra dec (wtype) [error ellipse] quality bibcode" :
    1992MN .254..655P
    Syntax of coordinates is : "ra dec (wtype) [error ellipse] quality bibcode" :
    Syntax of coordinates is : "ra dec (wtype) [error ellipse] quality bibcode" :
    Syntax of coordinates is : "ra dec (wtype) [error ellipse] quality bibcode" :
    Origin of the oinates is equialHREF="sim-(or/ed aredshift)wtype) HRE"] quali] elavelength)e" :
    • : r HRE"scension quialHREF="sim-or/ed aredshift (Heliolintric ccord)our Output Options) asic insyste HRE"]typan quialHREF="sim) : r qualidscensionqualittypes :: rrespontput HRE"] HREF="simink th : relavelength)scensionwavelengtho" "ge types :r astrop;&b , mm, IR, SRC, UV, Xray, : r" : ( A=beandst:
        -> E=worandst: : r
      • Other object tyRquialHREF="sim-/ Redshift / cz
    class="inf LIN O/ I> Asp; Ref) A..59&Ref) LIGN="TOP" NOWRAP>
    Origin of the oinates is morphologled Ience,type)mence," :
    • : rmencescensionHub/I> morphologled Iltip"a(spiralox" bibC=is ox" tc) : r" : (A=beandst:
        -> E=worandst: : r
      • Other object tyMorphologled Ience
    class="inf LIN Ref) A..59&Ref) LIGN="TOP" NOWRAP>
    Origin of the oinates is riptmeta HREtype) maj-jxis x;">jxis ripI> (llipse]" :
    • : rmaj-jxisscensionmaj objxisa HRE( c x;"uc () : rx;">jxisscensionm c objxis HRE( c x;"uc () : rripI>scensionnce;&bas, epripI> (ilodegre () : r(ilcl)scensionilclnd frame ilodefis is 15° ccom 0 Opt7) : rellipsescensionwavelengtholtip"al obOerence
      , mm, IR, SRC, UV, Xray, : r" : types :riptmeta HRE HRE"[C( A=beandst:
        -> E=worandst: : r
      • Other object tyAiptmeta HRE( cx;"esci>
    class="inf LIN LIGN="TOP" NOWRAP>
    Origin of the oinates is flux"[C(litmaty ..."s)wtype) itude,-a>MultVarFlags>
  • : ritude,-a> : r(Sprope)scensionmaL> e AB (defaultwtypVega) : rflux- HRE"scension HRE"]is flux litmaty ..." : r qualidscensionqualit HRE" : r" : types :flux HRE"]( A=beandst:
      -> E=worandst: : rMultVarFlagsscensionMultwtypzero litone"> n> e zero littwo">
    • : r
    • Other object tyFlux"[C(5) : -- Seyf/TD>
  • class="inf> class="inTDnf LIN flagd(A->E) N
  • Ref LIN > LIN > class="inTDnf LIN flagd(A->E) N
  • Ref LIN > LIN > class="inTDnf LIN flagd(A->E) N
  • flagd(A->E) N
  • flagd(A->E) N
  • C.D.S. -350>
  • m-id" METHOD="GETT SINCTYPE="multip> , .0UT TYPE="su, UT TYPE="su REF="sarounRM> och, equinoa M> cx;" T> LIGN="T"TOP"> N >ge" NAALUE="survey Buttns < VALZC,ZS"AME="seequioUT TYPE="su ZC,ZSIN > LABELTYPE="su DZSIN > LABELTYPE="suSDZS > HRE"=XMM>XMM > HRE"=IRAC>IRAC > HRE"=IRIS>IRIS > HRE"=GALEX>GALEX >Arp 220Arpscoce,tArpscript-strsasbgchemaoose.IdBySO M>age" content="/vizier/simbad_-strasbg.fskygi-bin/cdsbib">Bi" type="thumbnails/ "" cIC%20rt G& HR=0.033334&legend=P%2fDSS2%2fcolor&reroper=true&reroperW 31&reroperColor=yellow&scaer=true" N (en JS Optuic it)-- SeyfenfIMGmp.png-strasbg.fskygi-bin/cdsbib">Bi" type="thumbnails/ "" cIC%20rt G& HR=0.033334&legend=P%2fDSS2%2fcolor&reroper=true&reroperW 31&reroperColor=yellow&scaer=true" LIT=" < VAL " />
    Origin of the"nt /A> & o "Retyp about , bibliography the o

    (Rip"ociraphy .

    Other oB>ct ty/A> &:="su N="TOPTD> pse Infsc On sta d (>Bipri&b-9.65 (A..5-04-01))iv> LITYPE="su pse Infsc On sta d (>Bipri&b-9.65 (A..5-04-01))iv> &nb=IC%20rt 4">yfert 4
    LITYPE="su pse Infsc On sta d (>Bipri&b-9.65 (A..5-04-01))iv>">VizieR LITYPE="su < LIGN="TOP" NOWRAP>

    Sesame tionary of?IC">yf -- Se > Sesame tionary of?/TT>, ">/TT>, Sesame tionary of?TXS">TXS <1532+236-- Se > Sesame tionary of?%5b(BWE,%5d%40 ">>(BWE,F < F15327+2340-- Se > Sesame tionary of?-IRC-Vsic -IRC-Vs VizieR-IRC-Vs%40J1534572%2b233011" TARult="FONT SIZE="+0"" " href=Fulides bhe "Ref", wildcard" BORDER=" UT TYPE="
    Sesame tionary of?/TT>,F">/TT>,F Sesame tionary of?UGC">UGC <991 -- Se > VizieR Sesame tionary of?%5b( %5d%40LDC%201130">>( Sesame tionary of?< < VizieR Sesame tionary of?/V ">/V Sesame tionary of?UZC">UZC Sesame tionary of?%5bST,.%5d%40UGC">RST,.. Sesame tionary of?BW ">BW <1532+2339-- Se > VizieR Sesame tionary of?/V ">/V Sesame tionary of? VV <540-- Se > Sesame tionary of?%5bTT>, %5d">RTT>, Sesame tionary of?ECO">ECO <11597-- Se > Sesame tionary of?, K <470b-- Se > VizieR Sesame tionary of?WB">WB <1532+2339-- Se > Sesame tionary of?%5bTT>, 3 %5d">RTT>, 3 Sesame tionary of?, ">, VizieR Sesame tionary of?UGC,">UGC, <55497-- Se > Sesame tionary of?AS,...AS,. Sesame tionary of?%5bTT>, 6 %5d">RTT>, 6 Sesame tionary of?GB6">GB6 Sesame tionary of?ZC,Z,">ZC,Z, VizieR Sesame tionary of?TT>,">ZXMM Sesame tionary of?%5b]">(RTT>,1 Sesame tionary of?NVSS">NVSS <153247.1+233949-- Se > Sesame tionary of?MCG%2b04-37-005">MCG +04-37-005-- Se > Sesame tionary of?Z">Z <136-17-- Se > Sesame tionary of?%5b]"98 %5d">RTT"htt Sesame tionary of?IC">yf <1127-- Se > Sesame tionary of?B,[C">M,[C VizieR Sesame tionary of?Z">Z <1532.8+2340-- Se > Sesame tionary of?%5bF="ht%5d">RF="htt <15327+2340-- Se > Sesame tionary of? "> <15327+2340-- Se > VizieR Sesame tionary of?B95]">B95] VizieR Sesame tionary of?%5b %5d%40Arp%20220"> <7.3-- Se > " Sesame tionary of? "> VizieR Sesame tionary of?RI,I">RI,I Sesame tionary of?%5b %5d%40Arp%20220"> <3-- Se > Basic data : es < the oIdBySs-- Se > plot"arounRM> ALIGNplot-LE itTER" BORDER=" UT I> APE="s: plot-- Se > cx;" IC%20rt G" TARult="FONT SIZE="+0""l-LE itTER" BORDER=" UT TYPE=" APE=": e"lT tit IC%20rt G&lp=true&rp=true&bp=true" TARult="FONT SIZE="+0" ALIGNg.fEF="-LE itTER" BORDER=" UT TYPE=" A: e paS.fEF=" R HR= the (" quires>flash)sc IT ALIGN="CENHT" VALIGN=""TOP"> Ala="/S/"T= C%20rt G%2011 cx;"%3b C%20rt G%2011 cx;"&ccom=ary of4" TARult="FONT SIZE="+0" ALIGNm"> APE=": appletT tit Basic data : Rven by tse(1997 between 1998the o2018) (Tor"l 2436)-- Se > APE=": B-sic data :I> ary of b> &nographic murvey beganhe "1850al obs> a(at leaandb and ds> )the oe "1983al ob> lamodeso

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  • "DT10="JavaScript" type="text/javascript" src="/Simlib/v> $('# blS.froe put[ HRE"= T hre|Abs eact|Keywry P]').removeAttr(" HRd"); $('# blS.froe put[ HRE"= I "RU]').removeAttr(" HRd"); > WIDTH="IHRTH="s="sic"> Basic da: M astrop;&bse(10ascris) : -- > /DIV> I="Tim-id" METHOD="GET" # P E P E P E P E P E P E P E P E P E P E Ege" NAME="seubmit" VALUE="submit id" /> HREF="bsayed ed:r astrop;&b&nE/> p; HREF="b> lar astrop;&b&nE/> p; clearYE/> P "HRTH="s="sic"> Basic da: E" ;rnal chivEs : -- > /DIV> I="A chivEdes bhat as c/W3Browse/w3basiclpl?Ts=%40All+A chivEs&C "ra dec (=Equatorial:+R.A.+Dec&Equinox=>, &Rquino=Default&NR=ical d&F;&lds=Staydard&GIF HR=1, &Aencla=QEF="+Submittal&Entry=15%2034%2057.22396%2c%2b23%2030%2011.6084U>HEASARC - High-Energy Aad/ophysics Sciby t A chivEdReon+xml Ce, beanguI="Ds bhat Yfsimbad.u-strasbnedwww.ipac.caltechtedu">Sesame nph- on+xml? on" cUGC%20991 &t" ;&d=no&out_csy(=Equatorial&out_equinox=J>, .0& ..."&of=pre_" sr&zv_breaker=30, .0&, an_limit=5&img_s> mp=YE]">BED - NASA/IPAC E" eag/TDencc D> asic anguI="Lype byNa>
  • VizieR-IRC-Vs%40J1534572%2b233011">-IRC-Vs VizieR PG VizieRBW <1532+2339 VizieR, VizieR <15327+2340 VizieR F15327+2340 VizieR VizieRZC,Z, VizieRM,[C VizieRB95] VizieRUGC<991 VizieR
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