0FGL J2001.0+4352

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Basic data :
2FGL J2001.1+4352 -- BL Lac - type object
Other object types: Rad (87GB,BWE,GB6,IVS,JVAS,MITG​,VCS1,WN), gam (0FGL,1FGL,2FGL,1FHL), X (Ref,XMMSL1), BLL (Ref), Bla ([MGL2009]), IR (WISE)
ICRS coord. (ep=J2000) : 20 01 12.8737 +43 52 52.839 ( ) [ 9.63 7.18 90 ] B 2002ApJS..141...13B
FK5 coord. (ep=J2000 eq=2000) : 20 01 12.874 +43 52 52.84 [ 9.63 7.18 90 ]
FK4 coord. (ep=B1950 eq=1950) : 19 59 34.54 +43 44 30.3 [ 9.63 7.18 90 ]
Gal coord. (ep=J2000) : 079.0673 +07.1098 [ 9.63 7.18 90 ]
Fluxes (1) :
R 15 [~] E 2009A&A...495..691M
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within radius arcsec The VizieR photometry tool allows for easy visualization of photometry points extracted around the Simbad position from photometry-enabled catalogues in VizieR.
The search radius has to be specified by the user. It is currently limited to a maximum of 30 arcsec. It depends mostly on the precision or quality of the coordinates (SIMBAD and VizieR catalogs), the resolution of the images from which the sources were extracted, source extent, and source crowding.
Suggestions are: crowded field: 0.5 to 1.5 arcsec, 3 arcsec otherwise; uncertain coordinates (SIMBAD quality E or coordinates without reference): 5 to 30 arsec (risky!).

Identifiers (16) :

87GB 195934.4+434423 2FGL J2001.1+4352 JVAS B1959+437 WISE J200112.87+435252.8
BWE 1959+4344 1FHL J2001.1+4353 JVAS J2001+438 WN B1959.5+4344
0FGL J2001.0+4352 GB6 B1959+4344 MITG J200112+4352 XMMSL1 J200112.7+435255
1FGL J2001.1+4351 IVS B1959+437 VCS1 J2001+4352 [MGL2009] BZB J2001+4352

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BWE 1959+4344 MITG J200112+4352 WN B1959.5+4344

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