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2019A&A...628A..60F viz 90           X         2 10 ~ Massive star cluster formation and evolution in tidal dwarf galaxies. FENSCH J., DUC P.-A., BOQUIEN M., et al.
2016MNRAS.457L..14F 686       D     X C F     15 8 8 Young tidal dwarf galaxies cannot be used to probe dark matter in galaxies. FLORES H., HAMMER F., FOUQUET S., et al.
2015A&A...584A.113L viz 553       D     X C       13 17 31 Gas dynamics in tidal dwarf galaxies: Disc formation at z = 0. LELLI F., DUC P.-A., BRINKS E., et al.
2013MNRAS.429.1858D 16       D               1 38 34 Dwarf elliptical galaxies as ancient tidal dwarf galaxies. DABRINGHAUSEN J. and KROUPA P.
2012MNRAS.427.2314L 119           X C       2 40 12 Pre-existing dwarfs, tidal knots and a tidal dwarf galaxy: an unbiased HI study of the gas-rich interacting galaxy group NGC 3166/9. LEE-WADDELL K., SPEKKENS K., HAYNES M.P., et al.
2009AJ....137.4561B 170       D     X C       4 19 23 Collisional debris as laboratories to study star formation. BOQUIEN M., DUC P.-A., WU Y., et al.
2007A&A...467...93B 42 32 Polychromatic view of intergalactic star formation in NGC 5291. BOQUIEN M., DUC P.-A., BRAINE J., et al.
2007A&A...472L..25G 410       D     X C       10 4 105 Tidal dwarf galaxies as a test of fundamental physics. GENTILE G., FAMAEY B., COMBES F., et al.
2007ApJ...667L..45M 4 4 38 MOND and the mass discrepancies in tidal dwarf galaxies. MILGROM M.
2007Sci...316.1166B 8 5 86 Missing mass in collisional debris from galaxies. BOURNAUD F., DUC P.-A., BRINKS E., et al.
2006ApJ...640..768H viz 38   K                 102 29 First detection of PAHs and warm molecular hydrogen in tidal dwarf galaxies. HIGDON S.J., HIGDON J.L. and MARSHALL J.
2001A&A...378...51B 46 120 Abundant molecular gas in tidal dwarf galaxies: On-going galaxy formation. BRAINE J., DUC P.-A., LISENFELD U., et al.

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