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Gaia DR2: For now, Gaia DR2 data are not in SIMBAD, it is available in Vizier. The CDS will perform a cross-identification of Gaia DR2 with the astronomical objects in the SIMBAD bibliographic database. This will be done with very strict criteria in order to avoid erroneous cross-identifications. Especially, only the 6.5 milllions objects with subarseconds coordinates will be searched in Gaia DR2. Expected to be ready on June 30, 2018.

'rv': No known catalog could be found

Please have a look at the "Dictionary of Nomenclature"

Result of query: info cati rv

[Class] Acronym (Explanation) . . . . . . . . . in Simbad, use:
=[? in...] DRP (D. Reverte-Payo) . . . . . . . . . . [RVH2007] {DRP A539a} or [RVH2007] {DRP A634a} or [RVH2007] {LSB A634a} or [RVH2007] {LSB A634a knot} [Star in...] RV (Radcliffe obs. Variable) . . . . . . . RMC NNNa or RMC NNN{F} or RMC NNNaNN =[Star(NAME Sgr Dwarf Galaxy)] RV (Radial Velocity) . . [WIC96] {RV} NN [?(NGC 4631)] [RV93] (Rand+Van der Hulst 1993) . . . . [RV93] {Dwarf} a or [RV93] {Shell} N =[Radio] [RVA2011] (Ramos+Vio+Andreani 2011) . . . [RVA2011] N =[Galaxy(NAME HDFS)] [RVB2005] (Rigopoulou+Vacca+Berta+ 2005) =E= [RVB2005] NNa [denseCore] [RVD2009] (Racca+Vilas-Boas+De La Reza 2009) [RVD2009] NNNA =[? in...] [RVH2007] (Reverte+Vilchez+Hernandez-Fernandez+ 2007) [RVH2007] {DRP A539a} or [RVH2007] {DRP A634a} or [RVH2007] {LSB A634a} or [RVH2007] {LSB A634a knot} [WD*(NGC 104 = 47 Tuc)] [RVH2015] (Rivera-Sandoval+Van Den Berg+Heinke+ 2015) [RVH2015] A{UV} =[Star] [RVH96] (Richmond+Van Dick+Ho+ 1996) . . . [RVH96] A

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= in col.1 means that the list is COMPLETELY incorporated in Simbad =E= indicates catalogues available in electronic form at CDS

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