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No astronomical object found :

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Result of query: info cati PMSC 01042-5546


[Class] Acronym (Explanation) . . . . . . . . . in Simbad, use:
[**] MSC (Multiple Stars Catalogue) . . . . =E= PMSC HHMMm+DDMMA [**] PMSC (Physical Multiple Stars Catalogue) =E= PMSC HHMMm+DDMM or PMSC HHMMm+DDMMA or PMSC HHMMm+DDMMAA or PMSC HHMMm+DDMMAa or PMSC HHMMm+DDMMAaa or PMSC HHMMm+DDMMAaaa or PMSC HHMMm+DDMMAaaaa
=E= indicates catalogues available in electronic form at CDS

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