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2021A&A...645A.114B 430     A     X         9 15 ~ Spectroscopy of the helium-rich binary ES Ceti reveals accretion via a disc and evidence of eclipses. BAKOWSKA K., MARSH T.R., STEEGHS D., et al.
2021ApJ...910...22L 270       D     X C       5 14 ~ On the progenitors of AM CVn stars as LISA sources: the evolved donor star channel. LIU W.-M., JIANG L. and CHEN W.-C.
2021MNRAS.500.1222S 50           X         1 7 ~ Periodicities in the K2 light curve of HP Librae. SOLANKI S., KUPFER T., BLAES O., et al.
2020ApJ...890..163N 93           X         2 4 ~ Constraining Screened modified gravity with spaceborne gravitational-wave detectors. NIU R., ZHANG X., LIU T., et al.
2020ApJ...905L...7B 140           X         3 5 ~ An 8.8 minute orbital period eclipsing detached double white dwarf binary. BURDGE K.B., COUGHLIN M.W., FULLER J., et al.
2020MNRAS.491.3000M 606       S   X C       11 1 ~ Gravitational waves from dynamical tides in white-dwarf binaries. McNEILL L.O., MARDLING R.A. and MULLER B.
2020MNRAS.494L..91C 47           X         1 6 ~ ZTF J1901+5309: a 40.6-min orbital period eclipsing double white dwarf system. COUGHLIN M.W., BURDGE K., PHINNEY E.S., et al.
2019ApJ...886L..12B 134           X C       2 4 ~ Orbital decay in a 20 minute orbital period detached binary with a hydrogen-poor low-mass white dwarf. BURDGE K.B., FULLER J., PHINNEY E.S., et al.
2019Natur.571..528B 224           X         5 4 ~ General relativistic orbital decay in a seven-minute-orbital-period eclipsing binary system. BURDGE K.B., COUGHLIN M.W., FULLER J., et al.
2018A&A...617A..88R 1201     A     X C       27 7 ~ Detection of a 23.6 min periodic modulation in the optical counterpart of 3XMMJ051034.6-670353. RAMSAY G., MARSH T.R., KUPFER T., et al.
2018A&A...620A.141R viz 61       D     X         2 63 ~ Physical properties of AM CVn stars: New insights from Gaia DR2. RAMSAY G., GREEN M.J., MARSH T.R., et al.
2018ApJ...852...19D 44           X         1 10 1 Orbital period increase in ES Ceti. DE MIGUEL E., PATTERSON J., KEMP J., et al.
2018ApJ...866L..20K 44           X         1 8 ~ Detectability of double white dwarfs in the Local Group with LISA. KOROL V., KOOP O. and ROSSI E.M.
2018MNRAS.475.4841R 87           X         2 114 4 New cataclysmic variables and other exotic binaries in the globular cluster 47 Tucanae*. RIVERA SANDOVAL L.E., VAN DEN BERG M., HEINKE C.O., et al.
2018MNRAS.477.5646G 104       D     X         3 35 1 A 15.7-minAM CVn binary discovered in K2. GREEN M.J., HERMES J.J., MARSH T.R., et al.
2018MNRAS.480..302K 627       D     X C       14 21 10 LISA verification binaries with updated distances from Gaia Data Release 2. KUPFER T., KOROL V., SHAH S., et al.
2018RAA....18....9Z 810     A     X C       18 13 ~ The double helium-white dwarf channel for the formation of AM CVn binaries. ZHANG X.-F., LIU J.-Z., JEFFERY C.S., et al.
2017A&A...598A..69H 579     A     X C       13 21 4 EXTraS discovery of two pulsators in the direction of the LMC: a Be/X-ray binary pulsar in the LMC and a candidate double-degenerate polar in the foreground. HABERL F., ISRAEL G.L., RODRIGUEZ CASTILLO G.A., et al.
2017ApJ...846...95K 214           X         5 4 7 Accreting double white dwarf binaries: implications for LISA. KREMER K., BREIVIK K., LARSON S.L., et al.
2017MNRAS.470.1894K 102       D         F     2 55 17 Prospects for detection of detached double white dwarf binaries with Gaia, LSST and LISA. KOROL V., ROSSI E.M., GROOT P.J., et al.
2017PASP..129f2001M 213           X         5 154 29 X-ray emissions from accreting white dwarfs: a review. MUKAI K.
2016MNRAS.462.4371I viz 42           X         1 31 8 The Chandra ACIS Timing Survey Project: glimpsing a sample of faint X-ray pulsators. ISRAEL G.L., ESPOSITO P., RODRIGUEZ CASTILLO G.A., et al.
2016MNRAS.463.1099T 42           X         1 33 6 The OmegaWhite Survey for short period variable stars - II. An overview of results from the first four years. TOMA R., RAMSAY G., MACFARLANE S., et al.
2015MNRAS.446..391L 16       D               1 42 20 Long-term photometric behaviour of outbursting AM CVn systems. LEVITAN D., GROOT P.J., PRINCE T.A., et al.
2015MNRAS.454..507M viz 181       D     X C       4 620 11 The OmegaWhite survey for short-period variable stars - I. Overview and first results. MacFARLANE S.A., TOMA R., RAMSAY G., et al.
2014A&A...561A.117E 1527 T K A     X C       36 3 1 Swift X-ray and ultraviolet observations of the shortest orbital period double-degenerate system
RX J0806.3+1527 (
HM Cnc).
2014A&A...562A.132G 138       D   O X         4 47 1 Non-LTE spectral analysis of the AM CVn system PTF 09hpk during quiescence. GEHRON K., NAGEL T., RAUCH T., et al.
2014ApJ...785..157S 42           X         1 3 4 Angular momentum exchange in white dwarf binaries accreting through direct impact. SEPINSKY J.F. and KALOGERA V.
2014MNRAS.439.2848C 41           X         1 17 9 Two new AM Canum Venaticorum binaries from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey III. CARTER P.J., GANSICKE B.T., STEEGHS D., et al.
2014MNRAS.443.1821C viz 122           X         3 31 2 Multiwavelength search for counterparts of supersoft X-ray sources in M31. CHIOSI E., ORIO M., BERNARDINI F., et al.
2013A&A...553A..82S 82           X         2 2 5 Using electromagnetic observations to aid gravitational-wave parameter estimation of compact binaries observed with LISA. II. The effect of knowing the sky position. SHAH S., NELEMANS G. and VAN DER SLUYS M.
2013ARep...57..498A 4 ~ Gravitational radiation during coalescence of neutron stars. AKSENOV A.G. and CHECHETKIN V.M.
2013MNRAS.429.2143C viz 80             C       2 1968 33 A search for the hidden population of AM CVn binaries in the Sloan digital sky survey. CARTER P.J., MARSH T.R., STEEGHS D., et al.
2013MNRAS.429.2986M 40           X         1 15 5 Time-resolved x-shooter spectra and RXTE light curves of the ultra-compact X-ray binary candidate 4U 0614+091. MADEJ O.K., JONKER P.G., GROOT P.J., et al.
2013MNRAS.430..996L 41           X         1 13 17 Five new outbursting AM CVn systems discovered by the Palomar Transient Factory. LEVITAN D., KUPFER T., GROOT P.J., et al.
2013MNRAS.433.2028E 41           X         1 9 17 Discovery of 47-s pulsations in the X-ray source 1RXS J225352.8+624354. ESPOSITO P., ISRAEL G.L., SIDOLI L., et al.
2012A&A...544A..13K 40   K                 1 39 25 Models of AM Canum Venaticorum star outbursts. KOTKO I., LASOTA J.-P., DUBUS G., et al.
2012A&A...544A.153S 1051       D     X C       26 3 14 Using electromagnetic observations to aid gravitational-wave parameter estimation of compact binaries observed with LISA. SHAH S., VAN DER SLUYS M. and NELEMANS G.
2012ApJ...756...27L viz 16       D               1 4346 32 Classification of X-ray sources in the XMM-Newton serendipitous source catalog. LIN D., WEBB N.A. and BARRET D.
2012ApJ...757L...3L 89           X         2 2 40 DC circuit powered by orbital motion: magnetic interactions in compact object binaries and exoplanetary systems. LAI D.
2012ApJ...757L..21H 83           X         2 6 55 Rapid orbital decay in the 12.75-minute binary white dwarf J0651+2844. HERMES J.J., KILIC M., BROWN W.R., et al.
2012ApJ...758...64K 501     A     X C       12 7 24 Orbital evolution of compact white dwarf binaries. KAPLAN D.L., BILDSTEN L. and STEINFADT J.D.R.
2012MNRAS.419.2836R 16       D               1 30 24 The long-term optical behaviour of helium-accreting AM CVn binaries. RAMSAY G., BARCLAY T., STEEGHS D., et al.
2012MNRAS.422.2417D 51           X         1 3 70 How the merger of two white dwarfs depends on their mass ratio: orbital stability and detonations at contact. DAN M., ROSSWOG S., GUILLOCHON J., et al.
2012MNRAS.425.2548B 40           X         1 17 23 CSS100603:112253-111037: a helium-rich dwarf nova with a 65min orbital period. BREEDT E., GANSICKE B.T., MARSH T.R., et al.
2011A&A...527A.126P viz 16       D               2 16769 48 Cross-correlation of the 2XMMi catalogue with Data Release 7 of the Sloan Digital Sky Survey. PINEAU F.-X., MOTCH C., CARRERA F., et al.
2011AJ....141..129H viz 16       D               2 339 38 TGCat: the Chandra Transmission Grating Data Catalog and Archive. HUENEMOERDER D.P., MITSCHANG A., DEWEY D., et al.
2011ApJ...737L..23B 51           X         1 4 102 A 12 minute orbital period detached white dwarf eclipsing binary. BROWN W.R., KILIC M., HERMES J.J., et al.
2011MNRAS.412.1331F 46           X         1 2 31 Tidal excitations of oscillation modes in compact white dwarf binaries – I. Linear theory. FULLER J. and LAI D.
2011MNRAS.413.2696B 212       D     X   F     5 67 10 Stellar variability on time-scales of minutes: results from the first 5 yr of the rapid temporal survey. BARCLAY T., RAMSAY G., HAKALA P., et al.
2011MNRAS.413.3068C 237           X         6 3 7 The photometric period in ES Ceti. COPPERWHEAT C.M., MARSH T.R., DHILLON V.S., et al.
2010A&A...524A..15D 40           X         1 8 17 Phase connecting multi-epoch radio data for the ultracool dwarf TVLM 513-46546. DOYLE J.G., ANTONOVA A., MARSH M.S., et al.
2010ApJ...708..456R 40           X         1 12 38 A census of AM CVn stars: three new candidates and one confirmed 48.3-Minute binary. RAU A., ROELOFS G.H.A., GROOT P.J., et al.
2010ApJ...711L.138R 1435 T K A S   X C F     33 3 51 Spectroscopic evidence for a 5.4 minute orbital period in HM Cancri. ROELOFS G.H.A., RAU A., MARSH T.R., et al.
2010ApJ...715..767S 22       D               1 8 104 Thermonuclear.Ia supernovae from helium shell detonations: explosion models and observables. SHEN K.J., KASEN D., WEINBERG N.N., et al.
2010MNRAS.405.2206R 198           X C F     3 6 37 Deep Chandra observations of TeV binaries - I. LSI+61°303. REA N., TORRES D.F., VAN DER KLIS M., et al.
2010NewAR..54...87N 23     A               2 24 42 Ultra-compact (X-ray) binaries. NELEMANS G. and JONKER P.G.
2010PASP..122.1133S 1382       D     X         36 31 98 AM CVn stars: status and challenges. SOLHEIM J.-E.
2009A&A...499..773N 15       D               1 21 10 A new grid of NLTE accretion-disc models for AMCVn systems: application to CE315. NAGEL T., RAUCH T. and WERNER K.
2009ApJ...697.2089K 15       D               1 16 2 Population boundaries for compact white dwarf binaries in LISA's amplitude-frequency domain. KOPPARAPU R.K.
2009MNRAS.394..367R 78           X         2 10 26 SDSSJ080449.49+161624.8: a peculiar AM CVn star from a colour-selected sample of candidates. ROELOFS G.H.A., GROOT P.J., STEEGHS D., et al.
2009MNRAS.395..378W 1315 T   A D S   X C F     31 3 4 Synthetic direct impact light curves of the ultracompact AM CVn binary systems V407 Vul and
HM Cnc.
2009MNRAS.400L..24S 64     A     X         2 2 8 The influence of short-term variations in AM CVn systems on LISA measurements. STROEER A. and NELEMANS G.
2009RAA.....9..725W 619           X C       15 4 2 Magnetic interaction in ultra-compact binary systems. WU K.
2008ApJ...679L.109S 907 T K A     X C       22 3 8 High-resolution X-ray spectroscopy of
with Chandra.
2008ApJ...683..375D 599     A   O X         16 3 4 SPH simulations of direct impact accretion in the ultracompact AM CVn binaries. DOLENCE J., WOOD M.A. and SILVER I.
2008MNRAS.384..687R 407   K A     X         11 4 1 The X-ray spectrum of RX J1914.4+2456 revisited. RAMSAY G.
2008NewAR..51..878F 115           X         3 5 2 Mass transfer in double white dwarf binaries. FRANK J.
2008PASA...25...94S 38           X         1 6 9 The coherent radio emission from the RS CVn binary HR 1099. SLEE O.B., WILSON W. and RAMSAY G.
2007A&A...464..417D 979 T K A S   X C       23 2 14 Unipolar inductor model coupled to GW emission: energy budget and model application to
RX J0806+15 and RX J1914+24.
2007A&G....48a..10H 9 2 Gravitational Astrophysics. HENDRY M. and WOAN G.
2007ARep...51..291T 14 18 Late stages of the evolution of close compact binaries: type I supernovae, gamma-ray bursts, and supersoft X-ray sources. TUTUKOV A.V. and FEDOROVA A.V.
2007ApJ...655.1010G 7 2 29 Evolution of close white dwarf binaries. GOKHALE V., PENG X.M. and FRANK J.
2007ApJ...655.1025K 1 2 7 Population boundaries for galactic white dwarf binaries in LISA's amplitude-frequency domain. KOPPARAPU R.K. and TOHLINE J.E.
2007MNRAS.374.1334B 115 T K                 5 18 ULTRACAM photometry of the ultracompact binaries V407 Vul and
HM Cnc.
2007MNRAS.380..381R 79           X         2 2 14 Non-dissipative tidal synchronization in accreting binary white dwarf systems. RACINE E., PHINNEY E.S. and ARRAS P.
2007MNRAS.381..525D 309   K       X C F     6 5 41 The thermal evolution of the donors in AM Canum Venaticorum binaries. DELOYE C.J., TAAM R.E., WINISDOERFFER C., et al.
2007MNRAS.382..461R 1030   K A D S   X C F     25 14 6 A search for electron cyclotron maser emission from compact binaries. RAMSAY G., BROCKSOPP C., WU K., et al.
2006A&A...447..785D 42   K                 2 16 Astrophysical unipolar inductors powered by GW emission. DALL'OSSO S., ISRAEL G.L. and STELLA L.
2006A&A...457..623R 9 14 XMM-Newton observations of AM CVn binaries: V396 Hya and SDSS J1240-01. RAMSAY G., GROOT P.J., MARSH T., et al.
2006ApJ...640..466B 1 14 39 The thermal state of the accreting white dwarf in AM Canum Venaticorum binaries. BILDSTEN L., TOWNSLEY D.M., DELOYE C.J., et al.
2006ApJ...649..382S 1 5 11 GEMINI spectroscopy of the ultracompact binary candidate V407 Vulpeculae. STEEGHS D., MARSH T.R., BARROS S.C.C., et al.
2006ApJ...649L..99D 42   K                 2 19 The turn-on of mass transfer in AM CVn binaries: implications for
RX J0806+1527 and RX J1914+2456.
2006ApJ...653.1429D 118 T K                 3 25 Modeling the closest double degenerate system
RX J0806.3+1527 and its decreasing period.
2006IBVS.5721....1K viz 1752 36 The 78th name-list of variable stars. KAZAROVETS E.V., SAMUS N.N., DURLEVICH O.V., et al.
2006MNRAS.371.1231R 3 6 43 Kinematics of the ultracompact helium accretor AM Canum Venaticorum. ROELOFS G.H.A., GROOT P.J., NELEMANS G., et al.
2006PhT....59g..26N 7 1 Ultracompact binary stars. NELEMANS G.
2005A&A...432.1091W 2 4 19 Radio emissions from terrestrial planets around white dwarfs. WILLES A.J. and WU K.
2005A&A...440..675R 1 7 15 XMM-Newton observations of AM CVn binaries. RAMSAY G., HAKALA P., MARSH T., et al.
2005AJ....130.2230A 3 7 52 Ultracompact AM Canum Venaticorum binaries from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey: three candidates plus the first confirmed eclipsing system. ANDERSON S.F., HAGGARD D., HOMER L., et al.
2005ApJ...627..920S 118 T K                 2 23 Precision X-ray timing of
RX J0806.3+1527 with Chandra: evidence for gravitational radiation from an ultracompact binary.
2005ApJ...627L.133R 3 4 29 A first look with Chandra at SGR 1806-20 after the giant flare: significant spectral softening and rapid flux decay. REA N., TIENGO A., MEREGHETTI S., et al.
2005MNRAS.357...49R 3 3 22 XMM-Newton observations of the ultra-compact binary RX J1914+24. RAMSAY G., HAKALA P., WU K., et al.
2005MNRAS.357.1306B 114 T K                 4 14 Geometrical constraints upon the unipolar model of V407 Vul and
2005MNRAS.363..581M 4 2 19 Period changes in ultracompact double white dwarfs. MARSH T.R. and NELEMANS G.
2005PASP..117..189E 11 18 The helium-rich cataclysmic variable ES Ceti. ESPAILLAT C., PATTERSON J., WARNER B., et al.
2004A&A...419.1025N 115 T K                 6 44 Face-on, stream-fed intermediate polars: An alternative model for RX J1914.4+2456 and
RX J0806.3+1527.
2004ApJ...610..416S 6 2 24 Chandra observations of V407 Vulpeculae: confirmation of the spin-up. STROHMAYER T.E.
2004ApJ...614..349N 1 41 87 The spin periods and magnetic moments of white dwarfs in magnetic cataclysmic variables. NORTON A.J., WYNN G.A. and SOMERSCALES R.V.
2004ApJ...614..358S 14 6 Chandra detection of the AM Canum Venaticorum binary ES Ceti (KUV 01584-0939). STROHMAYER T.E.
2004MNRAS.348..285W 6 2 27 Electron-cyclotron maser emission from white dwarf pairs and white dwarf planetary systems. WILLES A.J. and WU K.
2004MNRAS.349..181N 13 5 135 Short-period AM CVn systems as optical, X-ray and gravitational-wave sources. NELEMANS G., YUNGELSON L.R. and PORTEGIES ZWART S.F.
2004MNRAS.350..113M 7 8 125 Mass transfer between double white dwarfs. MARSH T.R., NELEMANS G. and STEEGHS D.
2004MNRAS.353..453H 39   K                 3 14 Monitoring the spin up in
RX J0806+15.
2004PASA...21..248W 1 2 5 Radio emission from ultrashort-period double degenerate binaries. WILLES A.J., WU K. and KUNCIC Z.
2004PASP..116..187T 182 6 Astrophysics in 2003. (Invited review). TRIMBLE V. and ASCHWANDEN M.J.
2004RMxAC..20..120W 12 0 High speed photometry of AM CVns with the UCT CCD. WOUDT P.A. and WARNER B.
2004RMxAC..20..122R 80 T                   1 10 On the nature of the binary components of
RX J0806.3+1527.
2004RMxAC..20R.275I 75 T                   2 ~ Multiwavelength observations of
RX J0806.3+1527: the shortest orbital period bin.
2003A&A...411L..59E viz 1015 40 High-energy sources before INTEGRAL. INTEGRAL reference catalog. EBISAWA K., BOURBAN G., BODAGHEE A., et al.
2003ApJ...593L..39S 118 T K                 2 26 Phase coherent timing of
RX J0806.3+1527 with ROSAT and Chandra.
2003ApJ...598..492I 113 T K                 7 25 Unveiling the nature of the 321 second modulation in
RX J0806.3+1527: near-simultaneous Chandra and Very Large Telescope observations.
2003MNRAS.343L..10H 43   K                 3 36 Spin up in
RX J0806+15: the shortest period binary.
HAKALA P., RAMSAY G., WU K., et al.
2003MNRAS.345.1266W 13 22 The new AM CVn star in Hydra. WOUDT P.A. and WARNER B.
2003PASP..115..410W 15 1 Magnetic cataclysmic variables. (Conference highlights). WARNER B.
2003PASP..115..514T 143 6 Astrophysics in 2002. (Invited review). TRIMBLE V. and ASCHWANDEN M.J.
2002A&A...386L..13I 118 T K                 3 70
RX J0806.3+1527: A double degenerate binary with the shortest known orbital period (321s).
2002ApJ...565..511H viz 522 66 Infrared properties of cataclysmic variables in the 2 micron all-sky survey second incremental data release. HOARD D.W., WACHTER S., CLARK L.L., et al.
2002ApJ...581..577S 3 3 35 Evidence for orbital decay of RX J1914.4+2456: gravitational radiation and the nature of the X-ray emission. STROHMAYER T.E.
2002IAUC.7835....2I 75 T                   1 5
RX J0806.3+1527.
2002MNRAS.332L...7R 113 T K                 9 66
RX J0806+15: the shortest period binary.
2001PASP..113..764D viz 1718 210 A catalog and atlas of cataclysmic variables: the living edition. DOWNES R.A., WEBBINK R.F., SHARA M.M., et al.
2000AGAb...17R..82R 2 ~ Optical spectroscopy of two double-degenerate polar candidates. REINSCH K., BEUERMANN K., KUBE J., et al.
2000PASP..112..873W 123 262 Magnetism in isolated and binary white dwarfs. (Invited review). WICKRAMASINGHE D.T. and FERRARIO L.
1999A&A...347...47B viz 83 51 Identification of soft high galactic latitude RASS X-ray sources. II. Sources with PSPC count rate CR <0.5cts/s. BEUERMANN K., THOMAS H.-C., REINSCH K., et al.
1999A&A...349L...1I 125 T K                 1 45 The discovery of 321s pulsations in the ROSAT HRI light curves of 1BMW J080622.8+152732 =
RX J0806.3+1527.
1999AGAb...15...27B 73 T                   2 0 The ROSAT discovered soft X-ray intermediate polars: UU Col and RX J0806+15. BURWITZ V. and REINSCH K.

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