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2015ApJ...815..134H 16       D               1 83 6 Swift observations of gamma-ray burst pulse shapes: GRB pulse spectral evolution clarified. HAKKILA J., LIEN A., SAKAMOTO T., et al.
2014ApJ...783...88H 179       D     X         5 53 13 Gamma-ray burst pulse shapes: evidence for embedded shock signatures? HAKKILA J. and PREECE R.D.
2013ApJ...766..111S 16       D               1 1366 15 A multivariate fit luminosity function and world model for long gamma-ray bursts. SHAHMORADI A.
2013ApJS..208...21G viz 16       D               1 2131 45 The BATSE 5B gamma-ray burst spectral catalog. GOLDSTEIN A., PREECE R.D., MALLOZZI R.S., et al.
2011ApJ...740..104H viz 16       D               1 612 52 Unification of pulses in long and short gamma-ray bursts: evidence from pulse properties and their correlations. HAKKILA J. and PREECE R.D.
2009ApJ...705..372H 93       D       C       5 111 8 Testing the gamma-ray burst pulse start conjecture. HAKKILA J. and NEMIROFF R.J.
2008MNRAS.391..639N 15       D               1 137 57 Peak energy of the prompt emission of long gamma-ray bursts versus their fluence and peak flux. NAVA L., GHIRLANDA G., GHISELLINI G., et al.
2004ApJ...609..935Y viz 15       D               1 503 352 Gamma-ray burst formation rate inferred from the spectral peak energy-peak luminosity relation. YONETOKU D., MURAKAMI T., NAKAMURA T., et al.
2002A&A...385..377Q viz 321 65 Temporal properties of gamma ray bursts as signatures of jets from the central engine. QUILLIGAN F., McBREEN B., HANLON L., et al.
2001ApJ...563...80S viz 3906 54 An off-line scan of the BATSE daily records and a large uniform sample of gamma-ray bursts. STERN B.E., TIKHOMIROVA Y., KOMPANEETS D., et al.
1999ApJ...512..683F 54 40 Gamma-ray bursts and relativistic shells: the surface filling factor. FENIMORE E.E., COOPER C., RAMIREZ-RUIZ E., et al.
1999ApJS..120..399H viz 198 37 The Ulysses supplement to the BATSE 3B catalog of cosmic gamma-ray bursts. HURLEY K., BRIGGS M.S., KIPPEN R.M., et al.
1999ApJS..122..465P viz 1659 394 The fourth BATSE gamma-ray burst catalog (Revised). PACIESAS W.S., MEEGAN C.A., PENDLETON G.N., et al.
1998ApJ...492..696S 1 14 46 Gamma-ray-burst spectral shapes from 2 keV to 500 MeV. SCHAEFER B.E., PALMER D., DINGUS B.L., et al.
1998ApJ...508..314M viz 795 168 Three types of gamma-ray bursts. MUKHERJEE S., FEIGELSON E.D., BABU G.J., et al.
1997AJ....114..238M 46 5 High energy transient events from Cygnus X-1 and Scorpius X-1: evidence for a source of galactic gamma-ray bursts. MASON P.A., McNAMARA B.J. and HARRISON T.E.
1996ApJS..106...65M 1122 195 The third BATSE gamma-ray burst catalog. MEEGAN C.A., PENDLETON G.N., BRIGGS M.S., et al.
1995A&A...300..746C 32 31 The time delay of gamma-ray bursts in the soft energy band. CHENG L.X., MA Y.Q., CHENG K.S., et al.
1994ApJ...426L...1A 11 22 Search for ultra-high-energy radiation from gamma-ray bursts. ALEXANDREAS D.E., ALLEN G.E., BERLEY D., et al.
1994ApJS...92..229F 261 277 The first BATSE Gamma-ray burst catalog. FISHMAN G.J., MEEGAN C.A., WILSON R.B., et al.
1994ApJS...92..285S 53 57 BATSE spectroscopy catalog of bright gamma-ray bursts. SCHAEFER B.E., TEEGARDEN B.J., FANTASIA S.F., et al.
1994ApJS...92..651P 25 8 Spectral characteristics of Gamma-ray bursts observed by the anticoincidence shield of the Sigma telescope aboard Granat. PELAEZ F., BOUCHET L., JOURDAIN E., et al.
1993A&AS...97...39H 40 12 Ulysses precise localizations of gamma-ray bursts. HURLEY K., SOMMER M., BOER M., et al.
1993ApJ...413..281B 10 54 1678 Batse observations of Gamma-ray burst spectra. I. Spectral diversity. BAND D., MATTESON J., FORD L., et al.

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