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2021A&A...649A..67D 50           X         1 17 ~ Searching for the 1 mHz variability in the flickering of V4743 Sgr: A cataclysmic variable accreting at a high rate. DOBROTKA A., ORIO M., BENKA D., et al.
2021ApJ...914....5S 20       D               1 206 ~ Nova-produced common envelope: source of the nonsolar abundances and an additional frictional angular momentum loss in cataclysmic variables. SPARKS W.M. and SION E.M.
2021MNRAS.505..161S 100           X         2 16 ~ A study of the long-term activity of five intermediate polars with accretion discs. SIMON V.
2020A&A...641A.122T 47           X         1 94 ~ The luminosity evolution of nova shells. I. A new analysis of old data. TAPPERT C., VOGT N., EDEROCLITE A., et al.
2020MNRAS.497.1419H 47           X         1 65 ~ A search for the modern counterparts of the Far Eastern guest stars 369 CE, 386 CE and 393 CE. HOFFMANN S.M. and VOGT N.
2019A&A...621A..38G viz 18       D               1 39804 ~ The population of hot subdwarf stars studied with Gaia. II. The Gaia DR2 catalogue of hot subluminous stars. GEIER S., RADDI R., GENTILE FUSILLO N.P., et al.
2019MNRAS.489.2961B 45           X         1 12 ~ TT Arietis: 40 yr of photometry. BRUCH A.
2018A&A...617A..16S viz 1288 T K A     X C       28 3 1 Catching
VY Sculptoris in a low state.
2018AJ....156..198H 61       D     X         2 26 ~ On the MV-inclination relationship for Nova-like variables. HOWELL S.B. and MASON E.
2018AJ....156..231W viz 157     A     X         4 6 ~ An optical study of two VY Sculptoris-type cataclysmic binary stars: V704 And and RX J2338+431. WEIL K.E., THORSTENSEN J.R. and HABERL F.
2018ApJ...857...68H viz 44           X         1 16 4 Breaking the habit: the peculiar 2016 eruption of the unique recurrent nova M31N 2008-12a. HENZE M., DARNLEY M.J., WILLIAMS S.C., et al.
2017A&A...604A.107R 170           X         4 21 8 Distances of cataclysmic variables and related objects derived from Gaia Data Release 1. RAMSAY G., SCHREIBER M.R., GANSICKE B.T., et al.
2017AJ....153..144O viz 43           X         1 60 1 Exploratory spectroscopy of magnetic Cataclysmic Variables candidates and other variable objects. OLIVEIRA A.S., RODRIGUES C.V., CIESLINSKI D., et al.
2017AJ....154...48H 43           X         1 4 ~ Hubble COS spectroscopy of the dwarf nova CW Mon: the white dwarf in quiescence? HAUSE C., SION E.M., GODON P., et al.
2017ApJ...846...52G 358       D     X C       8 110 4 Modifying the standard disk model for the Ultraviolet spectral analysis of disk-dominated cataclysmic variables. I. The novalikes MV Lyrae, BZ Camelopardalis, and V592 Cassiopeiae. GODON P., SION E.M., BALMAN S., et al.
2017MNRAS.468.1183D 68     A     X         2 7 3 XMM-Newton observation of MV Lyr and the sandwiched model confirmation. DOBROTKA A., NESS J.-U., MINESHIGE S., et al.
2017MNRAS.472.4173R viz 17       D               1 2243 5 Multiband photometry and spectroscopy of an all-sky sample of bright white dwarfs. RADDI R., GENTILE FUSILLO N.P., PALA A.F., et al.
2017NewA...52..112B 85             C       1 18 3 Photometry of some neglected bright cataclysmic variables and candidates. BRUCH A.
2017PASP..129i4202Y 43           X         1 38 1 Long-term periodicities of cataclysmic variables with synoptic surveys. YANG M.T.-C., CHOU Y., NGEOW C.-C., et al.
2016ApJ...833...14H 42           X         1 72 4 Abundance derivations for the secondary stars in cataclysmic variables from near-infrared spectroscopy. HARRISON T.E.
2015A&A...579A..50B 16       D   O           1 31 7 Time lags of the flickering in cataclysmic variables as a function of wavelength. BRUCH A.
2015MNRAS.449.2215S 16       D               5 18 5 On the absence of nova shells. SCHMIDTOBREICK L., SHARA M., TAPPERT C., et al.
2015MNRAS.451.2863S 99       D         F     2 104 6 Searching for nova shells around cataclysmic variables. SAHMAN D.I., DHILLON V.S., KNIGGE C., et al.
2014A&A...561A.121S 41           X         1 7 2 XMM-Newton observations of the low-luminosity cataclysmic variable V405 Pegasi. SCHWOPE A.D., SCIPIONE V., TRAULSEN I., et al.
2014A&A...570A..37P 106     A     X         3 16 ~ X-ray and UV observations of V751 Cygni in an optical high state. PAGE K.L., OSBORNE J.P., BEARDMORE A.P., et al.
2014ApJ...786...68H 950   K   D S   X C       22 30 4 Nova-like cataclysmic variables in the infrared. HOARD D.W., LONG K.S., HOWELL S.B., et al.
2014ApJ...794...84B 82           X         2 9 10 Swift X-ray telescope observations of the nova-like cataclysmic variables MV Lyr, BZ Cam, and V592 Cas. BALMAN S., GODON P. and SION E.M.
2014MNRAS.441.1186D viz 16       D               2 861 33 Cataclysmic variables from the Catalina Real-time Transient Survey. DRAKE A.J., GANSICKE B.T., DJORGOVSKI S.G., et al.
2014NewA...33...44S 81             C       3 7 ~ Changing patterns of the long-term activity of the intermediate polar V1223 Sgr. SIMON V.
2013ATel.5240....1D 40           X         1 4 1 Unusual Cataclysmic Variable discovered by MASTER. DENISENKO D., LIPUNOV V., GORBOVSKOY E., et al.
2013MNRAS.431.2535S 45           X         1 3 17 Discovery of Fourier-dependent time lags in cataclysmic variables. SCARINGI S., KORDING E., GROOT P.J., et al.
2013MNRAS.436.2412T 40           X         1 21 12 Life after eruption - III. Orbital periods of the old novae V365 Car, AR Cir, V972 Oph, HS Pup, V909 Sgr, V373 Sct and CN Vel. TAPPERT C., SCHMIDTOBREICK L., VOGT N., et al.
2012AN....333...53T 16       D               1 34 5 Where do the progenitors of millisecond pulsars come from? TAANI A., ZHANG C.M., AL-WARDAT M., et al.
2012ApJS..199....7F 119           X   F     2 99 6 A survey of Far Ultraviolet Spectroscopic Explorer observations of cataclysmic variables. FRONING C.S., LONG K.S., GANSICKE B., et al.
2012ApJS..203...29G 79           X         2 47 15 An online catalog of cataclysmic variable spectra from the Far-Ultraviolet Spectroscopic Explorer. GODON P., SION E.M., LEVAY K., et al.
2012MNRAS.422.2332R 40           X         1 20 11 The fight for accretion: discovery of intermittent mass transfer in BB Doradus in the low state. RODRIGUEZ-GIL P., SCHMIDTOBREICK L., LONG K.S., et al.
2012MNRAS.427.3396S 42           X         1 5 20 Broad-band timing properties of the accreting white dwarf MV Lyrae. SCARINGI S., KORDING E., UTTLEY P., et al.
2012MmSAI..83..539S 119           X         3 37 1 White dwarfs in cataclysmic variable stars: accretion physics and evolution. SION E.M. and GODON P.
2012MmSAI..83..602R 64     A     X         2 12 5 The low states of CVs at the upper edge of the period gap. RODRIGUEZ-GIL P., SCHMIDTOBREICK L., LONG K.S., et al.
2012NewA...17..570R 40           X         1 7 2 The photometric period and variability of the cataclysmic variable V849 Herculis (PG 1633+115). RINGWALD F.A., RUDE II G.D., ROVETO J.J., et al.
2011AJ....141..122H viz 118           X         3 8 3 The 2001-2003 low state of nova Lacertae 1950 (DK Lac). HONEYCUTT R.K., KAFKA S., JACOBSON H., et al.
2011PASP..123..903G 157       S   X         3 9 9 FUSE observational evidence of the boundary layer of MV Lyrae in the high state. GODON P. and SION E.M.
2010A&A...519A..69A 156         O X C       3 85 9 Wavelet and R/S analysis of the X-ray flickering of cataclysmic variables. ANZOLIN G., TAMBURINI F., DE MARTINO D., et al.
2010AJ....139.2587W 39           X         1 10 8 Discovery of a nova-like cataclysmic variable in the Kepler mission field. WILLIAMS K.A., DE MARTINO D., SILVOTTI R., et al.
2010AN....331..227G 1 2 5 On the relation between supersoft X-ray sources and VY Scl stars: The cases of V504 Cen and VY Scl. GREINER J., SCHWARZ R., TAPPERT C., et al.
2010Ap.....53..373M 78           X         2 8 2 Spectral and photometric observations of TT Ari. III. MELIKIAN N.D., TAMAZIAN V.S., DOCOBO J.A., et al.
2010NewAR..54...75C 39           X         1 7 0 Supersoft X-ray sources: Confronting the van den Heuvel paradigm. CHARLES P.A., McGOWAN K.E., BLUSTIN A.J., et al.
2010PASP..122..299M 218     A     X         6 16 4 Far ultraviolet spectroscopy of seven nova-like variables. MIZUSAWA T., MERRITT J., BALLOUZ R.-L., et al.
2009ApJ...693.1007T 77           X         2 56 83 Cataclysmic variable primary effective temperatures: constraints on binary angular momentum loss. TOWNSLEY D.M. and GANSICKE B.T.
2009ApJ...697.1717B 248       D     X         7 31 11 On the accretion rates of SW Sextantis nova-like variables. BALLOUZ R.-L. and SION E.M.
2009ApJ...701.1091G 116     A D     X         4 71 7 A far ultraviolet spectroscopic explorer survey of high-declination dwarf novae. GODON P., SION E.M., BARRETT P.E., et al.
2009ApJ...705..603M 116           X C       2 36 25 Earth, Moon, Sun, and CV accretion disks. MONTGOMERY M.M.
2009PASP..121..942Z 39           X         1 9 7 Hubble space telescope STIS spectroscopy of the peculiar nova-like variables BK Lyn, V751 Cygni, and V380 Oph. ZELLEM R., HOLLON N., BALLOUZ R.-L., et al.
2008ApJ...681..543S 38           X         1 20 13 Hubble Space Telescope STIS spectroscopy of long-period dwarf novae in quiescence. SION E.M., GANSICKE B.T., LONG K.S., et al.
2008ApJ...687..532G 230           X C       5 6 8 Far Ultraviolet Spectroscopic Explorer spectroscopy of the nova-like cataclysmic variable BB Doradus. GODON P., SION E.M., BARRETT P.E., et al.
2008NewA...13..133A viz 15       D               459 29 Spatial distribution and galactic model parameters of cataclysmic variables. AK T., BILIR S., AK S., et al.
2008PASP..120..165H 5 7 Far-ultraviolet spectral analysis of the prototype nova-like variable VY Sculptoris from the high state to the low state. HAMILTON R.T. and SION E.M.
2007AJ....134.1923P 47 24 A statistical study of accretion disk model spectra for cataclysmic variables. PUEBLA R.E., DIAZ M.P. and HUBENY I.
2007ApJ...656.1092G 16 12 A far-ultraviolet study of the nova-like V794 Aquilae. GODON P., SION E.M., BARRETT P., et al.
2007ApJ...670..727C 15       D               1 51 6 Robust models for phase shifts in accreting binary stars. CANTRELL A.G. and BAILYN C.D.
2007MNRAS.377.1747R 114           X         3 52 47 SW Sextantis stars: the dominant population of cataclysmic variables with orbital periods between 3 and 4h. RODRIGUEZ-GIL P., GANSICKE B.T., HAGEN H.-J., et al.
2006AcA....56..277S 4 1 On the mass ratio of TU Men. SMAK J.I.
2005MNSSA..64...70M 83 0 Bronberg Observatory (CBA Pretoria). Annual report for 2004. MONARD B.
2004A&A...424..727P viz 15       D               3566 256 SB9: The ninth catalogue of spectroscopic binary orbits. POURBAIX D., TOKOVININ A.A., BATTEN A.H., et al.
2004MNSSA..63...89M 75 0 Bronberg Observatory (CBA Pretoria) annual report for 2003. MONARD B.
2003AJ....126.2473H 1 10 36 Observations of the SW Sextantis star DW Ursae Majoris with the Far Ultraviolet Spectroscopic Explorer. HOARD D.W., SZKODY P., FRONING C.S., et al.
2002ApJ...572..456S 8 18 The extraordinary cataclysmic binary RU Pegasi: the hottest white dwarf in a dwarf nova. SION E.M. and URBAN J.
2001A&A...369..925B 10 25 Z Cam stars: A particular response to a general phenomenon. BUAT-MENARD V., HAMEURY J.-M. and LASOTA J.-P.
2001A&A...376.1031G 1 5 18 BZ Camelopardalis during its 1999/2000 optical low state. GREINER J., TOVMASSIAN G., ORIO M., et al.
2001A&A...379..185S         O           9 8 Spectroscopy of TT Arietis in ``positive superhumps" state. STANISHEV V., KRAICHEVA Z. and GENKOV V.
2001A&A...380..533T 5 6 The cataclysmic variable CW 1045+525: A secondary-dominated dwarf nova? TAPPERT C., THORSTENSEN J.R., FENTON W.H., et al.
2001MNRAS.322..631R 12 11 Multiwavelength monitoring of QS Tel. ROSEN S.R., RAINGER J.F., BURLEIGH M.R., et al.
2001MNRAS.325...89C 33 26 Cataclysmic variables in the Edinburgh-Cape Blue Object Survey. CHEN A., O'DONOGHUE D., STOBIE R.S., et al.
2001PASP..113..764D viz 1713 210 A catalog and atlas of cataclysmic variables: the living edition. DOWNES R.A., WEBBINK R.F., SHARA M.M., et al.
2001PASP..113.1025T 274 7 Astrophysics in 2000. (Invited review). TRIMBLE V. and ASCHWANDEN M.J.
2000A&A...362..268S 8 18 On the occurrence of dwarf nova outbursts in post novae. SCHREIBER M.R., GAENSICKE B.T. and CANNIZZO J.K.
2000ApJ...530..904H 1 10 32 Infrared spectroscopy of the secondary star in ST Leonis Minoris: implications for evolution and high-/low-state behavior in cataclysmic variables. HOWELL S.B., CIARDI D.R., DHILLON V.S., et al.
2000ApJ...538..315M 111 T K                 2 8 On the triple nature of the cataclysmic variable
VY Sculptoris.
2000MNRAS.314..826D 26 33 Infrared spectroscopy of cataclysmic variables - III. Dwarf novae below the period gap and nova-like variables. DHILLON V.S., LITTLEFAIR S.P., HOWELL S.B., et al.
2000NewAR..44....3W 27 1 Cataclysmic variables: some lacunae. WARNER B.
2000NewAR..44...51M 2 1 Superhumps in systems with intermediate mass ratios. MURRAY J., WARNER B. and WICKRAMASINGHE D.
2000NewAR..44..149G 5 8 V751 Cyg and V Sge as transient supersoft X-ray sources. GREINER J.
2000NewAR..44..155H 1 3 9 The symptoms and causes of CV low-states. HESSMAN F.V.
2000PASP..112.1212D 3 0 Imaging of the possible nebula around the cataclysmic variable V1101 Aquilae. DOWNES R.A.
1999A&A...343..183G 34 39 Transient supersoft X-ray emission from V 751 Cygni during the optical low-state. GREINER J., TOVMASSIAN G.H., DI STEFANO R., et al.
1999MNRAS.305..225L 2 6 45 The light curves of VY Scl stars. LEACH R., HESSMAN F.V., KING A.R., et al.
1998A&A...336..626G 14 24 Soft X-ray emission of VY Sculptoris stars during optical high state. GREINER J.
1998A&AS..129...83R viz 415 231 Catalogue of cataclysmic binaries, low-mass X-ray binaries and related objects (Sixth edition). RITTER H. and KOLB U.
1998ARep...42..370S 29 3 MV Lyr in low brightness states: outbursts. SHUGAROV S.Y. and PAVLENKO E.P.
1997A&A...327..602V 163 144 Cataclysmic variables in the ROSAT PSPC All Sky Survey. VERBUNT F., BUNK W.H., RITTER H., et al.
1997MNRAS.290L..55V 10 13 On the implications of the period distributions of subclasses of cataclysmic variables. VERBUNT F.
1997PASP..109..345D viz 1017 120 A catalog and atlas of cataclysmic variables-second edition. DOWNES R., WEBBINK R.F. and SHARA M.M.
1996A&A...312...93V viz 169 21 The systemic-velocity distribution of cataclysmic variables. VAN PARADIJS J., AUGUSTEIJN T. and STEHLE R.
1996AGAb...12...35K 9 0 S 10932 Comae: a dwarf nova with occasional suspesion of mass exchange. KROLL P. and RICHTER G.A.
1996AJ....111.2077R 1 6 19 The orbital period and variability of the dwarf nova WW Ceti. RINGWALD F.A., THORSTENSEN J.R., HONEYCUTT R.K., et al.
1996Ap&SS.241..263W 42 29 Torques and instabilities in intermediate polars. WARNER B.
1996ApJ...471..949H 1 9 37 V1315 Aquilae and the nature of SW Sextantis stars. HELLIER C.
1996IBVS.4321....1D 261 3 Accurate positions of variable stars near the South Galactic Pole. DEMARTINO R., KOCYLA D., PREDOM C., et al.
1996LNP96.472..165S 6 ~ Optical variability of the LMC supersoft source RX J0513.9-6951. SOUTHWELL K.A., LIVIO M., CHARLES P.A., et al.
1996PABei..14..139L 23 0 Rapid variations in brightness of cataclysmic variables. LI Z.Y. and DING Y.R.
1995A&AS..114..269D viz 14       D               1 20887 127 Vitesses radiales. Catalogue WEB: Wilson Evans Batten. Radial velocities: The Wilson-Evans-Batten catalogue. DUFLOT M., FIGON P. and MEYSSONNIER N.
1995MNRAS.274...61G 38 16 The propagation of acoustic waves and quasi-periodic oscillations in accretion disc boundary layers. GODON P.
1994A&AS..104...79B 179 100 A catalogue of UBV colours of cataclysmic variables. BRUCH A. and ENGEL A.
1994ApJ...427..956L 37 1 113 Star spots and the period gap in cataclysmic variables. LIVIO M. and PRINGLE J.E.
1994IAUCo.151..288B 24 ~ Flickering in cataclysmic variables : inventory and perspectives. BRUCH A.
1994MNRAS.266..859D 1 13 39 Observations of the eclipsing nova-like variable DW Ursae Majoris in a low state. DHILLON V.S., JONES D.H.P. and MARSH T.R.
1994PZ.....23..233P 3 4 Investigation of variable star V1101 Aquilae. PASTUKHOVA E.N. and SHUGAROV S.Y.
1993A&AS..101...87H viz 8 5 Walraven photometry of eight cataclysmic variables HOLLANDER A., KRAAKMAN H. and VAN PARADIJS J.
1993MNRAS.260..647H 11 28 The ionization of the winds from cataclysmic variables without classical boundary layers. HOARE M.G. and DREW J.E.
1993PASP..105..127D viz 818 131 A catalog and atlas of cataclysmic variables. DOWNES R.A. and SHARA M.M.
1993SAAOC..15...78K viz 432 2 UBV photometry of HD stars in the fields of selected cataclysmic variables. KILKENNY D., BARRETT P.E., MARANG F., et al.
1992AGAb....7..133L 71 T                   1 0 The nova-like variable VY Sculptoris: a comparison with accretion disk models. LOOS U., BUES I. and WEHRSE R.
1991A&A...252..100L 83 79 New insights from a statistical analysis of IUE spectra of dwarf novae and nova-like stars. I. Inclination effects in lines and continua. LA DOUS C.
1991AGAb....6...15L 71 T                   1 2 0 Spectra of
VY Scl revisited.
1990A&AS...85.1179R viz 164 166 Catalogue of cataclysmic binaries, low-mass X-ray binaries and related objects (fifth edition). RITTER H.
1990SSRv...52..203L 102 16 A catalogue of low-resolution IUE spectra of dwarf novae and nova-like stars LA DOUS C.
1989A&A...220...99B 15 12 A spectroscopic study of the dwarf nova CN Orionis. BARRERA L.H. and VOGT N.
1988A&AS...75..441P viz 400 13 Binaires spectroscopiques. 15e catalogue complemetaire. PEDOUSSAUT A., CARQUILLAT J.M., GINESTET N., et al.
1988PASP..100.1522G 27 52 Observed low states in DQ Herculis systems. GARNAVICH P. and SZKODY P.
1987A&AS...70..335R 115 60 Catalogue of cataclysmic binaries, low-mass X-ray binaries and related objects (fourth edition). RITTER H.
1987Ap&SS.130...75B 3 4 Cataclysmic variables in a white dwarf survey at the South Galactic Pole. BUES I.
1987ApJS...63..685S 74 66 Photometry and spectroscopy of short-period cataclysmic variables. SZKODY P.
1987MNRAS.225...43O 8 19 Photometry and spectroscopy of the nova-like variable VZ Sculptoris during eclipse. O'DONOGHUE D., FAIRALL A.P. and WARNER B.
1987MNRAS.227...23W 183 397 Absolute magnitudes of cataclysmic variables. WARNER B.
1985Msngr..40....7W 8 1 Nova-like objects and dwarf novae during outburst - a comparative study. WARGAU W.F.
1985PVSS...13...75W 22 ~ Photoelectric observations of variable and suspected variable stars. WILLIAMSON L.J.
1985PVSS...13...82W 11 ~ Photoelectric sequences in variable star fields. WILLIAMSON L.J.
1984A&AS...56..441B 103 62 A catalogue of UBV colours of cataclysmic variables. BRUCH A.
1984MNRAS.206..859S 14 16 The infrared light curves of the nova-like variable VZ Scl. SHERRINGTON M.R., BAILEY J. and JAMESON R.F.
1984PASP...96..559H 72 T                   1 1 11 The orbit of
VY Sculptoris determined near minimum light.
1983IAUC.3877....0C 69 T                   1 1 ~
VY Sculptoris.
1983MitAG..60..337R 69 T                   1 1 1 Der extrem blaue Stern
GD 1662.
1981ApJ...251..611R 7 3 111 MV Lyrae: spectrophotometric properties of minimum light: or on MV Lyrae off. ROBINSON E.L., BARKER E.S., COCHRAN A.L., et al.
1980LowOB...8..157G viz 1982 25 Summary catalog of GD and GR stars. GICLAS H.L., BURNHAM R. and THOMAS N.G.
1978ApJ...226..427P 23 0 Spectrophotometric estimate of electron density in rapidly rotating disks. PANEK R.J.
1978LowOB...8...51G viz 604 7 Lowell proper motions. XVIII. GICLAS H.L., BURNHAM R. and THOMAS N.G.
1978PASP...90..191A 5 5 A new Nova-like variable-LS 55-8. AFRICANO J. and QUIGLEY R.
1978PASP...90..216B 6 16 CD -42 14462: a dwarf Nova in permanent outburst. BOND H.E.
1977AcA....27..429S 16 17 Theoretical UBV colours of accretion discs in cataclysmic variables. SCHWARZENBERG-CZERNY A. and ROZYCZKA M.
1976Obs....96...49W 21 18 Stellar accretion disks. WARNER B.
1975MNSSA..34...19W 13 0 Reports from the Universities : 1974. WARNER B.
1974Obs....94..116W 69 T                   1 4 24
VY Scl and the Z Cam phenomenon.
1974PASP...86..401R 3 13 The nature of V751 Cygni. ROBINSON E.L., NATHER R.E. and KIPLINGER A.
1973IBVS..815....1V 69 T                   1 1 6 A preliminary report on the flare activity of the U gem-type star
VY Scl.
1973PASP...85..627B 68 T                   1 7 15
VY Sculptoris, a new rapid blue variable.
1972BOTT....6..201P 538 5 A finding list of stars of spectral type A7 and earlier in regions at high galactic latitudes. VI. Near South Galactic Pole. PHILIP A.G.D. and STOCK J.
1968IBVS..311....1K 1645 13 Identification list of the new variable stars nominated in 1968 (an extract from the 56th nominating list) KUKARKIN B.V., KHOLOPOV P.N., EFREMOV Y.N., et al.
1959PASP...71..469L 5 16 Note on some faint blue variables. LUYTEN W.J. and HARO G.

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