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Gaia DR2: For now, Gaia DR2 data are not in SIMBAD, it is available in Vizier. The CDS will perform a cross-identification of Gaia DR2 with the astronomical objects in the SIMBAD bibliographic database. This will be done with very strict criteria in order to avoid erroneous cross-identifications. Especially, only the 6.5 milllions objects with subarseconds coordinates will be searched in Gaia DR2. Expected to be ready on June 30, 2018.

'NGC {{{n}}}': this identifier has an incorrect format for catalog: NGC : catalogue NGC

Please have a look at the "Dictionary of Nomenclature"

Result of query: info cati NGC {{{n}}}


[Class] Acronym (Explanation) . . . . . . . . . in Simbad, use:
[?] N (Abbreviation of NGC) . . . . . . . =E= NGC NNNNA [?] NGC (New General Catalog) . . . . . . =E= NGC NNNN or NGC NNNNA or NGC NNNNAA (L) [?] RNGC (Revised New General Catalog) . . =E= NGC NNNNA
=E= indicates catalogues available in electronic form at CDS (L) following the Usage indicates a 'format' found later in the literature, which is not recognized by SIMBAD.

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