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2021MNRAS.500..962K 200           X         4 5 ~ Metallicity and X-ray luminosity variations in NGC 922. KOUROUMPATZAKIS K., ZEZAS A., WOLTER A., et al.
2020AJ....159..180K 47           X         1 20 ~ Outflow from outer-arm starburst in a grazing collision between galaxies. KAUFMAN M., ELMEGREEN B.G., ANDERSEN M., et al.
2020MNRAS.492....1B 47           X         1 36 ~ Discovery of a large H I ring around the quiescent galaxy AGC 203001. BAIT O., KURAPATI S., DUC P.-A., et al.
2020MNRAS.492.4892Y 47           X         1 15 ~ Splash bridge models of inclined, gas-rich, direct galaxy collisions. YEAGER T.R. and STRUCK C.
2020MNRAS.493...55Y 47           X         1 10 ~ A recent starbust in the low surface brightness galaxy UGC 628. YOUNG J.E., KUZIO DE NARAY R. and WANG S.X.
2020MNRAS.496.5372D 93           X         2 5 ~ Origin of star-forming rings around massive centres in massive galaxies at z < 4. DEKEL A., LAPINER S., GINZBURG O., et al.
2020MNRAS.497...44B 2706 T   A D S   X C F     55 5 ~ Discovery of a near-infrared bar and a pseudo-bulge in the collisional ring galaxy
2020NatAs...4..957Y 373           X C       7 8 ~ A giant galaxy in the young Universe with a massive ring. YUAN T., ELAGALI A., LABBE I., et al.
2019MNRAS.483.5554E viz 18       D               3 67 ~ A new, clean catalogue of extragalactic non-nuclear X-ray sources in nearby galaxies. EARNSHAW H.P., ROBERTS T.P., MIDDLETON M.J., et al.
2019MNRAS.484.5702M 45           X         1 132 ~ The VISCACHA survey - I. Overview and first results. MAIA F.F.S., DIAS B., SANTOS J.F.C., et al.
2019MNRAS.486.2660Y 90           X         2 17 ~ Models of multicomponent splash bridges in face-on galaxy disc collisions. YEAGER T.R. and STRUCK C.
2018ApJ...863...43W 844       D     X         20 94 ~ The X-ray luminosity function of ultraluminous X-ray sources in collisional ring galaxies. WOLTER A., FRUSCIONE A. and MAPELLI M.
2018ApJ...864...34S 44           X         1 11 4 Tidally induced morphology of M33 in hydrodynamical simulations of its recent interaction with M31. SEMCZUK M., LOKAS E.L., SALOMON J.-B., et al.
2018ApJ...864...72C 87           X         2 5 ~ Ring galaxies through off-center minor collisions by tuning bulge-to-disk mass ratio of Progenitors. CHEN G., WU X., KONG X., et al.
2018ApJ...864..123M viz 17       D               1 2964 ~ Galaxy structure in the ultraviolet: the dependence of morphological parameters on rest-frame wavelength. MAGER V.A., CONSELICE C.J., SEIBERT M., et al.
2018MNRAS.473..585R 1132           X         26 6 3 Morphology and enhanced star formation in a Cartwheel-like ring galaxy. RENAUD F., ATHANASSOULA E., AMRAM P., et al.
2018MNRAS.475.4055M 44           X         1 7 5 GASP. V. Ram-pressure stripping of a ring Hoag's-like galaxy in a massive cluster. MORETTI A., POGGIANTI B.M., GULLIEUSZIK M., et al.
2018MNRAS.476.5681E 305           X C F     5 15 1 An H I study of the collisional ring galaxy NGC 922. ELAGALI A., WONG O.I., OH S.-H., et al.
2018MNRAS.477L..90P 44           X         1 13 ~ A new ultraluminous X-ray source in the galaxy NGC 5907. PINTORE F., BELFIORE A., NOVARA G., et al.
2018MNRAS.481.2951E 87           X         2 9 ~ Ring galaxies in the EAGLE hydrodynamical simulations. ELAGALI A., LAGOS C.D.P., WONG O.I., et al.
2017ApJ...846..170T 46           X         1 46 164 Formation of double neutron star systems. TAURIS T.M., KRAMER M., FREIRE P.C.C., et al.
2017MNRAS.466..355M 43           X         1 15 2 A photometric study of the peculiar and potentially double ringed, non-barred galaxy: PGC 1000714. MUTLU PAKDIL B., MANGEDARAGE M., SEIGAR M.S., et al.
2017MNRAS.466..574W 128           X         3 8 1 Early Science with the Large Millimeter Telescope: discovery of the 12CO(1-0) emission line in the ring galaxy VIIZw466. WONG O.I., VEGA O., SANCHEZ-ARGUELLES D., et al.
2016A&A...585A..44M 42           X         1 7 2 Dense gas tracing the collisional past of Andromeda. An atypical inner region? MELCHIOR A.-L. and COMBES F.
2016AJ....151...14C 84             C       1 18 8 Herschel spectroscopic observations of LITTLE THINGS dwarf galaxies. CIGAN P., YOUNG L., CORMIER D., et al.
2016ARep...60..116T 42           X         1 3 1 Formation of ring structures in galactic disks during close passages of galaxies. TUTUKOV A.V. and FEDOROVA A.V.
2016ApJ...819...69Z viz 17       D               1 198 16 The [NII] 205 µm emission in local luminous infrared galaxies. ZHAO Y., LU N., XU C.K., et al.
2016ApJ...819..165C 84           X         2 7 2 MUSE-ings on AM1354-250: collisions, shocks, and rings. CONN B.C., FOGARTY L.M.R., SMITH R., et al.
2016MNRAS.459.2262D viz 42           X         1 10 5 High-resolution mapping of dust via extinction in the M31 bulge. DONG H., LI Z., WANG Q.D., et al.
2016MNRAS.461.3001T 17       D               1 101 3 Attack of the flying snakes: formation of isolated HI clouds by fragmentation of long streams. TAYLOR R., DAVIES J.I., JACHYM P., et al.
2016MNRAS.462.4055Z 49           X         1 1 7 The small observed scale of AGN-driven outflows, and inside-out disc quenching. ZUBOVAS K. and KING A.
2015ApJ...809L..16J 42           X         1 3 3 Globular cluster formation efficiencies from black hole X-ray binary feedback. JUSTHAM S., PENG E.W. and SCHAWINSKI K.
2015ApJ...812..118A 41           X         1 9 4 X-ray emission from the Taffy (VV254) galaxies and bridge. APPLETON P.N., LANZ L., BITSAKIS T., et al.
2015ApJ...814L...1H 478 T K A     X C       10 4 5 Molecular gas and star formation in the cartwheel. HIGDON J.L., HIGDON S.J.U., RUIZ S.M., et al.
2015ApJS..220....6B viz 58       D     X         2 4071 6 An updated ultraviolet catalog of GALEX nearby galaxies. BAI Y., ZOU H., LIU J., et al.
2015MNRAS.448..781W 247           X         6 30 2 NGC 2276: a remarkable galaxy with a large number of ultraluminous X-ray sources. WOLTER A., ESPOSITO P., MAPELLI M., et al.
2015MNRAS.448L..43K 45           X         1 8 34 An ultraluminous nascent millisecond pulsar. KLUZNIAK W. and LASOTA J.-P.
2015MNRAS.450..787S 41           X         1 23 12 The hyperluminous X-ray source candidate in IC 4320: another HLX bites the dust. SUTTON A.D., ROBERTS T.P., GLADSTONE J.C., et al.
2015MNRAS.451.4114B 123           X         3 13 2 The empty ring galaxy ESO 474-G040. BROSCH N., VAISANEN P., KNIAZEV A.Y., et al.
2015MNRAS.452.3759P 247           X         6 27 3 Kathryn's Wheel: a spectacular galaxy collision discovered in the Galactic neighbourhood. PARKER Q.A., ZIJLSTRA A.A., STUPAR M., et al.
2014A&A...568A..62D 16       D               1 467 101 The applicability of far-infrared fine-structure lines as star formation rate tracers over wide ranges of metallicities and galaxy types. DE LOOZE I., CORMIER D., LEBOUTEILLER V., et al.
2014ApJ...790...16C viz 41           X         1 79 13 Early-type galaxies in the Chandra COSMOS survey. CIVANO F., FABBIANO G., PELLEGRINI S., et al.
2014ApJ...792..101D 42           X         1 32 50 Fueling active galactic nuclei. II. Spatially resolved molecular inflows and outflows. DAVIES R.I., MACIEJEWSKI W., HICKS E.K.S., et al.
2014ApJ...795...58L viz 130           X         3 5 44 The host galaxy of the gamma-ray narrow-line Seyfert 1 galaxy 1H 0323+342. LEON TAVARES J., KOTILAINEN J., CHAVUSHYAN V., et al.
2014ApJ...795..159A 42           X         1 12 18 Strong far-infrared cooling lines, peculiar CO kinematics, and possible star-formation suppression in Hickson compact group 57. ALATALO K., APPLETON P.N., LISENFELD U., et al.
2014ApJ...797...91M viz 41           X         1 89 7 A comprehensive X-ray and multiwavelength study of the colliding galaxy pair NGC 2207/IC 2163. MINEO S., RAPPAPORT S., LEVINE A., et al.
2014MNRAS.438.3007W 245           X C       5 7 7 Direct Simulation Monte Carlo for astrophysical flows - II. Ram-pressure dynamics. WEINBERG M.D.
2014MNRAS.444..629R 41           X         1 12 10 The bow shock, cold fronts and disintegrating cool core in the merging galaxy group RX J0751.3+5012. RUSSELL H.R., FABIAN A.C., McNAMARA B.R., et al.
2014NewA...30....8G 122           X         3 15 10 Density wave formation in differentially rotating disk galaxies: hydrodynamic simulation of the linear regime. GRIV E. and WANG H.-H.
2013ApJ...769...92P 401           X C       9 53 48 Ultra-luminous X-ray sources in the most metal poor galaxies. PRESTWICH A.H., TSANTAKI M., ZEZAS A., et al.
2013ApJ...771..133M 80           X         2 11 8 Spatially resolved star formation image and the ultraluminous X-ray source population in NGC 2207/IC 2163. MINEO S., RAPPAPORT S., STEINHORN B., et al.
2013ApJ...776..100B 120           X         3 62 11 The local environment of ultraluminous X-ray sources viewed by XMM-newton's optical monitor. BERGHEA C.T., DUDIK R.P., TINCHER J., et al.
2013ApJS..206...14G 41           X         1 25 38 Optical counterparts of the nearest ultraluminous X-ray sources. GLADSTONE J.C., COPPERWHEAT C., HEINKE C.O., et al.
2013MNRAS.428..476M 40           X         1 79 10 Galaxy evolution in nearby loose groups - II. Photometric and kinematic characterization of USGC U268 and USGC U376 group members in the Leo cloud. MARINO A., PLANA H., RAMPAZZO R., et al.
2013MNRAS.435.2665C 40           X         1 13 12 X-ray variability and energy spectra from NGC 5408 X-1 with XMM-Newton. CABALLERO-GARCIA M.D., BELLONI T.M. and WOLTER A.
2012A&A...547A..39V 40           X         1 14 9 A dynamical model for the taffy galaxies UGC 12914/5. VOLLMER B., BRAINE J. and SOIDA M.
2012AJ....143..144S viz 40           X         1 82 17 ChAInGeS: the Chandra Arp Interacting Galaxies Survey. SMITH B.J., SWARTZ D.A., MILLER O., et al.
2012ApJ...745..105W 79           X         2 11 7 The axisymmetric ring galaxies: AM 0053-353, AM 0147-350, AM 1133-245, AM 1413-243, AM 2302-322, Arp 318, and head-on penetrations. WU Y.-T. and JIANG I.-G.
2012ApJ...747..150P 1748     A D     X C       44 21 6 Chandra observations of the collisional ring galaxy NGC 922. PRESTWICH A.H., GALACHE J.L., LINDEN T., et al.
2012ApJ...749..130L viz 516           X         13 180 15 Probing the X-ray binary populations of the ring galaxy NGC 1291. LUO B., FABBIANO G., FRAGOS T., et al.
2012ApJ...751...74D 40           X         1 14 17 The recent stellar archeology of M31–The nearest red disk galaxy. DAVIDGE T.J., McCONNACHIE A.W., FARDAL M.A., et al.
2012ApJ...755..105S 40           X         1 46 62 Galaxy-scale star formation on the red sequence: the continued growth of S0s and the quiescence of ellipticals. SALIM S., FANG J.J., RICH R.M., et al.
2012ApJ...758...28J 40           X         1 18 13 The nature of the bright ULX X-2 in NGC 3921: a Chandra position and HST candidate counterpart. JONKER P.G., HEIDA M., TORRES M.A.P., et al.
2012MNRAS.419.2095M viz 95       D     X         3 1105 242 X-ray emission from star-forming galaxies - I. High-mass X-ray binaries. MINEO S., GILFANOV M. and SUNYAEV R.
2012MNRAS.420.1158M 40           X         1 14 27 Ring galaxies from off-centre collisions. MAPELLI M. and MAYER L.
2012MNRAS.420.3599S 42           X         1 7 29 Optical counterpart of HLX-1 during the 2010 outburst. SORIA R., HAKALA P.J., HAU G.K.T., et al.
2012MNRAS.423..543S 79           X         2 8 11 Numerical modelling of auriga's wheel – a new ring galaxy. SMITH R., LANE R.R., CONN B.C., et al.
2012MNRAS.423.1154S 79           X         2 49 84 The most extreme ultraluminous X-ray sources: evidence for intermediate-mass black holes? SUTTON A.D., ROBERTS T.P., WALTON D.J., et al.
2012MNRAS.423.1641J 41           X         1 8 28 Another thread in the tapestry of stellar feedback: X-ray binaries. JUSTHAM S. and SCHAWINSKI K.
2012MNRAS.425.2255F 159           X         4 7 13 Adaptive mesh refinement simulations of collisional ring galaxies: effects of the interaction geometry. FIACCONI D., MAPELLI M., RIPAMONTI E., et al.
2011A&A...529A.138B 39           X         1 36 38 A parametric study on the formation of extended star clusters and ultra-compact dwarf galaxies. BRUNS R.C., KROUPA P., FELLHAUER M., et al.
2011A&A...536A..52M 39           X         1 11 16 Molecular gas in the inner 0.7kpc-radius ring of M31. MELCHIOR A.-L. and COMBES F.
2011ApJ...733...43G 79             C       3 2 3 Formation of moonlets in saturn's rings: the role of the constructive interference of lin-shu-type circular and spiral density waves. GRIV E.
2011ApJ...735...25N 41           X         1 3 14 External mass accumulation onto core potentials: implications for star clusters, galaxies, and galaxy clusters. NAIMAN J.P., RAMIREZ-RUIZ E. and LIN D.N.C.
2011ApJ...739...97H 1495           X C       37 14 8 Wheels of fire. IV. Star formation and the neutral interstellar medium in the ring galaxy AM0644-741. HIGDON J.L., HIGDON S.J.U. and RAND R.J.
2011ApJ...741...80C 79           X         2 13 8 A new collisional ring galaxy at z = 0.111: Auriga's Wheel. CONN B.C., PASQUALI A., POMPEI E., et al.
2011MNRAS.413.2621F 118           X         3 22 6 UGC 4599: a photometric study of the nearest hoag-type ring galaxy. FINKELMAN I. and BROSCH N.
2011MNRAS.414.3645S 39           X         1 14 24 Large-scale nested stellar discs in NGC 7217. SIL'CHENKO O.K., CHILINGARIAN I.V., SOTNIKOVA N.Ya., et al.
2011MNRAS.416.1844W viz 16       D               1 256 89 2XMM ultraluminous X-ray source candidates in nearby galaxies. WALTON D.J., ROBERTS T.P., MATEOS S., et al.
2011MNRAS.416.2712D 134       D     X         4 40 69 The reliability of [C II] as an indicator of the star formation rate. DE LOOZE I., BAES M., BENDO G.J., et al.
2011MNRAS.417..835F 118           X         3 9 10 SWIFT observations of the Arp 147 ring galaxy system. FOGARTY L., THATTE N., TECZA M., et al.
2011NewAR..55..166F 40           X         1 55 217 Ultraluminous X-ray sources in the Chandra and XMM-Newton era. FENG H. and SORIA R.
2010A&A...519A..72B 39           X         1 10 18 NGC 4262: a Virgo galaxy with an extended ultraviolet ring. BETTONI D., BUSON L.M. and GALLETTA G.
2010AJ....139.1369P 39           X         1 27 23 The star cluster population of the collisional ring galaxy NGC 922. PELLERIN A., MEURER G.R., BEKKI K., et al.
2010ARA&A..48..431P 79           X         2 167 605 Young massive star clusters. PORTEGIES ZWART S.F., McMILLAN S.L.W. and GIELES M.
2010ApJ...717L.143M 40           X         1 8 26 A collisional origin for the Leo ring. MICHEL-DANSAC L., DUC P.-A., BOURNAUD F., et al.
2010ApJ...721.1348R 507           X         13 24 11 Ultraluminous X-ray sources in Arp 147. RAPPAPORT S., LEVINE A., POOLEY D., et al.
2010ApJS..186..427N viz 128           X         1 1 179 A catalog of detailed visual morphological classifications for 14,034 galaxies in the Sloan Digital Sky Survey. NAIR P.B. and ABRAHAM R.G.
2010MNRAS.401.2067B 39           X         1 21 21 On the nature of the apparent ring galaxy SDSS J075234.33+292049.8. BROSCH N., KNIAZEV A.Y., MOISEEV A., et al.
2010MNRAS.403.1516S 1755   K A D S   X C       44 51 12 Applying the analytic theory of colliding ring galaxies. STRUCK C.
2010MNRAS.405..870S 41           X         1 10 56 Discovery of an optical counterpart to the hyperluminous X-ray source in ESO 243-49. SORIA R., HAU G.K.T., GRAHAM A.W., et al.
2010MNRAS.406.1116P 727 T K A     X C       17 3 13 Chandra observations of the ULX N10 in the

Cartwheel galaxy
2010MNRAS.407..645J 40           X         1 16 48 A bright off-nuclear X-ray source: a type IIn supernova, a bright ULX or a recoiling supermassive black hole in CXOJ122518.6+144545. JONKER P.G., TORRES M.A.P., FABIAN A.C., et al.
2010MNRAS.408..234M 289       D     X         8 78 87 Ultra-luminous X-ray sources and remnants of massive metal-poor stars. MAPELLI M., RIPAMONTI E., ZAMPIERI L., et al.
2010RAA....10..915W 39           X         1 7 2 XMM-Newton observations of H2O maser galaxy NGC 7479. WANG J., ZHANG J.-S. and FAN J.-H.
2009A&A...498..419S 39           X         1 19 3 On the possible generation of the young massive open clusters Stephenson 2 and BDSB 122 by ω Centauri. SALERNO G.M., BICA E., BONATTO C., et al.
2009A&A...501..445C 1919 T K A   O X C       48 36 8 The

Cartwheel galaxy
with XMM-Newton.
2009A&A...503...73C 39           X         1 16 22 Molecular gas in NUclei of GAlaxies (NUGA). XII. The head-on collision in NGC 1961. COMBES F., BAKER A.J., SCHINNERER E., et al.
2009A&A...507.1303F 77           X         2 16 2 The ring galaxy HRG 54103: a first study. FAUNDEZ-ABANS M., FERNANDES I.F., DE OLIVEIRA-ABANS M., et al.
2009AJ....137.3071B 15       D               1 56 39 Identikit 1: a modeling tool for interacting disk galaxies. BARNES J.E. and HIBBARD J.E.
2009AJ....137.3263G 271           X C       6 77 10 Multiwavelength study of the bright X-ray source population in the interacting galaxies NGC 5774/NGC 5775. GHOSH K.K., SARIPALLI L., GANDHI P., et al.
2009AJ....137.5037D 310           X         8 17 33 ESO 381-47: an early-type galaxy with extended H I and a star-forming ring. DONOVAN J.L., SERRA P., VAN GORKOM J.H., et al.
2009ApJ...693.1650B 77           X         2 20 14 Powerful H2 emission and star formation on the interacting galaxy system Arp 143: observations with Spitzer and GALEX. BEIRAO P., APPLETON P.N., BRANDL B.R., et al.
2009ApJ...696..694Z 79           X         2 3 15 Rings of dark matter in collisions between clusters of galaxies. ZUHONE J.A., LAMB D.Q. and RICKER P.M.
2009ApJ...705L.153N 102     A     X         3 2 5 Gas accretion by star clusters and the formation of ultraluminous X-ray sources from cusps of compact remnants. NAIMAN J.P., RAMIREZ-RUIZ E. and LIN D.N.C.
2009ApJ...707.1347A viz 39           X         1 29 47 The low-mass initial mass function in the 30 Doradus starburst cluster. ANDERSEN M., ZINNECKER H., MONETI A., et al.
2009ApJS..181..572M viz 286       D     X         8 131 21 Atlas and catalog of collisional ring galaxies. MADORE B.F., NELSON E. and PETRILLO K.
2009MNRAS.395.1146P 79           X         2 5 28 Primordial globular clusters, X-ray binaries and cosmological reionization. POWER C., WYNN G.A., COMBET C., et al.
2009MNRAS.395L..71M 1084 T K A D S   X         27 19 58 Low metallicity and ultra-luminous X-ray sources in the

Cartwheel galaxy
2009MNRAS.397.1836G 43           X         1 22 187 The ultraluminous state. GLADSTONE J.C., ROBERTS T.P. and DONE C.
2009MNRAS.397.2148G 39           X         1 60 89 Quantifying the coexistence of massive black holes and dense nuclear star clusters. GRAHAM A.W. and SPITLER L.R.
2009MNRAS.398..109W viz 15       D               1 50356 37 The imperial IRAS-FSC redshift catalogue. WANG L. and ROWAN-ROBINSON M.
2009MNRAS.399..683J viz 15       D               1 124643 550 The 6dF galaxy survey: final redshift release (DR3) and southern large-scale structures. JONES D.H., READ M.A., SAUNDERS W., et al.
2009MNRAS.400..677Z 78           X         2 24 91 Low-metallicity natal environments and black hole masses in ultraluminous X-ray sources. ZAMPIERI L. and ROBERTS T.P.
2009NewAR..53..169M 193           X         5 16 10 3D spectroscopic study of galactic rings: Formation and kinematics. MOISEEV A.V. and BIZYAEV D.V.
2008A&A...484..195T 38           X         1 19 5 Detection of a hot intergalactic medium in the spiral-only compact group SCG0018-4854. TRINCHIERI G., IOVINO A., POMPEI E., et al.
2008AJ....136.1259R 269           X         7 35 9 Stellar disks of collisional ring galaxies. I. New multiband images, radial intensity and color profiles, and confrontation with n-body simulations. ROMANO R., MAYYA Y.D. and VOROBYOV E.I.
2008AN....329..948M 7 1 Are ring galaxies the ancestors of giant low surface brightness galaxies? MAPELLI M. and MOORE B.
2008ApJ...681..244B 39           X         1 22 50 GALEX observations of low surface brightness galaxies: UV color and star formation efficiency. BOISSIER S., GIL DE PAZ A., BOSELLI A., et al.
2008ApJ...687..471B viz 38           X         1 117 49 Testing the paradigm that ultraluminous X-ray sources as a class represent accreting intermediate-mass black holes. BERGHEA C.T., WEAVER K.A., COLBERT E.J.M., et al.
2008ApJ...689..678B 39           X         1 11 40 The formation of polar disk galaxies. BROOK C.B., GOVERNATO F., QUINN T., et al.
2008ApJS..178..280B viz 15       D               2 234 78 A compendium of far-infrared line and continuum emission for 227 galaxies observed by the infrared space observatory. BRAUHER J.R., DALE D.A. and HELOU G.
2008MNRAS.383..230M 4095 T K A S   X C F     103 9 23 Intermediate-mass black holes and ultraluminous X-ray sources in the

ring galaxy
2008MNRAS.383.1223M 600   K A     X C F     14 12 31 Are ring galaxies the ancestors of giant low surface brightness galaxies ? MAPELLI M., MOORE B., RIPAMONTI E., et al.
2008MNRAS.386L..38G 230           X         6 9 9 UGC 7069: the largest ring galaxy. GHOSH K.K. and MAPELLI M.
2008MNSSA..67..219S 14 0 The Sculptor's feast in art. STREICHER M.
2007AJ....134..118Z 38           X         1 17 19 Gas and dust in the Taffy galaxies: UGC 12914/15. ZHU M., GAO Y., SEAQUIST E.R., et al.
2007ApJ...661..165L 1 16 33 Optical studies of the ultraluminous X-ray source NGC 1313 X-2. LIU J.-F., BREGMAN J., MILLER J., et al.
2007ApJ...662..304B 11 12 Propagating star formation in the collisional ring galaxy Arp 10. BIZYAEV D.V., MOISEEV A.V. and VOROBYOV E.I.
2007ApJ...663..734E viz 129 34 Smooth and starburst tidal tails in the GEMS and GOODS fields. ELMEGREEN D.M., ELMEGREEN B.G., FERGUSON T., et al.
2007ApJ...670..261A 76           X         2 4 3 Dynamical parameters for AM 0644-741. ANTUNES A. and WALLIN J.
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Cartwheel ring galaxy
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A 0035 'the cartwheel' a large southern ring galaxy.

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