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2021AJ....161..204B 250           X C       4 55 ~ Astrometric membership tests for the Zinn-Newell-Gibson UV-bright stars in Galactic globular clusters. BOND H.E.
2019A&A...621A..38G viz 18       D               1 39804 ~ The population of hot subdwarf stars studied with Gaia. II. The Gaia DR2 catalogue of hot subluminous stars. GEIER S., RADDI R., GENTILE FUSILLO N.P., et al.
2019A&A...627A..34M viz 61 ~ Hot UV-bright stars of galactic globular clusters. MOEHLER S., LANDSMAN W.B., LANZ T., et al.
2017A&A...600A..50G viz 17       D               5613 14 The population of hot subdwarf stars studied with Gaia. I. The catalog of known hot subdwarf stars. GEIER S., OSTENSEN R.H., NEMETH P., et al.
2017AJ....154..126D 85           X         2 8 1 Observations of the ultraviolet-bright star Y453 in the globular cluster M4 (NGC 6121). DIXON W.V., CHAYER P., LATOUR M., et al.
2017ApJ...845..171B viz 17       D               1 1444 3 A search for rapidly pulsating hot subdwarf stars in the GALEX survey. BOUDREAUX T.M., BARLOW B.N., FLEMING S.W., et al.
2017MNRAS.464L..51R 255           X C F     4 9 4 Breaking news from the HST: the central star of the Stingray Nebula is now returning towards the AGB. REINDL N., RAUCH T., MILLER BERTOLAMI M.M., et al.
2016A&A...587A.101R 142       D   O X C       3 28 3 Radial velocity variable, hot post-AGB stars from the MUCHFUSS project. Classification, atmospheric parameters, formation scenarios. REINDL N., GEIER S., KUPFER T., et al.
2016A&A...591A.118S viz 17       D               2 31387 40 The PASTEL catalogue: 2016 version. SOUBIRAN C., LE CAMPION J.-F., BROUILLET N., et al.
2016A&A...593A.101K 125           X C       2 78 8 Stellar wind models of subluminous hot stars. KRTICKA J., KUBAT J. and KRTICKOVA I.
2016ApJS..223....5A 167           X         4 15 2 FK Comae Berenices, king of spin: the COCOA-PUFS project. AYRES T.R., KASHYAP V., SAAR S., et al.
2015MNRAS.452.2292C 2223 T K A D     X C       53 13 7 FUSE, STIS and Keck spectroscopic analysis of the UV-bright star
vZ 1128 in M3 (NGC 5272).
2012AJ....143..121S viz 16       D               1 184 26 Ultraviolet properties of Galactic globular clusters with GALEX. I. The color-magnitude diagrams. SCHIAVON R.P., DALESSANDRO E., SOHN S.T., et al.
2012ApJS..199....8G viz 16       D               3 3035 46 A compilation of interstellar column densities. GUDENNAVAR S.B., BUBBLY S.G., PREETHI K., et al.
2011Sci...334..955L 60 74 A reservoir of ionized gas in the Galactic halo to sustain star formation in the Milky Way. LEHNER N. and HOWK J.C.
2010ApJS..187..149A viz 16       D               1 535 58 StarCAT: a catalog of space telescope imaging spectrograph ultraviolet echelle spectra of stars. AYRES T.R.
2010MmSAI..81..838M 78           X         2 26 7 Hot stars in globular clusters. MOEHLER S.
2009ApJ...702.1472S viz 15       D               1 172 31 The extension of the transition temperature plasma into the lower Galactic halo. SAVAGE B.D. and WAKKER B.P.
2008ApJS..176...59B viz 287 58 The Far Ultraviolet Spectroscopic Explorer survey of O VI absorption in the disk of the Milky way. BOWEN D.V., JENKINS E.B., TRIPP T.M., et al.
2007ApJ...659.1222S 1 6 17 The abundance of deuterium in the warm neutral medium of the lower Galactic halo. SAVAGE B.D., LEHNER N., FOX A., et al.
2006ApJ...637..333H 1 8 20 A method for deriving accurate gas-phase abundances for the multiphase interstellar galactic halo. HOWK J.C., SEMBACH K.R. and SAVAGE B.D.
2006ApJ...644..464A 38   K                 8 7 The remarkable far-ultraviolet spectrum of FK Comae Berenices: king of spin. AYRES T.R., HARPER G.M., BROWN A., et al.
2006ApJS..165..229F 82 62 A survey of O VI, C III, and H I in highly ionized high-velocity clouds. FOX A.J., SAVAGE B.D. and WAKKER B.P.
2005ApJ...619..863S 72 29 FUSE observations of interstellar and intergalactic absorption toward the X-ray-bright BL Lacertae object Markarian 421. SAVAGE B.D., WAKKER B.P., FOX A.J., et al.
2004ApJ...602..738F 2 19 87 Highly ionized gas surrounding high-velocity cloud complex C. FOX A.J., SAVAGE B.D., WAKKER B.P., et al.
2004ApJ...615..767L 53 35 C II radiative cooling of the diffuse gas in the Milky way. LEHNER N., WAKKER B.P. and SAVAGE B.D.
2003ApJ...586..230R 81 41 A Far Ultraviolet Spectroscopic Explorer survey of molecular hydrogen in intermediate-velocity clouds in the Milky Way halo. RICHTER P., WAKKER B.P., SAVAGE B.D., et al.
2003ApJ...586..249H 2 7 28 Ionized gas in the first 10 kiloparsecs of the interstellar galactic halo. HOWK J.C., SEMBACH K.R. and SAVAGE B.D.
2003ApJ...586.1019Z 90 49 Highly ionized gas in the galactic halo: a FUSE survey of O VI absorption toward 22 halo stars. ZSARGO J., SEMBACH K.R., HOWK J.C., et al.
2003ApJS..146....1W viz 226 143 The Far ultraviolet Spectroscopic Explorer Survey of O VI absorption in and near the galaxy. WAKKER B.P., SAVAGE B.D., SEMBACH K.R., et al.
2003ApJS..146..125S viz 124 156 Distribution and kinematics of O VI in the galactic halo. SAVAGE B.D., SEMBACH K.R., WAKKER B.P., et al.
2001AJ....121.3114P viz 140 21 VLT observations of the peculiar globular cluster NGC 6712. III. The evolved stellar population. PALTRINIERI B., FERRARO F.R., PARESCE F., et al.
2001ApJS..136..463W viz 447 212 Distances and metallicities of high- and intermediate-velocity clouds. WAKKER B.P.
2001PASP..113.1162M 32 50 Hot stars in globular clusters: a spectroscopist's view. (Invited review). MOEHLER S.
2000AAS...197..721H 73 T                   2 ~ FUSE observations of interstellar absorption in the galactic halo: the sight line to von Zeippel 1128. HOWK J.C., SEMBACH K.R., SAVAGE B.D., et al.
2000Msngr.102...17P 4 0 Crowded field photometry with the VLT: the case of the peculiar globular cluster NGC 6712. PARESCE F., DE MARCHI G., ANDREUZZI G., et al.
1999MmSAI..70..599F 18 5 Galactic globular clusters in the UV. FERRARO F.R., PALTRINIERI B. and CACCIARI C.
1998A&A...335..510M viz 18 23 Hot UV bright stars in globular clusters. MOEHLER S., LANDSMAN W. and NAPIWOTZKI R.
1998ApJ...500L..29D 11 11 ORFEUS-SPAS II observations of the ultraviolet-bright star Barnard 29 in M13. DIXON W.V. and HURWITZ M.
1996ApJS..104..287S viz 14       D               1 2256 12 Ultraviolet imaging telescope near-ultraviolet bright object catalog. SMITH E.P., PICA A.J., BOHLIN R.C., et al.
1995A&A...301..684C 31 11 IUE observations of blue horizontal branch stars in the globular clusters M 3 and NGC 6752. CACCIARI C., FUSI PECCI F., BRAGAGLIA A., et al.
1995AJ....110.1722W 133 6 Far-Ultraviolet luminosity functions for the globular clusters M3 and M13. WHITNEY J.H., O'CONNELL R.W., ROOD R.T., et al.
1994A&A...290...69B viz 1 19 95 The stellar population of the globular cluster M 3. I. Photographic photometry of 10000 stars. BUONANNO R., CORSI C.E., BUZZONI A., et al.
1994A&AS..104..161T viz 728 21 Proper motion study of the globular cluster M 3. TUCHOLKE H.-J., SCHOLZ R.-D. and BROSCHE P.
1994AJ....107.1388D 1 4 13 Observations of ultraviolet-bright stars in globular clusters with the Hopkins Ultraviolet Telescope. DIXON W.V. and DAVIDSEN A.F.
1994AJ....108.1350W viz 17 40 Far-ultraviolet photometry of the globular cluster Ome Cen. WHITNEY J.H., O'CONNELL R.W., ROOD R.T., et al.
1993BAAS...25.1407W 4 ~ Far-ultraviolet luminosity functions for M3 and M13. WHITNEY J.H., O'CONNELL R.W., ROOD T., et al.
1992A&A...254..110B 1 2 14 IUE observations of UB-bright stars in M 3. BUZZONI A., CACCIARI C., FUSI PECCI F., et al.
1992ApJ...395L..21L 15 26 The ultraviolet-bright stars of omega Centauri, M 3 and M 13. LANDSMAN W.B., O'CONNELL R.W., WHITNEY J.H., et al.
1992RMxAA..24..187H 4 3 A high-latitude Be star. HERBIG G.H.
1989ApJ...342..785D 74 96 The kinematics of Milky Way halo gas. I. Observations of low-ionization species. DANLY L.
1988AJ.....96..123P 3 6 72 A search for spectroscopic binaries in the globular cluster M 3. PRYOR C.P., LATHAM D.W. and HAZEN M.L.
1988ARA&A..26..199R 14 7 406 Tests of evolutionary sequences using color-magnitude diagrams of globular clusters. RENZINI A. and FUSI PECCI F.
1985A&A...142..321D 49 77 UV-bright stars in galactic globular clusters, their far-UV spectra and their contribution to the globular cluster luminosity. DE BOER K.S.
1985ApJ...289..326G 12 12 Observations of an sdO star in the globular cluster M 22. GLASPEY J.W., DEMERS S., MOFFAT A.F.J., et al.
1984A&A...136L...7D 4 2 39 Inflow of halo gas from the direction of the galactic North Pole. DE BOER K.S. and SAVAGE B.D.
1984PASP...96..783A 10 3 UV-bright stars in globular clusters: IUE observations. ALTNER B.M. and MATILSKY T.A.
1983PASP...95..256H 181 49 Radial velocities of stars in M 12 (NGC 6218) and M 56 (NGC 6779) and UV-bright stars in globular clusters. HARRIS H.C., NEMEC J.M. and HESSER J.E.
1980ApJ...240..109R 9 8 The discovery of an O subdwarf in the globular cluster NGC 6712. REMILLARD R.A., CANIZARES C.R. and McCLINTOCK J.E.
1979AJ.....84.1312C 261 91 Proper motions, membership, and internal motions in the globular cluster M 3. CUDWORTH K.M.
1972A&A....18..390Z 104 129 A search for UV-bright stars in 27 globular clusters. ZINN R.J., NEWELL E.B. and GIBSON J.B.
1970A&A.....8..243S 20 78 On the evolutionary status of stars above the horizontal branch in globular clusters. STROM S.E., STROM K.M., ROOD R.T., et al.
1970ApJ...159..195S 1 5 37 An analysis of the bright O-stars in the globular cluster M 3. STROM S.E. and STROM K.M.
1970ApJ...162..841S 1 108 691 Main-sequence photometry, color-magnitude diagrams, and ages for the globular clusters M 3, M 13, M 15 and M 92. SANDAGE A.
1961PZ.....13..239K 406 2 A study of variable stars in the globular cluster M 3 = NGC 5272. KUKARKIN B.V. and KUKARKINA N.P.
1956ApJ...124..379J 73 133 Three-color photometry in the globular cluster M 3. JOHNSON H.L. and SANDAGE A.R.
1953AJ.....58...61S 78 348 The color-magnitude diagram for the globular cluster M 3. SANDAGE A.R.
1952AJ.....57..237B 60 14 Period changes of variable stars in Messier 3. BELSERENE E.P.
1947ApJ...105..204P 49 38 Spectral types of stars in the globular clusters M 3 and M 13. POPPER D.M.
1908AnPar..25....1V viz 1572 ~ Catalogue de 1571 etoiles contenues dans l'amas globulaire Messier 3 (NGC 5272). VON ZEIPEL M.H.

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