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2019MNRAS.490.3158C viz 18       D               1 465829 ~ A catalogue of stellar diameters and fluxes for mid-infrared interferometry. CRUZALEBES P., PETROV R.G., ROBBE-DUBOIS S., et al.
2004AJ....127.2303F 7 5 Chromospherically active stars. XXII. HD 18955, a massive K dwarf binary. FEKEL F.C., HENRY G.W. and ALSTON F.M.
2001A&A...368..880P 12 7 Stability of pulsation of the double-mode high-amplitude δ Scuti star AE Ursae Majoris. POCS M.D. and SZEIDL B.
2000CoKon..98..303S 3 0 UBVRI photometry of AE Ursae Maioris at Konkoly Observatory (1974-1998). SZEIDL B. and VIRAGHALMY G.
1993yCat.3135....0C viz 14       D               1 252843 16 VizieR Online Data Catalog: Henry Draper Catalogue and Extension, published in Ann. Harvard Obs. 91-100 (1918-1925) CANNON A.J. and PICKERING E.C.
1974IBVS..903....1S 3 7 The secondary period of AE UMa. SZEIDL B.

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