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Identifier not found in the database : NAME CGCG 049-057

Please have a look at the "Dictionary of Nomenclature"

Result of query: info cati CGCG 049-057


[Class] Acronym (Explanation) . . . . . . . . . in Simbad, use:
=[Galaxy] CGCG (Catalog of G and Clusters of G) =E= Z FFF-NNN or Z FFF-NNN/N or Z HHMM.m+DDMM [ClG] CGCG (Catalog of G and Clusters of G) =E= ZwCl HHMM+DDMM or ZwCl FFF-NNN
= in col.1 means that the list is COMPLETELY incorporated in Simbad =E= indicates catalogues available in electronic form at CDS

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