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2021ApJ...906..114B 300           X C       5 6 ~ Quark stars in 4D Einstein-Gauss-Bonnet gravity with an interacting quark equation of state. BANERJEE A., TANGPHATI T., SAMART D., et al.
2021ApJ...909..161H 50           X         1 7 ~ Asymmetrical mass ejection from proto-white dwarfs and the formation of eccentric millisecond pulsar binaries. HAN Q. and LI X.-D.
2021ApJ...913...98D 150           X         3 5 ~ Deconvolving pulsar signals with cyclic spectroscopy: a systematic evaluation. DOLCH T., STINEBRING D.R., JONES G., et al.
2021ApJS..252....4A 270       D     X C       5 48 ~ The NANOGrav 12.5 yr data set: observations and narrowband timing of 47 millisecond pulsars. ALAM M.F., ARZOUMANIAN Z., BAKER P.T., et al.
2021ApJS..252....5A 520       D     X C       10 51 ~ The NANOGrav 12.5 yr data set: wideband timing of 47 millisecond pulsars. ALAM M.F., ARZOUMANIAN Z., BAKER P.T., et al.
2021MNRAS.504..166H 200   K       X         4 8 ~ Galactic orbital effects on pulsar timing. HEFLIN K. and LIEU R.
2020ApJ...892...89L 47           X         1 7 ~ On frequency-dependent dispersion measures and extreme scattering events. LAM M.T., LAZIO T.J.W., DOLCH T., et al.
2020ApJ...893L...8B 65       D     X         2 47 ~ The NANOGrav 11 yr data set: constraints on planetary masses around 45 millisecond pulsars. BEHRENS E.A., RANSOM S.M., MADISON D.R., et al.
2020ApJ...904..191J 65       D     X         2 17 ~ Pulsar timing signatures of circumbinary asteroid belts. JENNINGS R.J., CORDES J.M. and CHATTERJEE S.
2020MNRAS.498..728B 47           X         1 2 ~ The permanent ellipticity of the neutron star in PSR J1023+0038. BHATTACHARYYA S.
2019ApJ...870...74S 90           X         2 15 ~ PSR J2234+0611 a new laboratory for stellar evolution. STOVALL K., FREIRE P.C.C., ANTONIADIS J., et al.
2019ApJ...872...42S viz 134           X C       2 36 ~ Optical spectroscopy and demographics of redback millisecond pulsar binaries. STRADER J., SWIHART S., CHOMIUK L., et al.
2019ApJ...872..150M 18       D               2 46 ~ The NANOGrav 11 yr data set: solar wind sounding through pulsar timing. MADISON D.R., CORDES J.M., ARZOUMANIAN Z., et al.
2019ApJ...872..193L 18       D               3 48 ~ The NANOGrav 12.5 yr data set: the frequency dependence of pulse jitter in precision millisecond pulsars. LAM M.T., McLAUGHLIN M.A., ARZOUMANIAN Z., et al.
2019ApJ...879...10A viz 18       D               1 225 ~ Searches for gravitational waves from known pulsars at two harmonics in 2015-2017 LIGO data. ABBOTT B.P., ABBOTT R., ABBOTT T.D., et al.
2019ApJ...880..116A 90               F     1 45 ~ The NANOGrav 11 yr data set: limits on Gravitational Waves from individual supermassive black hole binaries. AGGARWAL K., ARZOUMANIAN Z., BAKER P.T., et al.
2019ApJ...881..165Z 45           X         1 13 ~ Mass measurements for two binary pulsars discovered in the PALFA survey. ZHU W.W., FREIRE P.C.C., KNISPEL B., et al.
2019ApJ...886..148P 90           X         2 25 ~ Eight millisecond pulsars discovered in the Arecibo PALFA survey. PARENT E., KASPI V.M., RANSOM S.M., et al.
2019MNRAS.485.5652D 18       D               2 17 ~ Exploring physical features of anisotropic strange stars beyond standard maximum mass limit in f(R, T) gravity. DEB D., KETOV S.V., MAURYA S.K., et al.
2019MNRAS.486.4098I 45           X         1 236 ~ Wide binary companions to massive stars and their use in constraining natal kicks. IGOSHEV A.P. and PERETS H.B.
2019MNRAS.490.4666P 108       D         F     4 65 ~ The International Pulsar Timing Array: second data release. PERERA B.B.P., DECESAR M.E., DEMOREST P.B., et al.
2019RAA....19...20H 63       D     X         2 38 ~ The role of FAST in pulsar timing arrays. HOBBS G., DAI S., MANCHESTER R.N., et al.
2018A&A...612A..78O 218           X C       4 7 2 PSR J1618-3921: a recycled pulsar in an eccentric orbit. OCTAU F., COGNARD I., GUILLEMOT L., et al.
2018A&A...620A..69H 87             C       1 11 ~ Fundamental physics and the absence of sub-millisecond pulsars. HASKELL B., ZDUNIK J.L., FORTIN M., et al.
2018ApJ...855..122V 87           X         2 24 1 Reconciling optical and radio observations of the binary millisecond pulsar PSR J1640+2224. VIGELAND S.J., DELLER A.T., KAPLAN D.L., et al.
2018ApJ...859...47A 17       D               1 35 29 The NANOGrav 11 year data set: pulsar-timing constraints on the stochastic gravitational-wave background. ARZOUMANIAN Z., BAKER P.T., BRAZIER A., et al.
2018ApJ...861...12L 366       D S   X C       7 9 5 Optimal frequency ranges for submicrosecond precision pulsar timing. LAM M.T., McLAUGHLIN M.A., CORDES J.M., et al.
2018ApJ...862...47G 540       D S   X         12 30 3 The NANOGrav 11 yr data set: Arecibo Observatory polarimetry and pulse microcomponents. GENTILE P.A., McLAUGHLIN M.A., DEMOREST P.B., et al.
2018ApJ...868...33L 17       D               2 50 ~ Optimizing pulsar timing array observational cadences for sensitivity to low-frequency gravitational-wave sources. LAM M.T.
2018ApJ...868..122B 17       D               2 41 ~ The NANOGrav 11-year data set: pulse profile variability. BROOK P.R., KARASTERGIOU A., McLAUGHLIN M.A., et al.
2018ApJS..235...37A 627       D     X C F     13 47 39 The NANOGrav 11-year data set: high-precision timing of 45 millisecond pulsars. ARZOUMANIAN Z., BRAZIER A., BURKE-SPOLAOR S., et al.
2018MNRAS.475.1331T 44           X         1 14 3 Short gamma-ray bursts and gravitational-wave observations from eccentric compact binaries. TAN W.-W., FAN X.-L. and WANG F.Y.
2018MNRAS.478.1377A 17       D               1 69 14 Evidence for a maximum mass cut-off in the neutron star mass distribution and constraints on the equation of state. ALSING J., SILVA H.O. and BERTI E.
2018MNRAS.478.2359L 192       D     X         5 65 1 High-precision pulsar timing and spin frequency second derivatives. LIU X.J., BASSA C.G. and STAPPERS B.W.
2018RAA....18...25K 235       D     X         6 7 ~ Neutron stars: a relativistic study. KALAM M., HOSSEIN S.M. and MOLLA S.
2017ApJ...834...35L 315       D S   X         7 37 11 The NANOGrav nine-year data set: excess noise in millisecond pulsar arrival times. LAM M.T., CORDES J.M., CHATTERJEE S., et al.
2017ApJ...835...29Y 17       D               1 301 128 A new electron-density model for estimation of pulsar and FRB distances. YAO J.M., MANCHESTER R.N. and WANG N.
2017ApJ...836..140L 18       D               1 12 19 A hard look at the neutron stars and accretion disks in 4U 1636-53, GX 17+2, and 4U 1705-44 with NuSTAR. LUDLAM R.M., MILLER J.M., BACHETTI M., et al.
2017ApJ...839...12A viz 17       D               1 208 56 First search for gravitational waves from known pulsars with Advanced LIGO. ABBOTT B.P., ABBOTT R., ABBOTT T.D., et al.
2017ApJ...841..125J 315       D     X C       7 39 17 The NANOGrav nine-year data set: measurement and analysis of variations in dispersion measures. JONES M.L., McLAUGHLIN M.A., LAM M.T., et al.
2017ApJ...844..128C 85           X         2 16 4 A massive-born neutron star with a massive white dwarf companion. COGNARD I., FREIRE P.C.C., GUILLEMOT L., et al.
2017ApJ...851..114R 43           X         1 12 1 MAXI J1957+032: an accreting neutron star possibly in a triple system. RAVI V.
2017MNRAS.465.1711B 213           X         5 12 11 A massive millisecond pulsar in an eccentric binary. BARR E.D., FREIRE P.C.C., KRAMER M., et al.
2017MNRAS.472.4287S 43           X         1 11 2 Properties of the redback millisecond pulsar binary 3FGL J0212.1+5320. SHAHBAZ T., LINARES M. and BRETON R.P.
2017NewA...54...61B 102       D       C       2 20 7 Millisecond radio pulsars with known masses: parameter values and equation of state models. BHATTACHARYYA S., BOMBACI I., BANDYOPADHYAY D., et al.
2016A&A...585A.128K 142       D   O X C       3 79 44 A LOFAR census of millisecond pulsars. KONDRATIEV V.I., VERBIEST J.P.W., HESSELS J.W.T., et al.
2016A&A...586A.109F 42           X         1 7 6 Progenitor neutron stars of the lightest and heaviest millisecond pulsars. FORTIN M., BEJGER M., HAENSEL P., et al.
2016ARA&A..54..401O 231       D     X         6 85 452 Masses, radii, and the equation of state of neutron stars. OZEL F. and FREIRE P.
2016ApJ...818...92M 17       D               6 63 27 The NANOGrav nine-year data set: astrometric measurements of 37 millisecond pulsars. MATTHEWS A.M., NICE D.J., FONSECA E., et al.
2016ApJ...818..166L 17       D               2 38 17 The NANOGrav nine-year data set: monitoring interstellar scattering delays. LEVIN L., McLAUGHLIN M.A., JONES G., et al.
2016ApJ...819..155L 268       D     X C       6 37 14 The NANOGrav nine-year data set: noise budget for pulsar arrival times on intraday timescales. LAM M.T., CORDES J.M., CHATTERJEE S., et al.
2016ApJ...826...86K 44           X         1 5 11 PSR J1024-0719: a millisecond pulsar in an unusual long-period orbit. KAPLAN D.L., KUPFER T., NICE D.J., et al.
2016ApJ...830...36A 86           X         2 7 14 An eccentric binary millisecond pulsar with a helium white dwarf companion in the galactic field. ANTONIADIS J., KAPLAN D.L., STOVALL K., et al.
2016ApJ...832..167F 714     A D     X C       17 38 129 The NANOGrav nine-year data set: mass and geometric measurements of binary millisecond pulsars. FONSECA E., PENNUCCI T.T., ELLIS J.A., et al.
2016ApJ...833..192S 42           X         1 14 6 Timing of five PALFA-discovered millisecond pulsars. STOVALL K., ALLEN B., BOGDANOV S., et al.
2016MNRAS.458.3341D viz 18       D               1 80 87 High-precision timing of 42 millisecond pulsars with the European Pulsar Timing Array. DESVIGNES G., CABALLERO R.N., LENTATI L., et al.
2016MNRAS.460.2207B 85           X         2 6 10 A millisecond pulsar in an extremely wide binary system. BASSA C.G., JANSSEN G.H., STAPPERS B.W., et al.
2015ApJ...800..123S 82           X         2 16 8 Timing of five millisecond pulsars discovered in the PALFA survey. SCHOLZ P., KASPI V.M., LYNE A.G., et al.
2015ApJ...806..140K 264       D     X C       6 9 14 Einstein@Home discovery of a PALFA millisecond pulsar in an eccentric binary orbit. KNISPEL B., LYNE A.G., STAPPERS B.W., et al.
2015ApJ...807...41J 123           X         3 12 9 A strange star scenario for the formation of eccentric millisecond pulsar/helium white dwarf binaries. JIANG L., LI X.-D., DEY J., et al.
2015ApJ...812...81L viz 41           X         1 174 34 Arecibo Pulsar survey using ALFA. IV. Mock spectrometer data analysis, survey sensitivity, and the discovery of 40 pulsars. LAZARUS P., BRAZIER A., HESSELS J.W.T., et al.
2015ApJ...812..143M 44           X         1 20 63 Pulsar J0453+1559: a double neutron star system with a large mass asymmetry. MARTINEZ J.G., STOVALL K., FREIRE P.C.C., et al.
2015ApJ...813...65N 183       D     X C       4 39 96 The NANOGrav nine-year data set: observations, arrival time measurements, and analysis of 37 millisecond pulsars. NANOGRAV COLLABORATION, ARZOUMANIAN Z., BRAZIER A., et al.
2015BaltA..24..395M viz 16       D               1 618 2 Binary star DataBase: binaries discovered in non-optical bands. MALKOV O.Y., TESSEMA S.B. and KNIAZEV A.Y.
2015MNRAS.450.1716S 88           X         2 2 12 A formation scenario for the triple pulsar PSR J0337+1715: breaking a binary system inside a common envelope. SABACH E. and SOKER N.
2015MNRAS.453..828K 99       D         F     3 20 12 Low-frequency spectral turn-overs in millisecond pulsars studied from imaging observations. KUNIYOSHI M., VERBIEST J.P.W., LEE K.J., et al.
2015MNRAS.453.4159T 82           X         2 9 4 Gemini optical observations of binary millisecond pulsars. TESTA V., MIGNANI R.P., PALLANCA C., et al.
2014ApJ...781L..13T 205       S   X         4 15 40 Formation of the galactic millisecond pulsar triple system PSR J0337+1715–A neutron star with two orbiting white dwarfs. TAURIS T.M. and VAN DEN HEUVEL E.P.J.
2014ApJ...785..119A viz 16       D               1 202 77 Gravitational waves from known pulsars: results from the initial detector era. AASI J., ABADIE J., ABBOTT B.P., et al.
2014ApJ...797L..24A 46           X         1 4 23 On the formation of eccentric millisecond pulsars with helium white-dwarf companions. ANTONIADIS J.
2014MNRAS.437.2217S 57       D     X         2 84 15 The nature of millisecond pulsars with helium white dwarf companions. SMEDLEY S.L., TOUT C.A., FERRARIO L., et al.
2014MNRAS.438L..86F 208           X         5 6 30 Direct formation of millisecond pulsars from rotationally delayed accretion-induced collapse of massive white dwarfs. FREIRE P.C.C. and TAURIS T.M.
2014MNRAS.439.2033G 16       D               1 77 17 On the non-detection of γ-rays from energetic millisecond pulsars - dependence on viewing geometry. GUILLEMOT L. and TAURIS T.M.
2014MNRAS.443.2223M 284           X         7 28 5 Binary pulsars studies with multiwavelength sky surveys - I. Companion star identification. MIGNANI R.P., CORONGIU A., PALLANCA C., et al.
2014Natur.505..520R 23 5 119 A millisecond pulsar in a stellar triple system. RANSOM S.M., STAIRS I.H., ARCHIBALD A.M., et al.
2013A&A...551A..61Z 74           X         1 2 68 Maximum mass of neutron stars and strange neutron-star cores. ZDUNIK J.L. and HAENSEL P.
2013A&A...557A..84P viz 87           X         1 2 94 The astrophysical multipurpose software environment. PELUPESSY F.I., VAN ELTEREN A., DE VRIES N., et al.
2013A&A...559A.118A 18       D               1 7 15 Rotating hybrid compact stars. AYVAZYAN N.S., COLUCCI G., RISCHKE D.H., et al.
2013ApJ...774...93K 40           X         1 35 24 Einstein@Home discovery of 24 pulsars in the Parkes multi-beam pulsar survey. KNISPEL B., EATOUGH R.P., KIM H., et al.
2013ApJ...775...51D 121           X         3 33 45 Goals, strategies and first discoveries of AO327, the Arecibo all-sky 327 MHz drift pulsar survey. DENEVA J.S., STOVALL K., McLAUGHLIN M.A., et al.
2013MNRAS.430.1008M 177       D     X         5 32 2 Infrared observations of the candidate double neutron star system PSR J1811-1736. MIGNANI R.P., CORONGIU A., PALLANCA C., et al.
2013MNRAS.431.3216G 325     A D     X C       8 15 65 Strange star equation of state fits the refined mass measurement of 12 pulsars and predicts their radii. GANGOPADHYAY T., RAY S., LI X.-D., et al.
2013MNRAS.432.1303B 96       D     X         3 17 15 On the detectability of eccentric binary pulsars. BAGCHI M., LORIMER D.R. and WOLFE S.
2013MNRAS.433L..79B 84           X         2 3 14 A link between measured neutron star masses and lattice QCD data. BOMBACI I. and LOGOTETA D.
2013MNRAS.435.2234B 81           X         2 26 51 The Northern High Time Resolution Universe pulsar survey - I. Setup and initial discoveries. BARR E.D., CHAMPION D.J., KRAMER M., et al.
2012A&A...543A.157B 76           X         1 2 147 Hyperons in neutron-star cores and a 2M pulsar. BEDNAREK I., HAENSEL P., ZDUNIK J.L., et al.
2012AN....333...53T 56       D     X         2 34 5 Where do the progenitors of millisecond pulsars come from? TAANI A., ZHANG C.M., AL-WARDAT M., et al.
2012ApJ...744..183K 660 T K A     X         16 4 9
: a unique millisecond pulsar with a main-sequence companion star.
2012ApJ...745..109L 41           X         1 17 62 The timing of nine globular cluster pulsars. LYNCH R.S., FREIRE P.C.C., RANSOM S.M., et al.
2012ApJ...757...55O 96       D     X         3 60 156 On the mass distribution and birth masses of neutron stars. OZEL F., PSALTIS D., NARAYAN R., et al.
2012ApJ...757...89D 160           X         4 7 25 Two millisecond pulsars discovered by the PALFA survey and a Shapiro delay measurement. DENEVA J.S., FREIRE P.C.C., CORDES J.M., et al.
2012ApJ...757...90C 318           X C       7 17 16 Four highly dispersed millisecond pulsars discovered in the Arecibo PALFA galactic plane survey. CRAWFORD F., STOVALL K., LYNE A.G., et al.
2012ApJ...758....9N 43           X         1 3 21 Nucleosynthesis in core-collapse supernova explosions triggered by a quark-hadron phase transition. NISHIMURA N., FISCHER T., THIELEMANN F.-K., et al.
2012ApJ...760...99P 47           X         1 3 45 The triple evolution dynamical instability: stellar collisions in the field and the formation of exotic binaries. PERETS H.B. and KRATTER K.M.
2012ApJS..203...22K 87           X         2 2 35 Equation of state for massive neutron stars. KATAYAMA T., MIYATSU T. and SAITO K.
2012MNRAS.419.1752K 119           X   F     2 35 39 The high time resolution universe pulsar survey - IV. Discovery and polarimetry of millisecond pulsars. KEITH M.J., JOHNSTON S., BAILES M., et al.
2012MNRAS.422.1294G 40           X         1 34 36 Discovery of the millisecond pulsar PSR J2043+1711 in a Fermi source with the Nancay Radio Telescope. GUILLEMOT L., FREIRE P.C.C., COGNARD I., et al.
2012MNRAS.424.2914P 1146 T K A S   X C F     25 1 20 Asymmetric supernova in hierarchical multiple star systems and application to
2012MNRAS.425.1601T 96       D       C       2 52 106 Formation of millisecond pulsars with CO white dwarf companions – II. Accretion, spin-up, true ages and comparison to MSPs with He white dwarf companions. TAURIS T.M., LANGER N. and KRAMER M.
2012MmSAI..83..213Z 40           X         1 12 0 Black holes in dormant X-ray transients. ZIOLKOWSKI J.
2011A&A...527A..83Z 16       D               1 55 95 Study of measured pulsar masses and their possible conclusions. ZHANG C.M., WANG J., ZHAO Y.H., et al.
2011A&A...536A..87B 851 T   A S   X         20 5 14 Implications of the measured parameters of
PSR J1903+0327 for its progenitor neutron star.
2011A&A...536A..92B 42           X         1 2 15 Compression of matter in the center of accreting neutron stars. BEJGER M., ZDUNIK J.L., HAENSEL P., et al.
2011ApJ...728...95V 124           X         3 11 136 Evidence for a massive neutron star from a radial-velocity study of the companion to the black-widow pulsar PSR B1957+20. VAN KERKWIJK M.H., BRETON R.P. and KULKARNI S.R.
2011ApJ...734...55P 2623 T K A S   X C       64 5 35 The formation of the eccentric-orbit millisecond pulsar
J1903+0327 and the origin of single millisecond pulsars.
2011ApJ...737...51M 40           X         1 12 37 X-ray and optical observations of the unique binary system HD 49798/RX J0648.0-4418. MEREGHETTI S., LA PALOMBARA N., TIENGO A., et al.
2011ApJ...740L..14W 114           X         2 2 142 Quark matter in massive compact stars. WEISSENBORN S., SAGERT I., PAGLIARA G., et al.
2011ApJ...741...82T 77           X         1 2 154 Accelerating compact object mergers in triple systems with the kozai resonance: a mechanism for "Prompt" type Ia supernovae, gamma-ray bursts, and other exotica. THOMPSON T.A.
2011ApJ...743..102G 55       D     X         2 48 57 High-precision timing of five millisecond pulsars: space velocities, binary evolution, and equivalence principles. GONZALEZ M.E., STAIRS I.H., FERDMAN R.D., et al.
2011ApJS..194...39F 173           X C       3 3 96 Core-collapse supernova explosions triggered by a quark-hadron phase transition during the early post-bounce phase. FISCHER T., SAGERT I., PAGLIARA G., et al.
2011BASI...39....1V 19 20 Compact stars and the evolution of binary systems. VAN DE HEUVEL E.P.J.
2011MNRAS.410.1441C 222     A     X         6 2 11 Can eccentric binary millisecond pulsars form by accretion-induced collapse of white dwarfs? CHEN W.-C., LIU X.-W., XU R.-X., et al.
2011MNRAS.412.2763F 1814 T   A D S   X C F     43 17 155 On the nature and evolution of the unique binary pulsar
FREIRE P.C.C., BASSA C.G., WEX N., et al.
2011MNRAS.413L..47B 39           X         1 6 10 The role of binding energies of neutron stars on the accretion-driven evolution. BAGCHI M.
2011MNRAS.416.2455B 236           X         6 18 35 The high time resolution universe pulsar survey – II. Discovery of five millisecond pulsars. BATES S.D., BAILES M., BHAT N.D.R., et al.
2011RAA....11..482L 1 8 16 Strange star candidates revised within a quark model with chiral mass scaling. LI A., PENG G.-X. and LU J.-F.
2011RAA....11.1457F 94       D       C       2 22 2 On pulsar-driven mass ejection in low-mass X-ray binaries. FU L. and LI X.-D.
2010AcA....60..149U 39           X         1 12 15 Observational tests of neutron star relativistic mean field equations of state. URBANEC M., BETAK E. and STUCHLIK Z.
2010ApJ...715..335K 16       D               1 87 25 Millisecond pulsar ages: implications of binary evolution and a maximum spin limit. KIZILTAN B. and THORSETT S.E.
2010ApJ...717L.149M 40           X         1 7 16 Discovery of eclipses from the accreting millisecond X-ray pulsar Swift J1749.4-2807. MARKWARDT C.B. and STROHMAYER T.E.
2010ApJ...722...33S 56           X         1 15 535 The equation of state from observed masses and radii of neutron stars. STEINER A.W., LATTIMER J.M. and BROWN E.F.
2010MmSAI..81..294Z 39           X         1 30 21 Population of Galactic black holes. ZIOLKOWSKI J.
2010NewA...15..126B 39           X         1 9 6 Rotational parameters of strange stars in comparison with neutron stars BAGCHI M.
2009ApJ...692..723L 647 T K A     X   F     15 1 11 A fallback disk accretion involved formation channel to
LIU X.-W. and LI X.-D.
2009ApJ...701.1161B 77           X         2 92 4 Radio pulsar binaries in globular clusters: their orbital eccentricities and stellar interactions. BAGCHI M. and RAY A.
2009MNRAS.393..623K 39           X         1 14 13 PSR J1753-2240: a mildly recycled pulsar in an eccentric binary system. KEITH M.J., KRAMER M., LYNE A.G., et al.
2009MNRAS.399L.123G 721 T K A     X C       17 3 7 Ruling out Kozai resonance in highly eccentric galactic binary millisecond pulsar
2009Sci...323.1327D 1 6 23 Implications of a VLBI distance to the double pulsar J0737-3039A/B. DELLER A.T., BAILES M. and TINGAY S.J.
2008ApJ...679.1433F 1 24 71 A massive neutron star in the globular cluster M5. FREIRE P.C.C., WOLSZCZAN A., VAN DEN BERG M., et al.
2008MNRAS.388..393K 77           X         2 15 24 Populating the Galaxy with pulsars - I. Stellar and binary evolution. KIEL P.D., HURLEY J.R., BAILES M., et al.
2008Sci...320.1309C 18 3 108 An eccentric binary millisecond pulsar in the Galactic Plane. CHAMPION D.J., RANSOM S.M., LAZARUS P., et al.

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