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2014ApJS..211...22F viz 16       D               1 716 14 Star clusters in M33: updated UBVRI photometry, ages, metallicities, and masses. FAN Z. and DE GRIJS R.
2013AJ....145...88M viz 16       D               1 460 6 New UBVRI photometry of 234 M33 star clusters. MA J.
2012AJ....144...41M viz 16       D               1 394 11 An updated catalog of M33 clusters and candidates: UBVRI photometry and some statistical results. MA J.
2010ApJ...720.1674S viz 16       D               2 2989 24 Photometric properties of the M33 star cluster system. SAN ROMAN I., SARAJEDINI A. and APARICIO A.
2010MNRAS.405..839S viz 289       D     X   F     7 78 20 SAO RAS 6-m telescope spectroscopic observations of globular clusters in nearby galaxies. SHARINA M.E., CHANDAR R., PUZIA T.H., et al.
2007AJ....134..447S viz 15       D               454 33 A catalog of star cluster candidates in M 33. SARAJEDINI A. and MANCONE C.L.
2007AJ....134.2168P viz 92       D     X         3 252 15 A catalog of new M 33 star clusters based on Hubble space telescope WFPC2 images. PARK W.-K. and LEE M.G.
2002AJ....123.3141M 115 23 Spectral energy distributions and age estimates of 78 star clusters in M33. MA J., ZHOU X., CHEN J., et al.
2001A&A...366..498C viz 104 48 Star clusters in M 33. IV. A new survey from deep HST images. CHANDAR R., BIANCHI L. and FORD H.C.
2001AJ....122.1796M 61 30 Spectral energy distributions, ages, and metallicities of star clusters in M33. MA J., ZHOU X., KONG X., et al.
1999ApJ...517..668C 68 48 Star clusters in M33. II. Global properties. CHANDAR R., BIANCHI L. and FORD H.C.
1999ApJS..122..431C viz 60 55 Star clusters in M33. I. Detection, morphology, and photometry. CHANDAR R., BIANCHI L. and FORD H.C.
1992ApL....28..281I 185 ~ Nonstellar objects in M 33. IVANOV G.R.
1988AJ.....95..704C 107 74 BVI photometry of star clusters in M 33. CHRISTIAN C.A. and SCHOMMER R.A.
1982ApJS...49..405C 266 84 The cluster system of M 33. CHRISTIAN C.A. and SCHOMMER R.A.

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