Journals scanned for SIMBAD bibliography

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A&A.. Astronomy & Astrophysics A&AS. Astronomy & Astrophysics Suppl. Ser. A&ARv Astronomy and Astrophysics Review AcA.. Acta Astronomica AcASn Acta Astronomica Sinica AcApS Acta Astrophysica Sinica ACiCh Astronomical Circular (Nankin) Afz.. Astrofizika AGAb. Astron. Gesellschaft Abstract Ser. AISof Astrophysical Investigations - Sofia AJ... Astronomical Journal AN... Astronomische Nachrichten APh.. Astroparticle Physics ApJ.. Astrophysical Journal ApJS. Astrophys. J. Suppl. Ser. ApL.. Astrophysical Letters and communications Ap&SS Astrophys. & Space Science Aster Aster Ast.. Astronomy ATsir Astron. Tsirk. AuJPh Australian J. Phys. AZh.. Astronomicheskij Zhurnal BAAS. Bull. American Astron. Soc. BaltA Baltic Astronomy BCFHT Bull. CFHT BICDS Bull. Inf. Centre Données Strasbourg BOBeo Bull. Obs. Astron. Beograd C&E.. Ciel et Espace ChA&A Chinese Astron. & Astrophys. C&T.. Ciel et Terre ComAp Comments on Astrophysics and space physics CoSka Cont. Astron. Obs. Skalnate Pleso CR2.. Comptes Rendus Acad. Sci. Ser. II EL... Europhysics Letters EM&P. Earth, Moon, and Planets FCPh. Fundamentals of Cosmic Physics FoPh. Foundations of Physics Gemin GEMINI Newsletter (RGO) IAUC. IAU Circular IBVS. IAU Inform. Bull. Variable Stars Icar. Icarus IrAJ. Irish Astron. J. ISKZ. Investigations of the Sun and Red Stars IzKry Izv. Krym. Astrofiz. Obs. JApA. Journal of Astrophysics and Astronomy JAF.. J. Astronomes Francais JAVSO J. American Assoc. Variable Star Obs. JBAA. J. British Astron. Ass. JBIS. J. British Interplanetary Society JHA.. Journal for the History of Astronomy JRASC J. Royal Astron. Soc. Canada KFNT. Kinematika Fizika Nebesnykh Tel. (Kiev) KoIs. Kosmic. Issl. (Cosmic research) LAstr L'Astronomie Mercu Mercury Msngr The Messenger MitAG Mitt. Astron. Gesellschaft MitVS Mitt. Verand. Sterne MNRAS Mon. Not. Royal Astron. Soc. MNSSA Mon. Not. Astron. Soc. South Africa MmSAI Mem. Soc. Astron. Ital. Natur Nature NewSc New Scientist Obs.. The Observatory PASAu Proc. Astron. Soc. Australia PASJ. Publ. Astron. Soc. Japan PASP. Publ. Astron. Soc. Pacific PAZh. Pis'ma Astron. Zh. PBeiO Publ. Beijing Astron. Obs. PhR.. Physics Reports PhRvA Physical Review A PhRvD Physical Review D PhRvL Physical Review Letters PhS.. Physica Scripta PhT.. Physics Today PNAOJ Publ. Nat. Astron. Obs. Japan POBeo Publ. Obs. Astron. Beograd PPMtO Publ. Purple Mountain Obs. P&SS. Planetary and Space Sciences PTRSL Philosophical Transactions R. Soc. London PZ... Peremennye Zvezdy (variable stars) QJRAS Quart. J. Royal Astron. Soc. Rech. La Recherche RMxAA Rev. Mexicana Astron. Astrofis. RoAJ. Romanian Astronomical Journal RPPh. Reports on Progress in Physics RvPD. Revue du Palais de la Découverte SAAOC South African Astron. Obs. Circ. SoByu Soobshch. Byurakan Obs. Sci.. Science SciAm Scientific American SciN. Science News SSRev Space Science Reviews S&T.. Sky & Telescope S&W.. Sterne und Weltraum VA... Vistas in Astronomy