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2016MNRAS.463.2064H 100       D         F     2 91 11 The near-to-mid infrared spectrum of quasars. HERNAN-CABALLERO A., HATZIMINAOGLOU E., ALONSO-HERRERO A., et al.
2015MNRAS.449.1593B viz 41           X         1 1598 9 On the origins of CIV absorption profile diversity in broad absorption line quasars. BASKIN A., LAOR A. and HAMANN F.
2014MNRAS.440.2474W 81             C       1 49 16 Broad absorption line variability in radio-loud quasars. WELLING C.A., MILLER B.P., BRANDT W.N., et al.
2013MNRAS.429.1872C 179       D     X C       4 24 58 Variability in quasar broad absorption line outflows - III. What happens on the shortest time-scales ? CAPELLUPO D.M., HAMANN F., SHIELDS J.C., et al.
2012MNRAS.422.3249C 17       D               1 24 64 Variability in quasar broad absorption line outflows - II. Multi-epoch monitoring of Si IV and C IV broad absorption line variability. CAPELLUPO D.M., HAMANN F., SHIELDS J.C., et al.
2011MNRAS.413..908C 331       D     X C F     7 24 76 Variability in quasar broad absorption line outflows – I. Trends in the short-term versus long-term data. CAPELLUPO D.M., HAMANN F., SHIELDS J.C., et al.
2011MNRAS.414..500H viz 16       D               1 743 42 An atlas of mid-infrared spectra of star-forming and active galaxies. HERNAN-CABALLERO A. and HATZIMINAOGLOU E.
2010A&A...515A..22B 117           X         3 12 16 A polar+equatorial wind model for broad absorption line quasars. I. Fitting the CIV BAL profiles. BORGUET B. and HUTSEMEKERS D.
2010A&A...518A..10V viz 16       D               1 168912 373 A catalogue of quasars and active nuclei: 13th edition. VERON-CETTY M.-P. and VERON P.
2009NewAR..53..140G 44           X         1 8 80 What broad emission lines tell us about how active galactic nuclei work. GASKELL C.M.
2007A&A...463..839R 1 11 28 A cluster in a crowded environment: XMM-Newton and Chandra observations of A3558. ROSSETTI M., GHIZZARDI S., MOLENDI S., et al.
2007A&A...469...27C viz 33 49 The XMM-Newton serendipitous survey . III. The AXIS X-ray source counts and angular clustering. CARRERA F.J., EBRERO J., MATEOS S., et al.
2007A&A...470..821D viz 15       D   O           2 29 37 BLOX: the Bonn lensing, optical, and X-ray selected galaxy clusters. I. Cluster catalog construction. DIETRICH J.P., ERBEN T., LAMER G., et al.
2007A&A...476.1191B viz 15       D   O           1 343 35 The XMM-Newton serendipitous survey. IV. Optical identification of the XMM-Newton medium sensitivity survey (XMS). BARCONS X., CARRERA F.J., CEBALLOS M.T., et al.
2007ApJS..168..195W 9 9 Polarization of quasars: resonant line scattering in the broad absorption line region. WANG H.-Y., WANG T.-G. and WANG J.-X.
2006A&A...455..773V viz 108222 545 A catalogue of quasars and active nuclei: 12th edition. VERON-CETTY M.-P. and VERON P.
2006ApJ...647..886P 61 15 X-ray absorption in type II quasars: implications for the equatorial paradigm of broad absorption line quasars. PUNSLY B.
2006ApJ...653..127S viz 15       D               99 115 9.7 µm silicate features in active galactic nuclei: new insights into unification models. SHI Y., RIEKE G.H., HINES D.C., et al.
2005A&A...433..855M 38 51 X-ray spectra of XMM-Newton serendipitous medium flux sources. MATEOS S., BARCONS X., CARRERA F.J., et al.
2005A&A...441..915H viz 353 91 Mapping extreme-scale alignments of quasar polarization vectors'. HUTSEMEKERS D., CABANAC R., LAMY H., et al.
2005ApJ...623L.101P 1 4 10 Diagnostics of quasar broad absorption line geometry: X-ray observations and two-dimensional optical spectroscopy. PUNSLY B. and LIPARI S.
2004A&A...427..107L viz         O           143 38 Polarization properties of broad absorption line QSOs: New statistical clues. LAMY H. and HUTSEMEKERS D.
2004A&A...427..769T viz 146 68 Twenty years monitoring of extragalactic sources at 22, 37 and 87 GHz. TERAESRANTA H., ACHREN J., HANSKI M., et al.
2004ApJ...605...45D 1 13 51 A study of quasar evolution in the X-ray band with the aid of gravitational lensing. DAI X., CHARTAS G., ERACLEOUS M., et al.
2003A&A...406...65G 3 5 Outflowing material in the zem = 4.92 BAL QSO SDSS J160501.21-011220.0. GUPTA N., SRIANAND R., PETITJEAN P., et al.
2003A&A...411L..59E viz 1015 40 High-energy sources before INTEGRAL. INTEGRAL reference catalog. EBISAWA K., BOURBAN G., BODAGHEE A., et al.
2003A&A...412...45P viz 15       D               1 956234 675 HYPERLEDA. I. Identification and designation of galaxies. PATUREL G., PETIT C., PRUGNIEL P., et al.
2003A&A...412..689P 101 44 An XMM-Newton study of the hard X-ray sky. PICONCELLI E., CAPPI M., BASSANI L., et al.
2003A&A...412..707R viz 829 11 A catalogue of absorption-line systems in QSO spectra. RYABINKOV A.I., KAMINKER A.D. and VARSHALOVICH D.A.
2003AJ....125.1336M 12 15 Subaru high-resolution spectroscopy of complex metal absorption lines of the quasar HS 1603+3820. MISAWA T., YAMADA T., TAKADA-HIDAI M., et al.
2002A&A...385L..31B 74 T                   6 7 XMM-Newton observation of the BAL Quasar
PHL 5200: The big surprise.
2002ApJ...567...37G 5 9 140 X-ray spectroscopy of quasi-stellar objects with broad ultraviolet absorption lines. GALLAGHER S.C., BRANDT W.N., CHARTAS G., et al.
2002PASJ...54..327K 83 157 Study of the X-ray background spectrum and its large-scale fluctuation with ASCA. KUSHINO A., ISHISAKI Y., MORITA U., et al.
2001AJ....121.2843B viz 6250 74 Quasars in the 2MASS second incremental data release. BARKHOUSE W.A. and HALL P.B.
2001ApJ...546..775B 23 2 139 Composite spectra from the FIRST bright quasar survey. BROTHERTON M.S., TRAN H.D., BECKER R.H., et al.
2001ApJ...546..795G 2 11 78 Heavy X-ray absorption in soft x-ray-weak active galactic nuclei. GALLAGHER S.C., BRANDT W.N., LAOR A., et al.
2001ApJ...551L..13M 113 T K                 3 23 Surprises from a deep ASCA spectrum of the broad absorption line quasar
PHL 5200.
MATHUR S., MATT G., GREEN P.J., et al.
2001ApJ...555....1M 1 7 23 Chandra X-ray observations of the quadruply lensed quasar RX J0911.4+0551. MORGAN N.D., CHARTAS G., MALM M., et al.
2001ApJ...558..109G 1 21 122 A Chandra survey of broad absorption line quasars. GREEN P.J., ALDCROFT T.L., MATHUR S., et al.
2001ApJ...563..555S 3 3 29 PG 1254+047: an intrinsically X-ray weak, heavily absorbed broad absorption line quasar. SABRA B.M. and HAMANN F.
2001ApJS..133....1U viz 1481 70 The ASCA medium sensitivity survey (the GIS catalog project): source catalog. UEDA Y., ISHISAKI Y., TAKAHASHI T., et al.
2000A&A...356L...9L 8 8 Spectropolarimetry of the iron low ionization broad absorption line quasar Q0059-2735. LAMY H. and HUTSEMEKERS D.
2000A&A...358..835H 63 11 The optical polarization of radio-loud and radio-intermediate broad absorption line quasi-stellar objects. HUTSEMEKERS D. and LAMY H.
2000AJ....120.2363T 18 2 A search for extended line emission from broad absorption line QSOs. TELFER R.C., KRISS G.A. and TSVETANOV Z.
2000ApJ...531...81C 28 38 X-ray observations of gravitationally lensed quasars: evidence for a hidden quasar population. CHARTAS G.
2000ApJ...533L..79M 6 2 38 Thomson thick X-ray absorption in a broad absorption line quasar, PG 0946+301. MATHUR S., GREEN P.J., ARAV N., et al.
2000MNRAS.316..234R 1 71 294 X-ray spectra of a large sample of quasars with ASCA. REEVES J.N. and TURNER M.J.L.
1999A&A...345...43B 1 7 28 The X-ray emission from broad absorption line quasars. BRINKMANN W., WANG T., MATSUOKA M., et al.
1999ApJ...511..142T 2 4 27 X-ray observations of Markarian 231. TURNER T.J.
1999ApJ...512..125S viz 53 109 The polarization of broad absorption line QSOs. SCHMIDT G.D. and HINES D.C.
1999ApJ...519..549G 3 11 106 Exploratory ASCA observations of broad absorption line quasi-stellar objects. GALLAGHER S.C., BRANDT W.N., SAMBRUNA R.M., et al.
1999ApJ...519L..35W 1 5 24 How saturated are absorption lines in the broad absorption line quasar PG 1411+442? WANG T.G., WANG J.X., BRINKMANN W., et al.
1999ApJ...525L..69B 1 3 12 X-rays from the highly polarized broad absorption line QSO CSO 755. BRANDT W.N., COMASTRI A., GALLAGHER S.C., et al.
1999ApJS..125....1O 1 40 121 Polarization of broad absorption line QSOs. I. A spectropolarimetric atlas. OGLE P.M., COHEN M.H., MILLER J.S., et al.
1999PASJ...51..405Y 25 16 On the continuum shape of broad absorption line quasars. YAMAMOTO T.M. and VANSEVICIUS V.
1999PASP..111..661S 30 15 A brief history of active galactic nuclei. (Invited review). SHIELDS G.A.
1998A&A...332..410H viz 170 81 Evidence for very large-scale coherent orientations of quasar polarization vectors. HUTSEMEKERS D.
1998A&A...340..371H viz 43 40 Polarization properties of a sample of broad absorption line and gravitationally lensed quasars. HUTSEMEKERS D., LAMY H. and REMY M.
1998A&AS..132..305T viz 157 173 Fifteen years monitoring of extragalactic radio sources at 22, 37 and 87 GHz. TERAESRANTA H., TORNIKOSKI M., MUJUNEN A., et al.
1998ApJ...493...54C 85 84 A medium survey of the hard X-ray sky with the ASCA gas imaging spectrometer: the (2-10 keV) number counts relationship. CAGNONI I., DELLA CECA R. and MACCACARO T.
1998ApJ...495..659S 152 15 First results from the Las Campanas QSO brightness monitoring program. SIROLA C.J., TURNSHEK D.A., WEYMANN R.J., et al.
1998ApJ...503..798G 3 11 126 Spheroid luminosity and mass functions from Hubble space telescope star counts. GOULD A., FLYNN C. and BAHCALL J.N.
1997A&A...325..109S 73 105 Are high polarization quasars and BL Lacertae objects really different? A study of the optical spectral properties. SCARPA R. and FALOMO R.
1997ApJ...474...91M 6 10 189 Disk winds and disk emission lines. MURRAY N. and CHIANG J.
1997ApJ...474..606G 3 6 59 On the fraction of broad absorption line quasi-stellar objects. GOODRICH R.W.
1997ApJ...484..135G 8 5 Evidence against broad absorption lines in the X-ray-bright quasar PG 1416-129. GREEN P.J., ALDCROFT T.L., MATHUR S., et al.
1997MNRAS.288...19L 3 3 31 On the polarization of resonantly scattered emission lines - III. Polarization of quasar broad emission lines and broad absorption line troughs. LEE H.-W. and BLANDFORD R.D.
1996ApJ...462..637G 2 17 132 Broad absorption line quasars observed by the ROSAT PSPC. GREEN P.J. and MATHUR S.
1996ApJ...465..617A 1 11 48 The ``Ghost of lyα'' as evidence for radiative acceleration in quasars. ARAV N.
1996MNRAS.279.1349G 1 10 30 A quasar with ultrastrong, ultraviolet Fe II emission. GRAHAM M.J., CLOWES R.G. and CAMPUSANO L.E.
1995ApJ...444..146S 3 7 73 The polarization and ultraviolet spectrum of Markarian 231. SMITH P.S., SCHMIDT G.D., ALLEN R.G., et al.
1995ApJ...448L..69H 7 4 87 The polarized spectrum of the Fe II-rich broad absorption line QSO IRAS 07598+6508. HINES D.C. and WILLS B.J.
1995ApJ...448L..73G 42   K                 6 125 Polarization clues to the structure of broad absorption line quasi-stellar objects. GOODRICH R.W. and MILLER J.S.
1995ApJ...448L..77C 43   K                 5 113 Spectropolarimetry of two broad absorption line quasars with the W. M. Keck Telescope. COHEN M.H., OGLE P.M., TRAN H.D., et al.
1995ApJ...455L...9M 129 T K                 1 63 Strong X-ray absorption in a broad absorption line quasar:
PHL 5200.
1995Natur.376..576A 1 9 38 Radiative acceleration of gas in quasars. ARAV N., KORISTA K.T., BARLOW T.A., et al.
1994ApJ...434L..47G 42   K                 2 41 The polarization and nuclear structure of the broad absorption line QSO CSO 755. GLENN J., SCHMIDT G.D. and FOLTZ C.B.
1994ApJ...436..678O 182 114 Luminosity effects and the emission-line properties of quasars with 0<z<3.8. OSMER P.S., PORTER A.C. and GREEN R.F.
1994ApJS...92...53W viz 515 191 The Einstein database of IPC X-ray observations of optically selected and radio-selected quasars. I. WILKES B.J., TANANBAUM H., WORRALL D.M., et al.
1993AJ....105....7Y 112 37 A high-resolution gravitational lens survey. YEE H.K.C., FILIPPENKO A.V. and TANG D.
1993AJ....105.2064S 452 57 Gravitatioanl lensing statistics based on a large sample of highly luminous quasars. SURDEJ J., CLAESKENS J.F., CRAMPTON D., et al.
1993ApJ...402...69M 166 36 The Hubble Space Telescope snapshot survey. III. Further observations in search of gravitationally lensed quasars. MAOZ D., BAHCALL J.N., DOXSEY R., et al.
1993ApJ...409...28M viz 507 110 The Hubble Space Telescope snapshot survey. IV. A summary of the search for gravitationally lensed quasars. MAOZ D., BAHCALL J.N., SCHNEIDER D.P., et al.
1993ApJ...413...95V 5 9 161 Low-ionization broad absorption lines in quasars. VOIGT G.M., WEYMANN R.J. and KORISTA K.T.
1993ApJ...415..517Z 140 54 Does a luminosity-dependent continuum shape cause the Baldwin effect? ZHENG W. and MALKAN M.A.
1993ApJ...415..541H 1 35 119 On the geometry, covering factor and scattering-emission properties of QSO broad absorption-line regions. HAMANN F., KORISTA K.T. and MORRIS S.L.
1993ApJS...87..451H viz 14       D               7278 308 A revised and updated catalog of quasi-stellar objects. HEWITT A. and BURBIDGE G.
1993ApJS...88..357K 72 88 Double troughs in broad absorption line quasars and Lyman-alpha-N V line-locking. KORISTA K.T., VOIT G.M., MORRIS S.L., et al.
1993FA90..R....161C 2 0 Following survey of blue objects TON and PHL. CHAVIRA E.
1992ApJ...392...23C 99 40 HRCam survey for closely spaced gravitational lenses. CRAMPTON D., McCLURE R.D. and FLETCHER J.M.
1992ApJ...396..487S 1 67 283 The radio properties of the broad-absorption-line QSOs. STOCKE J.T., MORRIS S.L., WEYMANN R.J., et al.
1992PASP..104..678S 530 19 Accurate positions and finding charts for 528 high-redshift, luminous quasars. SCHNEIDER D.P., BAHCALL J.N., SAXE D.H., et al.
1991AZh....68.1150V 1 3 The theory of formation of QSO spectra with broad absorption lines. VIL'KOVISKIJ E.Y.
1991ApJ...373...23W 2 68 780 Comparisons of the emission-line and continuum properties of broad absorption line and normal quasi-stellar objects. WEYMANN R.J., MORRIS S.L., FOLTZ C.B., et al.
1991ApJ...382..416B 18 1 73 Outflows driven by cosmic-ray pressure in broad absorption line QSOs. BEGELMAN M.C., DE KOOL M. and SIKORA M.
1991ApJS...77..203J viz 633 60 A catalog of absorption in the spectra of quasi-stellar objects. JUNKKARINEN V., HEWITT A. and BURBIDGE G.
1991MNRAS.250...24Y 262 53 An inhomogeneous reference catalogue of identified intervening heavy element systems in spectra of QSOs. YORK D.G., YANNY B., CROTTS A., et al.
1990A&A...239...33A 363 65 Periodicity of quasar redshifts. ARP H., BI H.G., CHU Y., et al.
1989ApJS...69....1H 1594 178 The first addition to the new optical catalog of quasi-stellar objects. HEWITT A. and BURBIDGE G.
1989BAAS...21..777N 2 0 Spherical outflow interpretation of BAL quasar emission profiles. NAIR A.D. and STONER R.E.
1989TrLen..42....5H 47 1 Optical and infrared polarimetry in extragalactic astrophysics. HAGEN-THORN V.A.
1988ApJ...325..651T 8 3 100 QSOs with PHL 5200-like broad absorption line profiles. TURNSHEK D.A., FOLTZ C.B., GRILLMAIR C.J., et al.
1988ApJ...331..325R 3 2 28 The nature of the strong, static polarization of the quasar OI 287. RUDY R.J. and SCHMIDT G.D.
1988ApJ...331..332G 2 3 35 Spectropolarimetry of the unusual high-polarization quasar OI 287. GOODRICH R.W. and MILLAR J.S.
1988MNRAS.235..551S 1 6 26 On variability in the broad absorption line troughs of the QSO Q 1246-057. SMITH L.J. and PENSTON M.V.
1988RMxAA..16..123C 255 3 Identification charts of PHL objects II. A field of approximately 40 square degrees centered at 0 h 04 m and + 6.5 (1950). CHAVIRA E.
1988S&T....76...36S 9 0 The extragalactic zoo - III. SCHORN R.A.
1987A&A...172L..11S 73 T                   1 1 13 EXOSAT observations of a broad absorption-line quasar :
PHL 5200.
1987A&A...177...42S 26 28 Geometry of the mass-outflows around broad absorption line QSOs and formation of the complex Ly-alpha + N V Line profile. SURDEJ J. and HUTSEMEKERS D.
1987Ap&SS.134...35Y 315 2 The spectral properties of quasars. YU K.N.
1987ApJ...317..460J 1 7 35 Spectrophotometry of six broad absorption line QSOs. JUNKKARINEN V.T., BURBIDGE E.M. and SMITH H.E.
1987BAAS...19Q1125B 70 T                   1 1 0 Recent observations of C IV absorption in the broad absorption-line QSO
PHL 5200.
1986ApJ...302...64H 1 18 83 The emission-line regions in broad absorption line quasars. HARTIG G.F. and BALDWIN J.A.
1986ApJ...305...83A 48 145 X-ray properties of optically selected QSOs. AVNI Y. and TANANBAUM H.
1986BAAS...18Z.907S 70 T                   1 2 ~ EXOSAT observations of two AGNs :
PHL 5200 and MK 509.
1985A&AS...61..191B 280 5 A search for faint blue stars in high galactic latitudes. IV. Star and quasar distribution as a function of the magnitude in the PHL and PB surveys near the South Galactic Pole. BERGER J. and FRINGANT A.-M.
1985Afz....23..307L 1 3 On the polarization of quasar light. LOSKUTOV V.M. and SOBOLEV V.V.
1984ApJ...279..465M 240 150 A comparison of the properties of highly polarized QSOs versus low-polarization QSOs. MOORE R.L. and STOCKMAN H.S.
1984ApJ...280...51T 90 93 Properties of the broad absorption-line QSOs. TURNSHEK D.A.
1984ApJ...280..476S 24 26 The radio properties of the broad absorption-line quasars. STOCKE J.T., FOLTZ C.B., WEYMANN R.J., et al.
1983A&A...122...54W 7 8 Observations of the MG II Lambda 2800 spectral region in broad absorption line quasars. WAMPLER E.J.
1983ApJ...265...51J 80 T                   1 1 46 Spectrophotometry of the broad absorption-line QSO
PHL 5200.
1983MmSAI..54..601B viz 13 1 The Asiago catalogue of Quasi-Stellar Objects. BARBIERI C., CAPACCIOLI M., CRISTIANI S., et al.
1983MmSAI..54..617B 96 4 Optical variability of Quasi Stellar Objects. BARBIERI C., CRISTIANI S., NARDON G., et al.
1982MNRAS.200.1091B 15 37 Optical absorption lines in the high redshift BL Lac object 0215+015. BLADES J.C., HUNSTEAD R.W., MURDOCH H.S., et al.
1981A&AS...46..305S 25 9 Further spectroscopic observations of 25 quasi-stellar objects. SURDEJ J. and SWINGS J.P.
1981ARA&A..19...41W 1 47 298 Absorption lines in the spectra of Quasi-Stellar Objects. WEYMANN R.J., CARSWELL R.F. and SMITH M.G.
1981ApJ...243...60M 1 20 146 The class of highly polarized quasars: observations and description. MOORE R.L. and STOCKMAN H.S.
1981ApJ...243..404S 74 T                   1 1 28 Spectropolarimetry of
PHL 5200.
1981ApJ...245..357Z 99 488 X-ray studies of quasars with the Einstein Observatory. II. ZAMORANI G., HENRY J.P., MACCACARO T., et al.
1980A&A....90L...1G 69 T                   1 9 7 VLA observations of the absorption-line quasars PHL 938 and
PHL 5200.
1980MNRAS.191...61B 8 16 1309-216: a probable BL Lacertae object with absorption redshift 1.49. BLADES J.C., MURDOCH H.S. and HUNSTEAD R.W.
1980XXHI.........0. 12 ~ ???
1979AN....300..121N 4 7 Q 0932+501 - Another bright quasar with broad absorption features. NOTNI P., KARACHENTSEV I.D. and AFANASEV V.L.
1979ApJ...230...79N 1 39 350 Absolute spectral energy distribution of quasi-stellar objects from 0.3 to 10 microns. NEUGEBAUER G., OKE J.B., BECKLIN E.E., et al.
1978A&AS...31..401B 16 25 Survey of the optical variability of compact extragalactic objects. II. Objects from 17h to 22h. BARBIERI C., ROMANO G. and ZAMBON M.
1978A&AS...34..129M 124 118 Radio intensity and polarization distributions of quasars at three frequencies. MILEY G.K. and HARTSUIJKER A.P.
1978PASP...90..337P 122 60 Absorption in the spectra of Quasi-Stellar Objects and BL Lacertae objects. PERRY J.J., BURBIDGE E.M. and BURBIDGE G.R.
1977A&AS...27..205S 398 12 A comprehensive catalogue of quasi-stellar objects. SMITH-HAENNI A.L.
1977ApJ...213..619W 17 35 A spectroscopic study of selected quasars with zabs > zems. WEYMANN R.J., WILLIAMS R.E., BEAVER E.A., et al.
1975A&A....42....1V 165 28 Optical positions of radio sources. III. Measurements on the Palomar sky survey prints. VERON M.P. and VERON P.
1975ApJ...202..287B 1 5 46 Empirical evidence concerning absorption lines and radiation pressure in quasi-stellar objects. BURBIDGE E.M. and BURBIDGE G.R.
1975MmSAI..46..461B 493 7 Catalogue of quasi-stellar-objects. BARBIERI C., CAPACCIOLI M. and ZAMBON M.
1974PASP...86..873G 93 55 The degree of optical variability of quasi-stellar objects. GRANDI S.A. and TIFFT W.G.
1973Obs....93..229B 24 10 Effect of the availability of search lines on the distribution of absorption-line redshifts of QSOs. BASU D.
1973PASP...85..162A 347 6 A list of quasi-stellar radio sources and quasi-stellar radio-source candidates from the 3C and 4C catalogs between declination -7 deg and +40 deg. AGNEW D. and ARP H.
1972ApJ...178...25S 97 268 The redshift-distance relation. III. Photometry and the Hubble diagram for radio sources and the possible turn-on time for QSOs. SANDAGE A.
1971ApJ...163...95L 13 3 238 The formation of resonance lines in extended and expanding atmospheres. LUCY L.B.
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1969ApJ...155L..43B 69 T                   1 2 28 Absorption redshifts in the quasi-stellar objects
PHL 5200 and B194.
1968AJ.....73..953P 506 86 Measurements of the flux density and spectra of discrete sources at centimeter wavelengths. II. The observations at 5 GHz (6cm). PAULINY-TOTH I.I.K. and KELLERMANN K.I.
1968ApJ...154L..41B 19 83 The distribution of redshifts in Quasi-Stellar Objects, N-systems and some radio and compact galaxies. BURBIDGE G.
1968MmSAI..39..421B 21 9 Optical monitoring of quasi stellar objects at the Observatory of Asiago. BARBIERI C. and ERCULIANI ABATI L.

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